Nonprofit Basics: Candy Bar Fundraiser

Product fundraisers are a common way for schools and smaller organizations to raise the money they need to run smoothly. This type of fundraiser allows schools and organizations to raise money and provide their supporters with a tangible item, such as a candy bar or popcorn, in exchange for the donation they make. 

Selling candy bars, in particular, is an effective school fundraising idea, because students love chocolate. Students can sell candy bars at any time—at sports games, after-school programs, in between classes, or even during lunch! 

What is a candy bar fundraiser?

A candy bar fundraiser is a fundraising campaign where a school or organization sells candy bars to the community to raise money. It is a popular choice for sports teams, schools, and even churches due to its convenience. 

Candy bars can be bought in bulk at a low price from a product fundraising partner, then sold by students or volunteers. These fundraisers are a great way to keep your investment costs low and your profit high. 

How do you start a candy bar fundraiser?

Product fundraisers are perfect fundraisers for schools because they are fairly easy to organize and promote student involvement. Whether you start it online, in person, or using a hybrid format, the main objective is to sell a product in return for a donation. 

Follow these steps to launch your next candy bar fundraiser: 

  • Research and choose a product fundraising partner. The product fundraiser partner you choose will provide the chocolate bars to your organization in bulk at a wholesale price, and they’ll allow you to create a custom web store for online sales. Choose a partner that fits your organization’s budget and preferences.
  • Decide who will sell the candy bars. Will it be students, sports team members, or even volunteers? 
  • Start selling to your community! Be sure to provide your students or volunteers with advice and support throughout the fundraiser. 

Students or volunteers can sell door-to-door, at events, or online by sharing your fundraising page. Run the campaign for a few weeks, then collect the money you’ve raised and thank your volunteers. 

Candy bar fundraiser tips

When it comes to having a successful fundraiser, planning is not the only element involved. You also want to think about additional factors that can help strengthen the potential of your current efforts.  

Consider the following options to maximize the effectiveness of your next candy bar fundraiser: 

  • Run a candy fundraiser alongside another easy fundraiser, or sell candy bars at other fundraising events.
  • Promote your fundraiser both online and using promotional flyers sent home with students or posted throughout the community.
  • Choose a product fundraising partner that offers a variety of flavors.

Tailor your product fundraiser to your organization’s unique needs and goals using these tips, and you’ll be set up for success!

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