12 Top Fundraising Consultants (With Effective Solutions!)

Top Nonprofit Fundraising Consultants


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Top Nonprofit Fundraising Consultants

Aly Sterling


Aly Sterling is a full-service nonprofit consultant with experience in many different types of fundraising. She specializes in building sustainable solutions for nonprofits.

The strategies and solutions that she implements can help boost your nonprofit’s fundraising and empower your board of directors.

The Columbus Foundation and ProMedic Foundation are just two of the clients Aly Sterling has worked with in the past.

In fact, she is happy to assist any organization no matter the cause or size.


Aly Sterling can assist you with:

  • Creating a fundraising strategy.
  • Training your board and staff.
  • Researching donors’ giving behaviors.
  • Performing a feasibility study.
  • And so much more!

Why We Love Her

Aly Sterling tailors her services to meet the needs of the individual nonprofit, so no two fundraising strategies look the same!

Fundraising Consultants: Aly Sterling

Brian Lacy

Brian Lacy helps organizations reach their full fundraising potential with his consulting services.


Brian Lacy has over 3 decades of nonprofit consulting, particularly fundraising and data service experience.

He provides proven solutions to help your nonprofit create solid fundraising plans.

His mission is to assist your nonprofit by improving the ways you engage with donors and cultivate long-lasting relationships. 

Higher education institutions, healthcare nonprofits, and faith-based organizations are just some of the types of nonprofits that Brian Lacy has assisted.


Brian Lacy can help you with:

  • Marketing and communications.
  • Solicitations.
  • Hiring nonprofit staff.

Why We Love Him

Brian Lacy has helped over 400 organizations of all different types and sizes to reach a total of more than $1 billion in funds.

Check out Brian Lacy's website for more information.

Joe Waters

Joe Waters is the founders of Selfish Giving, which offers consulting services to nonprofits.


Joe Waters is the man behind Selfish Giving, a nonprofit consulting firm that helps nonprofits raise more money. He has helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars.

His main focus is cause marketing, which involves building relationships between nonprofits and for-profit companies for mutual benefits. 

He has helped develop campaigns for clients like Booster, Volunteer Match, and Georgetown University.


Joe Waters can assist your nonprofit with:

  • Cause marketing.
  • Online fundraising.
  • Corporate partnerships.

Why We Love Him

Joe Waters writes a blog on the Selfish Giving website that includes resources for your nonprofit on cause marketing.

Joe Waters is a fundraising consultant with a unique take on selfish giving.

Marc Pitman

Concord Leadership provides fundraising consultants who can benefit your organization.


Marc Pitman is the man behind the Concord Leadership Group, a nonprofit consulting firm that helps nonprofits train and identify strong board members.

He created the Concord Leadership Group to help nonprofits succeed by putting the right people in charge.

When Marc Pitman works with your nonprofit, he will find long-term solutions to your challenges.

Typically, this nonprofit consultant works with medium-sized organizations.


His main focus is to train nonprofit leadership teams, but he also offers:

  • Team building courses.
  • Event planning and management.
  • Strategic planning.

Why We Love Him

After receiving coaching from Marc Pitman and the Concord Leadership Group, on average, nonprofits gain a 37% increase in revenue.

Fundraising Consultants: Marc Pitman

John Haydon

John Haydon is a fundraising consultant with tons of expertise and insight.


John Haydon is a nonprofit consultant who offers assistance with online marketing and fundraising.

He has helped hundreds of nonprofits launch online fundraising campaigns, including campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

WaterAid, California State Library, and Diabetes Hands Foundation are just some of the clients John Haydon has worked with in the past.


John Haydon can help your nonprofit with:

  • Event and content marketing.
  • Online fundraising.
  • Social media.

Why We Love Him

John Haydon is not just a consultant but a speaker, author, and coach.

Learn more about John Haydon, visit his website.

Claire Axelrad

Learn more about Claire and her nonprofit consulting services.


Claire Axelrad has over 30 years of experience helping organizations raise money. With her nonprofit consulting agency, Clairification, she helps train and energize your nonprofit’s board to ensure that you have a strong leadership team.

Not only does she offer comprehensive training courses, but she also helps organizations build strategies to help reach their goals.

She will evaluate your progress to see what strategies work the best to get your organization to where you want (and need!) to be. 

San Francisco Food Bank, Jewish Family Children’s Services, and San Francisco Conservatory of Music are just some of the organizations she has helped.


Claire Axelrad offers services in the following areas:

  • Board and leadership coaching.
  • Consulting.
  • Fundraising workshops.

Why We Love Her

If you need help on a smaller project or a quick consultation, Claire offers “hour of power” nonprofit consultations, which are one-hour sessions to provide you with targeted advice.

She’ll pinpoint a specific part of your organization and offer you strategies and best practices to help you.

Learn more about Claire's services on her website.

Brady Josephson

Brady Josephson, a fundraising consultant, is the founder of Shift Charity.


Brady Josephson, the founder and CEO of Shift Charity, is a nonprofit consultant devoted to building creative strategies and campaigns.

Brady seeks to help out “the poor, lost, broken, disadvantaged and forgotten of mind, body and spirit.”

When Brady works with your nonprofit, he’ll focus on planning long-term solutions, so you can raise funds and grow.

Carleton University, Canadian Cancer Society, and the Royal Columbian Hospital are just some of the clients he has worked with.


Brady Josephson provides services such as:

  • Digital and print fundraising.
  • Marketing and brand awareness.
  • Fundraising counsel.

Why We Love Him

Brady writes a blog on the Shift Charity website that includes valuable resources on fundraising strategies, marketing, and donor communication.

Fundraising Consultants - Shift Charity

George Weiner

George Weiner is a fundraising consultant and founder of the fundraising firm Whole Whale.


George Weiner is a fundraising nonprofit consultant who founded Whole Whale. His approach is about looking at every aspect of a nonprofit and seeing where he can make improvements.

He can help your nonprofit make use of every resource available, which includes connecting you with technology such as fundraising software and management tools.

Whole Whale has partnered with over 65 nonprofits including Planned Parenthood, Malala Fund, and Ad Council.


George and his firm’s consultants provide:

  • Online fundraising services.
  • Marketing management.
  • SMS strategy and planning.

Why We Love Him

George Weiner has worked hard to provide nonprofits with the necessary resources to succeed online.

Fundraising Consultants: George Weiner

Jay Frost

Jay Frost is an expert fundraising consultant that you should check out.


Jay Frost is a Senior Partner at Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners. This nonprofit consultant has over 25 years of experience working with organizations to perform donor research and analyze data for nonprofits.

Additionally, he is a leading expert on social media and how nonprofits can use it to engage with their donors. He also helps organizations with major gifts. 

He’s worked with hundreds of nonprofit organizations of different sizes and missions.


Jay Frost can help your nonprofit with:

  • Prospect research.
  • New media fundraising strategy.
  • Marketing and communications.

Why We Love Him

Jay Frost is an active industry leader; he has written multiple chapters in books and spoken at various local, national, and international conferences.

Learn more about Jay Frost on his website.

Jennifer Filla

Learn more the fundraising consultants at Aspire Research.


Founder of the Aspire Research Group, Jennifer Filla is a nonprofit consultant who helps organizations understand their supporters better and raise more funds.

She researches donors and creates profiles with the information so that nonprofits can gain a better understanding of their supporters. 

Plus, she works with nonprofits to create a strategy for how they should solicit donations.

Jennifer works with small to mid-sized nonprofits that support a variety of causes in locations across the nation.


Jennifer Filla serves organizations that need help with:

  • Identifying prospective donors.
  • Solicitation and stewardship.
  • Wealth screening.

Why We Love Her

The detailed donor profiles that Jennifer creates are formatted so that all the information you need is in one handy document.

Fundraising Consultants: Jen Filla

Robert Evans

Robert Evans is a fundraising consultant and founder of Evans Consulting.


Robert Evans, the president of The Evans Group, has been helping organizations navigate the challenges that come with modern fundraising for over 20 years.

Robert is known for his creative strategies that have helped his clients reach their goals.

He has experience helping nonprofits with fund source development, communications, strategic planning, and donor stewardship. 

Robert Evans and the other nonprofit consultants at The Evans Group have partnered with art and culture, healthcare, and environmental and animal welfare organizations.


Here are some of the services that Robert Evans offers:

  • Fundraising counsel.
  • Marketing.
  • Team training.
  • Prospect research.

Why We Love Him

At Evans Consulting Group, Robert works with your nonprofit together as a team and uses modern approaches to help you succeed.

Fundraising Consultants: Robert Evans

Sandy Rees

Sandy Rees is a fundraising consultant with valuable expertise.


Sandy Rees created Get Fully Funded to help nonprofits reach their fundraising goals. Her coaching is “a blend of consulting (the ‘how to’ stuff) with personal development (boosting your confidence).”

One of her most popular nonprofit consulting services is the “6 Figure Fundraising Launch Pad” for organizations that have faced challenges in the past when trying to reach their goals.

She has worked with organizations such as The Global Change Challenge, United Way of Greater Knoxville, and Mercy Medical Clinic.


Sandy Rees offers coaching and workshops on:

  • Building donor relationships.
  • Engaging your board.
  • Creating a fundraising plan.
  • Applying for grants.

Why We Love Her

Sandy Rees, a skilled teacher, educates organizations on fundraising strategies in a fun, engaging way.

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