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The Power of Email Domain Screening For Matching Gifts blog post feature

The Power of Email Domain Screening For Matching Gifts

Find out how email domain screening can bring your organization’s matching gift fundraising to new heights. Matching gifts supply a powerful revenue source that allows nonprofits to amplify individual generosity by leveraging corporate philanthropy. These programs, through which corporations match employees’ donations to charitable causes, hold immense potential for bolstering fundraising and driving growth. However, […]

Two nonprofit employees working with data next to the title of the article, Nonprofit Data Collection: How to Gather The Right Insights

Nonprofit Data Collection: How to Gather The Right Insights

From local communities to global movements, effective nonprofit data collection is a silent hero. Collecting nonprofit data involves systematically gathering, analyzing, and using information to track performance, enhance decision-making, and amplify impact. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about understanding your organization’s needs, measuring progress, and strategizing to meet local and global challenges. Collecting the right […]

How to Craft a Heartfelt Gift Acknowledgment Letter

A swift thank you is all it takes for 34% of donors to give again. And beyond boosting retention, a gratuitous follow-up can help your nonprofit share its impact, adhere to compliance standards, and show donors the appreciation they deserve. While your nonprofit may already have a donor recognition process in place, an important first […]

Key Volunteer Time Off Statistics to Grow Your Volunteerism

Key Volunteer Time Off Statistics to Grow Your Volunteerism

Volunteer time off statistics indicate that, as corporate social responsibility continues to gain traction in the business landscape, companies are increasingly offering paid release time for employees to participate in volunteer activities. For nonprofits and schools, that means extended volunteer pools and enhanced engagement opportunities. Thus, understanding the availability and impact of paid volunteer time […]

Top VTO Companies 15 Volunteer Time Off Programs to Know

Top Volunteer Time Off Companies | 35 Programs to Know

In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, striking a balance between professional responsibilities and personal growth can be challenging for employees. However, an increasing number of companies are recognizing the importance of community engagement. As a result, more employers are offering Paid Volunteer Time Off⁠ programs as part of their staff compensation packages. In order to get better […]

Guide to gift acceptance policies for nonprofits

Gift Acceptance Policies: Templates and FAQs for Nonprofits

Gift acceptance policies are an essential but easily overlooked part of nonprofit management. You won’t miss them until you need them, and then you’ll wish you’d created them earlier! To avoid touchy (and potentially damaging) donor relations and legal situations, it’s worth taking the time to study up on these policies and how to create […]

Volunteer Time Off The Ultimate VTO Guide For Nonprofits

Volunteer Time Off | The Ultimate VTO Guide For Nonprofits

In today’s developing corporate landscape, businesses are constantly on the lookout for new ways to engage their employees, differentiate their brands, and increase their overall revenue. One powerful tool that’s emerged as a way for companies to reach these objectives is corporate volunteerism⁠—and, specifically, offering paid volunteer time off (or VTO) for their employees. As a nonprofit […]

A man using fundraising software on his computer with the title of the article next to him: How A Corporate Giving Database Unlocks Fundraising Success

How A Corporate Giving Database Unlocks Fundraising Success

Companies gave an impressive $29.48 billion to U.S. charities in 2022. Even with this generosity, nonprofits frequently overlook revenue opportunities. In fact, $4-$7 billion in funds allocated for matching gifts go unclaimed every year. That’s where a corporate giving database comes in. This technology makes it easy for nonprofits to identify companies that offer CSR […]

Handbid and Double the Donation Partner with Integrated Matching Gifts Solution

Handbid and Double the Donation are proud to announce a new integration and partnership to benefit nonprofits and their donors through employer matching gifts. The integration places 360MatchPro tools on Handbid donation forms for donors to discover their eligibility for matching gifts from their employer.  “We know from our experience with mobile bidding and auctions […]

The title of this article, “10+ Higher Education Fundraising Conferences to Attend”, next to an image of a college graduate.

10+ Higher Education Fundraising Conferences to Attend

Higher education fundraising professionals work hard every day to generate the revenue that keeps their schools running. By doing so, they offer a better educational experience to students, provide scholarships and financial aid, fund research projects, and more. Since fundraising is so essential, higher education professionals need to stay up-to-date on new trends and best practices. That’s […]

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