Here is some key info about Benevity's workplace giving platform for corporations.

Benevity: Workplace Giving Tools for Corporations

Looking for information on Benevity, or trying to figure out which companies use Benevity’s corporate giving software?

Good news! While Double the Donation is a separate company (we provide employee matching gift tools for nonprofits, whereas Benevity provides services to corporations), we can share much of the information you’re looking for.

It’s important for companies to put an emphasis on workplace giving programs—especially corporate matching gifts—and do what they can to encourage employees to participate. Benevity is one of the leading corporate giving vendors that can help companies do just that.

Benevity is a workplace giving platform for corporations.

About Benevity’s Workplace Giving Software

Almost all major companies have philanthropic giving programs in place. Sometimes they’re managed internally, but many use a corporate giving vendor for their program’s administration.

One such corporate giving vendor, Benevity, was founded in Calgary in 2008 by Bryan de Lottinville. Since then, it has become one of the leading providers of CSR software in both the U.S. and Canada.

This is Benevity's workplace giving platform.

Benevity offers a full suite of technical solutions to help companies power their corporate giving programs. These include:

  • Centralized donation management & payroll deductions
  • Custom cause portfolios & disaster response
  • Company & user-generated volunteering opportunities
  • Dynamic news & blog content
  • Charitable rewards & matching incentives
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • International capabilities

It’s also worth noting that Benevity is a registered B Corp (meaning, they use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems). Benevity helps companies make a difference while achieving greater business impacts from their cause marketing, community investment, workplace giving, and volunteering programs.

Here are the companies that use Benevity's workplace giving platform.

Companies That Use Benevity

Benevity provides corporate giving software to many U.S. and Canadian-based corporations. A few clients include:

Here’s what the Benevity portal for Nike looks like:

This is what Nike's Benevity portal looks like.

Benevity offers employees an easy way to access their company’s workplace giving program and log their donations online. If you want to make it easy for employees to participate in your corporate philanthropy efforts, consider using a vendor like Benevity!

Here's how nonprofits can use Benevity's workplace giving platform.

Benevity Causes for Nonprofits

Benevity Causes is a portal that Benevity runs for nonprofits. It offers organizations direct access to customize their interactions with companies around the world.

Some of the benefits Benevity Causes provides include:

  • Gaining exposure & connecting with businesses
  • Updating your cause profile
  • Accessing detailed donor reports
  • Receiving funds faster & more efficiently
  • Adding volunteer opportunities

Since Benevity provides the software that powers many large companies’ corporate philanthropy efforts, we recommend that all nonprofits register with Benevity Causes.

This is Double the Donation's relationship with Benevity's workplace giving platform.

Double the Donation’s Relationship with Benevity

Benevity and Double the Donation are separate businesses, but both serve corporate philanthropy efforts.

While Benevity provides workplace giving tools to companies, Double the Donation helps nonprofits raise money from the employee matching gift programs offered by companies across the world.

Double the Donation’s database of matching gift companies includes matching gift programs either managed internally at companies or outsourced to one of the many corporate vendors, including:

  • Benevity
  • America’s Charities
  • AmeriGives
  • Bright Funds
  • Causecast
  • CyberGrants
  • FrontStream
  • Millie
  • Point
  • SmartSimple
  • YourCause

These workplace giving solutions help companies manage their matching gift and volunteer programs, while streamlining the entire process so their employees can easily participate.

Here's how you can contact Benevity.

How Do I Contact Benevity?

If you’re a corporation interested in learning more about Benevity’s workplace giving software solutions, you can contact the company in one of three ways:

  1. By email – Use the company’s contact form
  2. By phone – (403) 237-7875
  3. By mail – Benevity, #700, 611 Meredith Road NE, Calgary, AB T2E 2W5

Reach out to learn more about Benevity’s services!

Learn more about Double the Donation's corporate giving software.

About Double the Donation’s Matching Gift Software

Double the Donation sells an easy-to-use tool to nonprofits to help them promote matching gifts to donors (if you’re a nonprofit rather than a company, check out our service to see if it can help your organization increase its matching gift revenue). Our database of matching gift companies includes those administered by Benevity, as well as those managed by other corporate giving vendors.

Benevity offers workplace giving tools for companies, while Double the Donation offers workplace giving tools for nonprofits.

Double the Donation’s team researches and manages a database of matching gift company guidelines, forms, and contact information that nonprofits and their donors can access. If you’re a nonprofit looking to improve your matching gift fundraising, test out our service.

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