Learn which companies in Pittsburgh offer matching gift programs.

Companies in Pittsburgh with Matching Gift Programs

At Double the Donation we help our nonprofit partners across the country increase their fundraising through corporate giving programs.

One of the most popular programs among our clients is corporate matching gifts.

Many companies in the Pittsburgh area offer programs like this to encourage employees to get involved in local nonprofit causes. When an employee makes a donation to an eligible nonprofit, the company will match it, typically dollar for dollar. This process will, in effect, provide two donations for the price of one.

With the nonprofit arts and cultural institutions of Pittsburgh generating over $300 million, we decided to create a list of some of the top industry leaders for corporate gift matching programs to help the nonprofits of Pittsburgh navigate some of the intricacies of corporate giving. The following companies will be discussed:

  • Heinz
  • Hershey
  • PNC Financial
  • PPG Industries

Follow along to learn about corporate philanthropy in Pittsburgh and the best tools to help you discover these opportunities.

Learn about Pittsburgh's corporate philanthropy.

Pittsburgh, PA and Corporate Philanthropy

Nine Fortune 500 companies call Pittsburgh, PA home and the city has consistently ranked highly for US job growth. As the 2nd largest city in Pennsylvania, Google, Intel, and Apple have a large presence in the area. The city is also home to multiple universities and colleges.

Over 35 shopping malls are located across the city, as well as several major medical centers. Voted the “Most Livable City”, Pittsburgh has many companies that offer matching gift and volunteer grant programs that could be benefiting your nonprofit. Make sure your staff is aware of this great fundraising opportunity.

Learn the best way to discover matching gift programs.

The Best Way to Discover Match-Eligible Companies

While the following list includes some of the top companies for matching gifts in Pittsburgh, PA, there are many other companies in the city that also offer corporate matching gift programs.

The biggest obstacle to receiving matched gift revenue is a lack of education regarding these programs. Nonprofits should actively inform donors of these opportunities when matching gift programs are present.

For nonprofits looking to optimize the matching gift processes, this can be even easier through the use of a matching gift automation program such as 360MatchPro. As the #1 matching gift automation program, the platform discovers matching gift opportunities and contacts donors with information on behalf of the organization using it. The platform’s industry-leading matching gift database embeds directly to nonprofits’ websites and/or giving forms providing an opportunity for donors to look up their matching gift eligibility.

With that, continue reading for a look at the top 5 companies in Pittsburgh with matching gift programs.

Here is a list of the top companies with matching gift programs in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Matching Gift Programs List

Here is a shortlist of some of the top companies in Pittsburgh that currently offer corporate matching gift programs. If you’re a nonprofit in the area take some time to familiarize yourself with this list, and spend some time learning more about matching gifts and what they can do for your organization.

HeinzHeinz is a top company in Pittsburgh with a matching gift program.

The H. J. Heinz Company offers a generous matching gift program. They will match gifts up to $5,000 per employee. They also match to arts and cultural institutions in addition to higher education and health organizations.

Read more about Heinz’s matching gift program.


HersheyHershey is a top company is Pittsburgh with a matching gift program.

The Hershey Company will match donations made to institutions of higher education up to $5,000. They match on a 1:1 ratio.

This means that for every dollar an employee donates Hershey will also donate one dollar.

Read more about the Hershey matching gift program.


PNC Financial PNC is a top company in Pittsburgh with a matching gift program.

PNC will match gifts to multiple types of organizations. This includes arts and cultural institutions, colleges and universities, and health and human services groups.

They will match donations made between $50 and $2,500 for each employee every year.

Read more about the PNC Financial matching gift program.


PPG IndustriesPPG Industries is a top company is Pittsburgh with a matching gift program.

PPG will match gifts up to $2,500 per employee. The company has an electronic submission form to simplify the matching gift process.

Read more about the PPG Industries matching gift program



Matching gift programs are a great way to increase donations to your nonprofit. Get started with Double the Donation to discover more corporate philanthropy programs today.