Double the Donation and UC Innovation enhance their matching gift integration

UC Innovation Enhances Functionality for their Preferred Matching Gift Integration, 360MatchPro by Double the Donation

Double the Donation and UC Innovation are excited to debut new integration enhancements that will allow organizations to further streamline the matching gift fundraising process. This expanded functionality reflects the duo’s continued commitment to helping organizations grow their matching gift revenue.

UC Innovation’s preferred matching gift solution, 360MatchPro, already integrates with the ascend CRM to automate matching gift outreach to donors post-contribution. The new integration offering allows users to integrate 360MatchPro into ascend Portal donation forms – this will engage donors in the matching gift process even earlier in their donor journey. Using this functionality, organizations can uncover more match-eligible donors during the giving process and provide a direct link to matching gift next steps on the donation thank-you page.

“Double the Donation is the most advanced matching gift provider in the industry,” said Caroline Chang, Vice President, Product Strategy at UC Innovation. “Our clients love the streamlined integration between ascend and 360MatchPro, and we can’t wait to see their success with this new matching gift offering.”

This integration enhancement makes it easier to capture employment data from donors and automate segmented, tailored outreach. When a donor fills out their Portal donation form, 360MatchPro determines the donor’s specific matching gift eligibility and presents a direct link to the donors’ matching gift request form on the confirmation page, which is when the request is most timely.

“Although many donors are eligible to have their gift matched by their employee, donors often lack awareness about their eligibility or what steps they need to take to submit a request, “ says Adam Weinger, President of Double the Donation. “This enhanced integration with UC Innovation will allow universities and nonprofits to more easily and effectively close that donor awareness gap. Those time savings enabled by automation can then be reinvested back into other areas of donor outreach and donor engagement.”

360MatchPro integrates seamlessly with UC Innovation’s donation tools to automate the matching gift process for donors. Leveraging this integration will enable organizations to initiate the matching gift conversation with donors while they are still in the giving mindset. In turn, organizations will drive more matches to completion and tap into the full potential of matching gifts as a fundraising source.

360MatchPro - Activate in seconds and start raising more from matching gifts!

Activate in Seconds and Start Raising More from Matching Gifts!

360MatchPro integrates seamlessly with Portal Donation Forms, making it easy to get up and running. Once you have your CRM integration settings configured, you can simply add the 360MatchPro Lightning Web Components to your donation form editor. This then allows you to identify more match-eligible donors and streamline the matching gift process.

By activating the donation form portion of the integration, you can ensure that no extra funding falls through the cracks. With this solution your donors will be screened for match eligibility during the donation process, and they will receive matching gift calls to action when those requests are most timely!

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Drive More Matching Gifts to Completion with 360MatchPro!

Double the Donation and UC Innovation work to provide fundraisers with powerful, innovative solutions.

Using their matching gift integration, you team can:

  • Identify more matching gift revenue opportunities: 360MatchPro enables you to automatically collect matching gift eligibility from donors using email domains, within donation forms, on confirmation screens, or by email. The more matching gift opportunities 360MatchPro discovers and shares with donors, the more matching gift requests your donors will successfully submit.
  • Drive more matches to completion, from form submission to corporate payment: Direct donors immediately to their matching gift forms after the donation process is complete. Then, provide the right information to the right donors at the right time with custom emails based on match eligibility. Target follow-ups drive more completed submissions than ever before, bringing exponentially more matching gift checks from companies through your door.
  • Reallocate your time from routine follow-up to your top opportunities: Your time is valuable, so why spend it chasing small dollar-value matching gifts? Let 360MatchPro automate your matching gift outreach while flagging your highest-value opportunities, allowing your team to personalize follow-ups to the most valuable match-eligible donations. Rest easy knowing that 360MatchPro can handle the rest.

360MatchPro's fundraising software overview

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About UC Innovation: Founded in 2011, UC Innovation is a CRM software and consulting company that is committed to serving higher education and nonprofit clients. Their organization focuses on delivering advanced solutions on time and on budget, finding that optimal blend of innovative products and deep domain expertise. UC Innovation strives to provide clients with solutions that use efficient business processes and state of the art technologies to reduce cost, ensure quality, and provide timely delivery of your CRM needs. To learn more, visit:

About Double the Donation: Automate your matching gift fundraising with the industry-leading solution from Double the Donation. The 360MatchPro platform provides nonprofits with tools to identify match-eligible donors, drive matches to completion, and gain actionable insights. 360MatchPro integrates directly into donation forms, CRMs, social fundraising software, and other nonprofit technology solutions to capture employment information and follow up appropriately with donors about matching gifts. To learn more about Double the Donation, visit and request a demo at