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The Complete Guide to Celebrating Matching Gift Month This February

February is a time to celebrate love and happiness⁠—and matching gifts. That’s why it’s been dubbed the official Matching Gift Month. This year, we recommend taking the opportunity to scale up your matching gift promotional efforts accordingly. We’ll cover everything you need to know to celebrate corporate giving and drive action (and matches) this February. […]

Nonprofit Basics: Amazon Smile

Both online shopping and online fundraising have grown in popularity in recent years. More than 268 million people in the United States shopped online in 2022 alone, and 54% of donors worldwide prefer to donate online.  With online shopping and online giving soaring in popularity, it makes sense that nonprofit organizations would attempt to find […]

What to Know About Double the Donation’s Standard Matching Gift Form

Corporate matching gifts can offer a significant revenue source for charitable organizations. In order to leverage the programs, a nonprofit’s donors typically must submit a matching gift form to their employers. The form essentially allows an individual to provide details about their own qualifying donation and request an associated corporate match. Unfortunately, this has long […]

New and Improved Functionality: Matching Gift Form E-Sign

Matching gift programs have been revolutionized in the last several years, with companies of all shapes and sizes getting involved. And with this transformation is also that of matching gift forms. Ideally, employers want to offer a request process that is quick and easy for team members to participate and reduces administrative workload behind the scenes. […]

8 Ways to Encourage Donors to Submit Employee Matching Gift Requests

As a fundraising leader, you may have put a lot of thought into how to market matching gifts before and during the donation process. That’s great—doing so lays a solid foundation and begins increasing awareness about the opportunity. Not to mention, it allows your team to collect much-needed data points regarding your donors’ employing companies. […]

Why Companies Have Matching Gift Programs: A Complete Guide

More and more companies are offering corporate matching gift programs in order to prioritize corporate social responsibility or CSR. Through these initiatives, businesses agree to match employee donations to a wide range of nonprofits. And with the matches, companies and their teams are able to double, or sometimes even triple, the initial donation impact. As a company, […]

Double the Donation and 4aGoodCause Expand Integration to Improve Matching Gift Experience

Double the Donation and 4aGoodCause have enhanced their integration to further help nonprofits harness the power of corporate matching gifts. These partners continue to simplify the matching gift process for fundraising teams and their donors. 4aGoodCause now integrates with 360MatchPro, Double the Donation’s most advanced matching gift tool.  With the new 360MatchPro integration, 4aGoodCause users […]

What to Know About One-Off Corporate Matching Gift Programs

Tons of companies offer generous gift-matching programs where the business agrees to match donations made by employees to a wide range of charitable causes. Those are great⁠—and fairly well-known in the nonprofit space. However, there’s another type of corporate matching program that’s less widely understood, and that is one-off matching gift programs. One-off matching gift […]