Make the Most of Matching Gifts for Arts & Culture Groups

Make the Most of Matching Gifts for Arts & Culture Groups

Matching gifts are a powerful yet continuously underutilized source of funding for all sorts of nonprofits. If you’re looking to amplify matching gifts for your arts and culture organization, you’ve come to the right place.

At Double the Donation, we work with thousands of nonprofits to empower their matching gift strategies⁠—arts and cultural groups included. In this guide, we’ll share everything you need to know to bring your organization’s corporate matching efforts to life. And we’ll walk through the following topics to do so:

Fundraising for the arts is essential. Smart strategies empower organizations and their communities to benefit greatly from increased access to art and cultural programming⁠.

By effectively leveraging matching gifts alongside existing fundraising efforts, arts organizations can continue to enrich the lives of their constituents, foster creativity, drive economic growth, and establish a vibrant cultural ecosystem.

Let’s dive in.

Painting a Picture of Matching Gifts | The Basics

One of the most popular examples of corporate philanthropy, companies that offer matching gift programs agree to match the charitable donations their employees make to nonprofit causes.

This means that when a donor gives to your arts and culture group, their employer contributes an equal (or sometimes even greater!) amount of funds to match the initial donation. But in order to secure a matching gift on your behalf, the individual donor must first submit a request to their employer.

And that’s where qualifying matches often go unclaimed⁠—ultimately leading to an estimated $4 – $7 billion in matching gift funds being left on the table each year.

When leveraged effectively, though, matching gifts allow donors to double or even triple the value of their contributions to arts and culture groups and other nonprofit causes. This allows your organization to secure additional funds without putting increased strain on donors’ wallets.

Companies That Match Donations to Arts and Culture Nonprofits

Tens of thousands of companies offer generous matching gift programs, and arts and cultural organizations qualify to benefit from many of them. Here, we’ll highlight a few businesses within the creative industries that match employee donations to nonprofits like yours.

Adobe matches gifts for arts and cultural organizations

Adobe Incorporated

Adobe Incorporated is an American software company with a focus on creating technology that empowers professional and amateur graphic designers, photographers, marketers, illustrators, and more. In addition, Adobe is committed to supporting nonprofits, including (but not limited to) those in the arts and culture sector.

Through its employee matching gift program, the company matches team member donations to eligible organizations, empowering its workforce to give back to the communities in which they live and work.

Adobe has established the following criteria for its matching gift initiative:

  • Minimum donation: None
  • Maximum donation: $10,000
  • Match ratio: 1:1
  • Qualifying employees: Full-time, retired
  • Qualifying nonprofits: Arts and cultural organizations and most other nonprofits

Additionally, Adobe has been known to periodically increase its matching gift ratio, sometimes offering a particularly generous two-to-one employee donation match. Knowing this, we recommend keeping an eye out for specific campaigns or employee giving pushes throughout the year!

Etsy matches gifts for arts and cultural organizations


As an online marketplace designed for selling unique and handmade goods, Etsy values creativity and craftsmanship in its bottom line. Additionally, Etsy is known for supporting charitable giving, empowering employees with generous paid volunteer time off initiatives and employee matching gifts.

Etsy has established the following criteria for its matching gift initiative:

  • Minimum donation: None
  • Maximum donation: $500
  • Match ratio: 1:1
  • Qualifying employees: Full-time, part-time
  • Qualifying nonprofits: Arts and cultural organizations and most other nonprofits

This program encourages Etsy employees to give back to the arts community and contributes to the sustainability and growth of arts and cultural nonprofits overall.

Marvel matches gifts for arts and cultural organizations

Marvel Entertainment (The Walt Disney Company)

Marvel Entertainment recognizes the importance of creativity and storytelling in the arts and entertainment industry. Through its nonprofit partnerships, and specifically its generous matching gift program, Marvel Entertainment (and other Disney subsidiaries) supports employees’ charitable endeavors by matching their donations to eligible nonprofits.

Marvel Entertainment (along with the rest of the Walt Disney Company) has established the following criteria for its matching gift initiative:

  • Minimum donation: $25
  • Maximum donation: $25,000
  • Match ratio: 1:1
  • Qualifying employees: Full-time, part-time
  • Qualifying nonprofits: Arts and cultural organizations and most other nonprofits

Arts and cultural nonprofits like yours can benefit from this program greatly as supporters who work at Marvel can double their contributions, effectively amplifying the financial support the cause receives.

Sony matches gifts for arts and cultural organizations

Sony Entertainment (Sony Corporation of America)

Sony Entertainment, including Sony Pictures and Sony Music, values the arts and its power to inspire and bring communities together. Thus, Sony’s matching gift program allows its employees to make donations to eligible nonprofits, including arts and cultural organizations.

Sony has established the following criteria for its matching gift initiative:

  • Minimum donation: $50
  • Maximum donation: $2,000
  • Match ratio: 1:1
  • Qualifying employees: Full-time, retired
  • Qualifying nonprofits: Arts and cultural organizations, educational institutions, hospitals, and select other nonprofits

By generously matching donations, Sony Entertainment (and the greater Sony Corporation) encourages its employees to support the arts and enhance the impact of their giving on the causes they care about.

Netflix matches gifts for arts and cultural organizations


As a significant entertainment company, Netflix has a strong commitment to supporting the arts and other creative industries. In order to incentivize employees to give to such causes, the streaming television service also offers a generous matching gift program for its workforce.

Netflix has established the following criteria for its matching gift initiative:

  • Minimum donation: $1
  • Maximum donation: $10,000
  • Match ratio: 2:1
  • Qualifying employees: Full-time, part-time
  • Qualifying nonprofits: Arts and cultural organizations and most other 501(c)(3) nonprofits

With this initiative, employees’ donations to arts and cultural nonprofits (as well as many other nonprofit causes) can be matched by Netflix, further bolstering financial support for these organizations.

Drive Matching Gifts for Your Org with These Tips

By effectively leveraging matching gifts, arts and culture groups can attract more donors, increase funding, and support their missions to inspire creativity and cultivate a thriving cultural landscape.

And implementing these helpful practices can go a long way toward doing so! Consider these top recommendations for your art- or culture-focused nonprofit.

1. Collect donor employment information to identify match opportunities.

The #1 piece of information you’ll need to drive your organization’s matching gift strategy is the companies where your donors work. Thus, collecting donor employment information as part of your donor database is crucial.

It’s typically easy to do so within the donation process itself (by incorporating an optional donation page field requesting employment data or embedding an intuitive company search tool in the form). However, other data solicitation methods include follow-up communications, data appends, and more.

We recommend regularly updating and maintaining accurate information for your donors to ensure you can leverage matching gifts as effectively as possible. Once you have this data, cross-reference your donors’ employers against participating companies (like the ones listed above) to uncover opportunities. From there, you’ll have what you need to provide them with the right information to initiate the matching gift process.

2. Employ dedicated software to streamline matching.

Handling step #1 on your own can be a significant undertaking for your fundraising team. That’s why we recommend streamlining the matching gifts process using dedicated matching gift software.

This type of tool⁠—like Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro⁠—automates matching gifts from identification and awareness to follow-ups and submission tracking. Ultimately, it empowers nonprofits to efficiently manage their matches without dedicating a ton of time and resources to the task. Plus, it makes things easier on your donors, walking them through the process with personalized guidance every step of the way.

For the simplest and most impactful results, we suggest looking for platforms that integrate with your existing fundraising tools and donor management system. This ensures seamless coordination and further streamlines the process for your team and your supporters.

3. Communicate the doubled impact made available through matching gifts.

Donors love participating in matching gift programs. In fact, research indicates that nonprofit supporters are more likely to donate⁠—and to donate in larger quantities⁠—when they know that matching gifts are being offered.

Why? It’s generally believed that the desire to make a greater impact on the causes they care about incentivizes donors to support their favorite nonprofit groups at even higher levels.

Thus, when promoting matching gifts, it’s essential that you emphasize the doubled⁠—and sometimes even tripled⁠—impact that donors can have on your mission. Use engaging storytelling strategies and incorporate real-life examples to demonstrate the transformative power of matching gifts on your overall mission.

4. Prioritize impactful imagery in your matching gift promotions.

Like any fundraising appeal or other donor-facing messaging, the visuals you choose in matching gift communications play a critical role in capturing the attention and interest of your audience. Especially when your nonprofit mission is a visual one (think: museum, gallery, etc.), using impactful imagery that resonates with the arts and cultural sector can establish a highly compelling narrative.

Consider showcasing vibrant artwork, photos from captivating performances, or iconic cultural landmarks to evoke an emotional connection with potential donors. Then, pair these visuals with concise and engaging messaging that emphasizes the significance of matching gifts.

Make the most of matching gifts for arts and culture groups with impactful imagery.

Establish promotional materials that are visually appealing across various platforms, such as social media, email newsletters, and your organization’s website. And ensure they match your organization’s overall branding to maintain a coherent narrative with your other efforts.

5. Express gratitude and recognize matching gift donors.

Finally, we recommend sending personalized thank-you letters or emails to participating matching gift donors. These messages can acknowledge their generosity and recognize the fact that they went above and beyond in their support for your organization.

And you have a few key opportunities to do so. These include:

  • After a donor indicates that they’ve submitted their matching gift request form.
  • Once your organization receives the company’s completed match.

Plus, you can even acknowledge their generosity publicly through social media shout-outs, newsletters, or donor spotlights. For a museum or another institution with a large, in-person presence, a matching gift donor wall can be an excellent idea!

Expressing gratitude not only strengthens donor relationships but also encourages others to consider matching gift opportunities⁠—making it a strategic marketing tactic as well. Not to mention, it can help retain matching gift donors from one year to the next.

Matching Gift Scripts: 5 Templates to Promote Matching

Jumpstart your matching gift efforts with these sample promotional messages. Feel free to dive in with these donor outreach templates perfect for any arts or cultural organization. Then, enlist 360MatchPro to automate and customize your messaging⁠—and segment by matching gift eligibility⁠—with ease!

Template 1: Social Media Post

🎨 Double Your Impact! 🎨 Did you know your gift to [NONPROFIT] can go even further? Many companies offer matching gift programs, which means your donation can be matched by your employer. See if your company participates in matching gifts to make an even greater impact on the arts today! Click here to learn more: [MATCH PAGE URL] #MatchingGifts #SupportTheArts #DoubleYourImpact

Template 2: Email Campaign

Subject: Your Gift Can Make a Greater Difference! 💫

Dear [DONOR],

Thank you for supporting [NONPROFIT] and our mission to bring art and culture to our community. We have an exciting opportunity to amplify the impact of your recent donation!

Did you know that many companies offer matching gift programs? This means your gift could be doubled or even tripled by your employer. We encourage you to check if your company participates in matching gifts and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to make an even greater difference for our cause.

To find out if your company offers matching gifts, simply visit our website and use our matching gift search tool here: [MATCH PAGE URL]. It’s quick and easy! Your support, combined with your employer’s match, will go a long way in supporting our programs and initiatives.

Thank you for being a champion of the arts. Together, we can create a vibrant and culturally rich community!

Warm regards,



Template 3: Text Message

Hi [DONOR]! 🌟 Did you know your donation to [NONPROFIT] could be matched by your employer? Double the impact of your gift today by checking if your company participates in matching gifts. Visit our website here for more info: [MATCH PAGE URL]. As always, thank you for supporting the arts! 🎭🎨

Template 4: Donation Appeal

Dear [DONOR],

Unlock the Power of Your Donation with Matching Gifts!

We hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. As a valued supporter of [NONPROFIT], you understand the transformative impact that arts and culture have on our lives and communities. Today, we are reaching out to share an incredible opportunity to amplify the impact of your generous contribution: matching gifts.

Did you know that many companies offer matching gift programs? Through these programs, your donation can be matched, dollar for dollar, by your employer. That means every dollar you contribute could produce double the impact on our organization and the meaningful projects we undertake.

Checking if your employer participates in matching gifts is simple. Visit our matching gift page here [URL], where you will find resources and instructions to guide you through the process. You can also reach out to your company’s HR department to inquire about their matching gift program.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to make your contribution go even further. We are excited to have you join us in this endeavor and look forward to continuing our journey together.

With heartfelt appreciation,



P.S. Remember, by exploring matching gifts, you can double your impact without any extra cost to you. Let’s unlock the full potential of your generosity and inspire a world where art thrives and enriches lives.

Template 5: Thank-You Postcard


[Image of a vibrant piece of art or a behind-the-scenes photo]



Thank you for your generous contribution to [NONPROFIT].

Did you know that many employers offer matching gift programs? Your gift could be matched, doubling the impact of your support. Check with your company’s HR department or scan the QR code to learn more about matching gift opportunities. Your continued support helps us bring art and culture to our community.

Thank you!

Wrapping Up

Maximizing matching gifts involves a strategic approach to corporate philanthropy that can unlock tremendous potential for arts and cultural organizations.

By harnessing the power of corporate matching, your nonprofit can amplify its fundraising efforts and secure additional resources to make a greater impact. And in the end, you’ll be better equipped to advance your overall mission.

Good luck!

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