This blog post explores the top exceptional capital campaign consulting firms.

10 Exceptional Capital Campaign Consulting Firms to Consider

Planning for a capital campaign is a huge endeavor, and even the most experienced nonprofits need some assistance. Your nonprofit can get help by hiring a capital campaign consultant or a capital campaign consulting firm.

To make sure we’re on the same page, a capital campaign consultant is a professional adviser that can provide counsel on how to plan for your campaign. Consultants can help complete common capital campaign tasks, such as performing a feasibility study, writing a case for support, and training your leadership.

You can hire a consultant to assist you throughout the duration of the campaign or for just a few small tasks here and there.

If you’re not sure who to hire, we’ve compiled the top capital campaign consulting firms that you can consider. 

Top Capital Campaign Consulting FirmsDistinguishing Feature
DonorlyFirst capital campaigns
BWFData-driven insights
Aly Sterling Philanthropy Philanthropy Blueprint assessment
Averill Fundraising Solutions Capacity building
Capital Campaign Pro Digital Resources
Alexander HaasCapital campaign counsel for churches
Brian LacyWealth screening
J.F. Smith GroupCampaign outreach
The Curtis GroupCampaign design and branding
Gail Perry GroupFeasibility studies

In case you were wondering, we picked these top capital campaign consulting firms based on client satisfaction, knowledge of capital campaigns, and strength of approach.

The logo for Donorly, one of the top capital campaign consulting firms

1. Donorly – Top Capital Campaign Consultant for First Campaigns


Donorly was founded on the idea that small and mid-size nonprofits should have access to the same resources as larger organizations, especially when it comes to donor research.

The capital campaign consultants at Donorly specialize in helping smaller nonprofits launch their very first capital campaigns. And they’re good at it—they’ve helped organizations raise over $300 million and triple their fundraising revenue.

With their human-centered approach, the Donorly team can be by your side throughout every phase of your campaign, ultimately helping you kickstart your nonprofit’s long-term growth.


Donorly’s main services include:

  • Fundraising feasibility studies
  • Ongoing capital campaign counsel
  • Prospect research subscriptions
  • Fundraising training
  • Transitional nonprofit staffing

Along with capital campaigns, Donorly specializes in major donor research and cultivation strategies. If you’re worried about finding enough major donors for your campaign, Donorly is the perfect choice.

Type of Client

Donorly’s capital campaign consultants work most often with small to mid-size nonprofits, especially those launching their first major campaigns.

Some of Donorly’s notable past clients include the New York Theatre Workshop, RIP Medical Debt, the Seattle Children’s Museum, and Playwrights Horizons.


The Donorly team is headquartered in New York City, but they work with nonprofits across the country.

A laptop showing the website homepage for Donorly, one of our top capital campaign consultants

BWF is one of our top choices for capital campaign consultants (logo shown here)

2. BWF – Top Capital Campaign Consultant for Data-Driven Insights


BWF is a trusted fundraising consulting partner for nonprofits in the higher education, healthcare, faith-based, public and human services, environment and animals, and arts and culture sectors. For over 40 years, BWF has worked with purpose-driven organizations to build capacity and achieve long-term goals.

BWF’s four primary services to support capital campaigns

Organizations turn to this fundraising partner when they’re ready to launch their most ambitious campaigns yet—and the results speak for themselves. With BWF’s help, one client saw year-end fundraising revenue increase by 51% and first-time donor retention increase by 25%.

Driven by values like tenacity, optimism, and collaboration, BWF’s team manages all partner relationships with transparency and respect.


BWF’s core capabilities include:

  • Planning and managing campaigns and building fundraising strategies
  • Optimizing technology and operations
  • Enhancing the donor experience
  • Building sustainable enterprise solutions

BWF leverages capacity-building and data science services to help organizations get campaigns up and running smoothly.

Type of Client

BWF offers both a global and local perspective as well as extensive practical experience working with a variety of sectors, allowing them to partner with nonprofit organizations from diverse backgrounds. Hospitals, universities, foundations, arts and culture organizations, and other purpose-driven organizations have all found success from partnering with BWF.


BWF is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but they are proud to work with local, national, and international organizations.

Aly Sterling Philanthropy is our top choice capital campaign consultant firm.

3. Aly Sterling Philanthropy — Top Capital Campaign Consultant for Assessments


Aly Sterling Philanthropy is a full-service consulting firm, with years of experience guiding organizations through capital campaigns.

Their team is comprised of experienced professionals that understand the importance of strong leadership and a solid infrastructure. 
Aly Sterling Philanthropy's capital campaign consultants assess fundraising strategies with their unique Philanthropy Blueprint.

When working with Aly Sterling Philanthropy, the consultants will conduct a Philanthropy Blueprint, which is a 6-step process that assesses your organization to pinpoint where you need the most help.


Aly Sterling offers services, such as:

  • Performing feasibility studies
  • Writing a case for support
  • Training leadership
  • Researching prospective donors

In addition to the services listed above, their website includes resources to help nonprofits navigate the planning process for capital campaigns (and other fundraisers!).

Type of Client

Aly Sterling Philanthropy, a member of The Giving Institute, has worked with the Boys and Girls Club of Toledo, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern West Virginia, and Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity.

They are proud to work with organizations of any size that serve a range of causes, including arts and culture, healthcare, and social justice advocacy. 


While headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Aly Sterling welcomes clients located anywhere in the United States.

Learn more about Aly Sterling Philanthropy's full suite of capital campaign services.

Averill Fundraising Solutions is our favorite capital campaign consultant for nonprofits.

3. Averill Fundraising Solutions — Top Capital Campaign Consultant for Capacity Building


When you hire Averill Fundraising Solutions to serve as your capital campaign consultant, you can trust you’re gaining a partner that has diverse experience throughout the nonprofit sector.Averill Fundraising Solutions's capital campaign consultants offer a wide range of services.

Averill’s consultants can help your team during the pre-planning phase by developing key collateral (like case statements and prospect lists), or they can stay on for the whole campaign as your capital campaign’s director.

Since they have over 75 years of experience working with charities, faith-based organizations, schools, and other nonprofits, they’ll be ready to take on any challenge your capital campaign presents.

Depending on your needs, they may even embed a capital campaign consultant in your organization to provide extra guidance from the inside out.


You can rely on Averill for:

  • Campaign direction
  • Campaign planning and feasibility studies
  • Annual fund direction
  • Executive search
  • Embedded staffing

With any of these services, Averill’s capital campaign consultants will stay with you every step of the way as partners.

Type of Client

Large organizations representing a wide variety of interests have consulted with Averill in the past, including the Salvation Army in Sierra del Mar, California, and the Boys and Girls Club in Newark, New Jersey. 

Averill also partners with mature organizations at a smaller scale to help them grow into the institutions they want to become.


Located in New York, Averill is in the neighborhood of some of the top major gift giving prospects in the United States. However, the firm works with organizations all across the U.S. and Canada.

Averill Fundraising Solutions has consulted with faith-based, healthcare, and educational organizations on their capital campaigns.

Capital Campaign Pro is a top resource for nonprofit professionals uninterested in traditional capital campaign consulting firms.

4. Capital Campaign Pro — Our Top Pick for Digital Resources & Advising


We understand that not every campaign director will desire the assistance of traditional capital campaign consulting. For those nonprofit professionals, we recommend Capital Campaign Pro.

Capital Campaign Pro is the only fully online, virtual campaign resource for nonprofits.

Their system breaks capital campaigns out into a seven-phase plan, spanning from pre-campaign planning to post-campaign analysis. Along the way, it empowers nonprofit professionals with the knowledge, confidence, resources, and expert support needed to hold an effective capital campaign.

Capital Campaign Pro services


Capital Campaign Pro includes the following features and services:

  • A step-by-step capital campaign plan
  • Campaign templates, checklists, assessments and worksheets
  • A Guided Feasibility Study
  • Expert capital campaign advisors

Capital Campaign Pro (as well as comprehensive free resources on its website, such as this guide to capital campaigns) empowers nonprofit professionals to successfully navigate their next capital campaign on their own terms. However, you can also work with their team of expert advisors for additional support.

Type of Client

Capital Campaign Pro was created for leaders of all size nonprofits who:

  • Are uninterested in traditional consulting.
  • Want to be empowered and learn successful campaign strategy and techniques.
  • Are seeking an online-powered approach.
  • Want a community of colleagues who are leading successful campaigns.
  • Are looking for budget-friendly support and advising.

Whether due to budgetary constraints or poor experiences with consultants in the past, this system was created for those seeking a refreshing campaign experience.


Capital Campaign Pro is a fully online, virtual resource that is incredibly accessible for nonprofit leaders across the country and around the world. This means that regardless of location, your organization can make the most of the its resources.

Capital Campaign Pro homepage

Alexander Haas is another top capital campaign consultant.

5. Alexander Haas


As one of the leading fundraising consulting firms in the nation and a member of The Giving Institute, Alexander Haas has years of experience planning capital campaigns. 

In their own words, they “know what it takes to be successful in today’s philanthropic marketplace and how to help you get the results it takes to prosper.”


Nonprofits interested in Alexander Haas will find services that include:

  • Pre-campaign counsel
  • Feasibility studies
  • Plan development

They provide services for more than just capital campaigns; nonprofits can get assistance with their annual fund or donor stewardship.

Type of Client

Educational and faith-based institutions are some of the common types of clients that the consultants at Alexander Haas work with. Plus, they work with any size organization, large or small.


The Alexander Haas consulting firm is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Learn more about the capital campaign services at Alexander Haas

Brian Lacy & Associates is another great fundraising consultant for nonprofits.

6. Brian Lacy and Associates


Brian Lacy and Associates is a fundraising and data services consulting firm with 3 decades of experience providing “leading industry resources and veteran talent to maximize what your [nonprofit] team can do across the giving spectrum.”
They have helped over 400 organizations raise more than $1 billion in contributions.  


If you need help with your capital campaign, Brian Lacy and Associates offers many different services for your nonprofit.

They cover services like:

  • Prospect screening
  • Securing funds to reach fundraising goals
  • Marketing and communications

Type of Client

Some of their clients include Brooklyn College Foundation, Appalachian State University, and Mississippi State. In addition to educational institutions, they aid healthcare and art and culture organizations.


Brian Lacy and Associates is located in Houston, Texas.

Learn more about Brian Lacy and Associates and their capital campaign services.

Your nonprofit can find excellent capital campaign consultants at J.F. Smith Group.

7. J.F. Smith Group


The J.F. Smith Group has over 25 years of capital campaign experience to help guide nonprofits throughout their fundraising.

Their goal is “helping clients fulfill their dreams through a unique, professionally directed development partnership.”


One of the most important parts of a capital campaign is the feasibility study, and J.F. Smith Group will conduct interviews with participants so you don’t have to!

Additionally, J.F. Smith Group can also help with:

  • Staff training
  • Campaign strategy
  • Wealth screening

Aside from capital campaigns, nonprofits can hire J.F. Smith for other fundraising projects as well.

Type of client

The J.F. Smith Group works with medium-sized organizations. They’ve worked with clients such as Auburn Humane Society, Jacksonville State University, and Auburn University.


J.F. Smith Group is headquartered in Auburn, Alabama.

Learn more about J.F. Smith Group and their capital campaign consulting services.

The Curtis Group is a dynamic capital campaign consulting firm.

8. The Curtis Group Consultants


Founded in 1989, The Curtis Group has over 25 years of experience working with nonprofits to improve their fundraising. 

Their philosophy is “To be there. For you. With you. Working alongside you in every phase of the campaign until you reach your goal.”


The Curtis Group can handle many aspects of a nonprofit’s capital campaign, from the initial planning to training your board of directors.

Along with creating a unified brand for a capital campaign, The Curtis Group can help design and create:

  • Brochures
  • Case statements
  • Major donor presentation kits

Type of client

The Curtis Group has worked with over 150 arts and culture, educational, and healthcare organizations. While they work with any size organization, The Curtis Group finds that they can provide the best services to small and medium size nonprofits.


The Curtis Group is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Learn more about The Curtis Group and the capital campaign consulting services available.

Gail Perry Group

9. Gail Perry Group


Founded in 1994, the Gail Perry Group has spent over 25 years helping nonprofits of all kinds reach their goals through effective capital campaigns, major giving programs, and fundraising strategies. 

The Gail Perry Group uses a proprietary data-driven methodology, Campaigns by the Numbers, to identify hidden major gift opportunities for clients. GPG also helps clients learn the easy Conversational Ask method of securing transformational gifts from happy donors.  


Gail Perry Group offers services such as: 

  • Feasibility studies
  • Training retreats for board members
  • Capital campaign planning and counsel 

Type of client

The Gail Perry Group worked with nonprofits of all sizes. Former clients include schools and universities, health organizations, foundations, arts and culture institutions, and many other nonprofits.


The Gail Perry Group is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and works nationally.

Gail Perry Group Homepage

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