Read our recommendations for the top nonprofit technology consulting firms in this article.

Top 10 Nonprofit Technology Consulting Firms: Reviewed!

For nonprofits of all sizes, technology plays a vital role in achieving their missions. As your organization grows, you’ll need advanced software solutions to manage donor information, enhance your marketing strategies, and track fundraising data. But that’s just the beginning!

To fully harness the power of your nonprofit technology, you need guidance from experts who know how to navigate technical complexities and develop customized solutions. The answer? A nonprofit technology consultant!

A skilled consultant can help you implement your software, streamline your overall operations, and even brainstorm technology-driven marketing solutions. In this post, we’ll introduce you to top nonprofit technology consultants who excel in various areas of expertise:

Nexus MarketingOrganic Marketing Strategies
Getting AttentionGoogle Ad Grants
DNL OmniMediaTechnology Implementation
DonorlyFundraising Strategy Development
MorwebNonprofit Web Design
Whole WhaleWeb Data and Technology
Heller ConsultingCRM Management
Idealist ConsutlingSalesforce Implementation
ApparoCorporate Partnerships
ScienceSoftCustom Software Development

After exploring our favorite firms, you’ll be well-equipped to decide on a trusted technology partner who can elevate your nonprofit’s impact through innovative technical solutions.

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Nexus Marketing — Top Consultant for Organic Marketing Strategies

Consulting Firm OverviewNexus Marketing is our recommended nonprofit technology consultant for organic marketing strategies.

Nexus Marketing is renowned for its expertise in organic marketing strategies, helping nonprofits grow their audiences through intensive SEO strategies focused on earning conversions.

Ideal for nonprofits that sell products, programming, or services, Nexus Marketing can transform your web presence into an inbound lead generation engine. When you partner with Nexus, they’ll help you grow your SEO and digital marketing efforts and reach your target audience via search engine traffic, dynamic video content, and promotional opportunities with leaders in the mission-driven space.

Nonprofit Technology Services

Nexus Marketing offers these valuable digital marketing services:

A list of Nexus Marketing’s nonprofit marketing services

  • SEO content creation to help your website rank for relevant keywords
  • Technical SEO to address your site’s crawlability, mobile-friendliness, and other technical aspects
  • Authority and link-building opportunities with their extensive partnership network
  • Email marketing campaigns to guide visitors through their journey with your nonprofit
  • Video production services to create compelling product, demo, and educational videos

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

With more than 10 years of experience in ROI-driven SEO for mission-driven organizations, Nexus Marketing has a deep understanding of how to lay the groundwork for long-term growth while also earning their clients immediate wins. They can accelerate your digital presence and SEO growth through their incredible partnership network of 500+ leaders in the mission-driven space.

For instance, they helped the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) grow awareness of its Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential and Leaderosity programs. Through the partnership, NLA now has keyword-optimized blog posts and product pages, has published partner posts across authoritative websites, and is featured on referral pages. Thanks to these various opportunities, they’ve achieved incredible organic growth and driven more sales for their training programs.

Looking to promote your nonprofit’s products and service offerings online? Get help from our recommended SEO experts.

Getting Attention — Best Nonprofit Technology Consultant for Google Ad Grants

Consulting Firm OverviewGetting Attention is our recommended nonprofit technology consultant for Google Grants

Getting Attention is your ultimate nonprofit consultant for all things related to the Google Ad Grants program. They excel in helping nonprofits apply for and manage the grant, ensuring their nonprofit clients maximize their online presence through search engine advertising.

Getting Attenion acts as an extension of your team, ensuring they fully understand your brand and its goals. Then, they’ll create compelling Google Ads that make the most of your allotted $10,000 each month to drive traffic to your most important web pages. Plus, you can relax knowing they’re certified by Google and know what they’re doing.

Nonprofit Technology Services

Getting Attention offers these unparalleled Google Ad Grant services:

  • Google Ad Grant eligibility checks and applications
  • Ad creation backed by extensive keyword research
  • Account hygiene to keep your Ad Grants account organized
  • Ongoing Google Ad Grant compliance
  • Google Grant reactivation if your account ever gets deactivated

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

Getting Attention has worked with nonprofit organizations to achieve a variety of goals. For instance, they helped Erika’s Lighthouse increase awareness of its mission, achieving an impressive 300 clicks in just one month. The ads also have an incredible 15.8% click-through rate, which is higher than the average Google Ad CTR of 3.17%.

A screenshot of a Google Ad that the nonprofit technology experts at Getting Attention created

Getting Attention has also worked with Glacier National Park Conservancy to drive purchases from its online store to support Glacier National Park. By targeting keywords like “Glacier National Park Tours” and “Glacier National Park Campgrounds,” their Google Ads drove an impressive 2,570 clicks in just one month. You can read more about some of Getting Attention’s other clients in their nonprofit advertising examples guide.

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DNL OmniMedia — Top Consultant for Nonprofit Technology Implementation

Consulting Firm OverviewThis is the DNL OmniMedia logo

A trusted Blackbaud partner and Salesforce solution provider, DNL OmniMedia understands nonprofit software—but more importantly, they understand nonprofits.

Their full-service consulting firm will assess your technology infrastructure and provide personalized recommendations that align with your mission. Through custom web development, software configurations, and data analysis, Team DNL will ensure that your nonprofit thrives in an increasingly digital age.

Nonprofit Technology Services

DNL OmniMedia offers nonprofit-exclusive services including:

  • Technical consulting
  • Software implementation and customization
  • Website development
  • Data migration and clean-up

In addition to these services, DNL offers products that help nonprofits expand their Blackbaud Luminate system, including peer-to-peer fundraising and advocacy add-ons.

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

Team DNL has worked with organizations across the mission-driven sector and has solved a variety of technology-related challenges.

From designing a one-of-a-kind nonprofit website for the Interlochen Center for the Arts to creating custom Blackbaud TeamRaiser donation forms for the North Shore Animal League, the DNL team has extended their expertise to a number of clients.

Screenshot of the DNL OmniMedia website

Donorly — Top Choice for Fundraising Strategy Development

Consulting Firm OverviewDonorly is a donor research-focused technology consulting firm.

Ever look at your fundraising goals and wonder if you can achieve them? The nonprofit technology consultants at Donorly know that you can if you just have the right information and assets by your side!

Under the direction of president Sandra Davis, the Donorly team channels their creativity and passion into creating elegant donor research solutions specifically for your nonprofit. With their comprehensive donor information, your nonprofit can reach higher than you thought possible.

Nonprofit Technology Services

When it comes to donor research, the Donorly team provides your nonprofit with the foundations for:

  • Capital campaign management
  • Board expansions and recruiting
  • Grant proposal writing
  • Interim staffing

Donorly promises a customized approach, based on their unique engagement model.

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

Many of Donorly’s clients come from the arts and culture or humanities space, though the team has worked with nonprofits across the sector. Their client lists includes the Seattle Children’s Museum, Playwrights Horizons, Martha & Mary Lutheran Services, and the Studio Theatre.

Donorly offers donor research-focused nonprofit technology consulting services.

Morweb — Best Technology Consultant For Nonprofit Web Design

Consulting Firm OverviewFind out more about Morweb, a top nonprofit technology consulting firm.

For nonprofits looking to get started building a beautiful website, Morweb will be the perfect partner. Pairing their unmatched CMS with expert support services, your web design strategy will be more effective than ever.

When you leverage Morweb’s consulting services, they’ll walk you step-by-step through the website creation and implementation process.

After your website is live, you can still call on them for additional consulting if you ever want to update your style, change your strategy, or otherwise improve the functionality of your site.

Nonprofit Technology Services

Morweb offers the following nonprofit web design services:

  • Customizable themes and layouts
  • Search engine optimization
  • Form builders
  • Donation processing
  • Technology and design consulting

Even better, Morweb has scalable products to meet the needs of all kinds of nonprofits. This way, you can pay for what you need now and have the option of upgrading down the line.

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

Morweb has experience enhancing the web design strategy of a diverse range of nonprofits, from small, regional organizations to international ones.

Their portfolio of clients includes nonprofits like 4th Street BRZ in Canada, Habitat for Humanity of St. Joseph County, Society of University Surgeons, and the Driving School Association of the Americas.

Visit Morweb to learn more about how their nonprofit technology consulting firm can help your team.

Whole Whale — Top Consultant for Web Data and Technology

Consulting Firm OverviewWhole Whale is a nonprofit technology consulting firm specializing in digital strategy.

Whole Whale is a digital agency dedicated to helping nonprofits enhance their strategic use of technology. They’ll help your organization learn valuable skills and implement best practices so that you don’t need to rely on a consultant or third-party administrator. 

To achieve that goal, Whole Whale provides one-on-one consulting services for clients with like-minded missions. On top of their long-term projects, this firm also offers online training courses through Whole Whale University in areas such as social media, Google AdWords, and more.

Nonprofit Technology Services

Whole Whale takes a holistic approach to digital strategy, with key services that include:

  • Google AdWords grants management
  • Google Analytics
  • Web design and development
  • Content marketing

Each Whole Whale project is customized based on nonprofit needs, so you won’t have to worry about getting a canned approach.

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

Notably, Whole Whale worked with the Malala Fund to improve the nonprofit’s use of Google Analytics for tracking user actions on their site. Following their engagement, the Malala Fund was able to successfully implement Google Analytics on their own, without any ongoing support from a consultant.

Get started with Whole Whale, a nonprofit technology consulting firm, today!

Heller Consulting — Best Nonprofit Technology Consultant for CRM Management

Consulting Firm OverviewHeller Consulting offers nonprofit technology consulting services for organizations of all sizes and missions.

Since 1996, Heller Consulting has worked exclusively with nonprofits to develop effective strategies in data management, communications, fundraising, and other vital areas.

In particular, the Heller consultants are passionate about working with nonprofits to get more from their CRM systems. With their services, your organization can outline a clear vision for your constituent relationship management, implement and customize your technology, and learn best practices for your software.

Nonprofit Technology Services

Heller Consulting works primarily with nonprofits and higher education institutes, offering a variety of technology services such as: 

  • CRM strategy and design
  • CRM implementation
  • Online fundraising strategy
  • Google Analytics

In addition, Heller Consulting maintains an active blog on their website to help organizations continue gaining and sharing knowledge about nonprofit technology.

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

Heller Consulting has worked with nonprofit clients in multiple sectors, including advocacy, healthcare, higher education, and social services. Some of their past engagements include the ASPCA, Make a Wish National Foundation, and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

You can check out their website for more information on recent projects and case studies detailing their work with specific software solutions, such as the Salesforce Community Cloud.

Learn more about the nonprofit technology consulting services offered by Heller Consulting.

Idealist Consulting — Top Consultant for Salesforce Implementation

Consulting Firm Overview Idealist Consulting offers nonprofit technology consulting services as well as general digital consulting for all types of organizations.

With about 60% of their clients being nonprofits, Idealist Consulting specializes in Salesforce and marketing automation consulting. They can help you build out a custom Salesforce experience that works for your organization, with strategic app integrations and personalized configurations.

Idealist Consulting works with organizations to get more from the Salesforce system and raise funds and awareness for their cause. Their four-step consulting process always concludes with increased impact made possible through strategic technology implementation.

Nonprofit Technology Services

Idealist Consulting offers services that build on your existing technology and online presence through:

  • Salesforce CRM development
  • Email marketing automation
  • Online form optimization
  • Salesforce application integration

On top of all of that, Idealist can also work with you to build out a custom Salesforce app of your own!

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

Among their other nonprofit and for-profit clients, Idealist Consulting worked with The Banfield Foundation, an animal welfare organization, to move their data to the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack for improved fundraising and donor data management.

By learning how to track small donations more effectively in Salesforce, The Banfield Foundation increased their online donations by over 300%! Idealist Consulting also developed custom fields within their CRM and helped them generate unique reports showing donor trends and demographics.

See if Idealist Consulting's nonprofit technology consulting approach is right for you.

Apparo — Best Nonprofit Technology Consultant For Corporate Partnerships

Consulting Firm Overview Apparo offers volunteer nonprofit technology consulting services to empower local nonprofits in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Apparo seeks to “empower nonprofits through technology that enhances their missions.” They provide volunteer nonprofit technology consulting to organizations of all sizes and skill levels in the Charlotte, North Carolina, community. 

All of Apparo’s consulting services are individualized and unique to the organization. They’ll get to know your organization so they can most aptly pinpoint challenges and areas for improvement before working to push your mission forward.

Nonprofit Technology Services

Apparo’s consulting team offers a wide variety of free nonprofit services, including:

  • Basic Microsoft coaching
  • Nonprofit technology panels and forums
  • One-on-one technology assessments
  • Training groups

As a nonprofit themselves, Apparo is dedicated to helping philanthropic organizations within their community. Their volunteer consultants can help organizations with almost anything, from selecting the right software to learning the most up-to-date best practices in the nonprofit tech community.

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

Apparo’s many success stories include the Carolina Raptor Center, a nonprofit working to rehabilitate and release injured birds. Prior to working with Apparo, the Center relied on paper tracking and Excel spreadsheets for all of their volunteer information, costing them time and data.

With Apparo, the Center was able implement more strategic software that reduced paperwork and increased their supporter engagement possibilities across the board.

Check out Apparo to see if their nonprofit technology consulting services can help your organization grow.

ScienceSoft — Top Choice for Custom Software Development

Consulting Firm OverviewCheck out ScienceSoft as your next nonprofit technology consulting firm!

ScienceSoft is an international provider of IT consulting and software development services with 30 years of experience in heterogeneous IT environments. ScienceSoft is headquatered in Texas, US, and has offices in the EU and Eastern Europe. Today, the company houses a team of 550 experts, including more than 20 business analysts with an understanding of nonprofits’ specific needs and expertise in multiple technology stacks and platform-based solutions.

Nonprofit Technology Services

ScienceSoft offers an array of IT consulting services to help you achieve your organization’s mission:

Other platform-specific consulting – SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Magento.

Nonprofit Technology Portfolio

ScienceSoft has worked with multiple types of NPOs, including educational institutions, government entities and public service providers, supporting the nonprofits’ mission to expand their outreach with available tech capabilities. The examples of such cooperation range from solutions that make an NPO visible on the internet, improve member retention and engagement to multifaceted applications for an NPO’s external interactions with the focus on integrity and confidentiality.

ScienceSoft can handle all of your nonprofit technology consulting firm needs!

Selecting the right nonprofit technology consultant can be a game-changer for your organization. A motivated and knowledgeable partner can streamline software implementation, customization, and usage, allowing you to harness the full potential of your nonprofit’s technology.

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