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How to Get Matching Gifts Trending at Your Organization

How to Get Matching Gifts Trending at Your Organization

Employee matching gifts are one of the most popular forms of corporate philanthropy. Still, the source is widely untapped, largely due to a lack of knowledge surrounding the programs. If you’re looking to drive participation at your organization (in order to maximize funding and elevate donor engagement), it’s time to get matching gifts trending among […]

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Volunteer Grants [For Nonprofits]

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Volunteer Grants [For Nonprofits]

In the dynamic landscape of nonprofit operations, organizations constantly face the challenges of recruiting and retaining dedicated volunteers, sourcing sufficient funds, and maintaining high levels of engagement. Various strategies have been devised to overcome these challenges, but one opportunity stands out as a potent yet often underutilized resource: corporate volunteer grants. What are Volunteer Grants? […]

Top Volunteer Grant Databases to Grow Your Tech Stack

Top Volunteer Grant Databases to Grow Your Tech Stack

Volunteer grants are a vital source of funding for nonprofits, enabling them to maximize their impact and encourage their supporters to do the same. However, navigating the various programs available to your organization can be challenging. That’s where volunteer grant databases come in! If you’re looking to expand your organization’s fundraising toolkit with a volunteer […]

Volunteerism Trends in 2024 Corporate Incentives and More

Volunteerism Trends in 2024 | Corporate Incentives and More

Did you know that the value of a single volunteer hour (according to the benefit it produces for an organization) is estimated to be $29.95? Or that thousands of companies offer generous volunteer grant programs to encourage staff to support philanthropic efforts? Volunteerism trends like these can shed significant light on an invaluable opportunity for […]

The title of the article: A Complete Guide to Creating A Donation Page (with Examples).

A Complete Guide to Creating a Donation Page (with Examples)

Picture this: You’ve just led a successful marketing campaign that earned high engagement rates on social media and through email. You see traffic coming to your website, but for some reason, supporters seem to stop at the final hurdle: your donation page. With all the work that goes into fundraising, ensure your donation page makes the […]

This ultimate guide walks through everything you need to know about nonprofit advertising.

Nonprofit Advertising: The Best Advice & Persuasive Examples

The online space grows more competitive each day. Nonprofits are up against big-name companies, vying for consumers’ attention. If you’re grasping at straws and still aren’t capturing prospects’ attention, it might be time to try nonprofit advertising. Advertising is often perceived as a misuse of donations, but it’s surprisingly effective. There’s a reason companies invest […]

Check out these 40+ marketing ideas for nonprofits to help spread your mission.

40+ Marketing Ideas for Nonprofits to Spread Your Mission

Strapped for resources but still want to make a big impact? Effective nonprofit marketing doesn’t have to break the bank. There are so many exciting marketing ideas for nonprofits that can attract supporters, raise awareness, sell your offerings, and grow your impact. In this article, we’ll share over 40 budget-friendly nonprofit marketing ideas to help […]

2024 Nonprofit Trends: What’s Changing and What’s Staying

The nonprofit sector is highly dynamic, and whether it’s philanthropy or marketing, everyone wants to know what’s the next big thing. While no nonprofit can predict the future, and sudden world events, economic shifts, and technological advancements can suddenly rock the boat, nonprofits that do see what’s coming are better prepared to navigate challenges and act on opportunities. […]

The title of the article: Best Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Software: How to Pick Yours

Best Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Software: How to Pick Yours

Last year, America’s 20 largest peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns raised $1.1 billion! The nonprofits and schools that engage in peer-to-peer fundraising owe part of their success to the cutting-edge technology powering their campaigns. In this guide, we’ll explore the process of locating the perfect peer-to-peer fundraising software, so your organization can grow its network, develop deeper […]

The title of the article: Direct marketing fundraising: talking to donors one-on-one.

Direct Marketing Fundraising: Talking to Donors One-on-One

From connecting with new donors to encouraging current supporters to upgrade, marketing is a core part of fundraising. With tools like social media, TV ads, and search engine ads, you can reach thousands of supporters at the same time. However, it’s hard to build individual relationships when talking to hundreds of donors at once. Direct marketing fundraising […]

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