15+ Top Fundraising Consultants (With Effective Solutions!)

15+ Excellent Fundraising Consultants
Seek help from these expert fundraising consultants.
Explore our favorite fundraising consultants.

15+ Excellent Fundraising Consultants

Explore our favorite fundraising consultants.

Top Nonprofit Fundraising Consultants

Getting Attention — Best Google Ad Grants Consultant

Getting Attention is a fundraising consultant who will help you take advantage of Google Ad Grants.

Fundraising Consultant Overview

If you want to dive into the paid advertising world, Getting Attention is our recommended consultant! They can help you promote your campaigns and fundraising pages using the Google Ad Grant program.

Through the program, your nonprofit can receive up to $10,000 in free advertising credits to spend on Google’s paid advertising platform monthly. Not only is that free funding for your marketing budget, but you can also increase visibility for important fundraising pages within Google search results to drive even more revenue for your cause.

Getting Attention will help you take full advantage of the program. They’ll handle everything, including completing your application, creating your ads, and monitoring results. With this team on your side, you can make the most of your advertising budget!

Fundraising Consultant Services

The Getting Attention team is a full-service Google Grants consulting agency, providing advertising services like:

  • Google Ad Grant eligibility check and application
  • Ad configuration, including keyword research
  • Ongoing account maintenance and Google Grant compliance
  • Landing page relaunch and design
  • Suspended or lapsed account reactivation

Why We Love This Fundraising Consultant

When you partner with Getting Attention, you’re essentially adding a new member to your team. They’ll work to understand your mission and develop ads that push your mission forward in meaningful ways. They’ll handle every step of the process, so you can focus on other areas of your mission.

Check out Getting Attention’s consulting services for Google Ad Grants.

Donorly — Best Data-Based, Full-Service Consultant

Donorly is the top nonprofit fundraising consultant for research-based needs.

Fundraising Consultant Overview

When choosing a partner to help you accomplish your fundraising goals, look no further than the company that has empowered its small to medium nonprofit partners to raise more than $150 million.

Led by president Sandra Davis, the team at Donorly believes in empowering small to medium nonprofits—the true movers and shakers in communities—to fundraise beyond their capacity. They do this through robust, bespoke fundraising strategies that are backed by the “Donorly Special Sauce,” effective donor research.

With Donorly, your nonprofit receives access to expert consultants, donor research tools used by the largest organizations, and a fundraising strategy tailored to reach your exact goals. With this team, you can fundraise better than ever before!

Fundraising Consultant Services

The Donorly team provides full-service fundraising consulting services, including:

  • Comprehensive donor research.
  • Capital campaign feasibility studies and direction.
  • Embedded staffing and board expansion.
  • The “Fiscal Year Fix,” a one-year plan involving assessment, planning, and implementation of fundraising strategies.

Why We Love This Fundraising Consultant

The team at Donorly is invested in helping small to medium nonprofits fundraise beyond their size. Rather than distant, third-party consulting, this team is dedicated to walking alongside organizations just like yours, in-house, to ensure your team reaches its goals.

Labyrinth — Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Charity Registration

The expert fundraising consultants at Labyrinth can help you with your charity registration needs.

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Labyrinth is a highly reputable charity registration firm that thousands of nonprofits entrust with their state registration needs. With 30 years of experience under their belt, they file more state registrations than any other firm in the country. They’ve had plenty of time to refine their approach, giving charities peace of mind that they’re in the best hands.

Labyrinth takes care of the entire registration process so that your charity can stay registered in the states where you want to solicit donations. They’ll prepare all the necessary forms, keep track of filing deadlines, correspond directly with the states, and even provide registered agent services.

They’ll gladly handle all aspects of your charity state registrations, so you don’t have to. That way, your team can focus on its mission instead of worrying about fines or states revoking your right to solicit contributions. Best of all, their expert services come at an affordable price, and their one-time fee includes everything you need.

Fundraising Consultant Services

Labyrinth offers the following charity registration services:

  • Registration form preparation.
  • Applicable extension requests.
  • Fundraising license acquisition.
  • Corporate registration and annual report filing.
  • Reliable registered agents.

Why We Love This Fundraising Consultant

Labyrinth puts a special emphasis on client satisfaction and will go the extra mile to create a seamless registration process for your organization. Their thorough team works together to ensure accurate and timely filings, and their careful work has led to thousands of satisfied clients, including some of the most well-known and reputable charities in the nation.

Check out the fundraising consultants at Labyrinth to learn more about their charity registration services.

Aly Sterling — Best Full-Service Fundraising Consultant

Aly Sterling Philanthropy is our top full-service fundraising consultant.

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Aly Sterling is the founder of Aly Sterling Philanthropy, a full-service nonprofit consulting firm with experience handling a wide variety of fundraising challenges.

If there’s anything nonprofits have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic thus far, it’s that the fundraising landscape can change from day to day— even as the need for nonprofit intervention grows.

Aly Sterling understands the challenges many nonprofits face in a situation such as this, from a lack of funding diversity to challenges communicating with supporters during a crisis. For organizations struggling to navigate turbulent waters, Aly Sterling’s positivity-filled determination to stay the course can make an incredible difference.

Fundraising Consultant Services

Aly Sterling can assist you with:

  • Creating or pivoting your fundraising strategy.
  • Formulating a plan for donor stewardship during any fundraising climate.
  • Training your nonprofit’s board and staff to weather fundraising challenges.
  • And so much more!

Why We Love This Fundraising Consultant

Aly Sterling is dedicated to the success of her nonprofit clients. This is evident in both her comprehensive fundraising services and the additional resources provided on the firm’s website— such as this free crisis response toolkit.

Aly Sterling is a top fundraising consultant for nonprofit organizations.

Grants Plus — Best Nonprofit Grant Consultant

Grants Plus, a nonprofit grant consultant, can help your nonprofit focus on acquiring vital grant funding.

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Grants Plus is the national leader in nonprofits grants consulting. Since 2007, its team has helped its nonprofit partners secure more than $150 million in new grant funds through thousands of grant requests.

After years of experience, Grants Plus understands the grant seeking process, how to interpret funders’ grant-making patterns, and how to increase the likelihood of receiving funding.

This gives Grants Plus’s partners a competitive advantage against others seeking the support of the same funders. 

When partnering with them, an organization can expect to elevate its grant strategy and make steady progress toward revenue goals. 

Grants Plus will provide steady attention to your grant seeking efforts. They’ll help you be strategic, optimize your time, and set your organization up for maximum grants success. 

Why We Love This Fundraising Consultant

With a proven track record, Grants Plus is a reliable asset for securing additional funding through grants. They ensure you have all the tools you need to increase your grant potential.

Consider Grants Plus as your fundraising consultant when revamping your grant strategy.

DNL OmniMedia — Best Fundraising Technology Consultant

DNL OmniMedia is a fundraising consultant that can help your nonprofit optimize your software and program use.

Fundraising Consultant Overview

DNL OmniMedia is a fundraising consultant that focuses on helping nonprofits achieve their goals by using the most effective web platforms to their highest potential.

Team DNL is happy to build a nonprofit’s entire technical strategy from the ground up by helping a nonprofit maximize their CRM, online fundraising platform, CMS, social media, communication and marketing channels, and reporting and analytics tools.

DNL is also a certified Blackbaud Solutions Provider and has partnerships with other big-name tech companies like Adobe, Salesforce, Drupal, and WordPress, among others.  Whether you’re struggling with achieving full ADA compliance for your website or you’re tackling a complicated Salesforce implementation, Team DNL can help navigate the change.

Fundraising Consultant Services

DNL OmniMedia can help your nonprofit with:

  • Fundraising strategy
  • Nonprofit analytics services
  • Data migration
  • Marketing
  • Web development

Why We Love This Fundraising Consultant

We love DNL OmniMedia because their passion is to bring nonprofits’ missions within reach with the help of technology. They’ll help your organization build a nonprofit tech strategy from the ground-up or adapt your current solutions to tackle any challenges in your path.

To learn more, contact Team DNL today.

DNL OmniMedia is a top fundraising consultant.

Greater Mission — Best Fundraising Consultant for Catholic Organizations

Greater Mission is the best fundraising consultant for Catholic organizations.

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Greater Mission is a strategic fund-development consulting firm that’s dedicated to serving the Catholic Church and other faith-based ministries. Its team of experienced consultants offers exceptional firsthand experience paired with a strong compassion for the Church’s mission.

They work alongside clients to raise funds for new or growing facilities, ministries, and outcomes for God’s work through the Church.

To inspire faith-filled generosity, Greater Mission’s team integrates the interdependent methodology of strategic planning and fund development. Through this, they help clients foster discipleship and generosity in their communities.

Fundraising Consultant Services

Some of Greater Mission’s specialized services include:

  • Diocesan Capital Campaigns and Parish Capital Campaigns
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Major Gift Fundraising
  • Increased Offertory Program (Amen Generosity)
  • Annual Appeal

Why We Love This Fundraising Consultant

Greater Mission has a proven track record of success. Through 100+ years of combined experience, they’ve helped clients raise more than $1 billion to improve their ministries with a 98% success rate.

Check out Greater Mission to learn more about their fundraising consulting services for Catholic organizations.

The Capital Campaign Toolkit – Best Campaign Resource for Nonprofits

The Capital Campaign Toolkit is a great resource for those who don't want to work with fundraising consultants.

Fundraising Un-Consultant Overview

If you’re a nonprofit professional looking for additional guidance for your next capital campaign but aren’t interested in traditional consulting, you’ll want to check out The Capital Campaign Toolkit.

The Capital Campaign Toolkit is an online resource that guides nonprofit professionals through an effective capital campaign. It empowers these professionals with the knowledge, resources, and additional support needed to reach campaign goals successfully.

There are a variety of reasons why a campaign director might choose to work with the Toolkit— whether they’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative to traditional consulting or the accessibility offered by a fully online option.

Fundraising Un-Consultant Services

The Capital Campaign Toolkit contains:

  • Expert advising to help ensure your campaign is a success. 
  • A seven-phase capital campaign plan, with each phase containing a step-by-step guide.
  • Templates, checklists, and worksheets ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
  • A guided feasibility study for nonprofit professionals to conduct their own pre-campaign research.
  • A community of nonprofit leaders conducting successful campaigns to share wisdom, advice, and resources. 

Learn more about the Toolkit’s features here.

Why We Love This Resource

While traditional capital campaign consulting works for some organizations, other nonprofit professionals may prefer a different approach. The Capital Campaign Toolkit is fully online, budget-friendly, and empowers organizations to effectively tackle their next campaign without the assistance of a traditional consultant.

If you're not interested in traditional fundraising consultants, visit the Capital Campaign Toolkit's website today.

Averill Fundraising Solutions — Best Capital Campaign Consultant

Averill Fundraising Solutions is our top capital campaign fundraising consultant.

Fundraising Consultant Overview

If you’re looking for an expert fundraising consultant to take charge of your nonprofit’s next capital campaign, Averill Fundraising Solutions is the partner you need! With over 75 years of fundraising experience, there’s no challenge they can’t take on.

Consider hiring Averill’s fundraising consultants to conduct capital campaign pre-planning services, campaign direction, or more.

Whether this is your first capital campaign or your fifteenth, Averill’s elite fundraising consultants will be by your side every step of the way.

Fundraising Consultant Services

Call Averill to partner with you on:

  • Campaign direction
  • Campaign planning and feasibility studies
  • Annual fund direction
  • Embedded staffing
  • Executive search

Why We Love This Fundraising Consultant

The scope of Averill’s experience makes the team an invaluable asset to your campaign no matter what your target audience is.

Call the Averill Fundraising Solutions team for help with your next capital campaign.

Other Recommended Fundraising Consultants

Brian Lacy

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Brian Lacy has over 3 decades of nonprofit consulting, particularly fundraising and data service experience.

He provides proven solutions to help your nonprofit create solid fundraising plans.

His mission is to assist your nonprofit by improving the ways you engage with donors and cultivate long-lasting relationships. 

Higher education institutions, healthcare nonprofits, and faith-based organizations are just some of the types of nonprofits that Brian Lacy has assisted.

Fundraising Consultant Services

Brian Lacy can help you with:

  • Marketing and communications.
  • Solicitations.
  • Hiring nonprofit staff.

Why We Love This Fundraising Consultant

Brian Lacy has helped over 400 organizations of all different types and sizes to reach a total of more than $1 billion in funds.

Brian Lacy if a fundraising consultant that helps organizations with annual fundraising.

Marc Pitman

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Marc Pitman is the man behind the Concord Leadership Group, a nonprofit consulting firm that helps nonprofits train and identify strong board members.

He created the Concord Leadership Group to help nonprofits succeed by putting the right people in charge.

When Marc Pitman works with your nonprofit, he will train your team to be better leaders and provide them with the tools to keep improving for long-term success.

Typically, this nonprofit consultant works with medium-sized organizations that support a variety of different causes.

Fundraising Consultant Services

His main focus is to train nonprofit leadership teams, but he also offers:

  • Team building courses.
  • Event planning and management.
  • Strategic planning.

Why We Love This Fundraising Consultant

Marc Pitman is a great option for organizations looking to improve their leadership and build a capable team of board members.

Marc Pitman is a fundraising consultant that builds stronger leadership teams for nonprofits.

Claire Axelrad

Claire Axelrad at Clairification is an excellent fundraising consultant for nonprofits.

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Claire Axelrad has 30 years in-the-trenches experience leading nonprofit marketing and fundraising teams to extraordinary success. 10 years ago she founded Clairification, and today shares her expertise with organizations of all shapes and sizes. She’s on a mission to ensure you have strong leadership, a passionate case for support, and a well-oiled development machine to sustain you today and tomorrow.

Not only does she offer comprehensive training courses, but she also offers individual and board coaching and builds custom strategies to help you reach your goals.

She will evaluate your progress to see what strategies work the best to get you and your organization to where you want (and need!) to be.

San Francisco Food Bank, Jewish Family Children’s Services, California School of Professional Psychology and San Francisco Conservatory of Music are just some of the organizations she has helped.

Fundraising Consultant Services

Claire Axelrad offers services in the following areas:

  • Board and leadership development coaching.
  • Consulting specializing in annual, major and legacy giving.
  • Fundraising courses.

Why We Love This Fundraising Consultant

If you need help on a smaller project or a quick consultation, Claire offers “hour of power” nonprofit consultations, which are one-hour sessions to provide you with targeted advice.

She’s a great resource for smaller to medium-size nonprofits looking to pinpoint specific challenges and implement the best solutions.

Claire Axelrad is a consultant that helps nonprofits with fundraising strategy.

Brady Josephson

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Brady Josephson, the vice president of innovation and optimization for NextAfter, is a nonprofit consultant devoted to building creative strategies and campaigns.

Brady seeks to help “the poor, lost, broken, disadvantaged, and forgotten of mind, body, and spirit.”

While Brady works with your nonprofit, he’ll focus on developing new solutions to problems and planning for long-term success through fundraising.

Carleton University, the Canadian Cancer Society, and the Royal Columbian Hospital are just some of the clients he has engaged with successfully in the past.

Fundraising Consultant Services

Brady Josephson provides services such as:

  • Digital and print fundraising
  • Marketing and brand awareness
  • Fundraising counsel
  • Donor interaction optimization

Why We Love This Fundraising Consultant

Nonprofits who are looking to revolutionize they way they interact with donors and fundraise will find Brady Josephson’s counsel valuable because he has years of experience with creating and marketing fundraising campaigns.

Brady Josephson is a results-oriented, driven marketer and fundraising consultant.

George Weiner

Whole Whale's top fundraising consultant is George Weiner.

Fundraising Consultant Overview

George Weiner is a fundraising nonprofit consultant who founded Whole Whale.

His approach is about looking at every aspect of a nonprofit and seeing where he can make improvements.

He can help your nonprofit make use of every resource available, which includes connecting you with technology such as fundraising software and management tools.

Whole Whale has partnered with over 65 nonprofits including Planned Parenthood, Malala Fund, and Ad Council.

Fundraising Consultant Services

George and his firm’s consultants provide:

  • Online fundraising services.
  • Marketing management.
  • SMS strategy and planning.

Why We Love This Fundraising Consultant

If you need help with your technology strategy, George Weiner is your go-to consultant. He can help your organization with marketing as well as online fundraising implementation.

The fundraising consultant, George Weiner, helps nonprofits find digital fundraising solutions.

Jay Frost

Jerold Frost is a great nonprofit fundraising consultant.

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Jay Frost is a Senior Partner at Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners.

He has over 25 years of experience working with organizations to perform donor research and analyze data for nonprofits to improve their fundraising and stewardship.

Additionally, he is a leading expert on social media and how nonprofits can use it to engage with their donors. He also helps organizations with major gifts. 

He’s worked with hundreds of nonprofit organizations of different sizes and missions.

Fundraising Consultant Services

Jay Frost can help your nonprofit with:

  • Prospect research.
  • New media fundraising strategy.
  • Marketing and communications.

Why We Love This Fundraising Consultant

Larger nonprofits looking for major gift fundraising services, should seek assistance from Jay Frost. With years of experience, he has the expertise to create long-term solutions for a wide range of organizations and causes.

Jay Frost is a fundraising consultant with years of experience helping organizations succeed.

Jennifer Filla

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Founder of the Aspire Research Group, Jennifer Filla is a nonprofit consultant who helps organizations understand their supporters better and raise more funds.

She researches donors and creates profiles with the information so that nonprofits can gain a better understanding of their supporters. 

Plus, she works with nonprofits to create a strategy for how they should solicit donations.

Jennifer works with small to mid-sized nonprofits that support a variety of causes in locations across the nation.

Fundraising Consultant Services

Jennifer Filla serves organizations that need help with:

  • Identifying prospective donors.
  • Solicitation and stewardship.
  • Wealth screening.

Why We Love This Fundraising Consultant

Jennifer Filla is a great consultant for organizations looking for in-depth wealth and prospect screening if your organization doesn’t have the time or resources to perform research in-house.

If you need help with prospect research, Jennifer Filla is the fundraising consultant for your nonprofit.

Sandy Rees

Check out Sandy Rees, a fundraising consultant from Get Fully Funded.

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Sandy Rees created Get Fully Funded to help nonprofits reach their fundraising goals.

Her coaching is “a blend of consulting (the ‘how to’ stuff) with personal development (boosting your confidence).”

One of her most popular nonprofit consulting services is the “6 Figure Fundraising Launch Pad” for organizations that have faced challenges in the past when trying to reach their goals.

She has worked with organizations such as The Global Change Challenge, United Way of Greater Knoxville, and Mercy Medical Clinic.

Fundraising Consultant Services

Sandy Rees offers coaching and workshops on:

  • Building donor relationships.
  • Engaging your board.
  • Creating a fundraising plan.
  • Applying for grants.

Why We Love This Fundraising Consultant

Sandy Rees is a great consultant for small to medium organizations that want to pinpoint missed fundraising opportunities.

Sandy Rees is a fundraising consultant that adds a personal touch to every client's strategy.

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