Nonprofit Basics: Fun Run Fundraiser

Fun run fundraisers are a great way to get supporters involved and excited about a particular cause. Fun runs are versatile and can work for all ages. This makes it a successful fundraiser and a popular choice for schools, sports teams, and community groups. 

Fun runs can be especially effective if your school or nonprofit’s community of supporters includes a lot of runners. And while it’s certainly an option, your fun run doesn’t have to be a 5K or a marathon. You can adapt it to any age or interest level, making it accessible to anyone that is eager to participate. 

What is a fun run fundraiser?

A fun run fundraiser is a type of peer-to-peer fundraiser in which participants sign up to run, collect pledges, and earn donations for each mile (or other specified unit of distance) they run. 

Fun runs are very adaptable and cost effective. You can choose a theme, such as a color run or glow run. These fundraisers also build community, making them a popular way to bring people together around the holiday season. 

How does a fun run fundraiser work?

Fun run fundraisers are relatively simple to plan as long as you have the right resources. You’ll need a space to hold the event, volunteers to ensure the event runs smoothly, and an intuitive online platform that provides a smooth donation experience. 

Follow these simple steps to start your next fun run: 

  1. Select an online fundraising platform to host your organization’s donation pages. 
  2. Plan the event, promote it, and find participants.
  3. Create a main campaign page for the fundraiser. 
  4. Participants create individual campaign pages and  send them to their social networks to collect pledges for donations.
  5. Participants run, then your organization collects the donations. 

As you plan out your fun run, don’t forget the importance of marketing your event. You can promote the event by posting flyers throughout your community and online through email, social media, and your website.

Lastly, if you’re looking for additional fundraising opportunities, try combining your fun run with another fundraiser. For example, you could sell branded merchandise like t-shirts or water bottles on the day of the event. 

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