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Marketing Matching Gifts With Direct Mail Outreach

While electronic communication is a speedy and efficient outreach strategy, some donors prefer communication via direct mail. That’s why we recommend taking a multi-channel approach to marketing matching gifts with direct mail outreach and online engagement efforts. This way, you’re able to reach a significantly wider audience while offering additional touchpoints to make your materials […]

Marketing Matching Gifts On Your Website

Your website is likely the number one place where donors come to learn about your mission and, ultimately, make a contribution to the cause. Marketing matching gifts on your website is a great way to promote the opportunity while encouraging donors to give more⁠—and make a matching gift request. While many of your site’s visitors […]

Marketing Matching Gifts In Your Digital Communications

The #1 reason why donors don’t submit matching gift requests is that they don’t know their employers offer such programs. Corporate giving can be a significant source of revenue for nonprofits, and promoting these engagement opportunities to donors can substantially increase your giving revenue. That’s why more and more organizations like yours are crafting strategies […]

Nonprofit Stock Donations and Matching Gifts | What to Know

Donations of stocks, mutual funds, and other securities are increasing in popularity as a way for individuals to support their favorite causes. After all, these gifts offer exclusive financial benefits both to the donor contributing the gift and the nonprofit receiving it. But what about nonprofit stock donations and matching gifts? Are gifts of securities […]

Matching Gifts With ActBlue + Double the Donation

Imagine you run an organization working to promote social good in your community. You’ve been tasked with planning an upcoming fundraising campaign for your group, and you’ll need to collect as much revenue as you can in a short amount of time. But there’s one problem⁠—the majority of your organization’s support network are low and […]

How CSR Impacts Businesses: A Guide For Corporations

Corporate social responsibility (often referred to as the shortened ‘CSR’) is a practice followed by many companies where they work to improve society in some form. CSR is often seen in terms of philanthropy, environmental leadership, ethical labor practices, and economic responsibility. If you’re wondering how CSR impacts businesses⁠—particularly the businesses that enact these practices […]