Get Started with Double the Donation

Matching gift solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Basic Plan

For smaller nonprofits with fewer than 1,000 donors who want an easy-to-set-up hosted matching gift page.

Create a matching gift web page on Double the Donation’s site to promote matching gifts for your nonprofit. Grow your revenue by enabling your donors to access the matching gift forms and guidelines they need on a page we host for your nonprofit.

Premium Plan

For mid-sized nonprofits who desire flexibility, customization, and integration into their websites and donation processes.

Embed our matching gift plugin across your website and fundraising channels to maximize your matched donations. Grow your revenue by seamlessly providing your donors with the matching gift forms and guidelines they need directly on your website.


For large nonprofits and higher education institutions with more than $25,000 in annual matching gift revenue who are looking for a complete matching gift automation platform.

Proactively drive more matches to completion with a fully automated matching gift platform tied into your broader fundraising. Identify more matching gift-eligible donors, automatically follow up with them, and get actionable insights.

Software Platform Integrations

Are you a software company looking to integrate matching gift functionality into your platform? Contact us to learn more about our APIs and integration options.