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Top Corporate Giving Software to Drive Employee Engagement

When it comes to engaging employees in your company’s workplace giving programs, finding tools that promote participation can be challenging. However, it’s well worth the effort since the easier it is for employees to take part in workplace giving, the more likely they are to do so—and the more nonprofits benefit as well. To help […]

In this guide, we’ll cover all you need to know to create your own complete corporate charitable giving policy and boost employee participation.

How to Craft a Complete Corporate Charitable Giving Policy

As a corporate leader, you know that achieving your company’s goals depends on the collective efforts of your executive team, employees, and other stakeholders. The same goes for your corporate giving initiatives. As philanthropy becomes an expanding priority for companies and consumers around the world, it’s more important than ever to rally everyone in your company […]

This article will review CSR statistics to help you supercharge your CSR approach.

16 Impactful CSR Statistics Charitable Companies Should Know

The top companies know that sales are no longer everything. Employees, consumers, and investors want to know that businesses are committed to making the world a better place in their everyday operations. That’s where corporate social responsibility (CSR) comes in. CSR encompasses a company’s efforts to contribute to society, from corporate philanthropy to environmental advocacy. […]

This guide explains what matching grants are and how your nonprofit can get started.

What Matching Grants for Nonprofits Are and How to Find Them

Imagine a world where you could magically double the funds your nonprofit raises. You’d be able to accomplish twice as much for your mission without repeatedly going to your donors for larger contributions. What if we told you that there actually is a resource like this available to nonprofits? In the world of philanthropy, there’s […]

This guide to corporate citizenship will outline the importance of meaningful community impact for all organizations.

Corporate Citizenship: Creating Meaningful Community Impact

With 77% of consumers aiming to support socially responsible companies and 93% of employees believing that companies must lead with purpose, it’s increasingly important for businesses to give back to their communities to set themselves apart from the competition. That’s where corporate citizenship comes in—by centering this concept at your organization, you’ll be able to reap […]

This guide will go over how you can increase gifts through a matching donation challenge.

Matching Donation Challenges: A Guide to Increasing Gifts

With matching gifts, nonprofit organizations can double the impact of their donors’ contributions with just a tiny amount of effort. In fact, an estimated $2-3 billion is donated through matching gift programs annually. But if you need funds by a specific deadline or want to finish out your fundraising campaign with a bang, a matching donation challenge […]

This article explores corporate social responsibility software and how to implement it.

How to Implement Corporate Social Responsibility Software

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are an effective way for businesses to engage employees while also boosting their reputation through corporate citizenship. In fact, 72% of consumers state they are more likely to recommend a brand that supports a good cause over one that doesn’t. However, deciding you want to launch a CSR program is just […]

This guide to employee giving explores motivations behind employee giving and strategies to inspire workplace gifts.

Why Do Employees Give? 8 Ways to Inspire Employee Giving

Corporate giving programs enable businesses to work alongside their employees to make a positive difference in the world. These programs are often driven by employee giving, allowing your team to play an active role in helping the causes they care about. However, while most employees enjoy working for employers with giving programs, even the most […]

This article explores the top trends in corporate philanthropy for 2023 and how nonprofits can tap in.

Top Trends in Corporate Philanthropy for 2023: How to Tap In

Corporate philanthropy programs like matching gifts, volunteer grants, employee giving campaigns, and corporate sponsorships evolve constantly to meet the needs of companies, nonprofits, and supporters. But there are external factors at play that impact corporate philanthropy trends, too. For instance, when the economy seems rocky, many worry that corporate matching gifts will be negatively impacted. […]