GivingFuel Switches to Double the Donation as Matching Gift Software Provider

GivingFuel Switches to Double the Donation as Matching Gift Software Provider

Double the Donation, the leading provider of matching gift and volunteer grant solutions to nonprofits, is excited to announce the integration of its 360MatchPro corporate matching gift solution with GivingFuel, a fundraising platform dedicated to ease-of-use, affordability, and nearly unlimited options for nonprofit organizations. 

“GivingFuel is dedicated to providing affordable, easy-to-use software with powerful fundraising tools, and 360MatchPro fits our mission perfectly,” says Justin Zoradi, President of GivingFuel. “Teaming up with Double the Donation allows us to create opportunities for nonprofits to raise more funds without putting in more effort, and that’s what we’re about.” 

360MatchPro enables nonprofits to take advantage of the underutilized matching gift space by providing their donors with an opportunity to search their company name, find their eligibility, and get their gift matched by their employer. The automated search tool maps donors’ entries to their employer and the 360MatchPro plugin provides a direct pipeline to the appropriate company gift matching request form. The entire process is automated, freeing up organizations’ time so they can dedicate their efforts to furthering their own missions and causes.

“Over 26 million individuals work for companies that have matching gift programs. But organizations see very little revenue from matching gifts because of how few of those 26 million individuals actually know about matching gift programs or how to take advantage of them,” says Adam Weinger, President at Double the Donation. “Closing the awareness gap allows nonprofits to receive all that revenue companies already set aside for them.”

GivingFuel has enhanced both functionality and customer experience by substituting the previous solution by Amply with the 360MatchPro solution by Double the Donation. With the new integrated solution, 360MatchPro and GivingFuel can double or even triple the value of donations made to nonprofits. 

Activate in Seconds and Start Raising More from Matching Gifts!

Activating the 360MatchPro tool within your GivingFuel forms is simple and quick, so you can get up and running with matching gifts in no time. Adding 360MatchPro functionality is as easy as selecting employer matching, entering your public API key, and choosing the location of your search tool. After that, you’re up and running with corporate gift matching–no complicated IT work required. 

Enter your public API key from your 360MatchPro account to link to your GivingFuel donation forms.

Once the 360MatchPro tool is live on your GivingFuel forms, donors will be able to search their company name and find their matching gift eligibility using the autocomplete search tool. Double the Donation found that a third of donors who are encouraged by the possibility of a match are more likely to donate a higher dollar amount–that’s why the 360MatchPro and GivingFuel integration follow up that eligibility discovery with a direct pipeline to donors’ company matching gift request forms from the confirmation page. Minimizing the steps a donor has to take to get their gift matched maximizes the probability of that match moving to completion!

Donors can find their company name with ease using the 360MatchPro autocomplete search tool on GivingFuel donation pages.

GivingFuel and 360MatchPro work together to make gift matching feel as natural as making an initial donation, allowing nonprofits to take advantage of the $4-7 billion dollars left on the table in matching gift revenue each year.

Looking to learn more? Check out our in-depth integration guide to get started!

Drive Donations to Completion with 360MatchPro!

Corporate philanthropy can have an incredible impact on nonprofits, if those nonprofits are provided with effective and easy-to-use tools. By making the switch from Amply to Double the Donation, GivingFuel has made it possible for your nonprofit to see that impact with 360MatchPro’s powerful gift matching marketing tools. 

GivingFuel offers a simple, centralized, and secure way for your nonprofit to drive donations, and the 360MatchPro plugin follows suit with endless features designed to take the stress out of gift matching marketing.

  • Identify more matching gift revenue opportunities: 360MatchPro enables you to automatically collect matching gift eligibility from donors using email domains, within donation forms, on confirmation screens, or by email. The more matching gift opportunities 360MatchPro discovers and shares with donors, the more matching gift requests your donors will successfully submit.
  • Drive more matches to completion, from form submission to corporate payment: Direct donors immediately to their matching gift forms after the donation process is complete. Then, provide the right information to the right donors at the right time with custom emails based on match eligibility. Target follow-ups drive more completed submissions than ever before, bringing exponentially more matching gift checks from companies through your door.
  • Reallocate your time from routine follow-up to your top opportunities: Your time is valuable, so why spend it chasing small dollar-value matching gifts? Let 360MatchPro automate your matching gift outreach while flagging your highest-value opportunities, allowing your team to personalize follow-ups to the most valuable match-eligible donations. Rest easy knowing that 360MatchPro can handle the rest.


These are the benefits of using 360MatchPro, the top matching gift software vendor for nonprofits.

Drive matches to completion so you can focus on what matters most to your organization.

Don’t wait on the opportunity to double your fundraising revenue with corporate gift matching—request a demo today to get started. 

About GivingFuel: One of the world’s simplest and most affordable donation platform, GivingFuel helps people and organizations fundraise to change the world. GivingFuel offers the ability to create beautiful donation pages plus tools like peer-to-peer, event registration, online ticketing, text-to-give, and donor management. Visit for more. 

About Double the Donation: Automate your matching gift fundraising with the industry-leading solution from Double the Donation. The 360MatchPro platform provides nonprofits with tools to identify match-eligible donors, drive matches to completion, and gain actionable insights. 360MatchPro integrates directly into donation forms, CRMs, social fundraising software, and other nonprofit technology solutions to capture employment information and follow up appropriately with donors about matching gifts. To learn more about Double the Donation, visit and request a demo at