Double the Donation launches Matching Gift Academy: New Training and Insights for Fundraisers

New Matching Gift Academy: Training + Insights for Fundraisers

Double the Donation is excited to announce the launch of our Matching Gift Academy, a new learning platform that will help organizations gain a deeper understanding of matching gift best practices and identify opportunities to maximize their 360MatchPro account usage.

The launch of the Matching Gift Academy represents Double the Donation’s continued commitment to helping organizations of all sizes fully harness the power of corporate matching gift education. The content covered will span a variety of topics that include marketing matching gifts, verifying matching gift requests, fine-tuning your corporate partnership plans, and using your matching gift technology to its fullest potential.

No matter the volume of matching gifts your organization receives, the Academy contains valuable insights that, when incorporated into your strategy, will help you raise more⁠—without all of the guesswork.

Interested in learning more about the Matching Gift Academy and how you can use it to propel your matching gift efforts to the next level? You’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Let’s dive in and learn more about this exciting launch!

Who Can Benefit from Enrolling in the Academy?

As the matching gift landscape continues to expand, fundraising organizations must cultivate strong matching gift knowledge among team members. The content in our Matching Gift Academy offers succinct, valuable resources to aid in that knowledge cultivation.

Whether you are a matching gift coordinator, a director of development, a marketing professional tasked with incorporating matching gifts into campaigns, or a finance professional that handles incoming matching gift funds, our content will enhance your ability to articulate matching gift opportunities and incorporate them seamlessly into your ongoing operations.

Matching Gift Academy beneficiaries

Plus, we will offer unique insights that will help 360MatchPro users fully understand their account and take advantage of all of the features available within that account. Whether your organization is new to 360MatchPro, has a new team member accessing the account, or just wants to identify opportunities to better utilize your subscription, you will want to sign up and dive deep into our platform.

Tip! We recommend using the Matching Gift Academy as an onboarding tool for new team members. Get your new hires up to speed on matching gifts and how your organization prioritizes this fundraising source!
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What Types of Content Does the Academy Offer?

Within Double the Donation’s Matching Gift Academy, you will receive access to two learning courses. Content will be released in phases.

Our first learning course “Leveraging Matching Gifts: Strategy Insights,” that already has some modules launched, will cover an expanse of matching gift fundraising best practices. As you progress through the content in this course, you will gain a robust understanding of the matching gift landscape.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Marketing matching gifts;
  • Capturing matching gift metrics;
  • Encouraging donors to submit requests;
  • Cultivating strong relationships with matching gift donors and companies;
  • And more!

The curated content can be used to get your team up-to-speed on the industry and will enrich your ability to use matching gifts as a value-add in your fundraising efforts.

Our second learning course “Understanding 360MatchPro: Account Usage Best Practices” will launch soon, and it will offer training that dives deep into 360MatchPro. The content provided will help you optimize your 360MatchPro account to unlock greater matching gift revenue growth. By following the best practices and familiarizing yourself with 360MatchPro’s standout features, you’ll feel equipped to finetune your strategy moving forward and derive the most value from your subscription.

How is the Content Structured?

Content within the Matching Gift Academy is primarily delivered through video lessons, taught by our instructor, a matching gift expert with plenty of insights to share. However, to supplement your learning, we have also compiled relevant blog articles, PDF resources, and slide decks that can be leveraged to enhance your knowledge. These resources will be accessible from within the course.

Matching Gift Academy structure overview

Each course will be divided into modules that are broken down even further into lessons. This content structure allows you to digest information and self-pace your learning according to your schedule.

While the course content is parsed out in this structure, you will not need to watch the content in any particular order. If there are certain modules or lessons that you think would benefit you more than others, or if you want certain teams to only watch certain modules, you have the ability to skip around as you please! This structure ultimately makes socializing matching gifts at your organization easier than ever before.

To develop the most robust understanding of matching gifts and transform your strategy though, we recommend progressing through all of the learning content as it is released in both our “Leveraging Matching Gifts: Strategy Insights” course and our “Understanding 360MatchPro: Account Usage Best Practices” course. Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate that demonstrates your mastery of content and complete knowledge of matching gifts and matching gift technology!

How Can I Enroll and Get Started?

Through the month of July, we are waiving enrollment fees associated with the Matching Gift Academy. If you are a current 360MatchPro user, you will receive an email soon that contains your coupon code! Within your 360MatchPro account, you will soon also find more information on how to access the content for free. If you are not yet a 360MatchPro user, don’t worry – we are still offering you this content for free for a limited time. Email to receive your coupon code.

We are excited to introduce this new content to teams and give you the opportunity to leverage this knowledge at your organization. You can take just three simple steps to get the most out of this offer.

  1. Enroll in the Matching Gift Academy.
  2. Progress through the content in both courses.
  3. Earn a certification to highlight your knowledge.

Ordinarily, enrollment to the Matching Gift Academy will cost $199, so we recommend getting started today.

Double the Donation’s Matching Gift Academy can be used to integrate matching gifts into your organization’s fundraising and set you up for ongoing, sustainable success from this revenue source. Whether you use the Matching Gift Academy during new team member onboarding or in your day to day work, you’ll find you can quickly gather insights that will help you better leverage match opportunities.

Get started with Double the Donation's Matching Gift Academy.