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How A Corporate Giving Database Unlocks Fundraising Success

Companies gave an impressive $29.48 billion to U.S. charities in 2022. Even with this generosity, nonprofits frequently overlook revenue opportunities. In fact, $4-$7 billion in funds allocated for matching gifts go unclaimed every year. That’s where a corporate giving database comes in.

This technology makes it easy for nonprofits to identify companies that offer CSR opportunities, such as workplace giving programs, sponsorships, and in-kind gifts. With a comprehensive and accurate database, nonprofits can access detailed information about corporate giving programs, including eligibility criteria, application processes, and deadlines.

This article will cover these topics and share how nonprofits can utilize corporate giving databases to discover companies willing to donate:

These databases aren’t just information repositories; they’re gateways to increased donations through generous companies. Let’s explore how to harness this technology to unlock greater fundraising success at your nonprofit.

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What Is A Corporate Giving Database?

A corporate giving database is a comprehensive resource that compiles information on corporate philanthropy programs. This technology helps nonprofits identify potential funding opportunities by providing details on individual companies’ program criteria, application processes, and contact information.

Some databases offer geographic search functions, while others require you to search for specific companies by name. A database will typically store information on different types of giving opportunities such as:

  • Matching Gifts: In this program, companies match donations their employees make to eligible nonprofits, effectively doubling the initial donation amount.
  • Volunteer Grants: Corporations provide monetary grants to nonprofits where their employees volunteer usually based on the number of hours volunteered.
  • In-Kind Donations: Instead of cash, businesses donate goods or services, such as products, professional services, or other resources that the nonprofit might need.
  • Cause Marketing: Also called cause-related marketing, cause marketing is when companies collaborate with nonprofits to launch campaigns where a portion of the revenue from certain products or services is donated to the nonprofit.
  • Community Grants: Corporations provide grants for specific projects or programs that align with their CSR objectives, often focusing on local community enhancement.

360MatchPro’s matching gift database stores information on companies’ matching gift and volunteer grant programs. Fundraisers, donors, and volunteers can use the database to search for their employers and discover employee eligibility requirements, which nonprofits are eligible for matching grants, grant amounts, and match ratios. It’ll even provide instructions on submitting a match request and a link to the form, if available.

For example, here are the guidelines our database has for YUM Brands, which owns KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell:

360MatchPro's corporate giving database stores matching gift and volunteer grant guidelines, like these for YUM Brands.

Corporate giving databases are ideal for nonprofits looking for support and journalists reporting on CSR contributions.

CSR Databases: Understanding The Business Perspective

Companies that give to charity receive a reputation boost, tax write-offs, and increased employee engagement. As such, many corporations like to publicize their CSR efforts by creating dedicated web pages. They’ll also reach out to corporate giving database providers to be added to their systems, making it easy for nonprofits and employees to research donation opportunities and find eligibility requirements.

Reasons that companies share their CSR policies include:

  • Enhanced brand reputation: Our CSR research indicates that consumers are 4-6x more likely to trust, protect, champion, and purchase from companies with a strong sense of purpose. Meanwhile, 93% of employees prefer working for companies that lead with purpose. That means companies with CSR initiatives are more likely to win over employees and consumers.
  • Higher employee participation in CSR: Promoting their workplace giving programs means more employee participation! For example, let’s say someone donates to your nonprofit. If their employer shares their information with a corporate giving database provider, donors can research their eligibility and determine if they’re match-eligible right from your donation page.
  • Community goodwill: Some companies show off their support for specific causes that align with their companies’ services. Our list of corporate philanthropy examples highlights how Bombas, a popular clothing retailer, donates socks, t-shirts, or underwear for every item purchased. They’ve donated 100 million items to 3,500+ shelters, transitional living facilities, and other community organizations.

Bombas is a popular clothing retailer that aligns its charitable giving with its brand.

Some companies manage corporate giving by launching a separately administered private foundation, for which the IRS requires public disclosure. Companies typically share impact metrics, funding opportunities, and how to apply for funding on their websites.

However, businesses commonly donate through corporate giving programs. Since companies aren’t required to publicize these programs, you might have trouble finding which businesses offer them. A corporate giving database like ours can help here! Our team constantly updates its database with the latest information on companies’ CSR programs. With records on more than 24,000 companies, our matching gift database is the most comprehensive, accurate one in the world.

Why Some Companies Cautiously Share Their CSR Programs

While there are several benefits to marketing CSR programs, some companies choose to limit their publicization. Here’s why some companies choose to limit the visibility of their philanthropic activities:

  • Concerns over too many donation requests
  • Privacy considerations for recipients or sensitive projects
  • Angering customers who think the company is wasting money on an organization or cause they don’t approve of

Instead of publishing relevant CSR information on their website, businesses may quietly add their information to a corporate giving database to ensure key information is available to only those who need it, such as nonprofits and employees.

Double the Donation’s Corporate Giving Database For Nonprofits

Our corporate giving database, 360MatchPro, is specifically designed to help nonprofits increase fundraising through corporate philanthropy. It’s the world’s most comprehensive matching gift database, representing 26.8 million matching gift-eligible individuals at 24,000+ companies. That’s an incredible 99.68% of all match-eligible donors!

With it, your nonprofit can:

  • Identify and pursue match-eligible gifts and volunteer grants
  • Incorporate matching gifts into existing software via 100+ integrations, including leading providers like Blackbaud and Classy
  • Simplify the matching gift and volunteer grant experience for supporters
  • Save time with automated email streams that encourage supporters to submit requests to their employers
  • Track and report on matching gifts with ease

Our team also constantly searches for and resolves stumbling blocks like broken links, outdated forms, and loading issues. That way, donors and volunteers won’t waste time completing an application just to find out they’re not eligible.

How Our Corporate Giving Database Works

Nonprofits can easily make using our database a part of their existing donation and volunteer management processes. Here’s how it works:

  1. Embed our company search tool into key areas on your website like your donation form and confirmation page.
  2. Supporters look up their employers. They can search for subsidiaries, brand names, and local offices. Even if they misspell the company’s name, our database can help them find the right one.
  3. Supporters view the company’s guidelines. For matching gifts, this includes minimum and maximum donation amounts, match ratios, employee eligibility requirements, nonprofit eligibility requirements, and request deadlines.
  4. If available, supporters click the link to the match request form or follow other submission guidelines. Currently, we have over 90% of forms available in our CSR database.

Watch this virtual tour of our platform, so you can envision how it’ll work for your team:

With 360MatchPro, you can check on individual donors’ match statuses and follow up at any point. You’ll even have a matching gift dashboard to get a snapshot of your nonprofit’s corporate giving fundraising results!

Our CSR database comes with a dashboard, so your nonprofit can check on its corporate giving results at any point.

As the leader in matching gift technology, we’re constantly developing powerful new features to drive nonprofits’ success forward. For instance, our latest innovation is matching gift auto-submission, which gives donors the option to let our technology submit their match requests for them. That means less work for them, fewer errors on their forms, and more revenue for your nonprofit!

With 360MatchPro by Double the Donation, you can rest assured that you’re making the most of corporate matching gifts.

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How Nonprofits Can Leverage Our Corporate Giving Database

Nonprofits of all shapes and sizes should learn how to leverage a corporate giving database. These databases can help your nonprofit identify and connect with companies whose giving criteria match your mission, helping to pinpoint long-term partnerships.

If investing in a corporate giving database sounds like a smart move, here’s how you can make the most of 360MatchPro:

  • Educate your team. Ensure your team knows how to use your corporate giving database. Nonprofits who use our database can explore our support articles, learn all about corporate giving through our Matching Gift Academy, and connect with our highly-responsive team if they need help.
  • Embed the company search tool into key places. Add our company search tool to your online donation form and confirmation page to enable donors to check if their employer offers matching gifts when donating. Some nonprofits create a dedicated corporate giving page that features CSR opportunities and the search tool.

Embed Double the Donation's employer search tool on your donation confirmation page to give donors access to your corporate giving database.

  • Track and report on CSR results. Our platform maintains detailed records of your supporters’ corporate giving to analyze your strategies’ success. Pay special attention to companies that give substantially to your organization. Then, follow up to emphasize their impact and thank them for their support. This can lead to ongoing support through long-term partnerships and sponsored events.

By following these strategies, your nonprofit can boost its fundraising efforts with our corporate giving database. In no time, you’ll raise more funds and build stronger relationships with donors and corporate partners.

Final Thoughts on Corporate Giving Databases

Corporate giving databases offer a vital resource for nonprofits seeking to maximize their fundraising efforts and enhance their impact. By leveraging companies’ generosity, your nonprofit can expand its capacity to serve, innovate, and thrive.

To learn more about unlocking growth via corporate giving, explore these educational resources:

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