Matching Gift Requests - Deadlines, Forms & Auto-Submission

Matching Gift Requests | Deadlines, Forms & Auto-Submission

You likely have a number of matchable donations in your CRM at any given time. If you’re looking to revamp your strategy, you might wonder if gifts made last week, month, or quarter remain eligible for the giving programs. Fear not—many contributions from the past year (give or take) should still qualify for company matching. Now, you’re just waiting for your donors to complete their matching gift requests!

The problem is that many donors remain unaware of the matching gift opportunity entirely. When an individual has no idea their employer matches, they won’t take the necessary steps to request associated funding and secure additional revenue for your nonprofit.

That’s why educating your team and your donors about the importance of matching gift requests is essential. And we’ve provided this expert guide to help you do so!

In this blog post, we’ll cover the following key topics:

Let’s get started!

What Are Matching Gift Requests?

A matching gift request is a submission made by a donor to their employer as part of the company’s matching gift program. The request aims to secure a corporate match for the individual’s donation to a nonprofit cause⁠, making it an essential part of the matching gift process.

The Matching Gift Fundraising Process

  1. A donor contributes to a nonprofit.
  2. The donor determines if their gift qualifies for an employer match.
  3. The donor completes a matching gift request from their employer.
  4. The employer reviews the matching gift request and verifies the initial donation with the organization.
  5. The employer approves the matching gift request and disburses match funding to the organization.

Though the request itself can vary from one company to the next, these forms generally source information on the employee, the recipient organization, and transaction details.

How Do Donors Complete Matching Gift Requests?

The actual task of submitting a matching gift request is going to fall on each individual donor. However, it helps to ensure your fundraising team is familiar with the process and prepared to assist donors in completing it.

Here’s how it generally works:

Step 1: A donor receives a link to their matching gift form.

After a donor contributes to a nonprofit, the organization should take proactive steps to encourage the individual to complete the matching gift request process. This might mean promoting matching gifts from the confirmation screen or in a separate email follow-up (as pictured below).

For the best results, the reminder should include an acknowledgment of the donor’s initial donation along with a direct link to their company forms.

How donors complete their matching gift requests
How donors complete their matching gift requests

Step 2: The donor logs into their company’s giving portal.

After the donor receives a link to their employer’s matching gift form, they should navigate to the company’s giving portal or corporate philanthropy platform. This site will generally house a range of corporate giving information, including the forms required for employees to complete their matching gift requests.

Once on the page, they’ll log in using credentials provided by their employer. Most online portals have contact information for the company’s program administrator, should a donor have difficulty accessing the platform on their own.

How donors complete their matching gift requests

Step 3: The donor initiates a matching gift request.

Within the company’s giving portal (or externally, for companies that don’t use them), a donor should locate the option to initiate a matching gift request.

This may be presented as a specific form or an online application within the portal.

How donors complete their matching gift requests

Step 4: The donor provides donation details on the online form.

The donor should now follow the instructions provided by the portal to complete their matching gift request form properly. They should expect to supply information about…

  • Themselves (i.e., employee ID number, corporate email address)
  • The organization they supported (there will typically be some kind of search field or dropdown menu from which to choose)
  • Their recent transaction details (gift format, amount, date, etc.)
How donors complete their matching gift requests

Once approved, the company makes its own donation to the nonprofit, effectively doubling (or, in some cases, tripling) the impact of the original gift.

What to Know About Matching Gift Request Deadlines ⌛

Matching gift requests are not generally required to be submitted immediately following the initial giving transaction. However, nearly all companies establish some sort of deadline by which employee matching gift requests must be completed.

The dates themselves vary, generally coinciding with the calendar year (e.g., December of the year in which the donation was made; the end of the calendar year plus a grace period into the following one) or a set amount of time post-donation. 

Top tip: Encouraging timely submissions from donors is integral to an optimized strategy. The more time passes after an individual’s donation, the less likely they are to complete the match. Not to mention, the sooner your nonprofit receives the extra funds, the sooner it can put those funds to good use.

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Familiarize yourself with the following types of program deadlines. Plus, review leading matching gift company guidelines to see when their employees’ matching gift requests are due!

Deadline #1: A Set Number of Days or Months Post-Donation

The first type of deadline is based on the amount of time elapsed since the individual completed their initial donation. While most companies offer flexible submission windows for matching gift requests, deadlines can range from 30 days to an entire year post-transaction.

Deadline for Fannie Mae matching gift requests

Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae currently matches part-time and full-time employee donations up to $5,000. Unfortunately, some donors miss out on this funding opportunity, largely due to a lack of program awareness, which results in missed matching gift requests.

Match request deadline: Fannie Mae donors must submit their matching gift requests within 30 days of their donation date or by December 31st of each year (whichever is sooner).

Click here for additional details on Fannie Mae’s matching gift program.

Deadline for Altria matching gift requests


Altria offers a generous matching gift program (up to $30,000 per employee per year) along with sizable volunteer grants (up to $500 after 25 hours of volunteering).

Match request deadline: Altria’s program administrator must receive all matching gift requests within 90 days of the donations being made.

Click here for additional details on Altria’s matching gift program.

Deadline for Apple matching gift requests


Apple offers a generous matching gift program for full-time and part-time employees. Each year, team members are encouraged to request between $1 and $10,000 in matches from qualifying gifts!

Match request deadline: Employees should be sure to submit their matching gift requests swiftly, as Apple requires gifts to be registered within one month of the transaction date.

Click here for additional details on Apple’s matching gift program.

Deadline for Microsoft matching gift requests


Microsoft matches between $1 and $15,000 per team member per year. Plus, employees can earn grants for their favorite organizations worth $25 for each hour they spend volunteering.

Match request deadline: Employees are welcome to request matching gifts for any qualifying donations made in the past 12 months!

Click here for additional details on Microsoft’s matching gift program.

Deadline for YUM Brands matching gift requests

YUM Brands

Fast food corporation YUM Brands, including employees at Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell restaurants, matches gifts at a dollar-for-dollar rate up to $1,000 per associate per year.

Match request deadline: All YUM Brands employees should complete their matching gift requests within six months of their initial donations.

Click here for additional details on YUM Brands’ matching gift program.

Deadline #2: End of Calendar Year

The other main type of matching gift request deadline is one that aligns with the calendar year (running from January 1st to December 31st). That means tons of companies set their deadlines at December 31st.

Here are a few examples:

Deadline for Avon matching gift requests


AVON matches employee donations up to $15,000 per year. And the first $500 donated is matched at a 2:1 rate, thus tripling the initial donation value.

Match request deadline: AVON employees should mark their calendars! While the deadline indeed falls in December of each year, team members are required to complete their requests prior to December 11th rather than the standard 31st.

Click here for additional details on AVON’s matching gift program.

Deadline for Freeport matching gift requests


Freeport-McMoRan matches donations of up to $40,000 to a wide range of nonprofits. While the first $1,000 donated is matched at a 2:1 rate (thus tripling each initial dollar’s value), donations above $1,000 are matched dollar-for-dollar.

Match request deadline: While Freeport-McMoRan encourages employees to submit matching donation requests at the time of the initial donation, employees can submit matches until Dec. 31st of the year following the date of the donation.

Click here for additional details on Freeport’s matching gift program.

Deadline for SAP matching gift requests

SAP America

SAP America gives charitably through the SAP Together Program. Within this initiative, SAP employees are incentivized to donate to nonprofits to unlock matching gifts for their favorite organizations.

Match request deadline: Matching gifts must be requested of the company by December 31st of the year in which the initial donation is made. However, donors should be encouraged to submit their matches as soon as possible due to a company-wide annual limit.

Click here for additional details on Sap’s matching gift program.

Deadline #3: End of Calendar Year + Grace Period

The last group of companies establishes their matching gift deadlines according to the calendar year as well. But they also tack on an additional month or so.

Deadline for Boeing matching gift requests


Boeing offers a monetary match, a volunteer grant match, and a fundraising match. And while full-time and part-time employees qualify to have their gifts matched dollar-for-dollar, retirees of the company are eligible to request a 0.5:1 match.

Match request deadline: Boeing employees (or retirees) participating in any matching gift program must submit their matching gift requests by January 31st of the year following the one in which the initial contribution/volunteerism/event took place.

Click here for additional details on Boeing’s matching gift program.

Deadline for Verizon matching gift requests


Each year, Verizon matches employee donations of up to $5,000 to the educational institutions of their choice. Meanwhile, all other nonprofits qualify for up to $1,000 in match funding, along with $750 grants for organizations with which employees volunteer.

Match request deadline: Matching gift requests must be entered into the electronic matching gift system before January 31st of the year following the date of the donation.

Click here for additional details on Verizon’s matching gift program.

Deadline for Adobe matching gift requests


Adobe matches donations of up to $10,000 per employee per year. Additionally, employees can submit volunteer or “dollars for doers” grant requests worth $250 for every 10 hours they volunteer.

Match request deadline: All matching gift requests must be submitted by January 31st of the year following the one in which the gift was made, regardless of the donation date.

Click here for additional details on Adobe’s matching gift program.

Deadline for Coca-Cola matching gift requests


Coca-Cola generously matches employee gifts at a 2:1 ratio. That means for every $1 an employee contributes, Coke gives $2 up to a maximum corporate contribution of $20,000.

Match request deadline: All employee matching gift requests should be completed and returned to The Coca-Cola Company by February 28th of the following year.

Click here for additional details on Coke’s matching gift program.

Deadline for Bank of America matching gift requests

Bank of America

Bank of America (including the investment management and wealth management division, Merrill Lynch) matches employee donations to nearly all nonprofit causes. Each year, team members can request between $24 and $5,000 worth of matches for personal donations of equal amounts.

Match request deadline: Employees must complete an application and have the recipient organization verify the gift. This information must be received by January 31st of the year following the date of the donation.

Click here for additional details on Bank of America’s matching gift program.

Deadline for General Electric matching gift requests

General Electric

Fun fact: General Electric was the first company to implement an employee matching gift program in 1954. Today, it matches millions of dollars worth of gifts to approved charities around the world. Each team full or part-time team member is encouraged to request between $25 and $5,000 per year!

Match request deadline: General Electric offers one of the most extended matching gift program deadlines, with employees being able to request matches until April 15th (tax day!) of the year after their gifts were made.

Click here for additional details on GE’s matching gift program.

Driving Matching Gift Requests to Completion

Unfortunately, matching gift deadlines mean little if your organization isn’t informing donors about matching gifts first. After all, the vast majority of match-eligible employees (approximately 78%) have no idea their company even matches gifts.

How will a donor know to submit a request on time if they don’t know to submit one in the first place?

Luckily, marketing matching gifts to your donors is easier than ever (check out our free downloadable resource for more tips and tricks!). Proper software can help screen for match-eligible transactions, inform donors of their eligibility, and supply individuals with actionable information to initiate the process, too.

If you’re looking to automate your matching gift processes, consider innovative tools like Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro.

As the fundraising sector’s top matching gift tool, 360MatchPro identifies matching gift opportunities and triggers personalized marketing emails. It also integrates with nearly all of the leading fundraising solutions, allowing it to supercharge the donation process and make implementation and management quick and easy.

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Streamlining Matching Gift Requests With Auto-Submission

Traditionally, an employee wanting to file a matching gift request had to determine their eligibility for a match before identifying and completing the correct forms for their employer. Then, as outlined above, the matching gift request process typically requires an individual to log into a separate portal. There, they supply donation data and submit their matching gift form.

But today, the matching gift request process is being transformed. And it’s beginning with a shift toward 360MatchPro’s groundbreaking auto-submission functionality! Now, companies that enable this option through their CSR platforms empower employees with a one-click request opportunity directly from their favorite organizations’ giving pages.

Boost matching gift request rates with autosubmission

When requesting a match is as simple as selecting a checkbox on a confirmation screen, more donors will be inclined to do it⁠—which is why auto-submission is such an invaluable tool.

Streamline matching gift requests with 360MatchPro's auto-submission

Wrapping Up

Effectively navigating the world of matching gift requests can seem like a daunting task. But armed with the right knowledge and resources, donors can maximize the impact of their contributions to nonprofits like yours.

Keep in mind that as the fundraising organization, it’s your responsibility to ensure your audience is informed and encouraged to participate. And that means recognizing the potential for matching gifts and taking proactive steps to supply donors with company forms and guidelines.

Interested in learning more about effective matching gift fundraising practices? Check out these additional recommended resources:

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