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Driving Matching Gifts for Health & Medical Services

In the world of healthcare fundraising, effective revenue generation saves lives. After all, every dollar counts towards advancing medical research, providing patient care, and improving overall well-being. In order to make the most of each donation, matching gifts for health and medical services can go a long way. And this guide will provide everything your […]

A Full Guide to Employee Engagement Tools + 20 Top Picks

What comes to mind when you think about employee engagement? Excitement, enthusiasm, maybe meaningful team collaboration? All of those elements are the results of an effective engagement program. And they all contribute to an improved workplace culture where people not only have to work, but enjoy doing so. Employee engagement may make sense in theory, […]

Matching Gifts for Food Security + Anti-Hunger Organizations

Food security and anti-hunger organizations play a critical role in addressing one of society’s most pressing challenges⁠—ensuring that every individual has easy access to nutritious food and resources. However, in order to maximize their impact and extend their reach, such organizations often rely on the support of generous donors and well-thought-out fundraising initiatives. One strategy […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Donor Recognition

What would you do if your organization hit a record number of new donors within a year? Celebrate! But what about after the initial excitement wears off? Discovering that donors share the same values and passion for your cause is exhilarating. However, many organizations fail to communicate their appreciation adequately which can have negative retention […]

Double the Donation and Allegiance Group Enhance WeDidIt Integration to Streamline Matching Gift Experience

Allegiance Group and Double the Donation are excited to announce their expanded matching gift integration. These partners remain committed to helping fundraising organizations fully harness the power of corporate matching gifts as a funding and donor engagement tool. Allegiance Group’s WeDidIt donation forms now integrate directly with 360MatchPro, Double the Donation’s industry leading matching gift […]

Marketing Matching Gifts | A Guide for Avid Fundraisers

Matching gift programs are an excellent way for nonprofits to engage supporters, double donations, and leverage corporate partners. However, a significant lack of awareness could be holding your organization back. And that’s where marketing matching gifts comes in! In this guide, we’ll break it down as effectively as possible by covering the following topics: The […]

14 Types of Matching Gift Letters Every Nonprofit Should Send

Corporate matching gifts have significant nonprofit fundraising potential, and one of the easiest, most effective ways to raise awareness for these programs is through personalized donor outreach. Whether through traditional or digital channels, smart matching gift letters can inform donors about the opportunities and encourage them to get involved. And there are a wide variety […]

13 Types of Fundraising Letters [& Templates] to Drive Action

Fundraising letters might seem like an old-fashioned way to solicit donations, but they can be extremely effective when done well. And despite the implications, they don’t have to be delivered via snail mail, either. Top tip: Make your appeals stand out from the crowd with fundraising eCards! This kind of digital communication is an efficient, unique, and […]