Double the Donation Updates Salesforce Integration to Continue Serving Nonprofits

Double the Donation remains committed to helping nonprofits reach their matching gift and fundraising goals. For years, our Salesforce integration has made it simple for fundraisers to identify and pursue matching gift opportunities. In an effort to provide the best client experience possible, we have updated our integration to make it even easier for organizations to set-up the integration alongside Salesforce’s new Nonprofit Cloud and its fundraising data model.

With this update, the field mapping and set-up process is simple and straightforward for nonprofits using that next generation Nonprofit Cloud. This update improves the ease with which nonprofits can use the combined power of these solutions to grow their fundraising through matching gifts.  

360MatchPro continues to be compatible and easily accessible for organizations using the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack or their own custom data schema. That means that no matter how an organization’s data is modeled within the Salesforce platform, 360MatchPro can be quickly integrated with that instance. Designed with fundraisers in mind, this integration helps organizations better leverage matching gifts as a funding tool. 

Activate in Seconds and Start Raising More from Matching Gifts! 

For organizations using Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud fundraising data model, integrating with 360MatchPro is easy. Once you have connected your Salesforce platform and 360MatchPro instance following our integration guide, navigate to the section where you can apply default configurations. Select the box that says “Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.” 

Your integration is complete! Now, 360MatchPro can pull in donation data from your Salesforce platform, enabling you to identify match-eligible donors and automate engaging matching gift outreach. 

Since the integration is also entirely customizable, all organizations can connect their accounts so that donation records flow from Salesforce to 360MatchPro. 360MatchPro is fully compatible with the Nonprofit Cloud fundraising data model, the Nonprofit Success Pack household data model, and other custom data schemas that organizations may have in place. Customize the integration to work for your organization and your unique data needs.