Companies with Innovative and Unique Matching Gift Programs

Companies with Innovative and Unique Matching Gift Programs

At Double the Donation, we maintain the industry’s most comprehensive and up-to-date matching gift database⁠—with records for more than 24,000 companies with matching gift programs. Since each company that offers matching gifts is able to determine its own minimum and maximum donation amounts, match ratios, qualifying employees and nonprofit types, and more, we end up with a ton of innovative and unique matching gift programs.

And truthfully, all matching gift programs are great. But there are a few that really stand out to us as offering something particularly special for their employees and the nonprofits they support.

Corporate giving engages employees’ passions and provides additional funding for nonprofits, which in turn helps entire communities. And offering creative programming and unique incentives for getting involved is a great way to drive participation and, therefore, impact.

Let’s look at a few employers with unique programs and what makes them stick out from the crowd. In this guide, we’ll explore the following companies’ initiatives:

  1. General Electric — First Matching Gift Program
  2. BP — Offers Charitable Giving Stipends
  3. CVS — Incorporates Fundraising Event Matches
  4. Expedia — Internationally Eligible Program
  5. HP, Inc. ⁠— Offers Volunteer Grants
  6. Microsoft ⁠— Highest Employee Participation
  7. RealNetworks ⁠— Unique 5-Year Anniversary Grant
  8. Soros Fund Management — Highest Maximum Match Amount
  9. Pew Charitable Trusts ⁠— Religiously Inclusive Program
  10. Nike ⁠— Sports-Related Triple Match Program
  11. Blue Shield of California ⁠— Special Board Member Match
  12. Innovative Discovery ⁠— Seamless Auto-Submission Functionality

There are a number of creative ways that businesses get their employees more involved in charitable giving. The ideas differ, but they all do a great job of helping charitable organizations increase fundraising revenue and better support their overall missions.

And when nonprofit fundraisers like yourself keep these companies at top of mind, you’ll be better equipped to make the most of such opportunities as they arise.

Let’s jump in!

General Electric — First Matching Gift Program

General Electric offers a unique matching gift program that offered the very first match program. When it comes to matching gift innovation, General Electric is likely going to top every list. That’s because GE pioneered the first matching gift program in 1954, and its 60+ years of matching gift history and generous donation limits continue to lead the way for other businesses to follow.

Since the inception of its matching program, the company has donated over $1 billion in employee matching gifts. That means that GE is a matching gift leader not only for being first but also for staying at the top of the pack for all this time.

Today, employees may request matching gifts up to $5,000 per year at a 1:1 ratio through the GE matching gift program.

Learn more about General Electric’s matching gift program.

BP — Offers Charitable Giving Stipends

BP is a unique matching gift company that gives employees $300 to donate to nonprofits every year. Each year, BP (formerly British Petroleum) gives employees $300 to donate to nonprofits of their choosing. That’s it—no strings attached. BP is committed to helping local communities, and they let employees feel more involved by letting them choose where the money goes. This program, known as the Fabric of America Program, is open to every current BP employee.

In addition to its charitable grant initiative, BP also offers a traditional matching gift program that matches up to $5,000 worth of donations per employee at a 1:1 ratio.

Learn more about BP’s matching gift program.

CVS Health ⁠— Incorporates Fundraising Event Matches

CVS is a company with a unique matching gift program that matches its employees' peer-to-peer fundraising efforts. Some companies, such as CVS, want to prioritize certain forms of giving. CVS incentivizes its employees to raise money for nonprofit events, like the popular run/walk/ride, which is also known as peer-to-peer fundraising. To encourage participation, the company matches the donations raised by employees between $250 and $1,000 per year.

For teams of volunteers, they offer even high fundraising grant donation caps. When five or more CVS employees fundraise for an eligible organization together, CVS will match up to $5,000 worth of fulfilled pledges, with a minimum of $500 raised across the team.

Learn more about CVS’s matching gift program.

Expedia ⁠— Internationally Eligible Program

Expedia, a company with a unique matching gift program, matches employees' donations worldwide. Matching gifts aren’t just for American companies, either. For example, Expedia and its subsidiaries have employees in over 30 countries. But for a long time, they did not match donations to nonprofits in all of those locations.

Now, Expedia offers matching gifts to eligible nonprofits across the globe! Donations are matched at a 1:1 ratio, and employees can request matches on as much as $4,000 worth of charitable gifts per year.

Through the Expedia Cares Program, employees can give back to their communities in a number of ways, such as through matching gifts, a global ambassador program, and more.

Learn more about Expedia’s matching gift program.

HP, Inc. ⁠— Offers Volunteer Grants

HP, a unique matching gift company, gives back to nonprofits through its Good Cards program. Employing more than 58,000 people, HP is a leader in the information technology sector. It’s also a leader in the matching gift world, specifically through its Good Cards program.

Each quarter, any employee who volunteers for at least 10 hours (and tracks their time through the company’s innovative internal volunteer system) receives a $50 grant which they can donate to a charity of their choosing. Plus, HP also offers a generous matching gift program where it’ll match philanthropic employees’ donations of up to $2,500 per year.

Learn more about HP’s matching gift program.

Microsoft ⁠— Highest Employee Participation

Microsoft is an example of a company with a unique matching gift program. This major company is well-represented in the philanthropic world. Since 1983, it’s hosted an annual Giving Campaign that makes a considerable impact on eligible nonprofits. It also hosts another program called Hack for Good, which tackles pressing societal problems.

But one of its most impressive successes is its matching gift program. In fact, Microsoft is currently the largest contributor of matching gift and volunteer grant funds, and it also boasts the highest level of employee participation at over 65% involvement.

Our matching gift statistics indicate that, inclusive of the corporate match, Microsoft employees have donated more than $1 billion to nonprofit causes.

Learn more about Microsoft’s matching gift program.

RealNetworks⁠ — Unique 5-Year Anniversary Grant

RealNetworks is an example of a company with a unique matching gift program. RealNetworks matches employee donations at a 1:1 ratio up to $10,000 per team member per year. That’s a whole lot of good⁠—but RealNetworks doesn’t stop there.

After five years with the business, employees receive a $500 grant that can be contributed to any eligible nonprofit. This unique corporate giving offering helps increase staff retention with the company, rewards long-term employees with a significant, mission-focused incentive, and ultimately benefits the nonprofits their employees support.

Learn more about RealNetworks’ matching gift program.

Soros Fund Management ⁠— Highest Maximum Match Amount

Soros Fund Management is an example of a company with a unique matching gift program. Because this successful company encompasses fewer than 500 people, it can afford to offer generous donation maximums and matching ratios that are significantly higher than the typical employer.

Today, employee gifts are matched at a 2:1 ratio for gifts up to $100,000 per year, with partners being eligible to request donation matches at a 1:1 ratio. Most nonprofits qualify to receive funding through the matching program, with an additional volunteer grant initiative available as well.

Learn more about Soros Fund Management’s matching gift program.

Pew Charitable Trusts ⁠— Religiously Inclusive Program

Pew Charitable Trusts is an example of a company with a unique matching gift program. The Pew Charitable Trusts is a generous matching gift provider for all sorts of nonprofit causes. In fact, full-time and part-time employees qualify to request matches at a 2:1 rate for personal gifts made up to $10,000 on an annual basis. That makes the company cap per employee a bountiful $20,000 per year!

But one thing that really makes this company’s matching initiative stand out is the fact that the program is inclusive of just about all kinds of religious organizations. This encompasses places of worship like churches, synagogues, mosques, and more—which are generally excluded from many companies’ match offerings.

So if your nonprofit group is religious in nature, the Pew Charitable Trusts is a top matching gift company to be aware of!

Learn more about Pew Charitable Trusts’ matching gift program.

Nike ⁠— Sports-Related Triple Match Program

Nike is an example of a company with a unique matching gift program. Nike is another company that matches employee donations to most nonprofit causes, including educational institutions, health and human services, arts and cultural organizations, civic and environmental groups, and more.

Then, in order to further amplify impact for the causes most closely aligned with the company’s athletics-focused mission, Nike offers a unique triple match for employees giving to community sports-related organizations. For qualifying nonprofits, employee gifts are matched at a 2:1 rate, ultimately tripling the initial donor contribution up to $25,000 per team member per year.

Learn more about Nike’s matching gift program.

Blue Shield of California ⁠— Special Board Member Match

Blue Shield of California is an example of a company with a unique matching gift program. Some companies also want to incentivize employee participation with nonprofits on a deeper level—such as by volunteering on the organization’s board of directors. That’s exactly what Blue Shield of California does!

This company offers a traditional matching gift program open to all current employees who support qualifying California-based nonprofits and select national organizations. Then, they offer an additional matching initiative for employees who serve as board members of nonprofit causes. This unique board member match goes above and beyond the typical match program, offering elevated match rates and increased maximum donation amounts.

Learn more about Blue Shield of California’s matching gift program.

Innovative Discovery ⁠— Seamless Auto-Submission Functionality

Innovative Discovery is an example of a company with a unique matching gift program. Speaking of innovation, legal services provider Innovative Discovery offers a particularly standout matching gift program in the way that employees can get involved. By introducing matching gift auto-submission through their corporate giving platform in partnership with Double the Donation, ID team members can complete their part of the matching gift request process more easily than ever before.

Now, with just a few clicks from their favorite nonprofits’ donation confirmation screens, employees can authorize Double the Donation to submit the matching gift request on their behalf—no separate forms or redirected pages required!

Learn more about Innovative Discovery’s matching gift program.

Learn how Double the Donation can help your nonprofit pinpoint companies that have unique matching gift programs.

How a Matching Gift Database Can Help

While these programs are certainly unique, there are tens of thousands of other companies that match gifts, too. It’s too many to keep up with on your own! Thus, to effectively uncover available opportunities and identify your organization’s eligibility, you’ll likely need the help of a matching gift database like Double the Donation.

Double the Donation is the industry’s leading provider of matching gift software, and we work with some of the largest organizations across the globe. We also boast the most accurate and up-to-date database of information regarding these programs. As such, we work to equip nonprofits and their donors with the tools they need to implement matching gift efforts in their overall fundraising strategies with ease.

The matching gift tool, which can be integrated across your organization’s website, donation form, email communications, and more, allows fundraisers to maximize corporate giving revenue by…

  • Enabling donors to search for their employers with an auto-completing company information field to identify and flag match-eligible donors;
  • Providing users with company information and matching gift eligibility criteria in real-time;
  • Guiding donors to request their matches with direct links to their employers’ online submission portals;
  • Tracking donors’ progress throughout the matching gift request and fulfillment processes.

Identify and pursue matches from companies with unique matching gift programs and more with 360MatchPro

Not to mention, it’s all automated⁠—allowing your team to reallocate more time and effort to your highest-value priorities!

Next Steps

Plenty of companies offer matching gift programs, so it’s important for nonprofits to promote corporate giving to donors. After all, one of the biggest roadblocks facing matching gift success is a lack of awareness of corporate giving. According to our research, that results in more than $4 to $7 billion dollars worth of potential matching gift funds going unclaimed each year.

Don’t let your nonprofit add to that statistic. Now that you know how to pinpoint available matching gifts, get started boosting your corporate fundraising efforts.

Stay up-to-date with your donors’ employers and keep your eyes peeled for top matching gift opportunities. You’ll be sure to come across even more unique programs!

Explore unique matching gift programs and more with Double the Donation.

Innovative Discovery top matching gift company example with auto-submission

Company Spotlight: Maximizing Matching Gift Innovation with Innovative Discovery

The list of matching gift companies is endless⁠—and not exclusive to one region, business size, or corporate sector. Instead, employers all over the world opt to match their employees’ charitable donations. Doing so results in elevated corporate philanthropy, team-wide engagement, and even positive brand image.

So what makes one company’s program stand out over another? There are a lot of factors that go into a top matching gift company, including donation (low) minimums and (high) maximums, open eligibility, seamless donor experiences, and more.

One that stands out in all areas is legal services company Innovative Discovery. And we’ll tell you why!

Read on to learn more about:

Ready to get started? Dive in and see what makes Innovative Discovery’s matching gift program top-tier.

What to Know About Innovative Discovery

Founded in 2005 in Arlington, Virginia, Innovative Discovery is a strategic consulting firm and legal services provider to a wide range of corporations and groups. The company partners with government agencies, construction and manufacturing businesses, energy and utility companies, financial services, healthcare and life sciences providers, and more.

Innovative Discovery employees—a combination of technologists, lawyers, and cybersecurity experts—work as strategic consultants to provide authoritative guidance throughout the litigation processes and information lifecycles. Specifically, the consulting group aims to offer unique insights into cybersecurity, data breaches, digital forensics, and high-stakes litigations to set their clients up for maximal success.

Innovative Discovery matching gift company screenshot

This corporation also places a significant emphasis on giving back to the communities in which they operate, including offering community service, nonprofit sponsorships, and more. Plus, they support nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes through their generous matching program.

Current Matching Gift Program Guidelines

Innovative Discovery employees have the opportunity to double their charitable giving impact by participating in the company’s matching initiative. Personal gifts made by Innovative Discovery team members of between $25 and $2,500 are eligible to be matched at a 1:1 rate.

Even better, nearly all nonprofits qualify for the program. This includes K-12 and higher education institutions, arts and cultural institutions, environmental nonprofits, and other registered 501(c)(3) organizations.

And the company makes it as easy as possible for employees to take part, driving participation and overall program usage with auto-submission.

Here’s a quick overview of the Innovative Discovery corporate matching gift program eligibility requirements:

  • Innovative Discovery matching gift program guidelinesMatching gift ratio – 1:1 (or dollar for dollar)
  • Qualifying employees – Current full-time and part-time Innovative Discovery team members qualify to request corporate matching donations.
  • Eligible nonprofit recipients – Most nonprofit mission types qualify for Innovative Discovery matching, which includes:
    • Educational institutions (K-12 included)
    • Health and human services
    • Arts and cultural organizations
    • Civic and community groups
    • Environmental nonprofits
    • And most other 501 (c)(3) organizations
  • Submission process – Employees may complete their match request directly following their initial donation on the organization’s giving form using auto-submission or navigate to Selflessly’s online matching gift portal to fill out a brief application.

Learn more about Innovative Discovery’s matching gift program guidelines here.

Standing Out With Matching Gift Auto-Submission Through Selflessly and Double the Donation

The #1 thing that makes Innovative Discovery’s matching gift program so innovative is its participation in newly developed matching gift auto-submission. By partnering with Double the Donation and corporate giving platform Selflessly, ID is streamlining the process for employees getting involved.

Enabling auto-submission significantly reduces the time and effort involved in completing a matching gift request⁠. And it can all be done directly from a nonprofit’s website⁠—driving more ID employees to participate. With increased program participation, more funding goes to the nonprofit causes their employees care about. Not to mention, the company itself receives elevated benefits from its corporate giving offerings. It’s a win-win-win⁠—and it’s easier than ever before!

Benefits of auto-submission with Selflessly

Here’s how the matching process works for Innovative Discovery team members using auto-submission:

  1. An ID employee makes a donation directly on their favorite nonprofit’s website and enters their company name⁠—Innovative Discovery⁠—in a donation form field.
  2. On the confirmation screen, the employee enters their corporate email address. They then check a box and authorize Double the Donation to submit the match request on their behalf.
  3. From there, the matching gift request is processed behind the scenes⁠—thanks to the integration between Double the Donation and ID’s corporate giving software Selflessly⁠—and the match funding is paid out to the organization.

Overview of matching gift auto-submission with Innovative Discovery

Learn more about matching gift auto-submission with Double the Donation here.

Innovative Discovery’s CSR Software Partner, Selflessly

Innovative Discovery facilitates its matching gifts and other corporate giving initiatives by leveraging a CSR management software company, Selflessly. Selflessly is framed as an “all-in-one giving platform for CSR,” offering both corporate giving and volunteerism features.

Selflessly logo

Through this software solution, companies like Innovative Discovery are able to:

  • Elevate corporate giving and employee matching with ease;
  • Simplify corporate volunteering and organize team and individual volunteer opportunities;
  • Increase employee engagement by participating in social good;
  • Make the most of purposeful reporting and impact assessments.

Recently, Selflessly was also one of the first providers to roll out new auto-submission functionality with Double the Donation, making corporate matching gifts easier than ever before.

Other Innovative Giving Initiatives

Innovative Discovery’s website shares that “the primary focus of ID’s corporate philanthropic efforts are nonprofit organizations valued by our employees.” This idea is reflected in the company’s matching gift program as well as additional team-wide efforts for various charitable causes.

This includes:

  • ID Civic Day ⁠— Innovative Discovery’s Civic Day offers an annual opportunity for team members to engage in their communities. Beyond typical PTO, the company offers an additional paid day off work for employees to volunteer with community service projects.
  • Employee volunteer grants ⁠— ID states that the company supports team member philanthropy through matching donations and investments of their time with corporate volunteer grants. When employees volunteer with various causes, the company pays out grants to the organizations to which they dedicate their time and efforts.
  • Steps for Autism team challenge ⁠— Every April, Innovative Discovery employees take part in a workplace giving campaign on behalf of the Autism Society. During World Autism Month, team members compete by department to see who can get the most steps. At the end of the month, ID makes a donation to the Autism Society on behalf of the winning group.
  • Sponsorship for Climbing Blind: Tibet Expedition ⁠— In 2004, Innovative Discovery aided groundbreaking Climbing Blind’s Tibet Expedition. The company sponsored the event by building essential technical infrastructure. With their newly developed interactive website and intuitive web content management system, Climbing Blind had access to the tools they needed to connect climbers with their growing online community.

Innovative Discovery leadership has made it a point time and time again to invest in giving back to their communities. We’re excited to see what they roll out next!

Wrapping Up

Companies like Innovative Discovery are paving the way for more businesses⁠—and the nonprofits, donors, and communities they support⁠—to benefit from groundbreaking matching gift programs with ease. As more and more corporations roll out innovative auto-submission functionality by leveraging partnerships between corporate giving and matching gift-specific technology, the results will continue growing to new heights.

Ready to learn more about standout matching gift companies and practices? Explore other Double the Donation resources here:

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Checkr top matching gift company example with auto-submission

Company Spotlight: Get Inspired by Checkr’s Groundbreaking Matching Gift Program

Companies participate in corporate giving for a number of reasons. A corporate executive might be inspired to give back to a particular cause that resonates with them and their values. A different company might do so in order to engage with its employees on a deeper level, fostering a positive workplace culture and driving satisfaction and retention. Another yet may choose to give in order to receive tax benefits or boost their public image.

Tons of businesses partake in matching employee gifts, and most intend to reap all of the benefits listed above. But there are a few that truly stand out in their efforts⁠—specifically when it comes to corporate matching gifts.

One such company? Checkr!

Want to find out how? We’ve compiled information to provide you with a solid understanding of the Checkr corporation, its philanthropy and matching gift endeavors, and what makes it stand out from the crowd.

This includes:

Let’s begin with the basics.

Company Background: About Checkr

Checkr, Inc. was founded in 2014 with a unique idea to modernize and advance the traditional background check process—while removing common obstacles and enabling a fairer hiring process for all.

Today, this background check screening company aims to aid other businesses with the right technology to make the right recruitment and hiring choices. Checkr is built on the idea of fair chance hiring that works to make the hiring process as even as it can be for all candidates⁠—including those with criminal backgrounds.

Checkr matching gift company screenshot
And Checkr understands the importance of corporate philanthropy in an overall business plan⁠—especially pertaining to strategic recruitment and retention practices. They’ve even written several blog posts citing matching gifts and overall corporate giving programs as key components for How to Recruit Talented Leaders and How to Increase Employee Retention at Your Small Business. Not to mention, the Checkr team offers its own corporate giving initiatives—including, but not limited to, matching employee donations to charitable causes.

Current Matching Gift Program Guidelines

Checkr matches charitable gifts made by all full and part-time employees at a 1:1 rate. With no minimum donation amount and open match availability to nearly all nonprofit causes, Checkr aims to make its employee matching gift program as accessible as possible.

Not to mention, they utilize matching gift auto-submission functionality to enable one-click matching gift requests, which ensures the process is quick and easy for employee participants.

Let’s take a quick look at Checkr’s employee matching donation guidelines:

Checkr matching gift program guidelines

  • Minimum employee donation matchedNone!
  • Matching gift ratio – 1:1, or dollar for dollar
  • Qualifying employees – Current full-time and part-time Checkr employees
  • Eligible nonprofit recipients – Nearly all nonprofit causes qualify to receive Checkr matches. This includes:
    • K-12 schools
    • Higher education institutions
    • Health and human services
    • Arts and cultural organizations
    • Civic and community organizations
    • Environmental nonprofits
    • And many more 501 (c)(3) organizations
  • Submission process – Checkr employees can leverage auto-submission to complete the matching gift process in seconds from their favorite organizations’ donation forms or submit their match requests manually by logging into the company’s CSR portal, Millie.

New Feature! Auto-Submission With Millie and Double the Donation

Checkr’s employee donation-matching program has many admirable features that make it one of our top matching gift companies. But what really makes this employer stand out in its offering is its matching gift auto-submission functionality.

Checkr employs corporate giving platform Millie to facilitate its matching gift program. Historically, that meant providing an employee-facing portal with which team members can log in, provide basic information about their recent donations, and submit their matching gift requests.

Now, thanks to a trailblazing integration between Millie and industry-leading matching gift software provider Double the Donation, the process for employee donors is easier than ever before.

In fact, all an individual has to do is enter their corporate email address from the confirmation screen of their favorite organization’s donation page. They won’t be rerouted to a separate submission platform or be required to reenter donation details. The software ecosystem handles it all seamlessly behind the scenes!

Overview of matching gift auto-submission with Checkr

In the end, consider these key benefits of breakthrough auto-submission for all parties involved:

  • Checkr benefits from increased usage of its matching gift program⁠—and the key advantages that go alongside it. This includes improved employee relations, elevated sales and brand image, substantial tax benefits, and much more.
  • At the same time, Checkr employees have the opportunity to double their impact on cherished causes without a complicated process for doing so.
  • And don’t forget about the nonprofits seeing significant growth in matching gift revenue⁠—and the communities that benefit from their services.

Benefits of auto-submission with Millie

Auto-submission has the potential to revolutionize matching gifts⁠, and it’s never been easier for companies like Checkr⁠—as well as the employees and nonprofits in their networks⁠—to make use of it.

Learn more about matching gift auto-submission with Double the Donation here.

What to Know About Checkr’s CSR Partner, Millie

In order to bring their philanthropy to the next level, the Checkr team chooses to leverage a social impact platform called Millie. Millie describes itself as offering a simple and flexible matching gift solution that’s budget-friendly for all companies. And for Checkr, Millie is able to help simplify the facilitation of their matching gifts and other corporate giving programs!

Millie logo

Here’s a look at Millie’s key offerings:

  • Essential matching donation management of programs that encourage both corporate and individual giving;
  • Campaign-hosting capabilities that enable companies to support and fundraise for various causes;
  • Remote and in-person corporate volunteer management tools;
  • Charitable gift cards, affinity groups, gamification campaigns, and more.

Plus, Millie has been at the forefront of corporate giving innovation with its new auto-submission partnership with Double the Donation. This allows businesses like Checkr and more to streamline and elevate philanthropy, ultimately bringing advantages to every party involved. We’re excited to see what they do next, and how they bring forward-thinking companies along with them.

Millie DTD Donor Amplification

Other Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

In addition to Checkr’s standout matching gift program, here are a few other CSR efforts that the background check company pursues:

Checkr corporate social responsibility example

  • Bounce Back program ⁠— Bounce Back is a unique program developed by Checkr with the help of its dedicated employees. By providing tools and resources to post-incarcerated applicants and companies looking to establish fair hiring practices, Bounce Back aids in securing a more optimal workforce for everyone involved.
  • Free reentry simulation ⁠— In order to provide insight into the various challenges involved with employment post-incarceration, Checkr has invested in developing an interactive virtual reentry simulator. This free and accessible tool aims to share perspective and understanding of those looking to reenter society after a criminal record.
  • Expungement assistance services ⁠— Checkr believes that a criminal record should not put an end to an individual’s employment potential. And when it’s possible to clear a candidate’s record and reopen opportunities, the company is dedicated to helping with a fast and affordable solution.

The Checkr website states that “Checkr has committed to the Pledge 1% corporate philanthropy movement, pledging to donate one percent of its employees’ time, one percent of its product, one percent of the equity, and one percent of the profits every year to the mission of enabling fair chances.”

But they often go farther than just one percent! In fact, much of Checkr’s corporate offerings revolve around its overall mission of fair chance hiring.

Concluding Thoughts

Matching gift programs continue to expand in terms of both prevalence and potential. And companies like Checkr are leading the pack. By enabling innovative auto-submission, Checkr is demonstrating matching gift programs of the future.

And while bringing inspiration to other corporate leaders, they’re also benefiting their employees by offering next-level engagement experiences, the nonprofits receiving increased funding through the matching programs, and even their own bottom line.

Dive deeper into corporate matching gifts! Learn more with these additional corporate giving resources from Double the Donation:

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Companies That Offer Fundraising Matches

Companies That Offer Fundraising Matches for Run/Walk/Rides

At Double the Donation, we often discuss corporate matching gifts—or initiatives through which employers financially match the donations made by individual employees to qualifying nonprofits. However, there’s another powerful⁠ (yet even lesser-known⁠) opportunity to keep an eye out for. And that is companies that offer fundraising matches!

Fundraising match programs also involve employer matching. However, unlike typical matching programs that solely cover financial donations made from an employee’s own wallet, fundraising match programs involve a company matching all of the funds raised by an employee during a fundraising activity. This is particularly important to consider in regard to one of the most popular fundraisers in the nonprofit world: the Run/Walk/Ride event.

These events involve participants running/walking/cycling (or partaking in another activity!) for a certain distance and collecting pledges on your organization’s behalf according to the distance they cover. And for volunteer fundraisers that work for a company offering fundraising matching, these fulfilled pledges can be doubled for even greater impact.

Now, you might be wondering what kinds of employers offer these initiatives⁠—and how your team can locate donors who qualify. Lucky for you, there are a ton of available programs.

We’ve selected a selection of companies that offer fundraising matches, which we’ll discuss below:

  • Intuit, Inc.
  • BP
  • State Street Corporation
  • Penguin Random House
  • CVS Health
  • Boeing
  • Numerator
  • The Estee Lauder Companies
  • Northstrat

Keep in mind that there are a ton more participating businesses, too. These are just a sample!

But before diving into the above companies, we’re going to look at the easiest way to uncover these opportunities⁠—with dedicated matching gift tools.

Matching gift tools are the best way to discover these programs.

The Best Way to Discover Matching Gifts

To best capitalize on these fundraising matching programs, you first need to discover where they exist. The easiest way to do that is by using dedicated matching gift software.

Matching gift software allows your organization to easily uncover and pursue these opportunities within your network of support. For example, Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro is a fully automated matching gift platform that uncovers a donor’s match eligibility once a donation is made and triggers automated outreach with company-specific program guidelines to drive next steps. Thousands of nonprofits trust Double the Donation to fuel their matching gift fundraising needs⁠—including more than 70% of the nation’s largest organizations!

And, built on the industry’s most comprehensive database of employee giving program information, it doesn’t just provide insights on individual matching opportunities, either. 360MatchPro enables donors to seamlessly locate details regarding their employers’ volunteer grant and fundraising match programs as well! And it’s made easy to get started thanks to technology integrations with most online donation forms and CRMs.

With that, check out these top examples of companies that offer fundraising matches.
These are some of the top companies offering fundraising match programs.

Companies that Match Gifts to Run/Walk/Ride Events

Tons of companies participate in fundraising match programs which ultimately amplify the result of individual (or team) employee fundraising efforts. A few standout programs that we’ve selected to highlight include the following:

Intuit, Inc.

Intuit is a top company offering a fundraising match program.

Intuit is a software company that develops financial and tax preparation software. It employs over 17,000 team members and offers a comprehensive matching gift program to its employees.

Intuit’s matching gift program includes an individual match, in which the company will match an employee’s donation of up to $5,000 to a nonprofit organization or educational institution of their choosing. In addition, Intuit’s corporate giving programs include a fundraising match. Intuit matches funds personally raised by an employee for a fundraising event.

Learn more about Intuit’s matching gift program.

BP (Formerly British Petroleum)

BP is a top company that offers a fundraising match program.

As one of the top 20 largest companies in the world by revenue, BP is an international oil and gas company headquartered in London. BP employs nearly 80,000 people across the world with a large presence in the United States.

With employee grant programs that include traditional personal donation matches, as well as matches for money raised from employees’ friends and family members, BP will match a maximum of $5,000 per employee, per year.

Learn more about BP’s matching gift program.

State Street Corporation

State Street Corporation is a top company that offers a fundraising match program.

State Street is a financial services holding company founded in Boston in 1792. After many years of successful growth, the company now employs more than 42,000 people internationally.

State Street offers a matching gift program for employee donations called GiveMore, which matches at a 1:1 ratio. Within this program, annual matching limits are extremely generous, varying by role. For example…

  • The Board of Directors, CEO, President, and Vice Chairs can receive up to $35,000 in matching funds.
  • Executive Vice Presidents can receive up to $25,000.
  • Senior Vice Presidents can receive up to $15,000.
  • All other employees can receive up to $5,000 in matching funds.

State Street also offers a fundraising match program called CollectMore, where the company will match an employee’s fulfilled fundraising pledges as they partake in walk, bike, or ride types of events benefiting qualifying nonprofits. CollectMore is available up to $10,000 per team member, inclusive of the GiveMore total as well.

Learn more about State Street’s matching gift program.

Penguin Random House

Penguin Random House is a top company offering a fundraising match program.

Penguin Random House engages employees by matching donations of up to $2,500 per employee per year to most 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

To sweeten their program even further, Penguin Random House has also established a Fundraising Match Program. With this initiative, the company will match up to $1,500 per employee (included in the $2,500 per employee annual maximum), per calendar year. This essentially allows employees to double the money raised via fundraising events to qualifying nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Types of qualifying events include (but are not limited to) walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons, and 5K’s, though Penguin Random House indicates that each fundraising request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Learn more about Penguin Random House’s matching gift program.

CVS Health

CVS is a company that offers fundraising matches for employees.CVS Health matches employee donations made through their Community Crew Portal to many nonprofit causes throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. This includes just about any registered 501(c)(3) organization.

But they don’t stop there! The company also offers a generous fundraising match program for individuals and team participants. When an individual staff member participates in a Run/Walk/Ride fundraising challenge, CVS Health agrees to match the funds raised between $250 and $1,000.

And when a team of five or more CVS Health employees participate in a similar type of fundraising event, the company offers to match fulfilled pledges up to $5,000.

Learn more about CVS Health’s matching gift program.


Boeing is a company that offers fundraising matches for employees.American multinational aircraft corporation Boeing Co. offers a particularly generous matching gift initiative that encompasses personal employee donations, gifts made by retirees and spouse/domestic partners, volunteer grants, and even funds contributed through fundraising walks participated in by employees.

Each year, a team member is eligible to request up to $10,000 at a 1:1 match rate to a wide range of nonprofit organizations⁠—including educational institutions, health and human services, arts and cultural organizations, civic and community organizations, environmental nonprofits, and more.

Learn more about Boeing’s matching gift program.


Numerator is a company that offers fundraising matches for employees.Numerator is a consumer insights and data company that aims to engage and incentivize its employees with unique and impactful giving opportunities.

Every year, employees are encouraged to participate in the company’s fundraising match program. When doing so, funds raised through peer-to-peer fundraising efforts to most nonprofit causes⁠—including schools, health and human services, community organizations, and tons more⁠—are matched, dollar-for-dollar.

Each employee (full- and part-time alike) qualifies to request up to $500 in fundraising match grants on a rolling annual basis, with no minimum amount required to get involved!

Learn more about Numerator’s matching gift program.

The Estee Lauder Companies

Estee Lauder is a company that offers fundraising matches for employees.With brands such as Too Faced, M·A·C, Clinique, and Tom Ford Beauty, the Estee Lauder Companies have established a number of charitable giving programs that aim to give back to their communities.

These include⁠—but are not limited to⁠—matching individual staff donations, offering volunteer grants to the nonprofits their team members volunteer with, and providing impactful fundraising matches when employees partake in events or other peer-to-peer fundraising challenges.

Each year, qualifying members of the Estee Lauder Companies’ workforce can request up to $5,000 in corporate funding, inclusive of their matching gifts, dollars for doers, and fundraising match initiatives.

Learn more about The Estee Lauder Companies’ matching gift program.


Northstrat is a company that offers fundraising matches for employees.Northstrat, an employee-owned Information Technology company providing solutions to a number of US government agencies, participates in corporate philanthropy with a particular focus on education. Currently, the company offers to “match funds raised in sponsorship of events where employee collects donations based on their activity” in addition to a more traditional employee matching gift program of up to $500 per employee per year.

Qualifying nonprofit recipients include accredited public and private K-12 institutions, junior and community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, professional and graduate schools, and select other organizations.

Learn more about Northstrat’s matching gift program.

How Can Your Organization Make the Most of These Opportunities?

Now that you’re aware of the vast array of fundraising matching gift programs available to your organization through qualifying donors, you’re likely wondering what actionable steps your team can take to make the most of the opportunity.

Ultimately, the most critical component of a fundraising matching strategy involves driving supporter awareness! Like traditional matching gifts, tons of qualifying supporters remain unaware of the programs in place by their employers. So in order to drive participation, it’s important that you inform them.

Check out a few of our favorite ideas for doing so:

Share general information on social media. Post a fun graphic that states, “Many companies match donations collected by employees for peer-to-peer fundraising events. Find out how to get involved here!” Then, be sure to link to your organization’s dedicated matching gift page where they can learn more about their employers’ programs.

Reach out to existing P2P volunteers directly. Send an email⁠ or text—or make a phone call⁠—to supporters who are already fundraising on your nonprofit’s behalf. Let them know how they can find out if they qualify for a fundraising match from their employer and how to get started. As you do, remember to emphasize the increased impact that fundraising match initiatives can bring!

Wrapping Up

Fundraising match programs are the perfect addition to any Run/Walk/Ride or other peer-to-peer giving based event. And being aware of the companies that offer fundraising matches is an essential first step.

If you’re planning such an event, check to see if any of your donors work for the above companies. If your participants qualify, you may ultimately receive twice the fundraised donations for that supporter!

However, keep in mind that they themselves may not be aware of the opportunity at hand. Thus, it helps to provide guidance and resources throughout the process to drive more available fundraising matches to completion.

Explore matching gifts and fundraising matches with Double the Donation.

Learn more about CyberGrants and its employee giving and grant management tools!

CyberGrants: Employee Giving and Grant Management Tools

Are you a nonprofit or corporation looking for information on CyberGrants?

Good news! While Double the Donation is a separate company that specializes in helping nonprofits raise more money from matching gift programs, we can share much of the information on CyberGrants you’re looking for.

It’s essential that companies encourage participation in their workplace giving programs, including matching gifts. CyberGrants is one of the leading corporate giving vendors that can help companies do just that. Here’s what you need to know:

CyberGrants is a leading provider of employee giving and grant management tools.

About CyberGrants

For over 20 years, CyberGrants has been a leader in the online grantmaking space. In 1995, back when AOL was just starting to hand out those infamous free sign-up CDs, CyberGrants was already launching online grants management and employee giving software for corporations. Over time, the company has recorded many firsts in the grantmaking space, including:

Here's a glimpse of CyberGrants' employee giving and grant management tools.

  • Developing the first online application.
  • Providing the first online grants administration tools.
  • Creating the first online workplace giving and volunteering systems for corporations.

These ongoing innovations have positioned CyberGrants as a leading provider of online grantmaking and employee giving tools.

Quick fact: CyberGrants’ corporate customer base includes more than 40 of the Fortune 100, and nearly 70% of the public companies tracked in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Here's a summary of what CyberGrants does with its employee giving and grant management tools.

What CyberGrants Does

CyberGrants specializes in two areas: employee giving systems and grants management for corporate, family, and private foundations.

Employee Giving Systems for Corporations

Whereas Double the Donation provides matching gift tools to nonprofits, CyberGrants provides services to corporations looking to streamline their employee giving systems.

The platform offers corporations a suite of services based around managing and administering:

  • Personal matching gifts for employees
  • Individual volunteer events
  • Executive matching
  • Rapid response/disaster relief administration
  • Dollars for Doers/volunteer recognition programs

Consider the CyberGrants Employee Giving System if you’re looking to create, manage, and administer every aspect of your employee giving program.

Grants Management for Corporations and Foundations

As one of the original players in the corporate foundation software space, CyberGrants provides end-to-end solutions for corporations looking to take grantmaking to the next level.

The company’s web-based software enables nonprofits to submit their grant applications online while providing corporations and foundations with the tools they need to manage the grant cycle.

Features of their software include:

  • Customizable nonprofit application portals so a company’s brand is front and center
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • In-depth business intelligence
  • Automated cross-checking for compliance

When it’s easy for companies and nonprofits to manage and submit grant applications, this creates an opportunity for nonprofits to get the funding they need and for companies to do good in their communities.

Here are some companies that use CyberGrants' employee giving and grant management tools.

Companies That Use CyberGrants

Double the Donation’s services enable nonprofits to increase their fundraising revenue from matching gift programs. To do so, we stay in contact with companies that offer matching gift and volunteer grant programs to understand their program guidelines and procedures.

Since CyberGrants is one of the largest providers of employee grant software to corporations, it’s no surprise that many of the companies in our matching gift database use their software.

A few of CyberGrants’ Employee Giving System corporate users include:

Here’s what the CyberGrants portal for Walmart looks like:

Here's an example of a CyberGrants portal to employee giving and grant management tools.

CyberGrants offers the above companies and many others an easy way for their employees to access their workplace giving programs and log their donations online. If your company wants to make it easy for employees to participate in corporate giving, CyberGrants is an excellent vendor to consider.

This is the relationship between Double the Donation and CyberGrants' workplace giving and grant management tools.

Double the Donation’s Relationship with CyberGrants

Double the Donation is a separate company from CyberGrants, but both serve corporate philanthropy efforts.

While CyberGrants manages matching gift programs for corporations, Double the Donation works with nonprofits to help them raise more money from companies with matching gift and volunteer grant programs. We sell an easy-to-use tool to nonprofits that helps an organization’s donors submit match requests.

Our database of employee giving programs includes those administered by corporate giving vendors, such as:

  • CyberGrants
  • America’s Charities
  • AmeriGives
  • Benevity
  • Bright Funds
  • Causecast
  • FrontStream
  • Millie
  • Point
  • SmartSimple
  • YourCause

All of these corporate giving vendors help companies manage their workplace giving programs. This way, it’s easier for their employees to participate and the companies can benefit from the programs they’ve already invested in.

Here's how to contact CyberGrants about their employee giving and grant management tools.

How Do I Contact CyberGrants?

If you’re a corporation interested in learning more about CyberGrants, you can contact the company in one of three ways:

  1. By email:
  2. By phone: (978) 824-0300
  3. By mail: CyberGrants, Inc., 300 Brickstone Square, Suite 601, Andover, Massachusetts 01810

Reach out to learn more about CyberGrants’ services!

If you're interested in solutions like CyberGrants, here are some additional resources.

Additional Workplace Giving Tool Resources

If you’re looking for additional information about corporate giving vendors, check out these excellent resources:

Explore Canadian companies with matching gift programs and matching gift databases.

Canadian Companies with Matching Gift Programs: The Basics

Learn more about Canadian companies with matching gift programs with a daily demo from Double the Donation.

Matching gifts play a large part in nonprofits’ fundraising strategies. However, these opportunities aren’t just limited to the United States.

Nonprofits in Canada and many other countries can benefit from corporate philanthropy, too!

That said, many matching gift databases for nonprofits are limited to only employers within the United States. Fortunately, Double the Donation tracks both U.S. and Canadian companies that match employee donations.

Before we jump in, let’s cover the basics of matching gifts.

What are Matching Gifts?

Matching gifts are a form of a corporate philanthropy in which companies match donations their employees make to eligible nonprofits. Matching donations are typically made at a 1:1 ratio, but some companies match at a higher rate, such as 2:1 or 3:1.

Matching gifts are valuable because they’re essentially free money for your nonprofit. However, they’re often overlooked by nonprofits because these organizations don’t have the necessary staff, resources, or time to pursue matching gift opportunities.

Canada matching gifts are a form of a corporate philanthropy in which companies match donations their employees make to eligible nonprofits.

That’s why having access to a matching gift database like Double the Donation’s is so important. A matching gift database houses information on thousands of companies with matching gift programs, so it’s easy for your supporters to search for their employer and find the necessary forms.

As expected, many Fortune 500 companies have a global presence and are found throughout Canada. Many of these large corporations also have matching gift programs; however, the policies can vary between countries.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  1. Canadian Matching Gift Companies
  2. Matching Gift Database: Double the Donation & 360MatchPro
  3. Additional Canada Matching Gift Resources

To learn more about Canada matching gift companies and matching gift databases that cover the Canadian market, read on!

These are some of the top Canadian companies with matching gift programs.

Canadian Matching Gift Companies

With the 10th largest economy in the world, Canada headquarters many great companies with generous employee giving benefits. Many Canadian corporations have a long history of philanthropy, which is great news for the many renowned nonprofits that call Canada home.

If you’re a Canadian organization trying to boost your fundraising with matching gifts or volunteer grants, be sure to familiarize staff members with the companies below. This list is far from exhaustive, so we encourage you to invest in a corporate giving program lookup service to make it easier for donors to access necessary information and submit their matching gift requests.

BCE Inc.

BCE Inc., formerly known as Bell Canada Enterprises, does not offer a matching gift program, but they do offer individual and team volunteer grants. Employees or retirees who volunteer throughout the year can earn substantial grants for their favorite nonprofits.

Specifically, individuals must volunteer 50 hours within a year to acquire a set grant amount of $500 for your organization, and teams must volunteer a combined 500 hours within a year to acquire a set grant amount of $2,500.

Read more about the BCE volunteer grant program.

Gildan Activewear

Headquartered in Montreal, Gildan matches gifts from both full- and part-time employees, and also offers volunteer grants. The matching gift program is open to organizations in Canada, the United States, and Honduras.

In addition to donations, they will match selected fundraising campaigns made by employees, too!

Read more about the Gildan Activewear matching gift program.

Green Shield Canada

Green Shield Canada matches gifts of up to $1,000 per employee every year. They match donations to most schools and nonprofit organizations, including a variety of institutions ranging from K-12 schools to arts and cultural organizations to environmental groups. 

Read more about the Green Shield’s matching gift program.

Royal Bank of Canada

RBC, or The Royal Bank of Canada, will match employee donations from anywhere to $100 to $5,000. A perk of RBC’s matching gift program is that part-time employees and retirees are also eligible to participate and can have their donations matched at the standard 1:1 ratio.

Like many of these other organizations, RBC offers grants for active volunteers! For a minimum of 40 volunteer hours, the company will provide up to a $500 grant.

Read more about RBC’s matching gift program.

TC Energy

TC Energy offers two main types of employee giving programs. The first is its matching gift program, where the company will match up to $1,000 annually to most nonprofits. The program is open to all employees and retirees.

The second program is TC Energy’s Dollars for Doers program. Through this program, the company matches volunteer hours with monetary grants. Once an employee volunteers for at least 1 hour in a calendar year, they can request a volunteer grant for the organization.

Read more about TC Energy’s employee giving programs.

AstraZeneca Canada

AstraZeneca offers different programs across different markets. In Canada, active AstraZeneca employees can donate $50 to $500 to the CRA-registered charity of their choice and have it matched.

AstraZeneca Canada also offers multiple volunteer grant programs. Canadian employees or retirees who volunteer 40 hours with an organization can request a volunteer grant of $500 to that nonprofit. The company also gives $250 in grants to organizations where employees serve as board members or coaches.

Read more about AstraZeneca’s employee giving programs.

This is how we find the top Canadian companies with matching gift programs.

Use a matching gift database to find Canadian companies with matching gift programs.

Matching Gift Database: Double the Donation & 360MatchPro

With more than 20,000 companies and subsidiaries that represent 15+ million match-eligible individuals, Double the Donation is the world’s leading matching gift database.

That being said, Double the Donation is Canada’s most accurate and up-to-date source of matching gift information, with customized program information, guidelines, and submission forms.

360MatchPro by Double the Donation

360MatchPro by Double the Donation goes beyond providing users with the necessary information for placing a match or grant request. It recognizes match-eligible donors and contacts them through automated reminder emails that guide them through the process. Your staff will save time and maximize its revenue all at the same time!

Benefits of using 360MatchPro include:

  • More matching gift opportunities. Because 360MatchPro helps you automatically collect matching gift eligibility using email domains, within donation forms, by email, and more, you’ll increase the amount of matching gift requests that donors submit.
  • More matches driven to completion. Donors will immediately be directed to the necessary matching gift forms after they’ve completed the donation process. Then, by giving the right information to the right donors at the right time with customized emails, you’ll drive more submissions to completion and increase your matching gift revenue.
  • More time to focus on top opportunities. 360MatchPro automates all of your matching gift outreach, including small dollar-value ones, so you can focus your efforts on personalizing follow-ups to the most valuable match-eligible donations.

These are the benefits of 360MatchPro, which can help you find Canada matching gift companies.

360MatchPro essentially serves as your own matching gift team, so where you don’t have the staff, time, or resources necessary to perform matching gift outreach, 360MatchPro’s automation platform can step in and handle the rest!

Coverage of Matching Gifts in Canada

According to recent analyses, Double the Donation offers the most accurate and up-to-date information about Canadian corporate matching gifts.

For example:

  • 93-99% of individuals who work for Canadian companies with matching gift programs will find their employer in Double the Donation’s database.
  • In one analysis, Double the Donation’s database covered approximately $99,000 of $102,000 in matching gifts received by a global organization’s market in Canada.
  • In another analysis, we looked at the number of employees making payments to a Canadian affiliate of a large global organization. Companies in Double the Donation’s database employed 483,760 people, while companies not in the database employed 4,124 people.

This means Double the Donation and 360MatchPro offer substantial coverage of the Canadian market.

Integrations with Double the Donation and 360MatchPro

Double the Donation and 360MatchPro offer 50+ integrations with the leading fundraising tools, including:


Integrate with popular CRMs like Blackbaud (Raiser’s Edge NXT) and Salesforce.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platforms

Integrate with widely used peer-to-peer fundraising platforms to boost your matching gift revenue, including Classy, DonorDrive, and Raisin.

Online Donation Tools

Integrate with online donation tools so donors are immediately offered a chance to double their donations. These integrations include:

  • Luminate
  • Convio
  • Funraise
  • iModules

When implemented, these simple-to-use integrations can help your nonprofit increase your revenue by giving donors direct and easy access to the matching gift database.

Here’s an example of how the integration works with Raisin, the leading Canadian fundraising platform:

It's easy to find Canadian companies with matching gift programs using Double the Donation's many integrations.

Simply activate 360MatchPro by Double the Donation by entering your API keys within Raisin. Then, you’ll be able to choose which donation forms you want to feature the 360MatchPro search tool.

Customize Double the Donation to Feature Canada Results

Double the Donation is designed to accommodate nonprofits that fundraise in one or more geographic markets. This means for nonprofits fundraising in Canada, you can customize Double the Donation’s search results by adjusting the geographic regions that apply to your nonprofit. You can also add additional regions based on where a large number of your donors are located.

360MatchPro will then tailor the matching gift search results and information your donors receive based on your selections:

Find more Canadian companies with matching gift programs by selecting Canada as your nonprofit's region.

If your nonprofit’s tax status is based in Canada and you primarily have Canadian donors, it’s recommended that you only select Canada. However, if you’re registered as a nonprofit in multiple markets, such as the U.S. and Canada, or have a large number of donors in those markets, it’s recommended that you select both the U.S. and Canada.

Double the Donation’s database categorizes which geographic region a company’s matching gift program applies to and can also have multiple variations for a company depending on how the company structures their program. This ensures your needs will be met!

Choosing the right matching gift database to keep track of Canadian companies with matching gift programs is essential. While we’ve listed some of the major companies that offer matching gifts to Canadian nonprofits, they aren’t the only businesses that do. 

Be sure to constantly research your donors’ employers and stay up-to-date on companies in your area. Double the Donation’s matching gift database can help with all of that!

Now that you have more insight into major matching gift companies in Canada, you’re ready to start maximizing your revenue!

Additional Canada Matching Gift Resources

Learn more about Canadian companies with matching gift programs with a free trial of Double the Donation!