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Canadian Companies With Matching Gift Programs

Double Donations With Canadian Companies That Match Gifts

Matching gifts play a large role in many nonprofits’ fundraising strategies. These opportunities aren’t just limited to the United States, either. Organizations in Canada⁠—and worldwide⁠—can benefit from corporate philanthropy, too. Specifically, Canadian companies that match gifts supply a powerful opportunity for Canadian charities to maximize funds and engagement alike. In this guide, we’ve selected a few […]

The title of the article next to an illustration of a woman on her laptop surrounded by books and a jar of coins to represent university fundraising.

A Guide to Navigating University Fundraising with Confidence

Fundraising is the backbone upon which universities are built, helping to expand educational offerings, enhance campus infrastructure, and prepare the next generation of changemakers. University fundraising, however, is not merely about securing financial contributions; it is a delicate and multifaceted dance of identifying your need for support, articulating the profound impact of your institution, and […]

GivenGain and Double the Donation Build New 360MatchPro Integration for Matching Gifts Automation

Double the Donation and GivenGain are excited to announce a new partnership in the form of an integration between GivenGain forms and 360MatchPro, the leading matching gift automation software from Double the Donation.  “GivenGain’s mission has always been to massively boost nonprofit fundraising potential by giving them the tools to empower their supporters,” said Bryan […]

This article explores top grant research tools.

Get on the Path to Earning Grants: 10 Grant Research Tools

From recurring donors to annual fundraisers to merchandise sales, the more income streams your nonprofit has, the more financially secure your organization will be. The key source of revenue that can bring in reliable funding year after year is grants. Grant funding amounts and requirements vary wildly as every grantmaking organization has their own unique application process. […]

The title of the article, which is “Nonprofit Operating Reserves: The Key to Financial Fortitude.

Nonprofit Operating Reserves: The Key to Financial Fortitude

Imagine this: Your museum must temporarily close its doors while making intensive repairs to the building’s entrance. Or, a decrease in animal adoptions causes a lull in your shelter’s main source of revenue. How do you continue funding your mission? 45% of nonprofits have no emergency fund at all. Of those with cash reserves, more […]

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Creative Marketing Ideas for Charity Golf Tournaments

As a nonprofit professional, you likely already understand the importance of marketing in collecting funds and making your cause known. From attracting donors and pursuing matching gift opportunities to promoting your services to your target audience, marketing is a key strategy for successful nonprofits. Your nonprofit’s fundraising events are no different. Successfully marketing your fundraiser […]

MISSION CRM and Double the Donation Partner for 360MatchPro Integration in Donation Page Flow

MISSION CRM and Double the Donation are proud to announce a new integration between MISSION CRM donation forms and 360MatchPro by Double the Donation. The collaboration will help nonprofit organizations to boost their fundraising revenue through corporate matching gifts automation. “We’re excited to debut this new partnership and offer this seamless integration to our nonprofit […]

A man viewing statistics with the title of this article overlaid, "A Closer Look at Key Alumni Donation Statistics for 2024"

A Closer Look at Key Alumni Donation Statistics for 2024

Alumni giving is a powerful force that propels educational institutions forward, allowing them to provide exceptional experiences to current and future students. It also serves as a testament to the enduring bond between graduates and their alma mater, one that extends far beyond the years spent on campus. Whether you want to enhance your fundraising […]

This article explore Double the Donation's unique peer-to-peer recognition strategy.

Employee Recognition at Double the Donation: Sharing Our Strategy!

Like so many modern businesses, our team at Double the Donation has had to navigate the same obstacles of adapting to rapid industry changes, growing a business in times of economic uncertainty, and building a positive work culture while adapting to a hybrid work environment. Fortunately, we’re proud to announce we’ve more than exceeded on all of […]

Building Trust and Loyalty: Mid-Level Donor Program Basics,” beside an illustrated nonprofit professional shaking hands with a donor

Building Trust and Loyalty: Mid-Level Donor Program Basics

Because they don’t exist in the same spotlight as your major donors, it can be easy to leave mid-level donors out of your stewardship plans. However, their reliable support can contribute substantially to your nonprofit’s success.  Learn how to identify this donor group and build a compelling program to retain their support in this comprehensive […]