35+ Top Fundraising Consultants to Unlock More Funding

35+ Top Fundraising Consultants to Unlock More Funding
Illustrated fundraising consultant speaking to nonprofit clients.

35+ Top Fundraising Consultants to Unlock More Funding

Illustrated fundraising consultant speaking to nonprofit clients.

Fundraising is an essential activity for nonprofits. Whether you’re launching a capital campaign or starting a monthly giving program, attracting and retaining donors ensures that you receive the resources you need to fulfill your mission. However, effective fundraising strategies require more than simply asking people for donations.

Fundraising consultants have years of experience supporting nonprofits with launching campaigns, connecting with supporters, and earning donations. They have the expertise to evaluate your current approach, provide new strategy recommendations, and share tips that will set your future campaigns up for greater success.

If you need a nonprofit consultant to supercharge your fundraising, start by looking into firms that align with your specific goals, budget, and needs. To help you hit the ground running with your search, we’ve assembled a list of the top fundraising consultants in the sector.

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Top Fundraising Consultants for Nonprofits

1. Getting Attention – Best for Google Ad Grants Consulting

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Getting Attention is our #1 recommended nonprofit consulting firm for reaching donors and prospects through paid advertising. Through the Google Ad Grant program, your nonprofit can receive $10,000 in free ad credits every month, which you can use to boost your website’s visibility on Google’s search results and generate more revenue for your cause.

As a Google Partner, Getting Attention has the expertise to help you take full advantage of the Google Ad Grant program. They’ll handle everything from filling out your application to creating your ads so you can make the most of your free advertising budget.

A screenshot from Getting Attention’s website, which explains how these fundraising consultants can support your nonprofit.

Fundraising Services

The Getting Attention team is a full-service Google Ad Grants consulting agency that provides these comprehensive services:

  • Google Grant application. First, Getting Attention will confirm your eligibility for the Google Ad Grant. Then, they’ll complete the entire application process on your behalf to maximize your chances for approval.
  • Keyword and competitive research. Getting Attention’s experts are skilled in conducting keyword research. Choosing the right keywords ensures your ads appear in front of users who are likely to be interested in supporting your nonprofit. Additionally, they’ll carry out a competitive analysis to identify other organizations competing for the same keywords and formulate a strategy to outperform them.
  • Campaign and ad creation. The Getting Attention team will set up and organize all your campaigns in your Google Ads account. They’ll create meta description text, headlines, images, and ad extensions to produce engaging, click-worthy ads for your nonprofit. They can even provide recommendations for improving your ad landing pages to increase conversions.
  • Account management and hygiene. Getting Attention’s consultants will manage your $10,000 ads budget every month to help you use this free funding to its fullest potential. Additionally, they’ll keep your data organized and ensure that you always meet all of Google’s compliance requirements.
  • Monitoring and reporting. Every month, your Google Grant account manager will share an overview of your Google Ads account activities, key performance metrics, and recommended next actions. You’ll also have access to a real-time reporting dashboard that you can view at any time.

Additionally, in case your Google Ads account is ever suspended, the Getting Attention team knows exactly what to do to reactivate your account and get your advertising strategy back on track.

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

When you partner with Getting Attention, you’re essentially adding a new, skilled member to your nonprofit’s team. These experts will handle all of your Google Ad Grant management activities so you can focus on other priorities.

To learn more about the Getting Attention team and how they can support your fundraising strategy, check out this short video overview:

With no startup fees or increased costs associated with your ads spend, it’s clear that partnering with Getting Attention is an efficient, cost-effective way to boost your fundraising page conversions.

2. Donorly – Best for Research-Backed Fundraising

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Donorly’s fundraising consultants are committed to empowering small to medium-sized nonprofits to maximize their fundraising capacity. “The Donorly Method” to fundraising success lies in effective donor research.

By working with Donorly, your nonprofit can access fundraising experts, donor research tools used by the largest organizations, and a tailored strategy for meeting your exact goals.

Fundraising Services

Donorly’s consulting services and fundraising solutions include:

  • Cutting-edge prospect research tools and team expertise
  • Temporary nonprofit staffing for fundraising, development, and other key roles
  • Telefundraising training for your fundraising team
  • Capital campaign feasibility studies and coaching

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

Donorly’s fundraising consultants provide human-to-human support for your nonprofit, rather than distant third-party consulting. They’ll work closely with you to meet your fundraising goals and multiply your revenue.

A screenshot of Donorly’s website, which describes how this fundraising consulting firm supports its nonprofit clients.

3. Aly Sterling Philanthropy – Best Full-Service Fundraising Consulting Firm

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Aly Sterling Philanthropy is a full-service nonprofit consulting firm with experience handling a wide variety of fundraising challenges.

These fundraising consultants have extensive experience working with nonprofits of all sizes and focus areas. With their partnership-driven approach, they’ll go beyond presenting you with fundraising strategy recommendations. They familiarize themselves with your nonprofit and engage your stakeholders to provide you with an in-depth understanding of what inspires your donors to give.

Fundraising Services

Aly Sterling Philanthropy can enhance your fundraising strategy by:

  • Creating a Philanthropy Blueprint with actionable steps and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Conducting capital campaign feasibility studies
  • Providing expert guidance before and during your capital campaign
  • Engaging and strengthening your board of directors

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

The Aly Sterling Philanthropy team has helped hundreds of nonprofits, from educational institutions to faith-based organizations, achieve fundraising success. Plus, their diverse experiences working with companies and philanthropic individuals means that they have a strong understanding of what it takes to win financial support for nonprofits of any cause.

A screenshot of Aly Sterling Philanthropy’s website, which explains what these fundraising consultants focus on.

4. Averill Fundraising Solutions – Best for Fundraising Campaign Management

Fundraising Consultant Overview

The fundraising consultants at Averill Fundraising Solutions have over 75 years of experience combined. They have served nonprofits in every sector, from arts and cultural institutions to healthcare organizations.

Whether your fundraising goals involve improving your annual appeals or setting up a planned giving program, Averill’s team has the expertise needed to guide you toward the results you’re hoping to see.

Fundraising Services

As a full-service fundraising consulting firm, Averill can assist your nonprofit by:

  • Creating customized solutions for increasing your nonprofit’s annual fund
  • Developing a management plan for your capital campaign
  • Providing long-term and interim fundraising management staff
  • Holding fundraising workshops for executive leaders and volunteers

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

Averill takes a hands-on, goal-oriented approach to every partnership, ensuring that you maximize your fundraising ROI. Additionally, if your nonprofit is in the process of hiring Chief Development Officers, the firm can support your search by recommending talented candidates who meet your qualifications.

A screenshot of Averill’s website, which elaborates on the fundraising consulting firm’s services.

5. Meyer Partners – Best for Direct-Response Fundraising

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Meyer Partners is a nonprofit marketing agency that specializes in powering fundraising success through effective communication and outreach. These consultants have helped nonprofits raise awareness, acquire new donors, create emergency appeals, and cultivate donor loyalty through print and digital channels.

The team at Meyer Partners understands that long-term fundraising success depends on your donor relationships. With their support, you’ll be able to tap into reliable revenue sources year after year.

Fundraising Services

Meyer Partners will help you connect with more donors and raise more revenue by:

  • Providing direct response fundraising services on print and digital channels
  • Optimizing your website landing pages to drive donations
  • Auditing your donor profiles to identify how you should focus your fundraising efforts
  • Crafting strong, urgent appeals to raise funds following a disaster

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

The Meyer Partners team’s donor-centric approach goes beyond short-term fundraising success. If your nonprofit is looking to develop lasting relationships that lead to more revenue down the line, working with these fundraising consultants is an ideal way to meet your goals.

A screenshot of the Meyer Partners website, which goes into more detail about the fundraising consulting firm’s specialties.

6. BWF – Best Fundraising Consultants for Donor Engagement

Fundraising Consultant Overview

BWF is a full-service fundraising consulting firm that provides the latest best practices and guidance to clients by consistently adapting to the ever-shifting nonprofit landscape. To the BWF team, successful fundraising involves building capacity, leveraging real-world data, and connecting with donors.

Nonprofits of varying missions, from human services to environmental conservation, have trusted BWF to guide them toward sustainable fundraising growth.

Fundraising Services

BWF offers several key services to enhance your fundraising strategies, including:

  • Campaign planning, management, and data-driven insights
  • Fundraising communications and donor engagement
  • Prospect research using predictive analytics
  • Fundraising program review and recommendations

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

BWF’s fundraising consultants focus on building your nonprofit’s capacity and equipping your nonprofit with everything it needs to meet its fundraising goals time after time. Plus, they have the technological expertise to help you implement CRM software and provide the necessary training for making the most of your new platform.

A screenshot of BWF’s services page, which provides an overview of how these fundraising consultants support nonprofits.

7. Windmill Hill Consulting – Best for Fundraising Communications

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Windmill Hill Consulting applies a four-part approach to improving nonprofit fundraising strategies. This fundraising consulting firm has served over 50 clients, including the American Red Cross, to develop tailored solutions for reaching donors and inspiring their generosity.

The consultants at Windmill Hill Consulting will walk your nonprofit through assessing your current fundraising performance, setting meaningful goals, assembling a plan, and implementing your strategy.

Fundraising Services

Throughout your partnership with Windmill Hill Consulting, their expert team will:

  • Engage external stakeholders to better understand your nonprofit
  • Conduct prospect research to identify promising future donors
  • Help you develop and articulate your case statement
  • Come up with strategies for upgrading donor giving levels

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

The value of working with Windmill Hill Consulting goes beyond the data-driven recommendations these consultants provide. Once they’ve put together your strategy, they provide coaching and training to ensure that your nonprofit is ready to turn a fundraising plan into tangible, rewarding results.

A screenshot of Windmill Hill Consulting’s website, which walks through the fundraising consulting firm’s four-part approach.

Fundraising Experts for Coaching & Training

1. Marc Pitman

Fundraising Consultant Overview

As the founder of FundraisingCoach.com and The Concord Leadership Group, Marc Pitman is a first-rate nonprofit fundraising consultant who believes that strong leadership is the backbone of any successful fundraising strategy.

His extensive experience in fundraising and leadership development makes him a valuable resource for nonprofits looking to empower their teams to connect with donors and raise more revenue.

Fundraising Services

Marc Pitman offers training and coaching in several areas, including:

  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Time management
  • Board roles

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

Nonprofit executive leaders can benefit from individualized fundraising coaching from Pitman. He’ll work with you to achieve your goals and refine your fundraising messages. Plus, you’ll even gain free access to all the tools and templates in The Nonprofit Academy!

A screenshot of Marc Pitman’s website, which describes how this fundraising expert prepares nonprofit teams for fundraising success.

2. Clairification

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Claire Axelrad, founder of Clairification, has 30 years of in-the-trenches experience leading nonprofit marketing and fundraising teams to extraordinary success. Today, she shares her expertise with organizations of all shapes and sizes. She’s on a mission to equip your nonprofit with strong leadership skills, a passionate case for support, and a well-oiled development machine to sustain you now and in the future.

Not only does she provide comprehensive training courses, but she also offers individual and board coaching and will help you build custom strategies to reach your goals.

Fundraising Services

Clairification’s main services cover the following areas:

  • Fundraising
  • Board and leadership development
  • Annual, major, and legacy giving
  • Nonprofit identity and branding

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

If your nonprofit only needs a quick consultation or guidance on a smaller project, Axelrad offers “Hours of Power,” which are one-hour sessions in which she shares targeted advice and feedback. She is a powerful resource for smaller to medium-sized nonprofits looking to address specific challenges and implement impactful solutions.

A screenshot of Clairification’s website, which goes into detail about the fundraising consultant’s areas of expertise.

3. Jay Frost

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Jay Frost is a fundraising consultant with over three decades of experience working with new and established nonprofits, helping them tap into meaningful fundraising opportunities. As the founder of Frost Fundraising, he speaks at conferences and counsels clients on how they can run effective campaigns.

Additionally, he is a leading expert on social media and how nonprofits can use these popular platforms to engage donors.

Fundraising Services

Jay Frost can assist your nonprofit with:

  • Conducting campaign feasibility studies
  • Auditing your development strategy
  • Training your campaign leadership and staff
  • Developing major donor strategies and proposals

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

Thanks to his extensive experience, Jay Frost has the expertise to create long-term solutions for a wide range of organizations and causes. He can even work with you to design a board retreat that reenergizes your board members and prepares them for their roles as decision-makers and fundraisers.

A screenshot from Jay Frost’s website, which goes into detail about how he shares his fundraising expertise with nonprofits.

4. Get Fully Funded

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Sandy Rees founded Get Fully Funded to support nonprofits with a blend of fundraising and personal development consulting. This means that she’ll equip your team with the best practices to raise more and the confidence to reach out to donors.

Get Fully Funded’s fundraising coaches will produce a detailed, customized revenue roadmap for your nonprofit based on your specific goals and mission.

Fundraising Services

This fundraising consulting firm offers coaching and workshops on:

  • Building donor relationships
  • Engaging board members
  • Creating a fundraising plan
  • Applying for grants

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

By enlisting the help of a Get Fully Funded fundraising coach, your nonprofit can benefit from monthly one-on-one calls and unlimited access to expert advice via email. To determine whether their services are right for your needs, you can request a free strategy session with the firm to learn more.

A screenshot of Get Fully Funded’s fundraising coaching website.

5. Bristol Strategy Group

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Before founding Bristol Strategy Group, Ellen Bristol had a successful 20-year career selling mainframe computers for Fortune 500 companies. Now, she’s committed to leveraging her high-performing sales experience to help nonprofits achieve fundraising success.

This fundraising consulting firm provides many expert resources for increasing your fundraising productivity and diversifying your revenue streams.

Fundraising Services

Bristol Strategy Group’s consulting sessions equip nonprofits with tips, tools, and best practices for:

  • Identifying high-potential prospects
  • Creating marketing strategies to attract more donors
  • Improving the donor journey
  • Adjusting your strategy based on fundraising data

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

Bristol Strategy Group uses technology and real-world fundraising research to evaluate your nonprofit’s strategies. Whether you’re trying to secure a corporate sponsorship or acquire new major donors, these experts are here to help you raise more with less effort.

A screenshot of the Bristol Strategy Group website, which describes how the fundraising consulting firm can support nonprofits.

6. BrightDot

Fundraising Consultant Overview

BrightDot is a fundraising consulting firm that focuses on three words when it comes to helping nonprofits secure more generous donations: “Donors, Dreams, and Delivered.” The BrightDot team leverages insights from psychologists, professors, and nonprofit leaders to inform their coaching approach.

If your nonprofit is looking for ways to improve its fundraising process, these fundraising experts can supply the tips and tools needed to raise more for your mission.

Fundraising Services

BrightDot can coach your nonprofit on how to:

  • Assess job candidates and train existing staff members
  • Build meaningful relationships with prospective donors
  • Use communication tools to enhance your fundraising efforts
  • Develop a fundraising team focused on high-impact results

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

By partnering with these fundraising consultants, your nonprofit can reduce 18-month turnover and cut its donor cultivation time in half. BrightDot ensures that you have the foundation you need to power fundraising success far into the future.

A screenshot of BrightDot’s website, which details how these fundraising consultants can help nonprofits raise more.

7. Tom Ahern

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Tom Ahern, founder of Ahern Donor Communications, is a fundraising consultant with career experience in sales and copywriting. He places donor communications at the center of fundraising success.

For nonprofits looking to build a strong community of support around their mission, Ahern has the wordsmithing expertise to help you win donors’ hearts.

Fundraising Services

Some of the main training topics that this fundraising expert offers include:

  • Persuasion psychology
  • Crafting successful direct mail appeals
  • Developing a convincing case for support
  • Raising funds through print donor newsletters

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

Tom Ahern’s training sets your team up to cultivate relationships that will accelerate your fundraising performance for years to come. You can even request in-depth critiques or exercises during a training session to provide your staff with the chance to improve their donor communication skills.

A screenshot of Tom Ahern’s fundraising and donor communications website.

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Fundraising Consulting Firms for Data-Driven Strategies

1. DNL OmniMedia

Fundraising Consultant Overview

DNL OmniMedia is a fundraising consulting firm that focuses on helping nonprofits achieve their goals through their technology and web platforms. DNL’s experts can design your technical strategy from the ground up so you can make the most of your CRM, online fundraising platforms, social media pages, and reporting tools.

By partnering with these nonprofit consultants, you’ll develop tactics for raising more revenue and learn how to leverage technology to streamline your operations.

Fundraising Services

DNL OmniMedia can support your nonprofit with:

  • Developing an omnichannel fundraising campaign
  • Automating donor stewardship
  • Migrating your fundraising data
  • Implementing and maximizing online fundraising solutions

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

DNL OmniMedia approaches fundraising through a data- and technology-focused lens. Beyond supporting your campaigns, the DNL team can help you identify KPIs and review your fundraising data to continually refine your strategies for better results.

A screenshot of DNL OmniMedia’s fundraising page, which lists the fundraising consulting firm’s services.

2. Redpath

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Redpath is a Salesforce consulting partner that works to provide nonprofits with a database tailor-made for fundraising success. This consulting firm has supported over 400 organizations in projects such as implementing their Salesforce CRM solution and marketing automation.

Redpath can develop Salesforce solutions to fit your specific needs, allowing you to access a 360-degree view of its donors and unlock insights for better fundraising.

Fundraising Services

The Redpath team will enhance your fundraising by:

  • Configuring Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud and Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) for your nonprofit
  • Setting up integrations to provide real-time data on fundraising engagement
  • Automating communications to strengthen donor relationships
  • Facilitating grant applications using Nonprofit Cloud and NPSP

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

The right nonprofit tools free up more of your staff’s time and energy to focus on other aspects of your mission. Whether you currently use Salesforce or you’re looking to invest in Salesforce solutions, Redpath will ensure you have everything you need to meet your fundraising goals.

A screenshot of Redpath’s fundraising solutions page, which describes how the fundraising consulting firm can support nonprofits.

3. Pursuant

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Pursuant is a marketing and fundraising agency that provides direct response fundraising services guided by a research-based approach. These nonprofit consultants focus on your nonprofit’s unique purpose, supporter behavior, and donor motivations to help you craft data-driven fundraising strategies.

The Pursuant team includes expert writers and graphic designers who will craft compelling fundraising messages that inspire your audience members to take action.

Fundraising Services

Pursuant’s main services involve:

  • Developing direct mail campaigns
  • Digital marketing and fundraising
  • Social media and paid online advertising
  • Upgrading mid-level and annual fund donors

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

A powerful story leaves a lasting impression. Pursuant’s focus on storytelling allows your nonprofit to resonate with donors on a deeper, more meaningful level. Then, they’ll look at your donor engagement to determine how to keep them engaged with your mission for the long run.

A screenshot from Pursuant’s website, which shares the direct response fundraising agency’s services.

4. NPOInfo

Fundraising Consultant Overview

The more you know about your donors, the better you’re able to connect with them through fundraising outreach. That’s where NPOInfo’s data enrichment services come in handy.

Whether you’re trying to earn more matching gifts or identify major donor prospects, NPOInfo can provide you with the information you need to fundraise more effectively.

Fundraising Services

NPOInfo offers the following services to enhance your fundraising results:

  • Employer appends
  • Email appends
  • Demographic data appends
  • Address appends

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

Using NPOInfo’s services, your nonprofit can augment its database and access crucial details to guide your fundraising efforts. Once you receive your appends, their team will stay in touch to ensure that your records stay accurate and up to date over time.

A screenshot of NPOInfo’s services page, which lists various appends for boosting your fundraising results.

5. CCS Fundraising

Fundraising Consultant Overview

CCS Fundraising is a strategic fundraising consulting firm with a data-driven approach. These fundraising consultants will support your nonprofit through every step of your campaign, from planning to execution.

Every year, over 500 organizations across the U.S. and around the world trust CCS Fundraising to guide them through their fundraising journeys.

Fundraising Services

Some of the primary ways the CCS Fundraising team can support your nonprofit include:

  • Conducting planning and feasibility studies
  • Creating donor cultivation strategies
  • Analyzing your historical fundraising data to glean insights
  • Auditing your fundraising program to identify improvement opportunities

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

CCS Fundraising uses the latest research tools and databases to prepare your nonprofit for fundraising success. To maximize your outreach results, the team will map out your relationships with prospective donors and conduct wealth screening to evaluate your existing donors’ giving capacity.

A screenshot of the CCS Fundraising website, which explains the strategic fundraising consulting firm’s services.

6. Whole Whale

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Whole Whale is a digital fundraising agency founded by George Weiner, who is dedicated to supporting nonprofits through democratizing data and measuring success. Since the agency’s inception, Whole Whale has partnered with over 100 nonprofits, including Planned Parenthood and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

Weiner and his team can help your nonprofit make use of digital resources to amplify your reach and win support for your fundraising campaigns.

Fundraising Services

Whole Whale’s fundraising experts provide services in areas such as:

  • SEO and content marketing
  • Conversion optimization through A/B testing
  • Staff training in using AI to streamline workflows
  • Custom data analysis of your donor database and social platforms

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

In addition to its fundraising and marketing services, Whole Whale provides an array of training resources through Whole Whale University. By enrolling, you can gain unlimited access to courses, guides, and templates on all there is to know about effective fundraising.

A screenshot of Whole Whale’s website, which includes the marketing and fundraising agency’s services.

7. NextAfter

Fundraising Consultant Overview

NextAfter is a fundraising agency that uses its fundraising experiments and research studies to advise nonprofits on how to improve their strategies. These consultants take a digital-first approach to donor acquisition and apply a learning mindset to every partnership.

When you reach out to NextAfter, a team of data scientists will compile your data into actionable insights for fundraising growth. Then, they’ll work with you to develop strategies to acquire and retain passionate donors for your mission.

Fundraising Services

NextAfter’s team will take your fundraising strategy to the next level by:

  • Mapping out your donor experience
  • Designing an experimentation plan for you to conduct A/B testing
  • Helping you create marketing content that provides value to donors and inspires generosity
  • Analyzing metrics to increase traffic, donations, and average gift size

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

NextAfter has a Fundraising Research Lab dedicated to studying donor engagement and pinpointing the fundraising tactics that work best for nonprofits. The agency has conducted over 2,500 online fundraising experiments to inform its consulting approach. With this experience, these experts can share the latest tips and best practices for enhancing your nonprofit’s results.

A screenshot of NextAfter’s website, which shares how the fundraising agency supports its nonprofit clients.

Download our free matching gifts guide to learn how to boost your nonprofit’s fundraising revenue.

Fundraising Consultants for Capital Campaigns & Major Gifts

1. Graham-Pelton

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Graham-Pelton is a fundraising consulting firm that serves nonprofits, healthcare organizations, higher education institutions, and independent schools around the world. The consultants at Graham-Pelton regularly collaborate in industry-focused practice groups to stay tapped into the latest trends and challenges that the nonprofit sector faces.

While nonprofits can benefit from the Graham-Pelton team’s expertise in many ways, from growth planning to development assessments, the firm’s stand-out services are its capital campaign and major gift consulting.

Fundraising Services

These fundraising experts can support your nonprofit’s initiatives by helping you:

  • Conduct a campaign planning and feasibility study
  • Secure leadership and board buy-in for your campaign
  • Keep your stakeholders invested at the end of a capital campaign
  • Build detailed portfolios of qualified major prospects

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

Graham-Pelton prioritizes creating high-quality client experiences through its Client Listening Program. Throughout your engagement with the firm, you’ll be able to fill out electronic surveys to provide feedback. These opportunities allow them to improve their approach and deliver the best value possible to your nonprofit.

A screenshot of Graham-Pelton’s website, which provides an overview of the fundraising consulting firm.

2. Capital Campaign Pro

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Capital Campaign Pro provides specialized capital campaign consulting services for nonprofits. All of the firm’s advisors have experience leading successful campaigns. They’ll match you with the expert who best fits your campaign goals, mission, and working style.

Furthermore, by partnering with Capital Campaign Pro, your nonprofit will be able to access additional resources such as an online toolkit with templates, weekly group advising calls, and leadership training sessions.

Fundraising Services

Capital Campaign Pro’s advisors will set your next campaign up for success by:

  • Developing a campaign plan with objectives, a gift range chart, and a case for support.
  • Guiding your fundraising team through a feasibility study
  • Helping you secure board approval for your campaign
  • Working with you to secure your campaign’s quiet phase fundraising goal

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

If your nonprofit isn’t quite ready to invest in a consultant for its capital campaign, the consulting firm has a DIY Essentials Plan that includes a toolkit of over 120 resources, exclusive leadership training, and weekly peer support.

A screenshot of Capital Campaign Pro’s website, which explains how these fundraising consultants can support your capital campaign.

3. Brian Lacy

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Brian Lacy, of Brian Lacy and Associates, has over three decades of nonprofit consulting experience, particularly in fundraising and data analysis. The firm has enabled over 400 nonprofits to raise more than $1 billion in philanthropic support through annual giving and capital campaigns.

The Brian Lacy and Associates team will work with your nonprofit to develop the long-lasting donor relationships that are crucial for your fundraising success.

Fundraising Services

The consulting firm’s main fundraising services include:

  • Annual giving audits
  • Major campaign feasibility and readiness studies
  • Development assessment and stakeholder engagement
  • Campaign staffing and management

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

In addition to campaign management and consulting, Brian Lacy and Associates provides prospect identification services to nonprofits in the U.S. and Canada. This means that nonprofits in North America can use the firm’s research services to unlock new prospects and improve their solicitation strategies.

A screenshot of the Brian Lacy and Associates fundraising consulting website.

4. Aspire Research Group

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Jennifer Filla, founder and CEO of Aspire Research Group, is committed to promoting nonprofit fundraising success through prospect research. With these research consultants on your side, you’ll be able to connect with the right donors and build relationships that fuel your mission.

Aspire Research Group takes donor details and converts them into actionable steps that your nonprofit can take to generate more revenue.

Fundraising Services

The consulting firm will assist your fundraising efforts by:

  • Performing relationship mapping to uncover new, promising connections.
  • Conducting wealth screening and verifying top prospects
  • Assembling in-depth prospect files for your nonprofit
  • Pinpointing key data points to inform your solicitation strategy

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

Prospect research and donor data shouldn’t be a mystery to your nonprofit’s staff. Beyond her consulting services, Filla’s Prospect Research Institute offers video lectures and live online classes that go over research fundamentals, from fundraising analytics to relationship management.

A screenshot of Aspire Research Group’s fundraising consulting website.

5. The Sheridan Group

Fundraising Consultant Overview

The Sheridan Group is a full-service fundraising consulting firm that has helped its clients achieve over $1 billion in fundraising success. These experts specialize in planning and developing nonprofit campaigns with $2 million to $20 million fundraising goals.

Organizations such as associations, independent schools, and religious institutions have all turned to The Sheridan Group for fundraising and capital campaign assessments.

Fundraising Services

Specifically, The Sheridan Group can help ensure your next capital campaign’s success by:

  • Conducting stakeholder interviews
  • Completing readiness and feasibility assessments
  • Adjusting campaign goals based on results
  • Planning and guiding the campaign

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

The Sheridan Group is focused on building long-term relationships with its clients. Over the last decade or so, the firm has developed an in-depth understanding of associations and how to help them launch impactful fundraising campaigns.

A screenshot from The Sheridan Group’s website, which provides an overview of the fundraising consulting firm.

6. Westfall Gold

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Westfall Gold’s fundraising consultants are experts in designing memorable events for engaging major donors. While the typical major donor journey takes an average of 12 to 18 months, the Westfall Gold method can generate buy-in and inspire giving in just 3 and a half days.

Westfall Gold has helped its nonprofit clients host more than 550 events to acquire, upgrade, and reactivate major donors.

Fundraising Services

The fundraising agency’s key services include:

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

These consultants are excellent for putting an engaging spin on your nonprofit’s fundraising activities. Beyond developing your major donor strategy, they can assist with specific event details such as creative asset creation, hotel accommodations, and top entertainment acquisition.

A screenshot of Westfall Gold’s website, which lists their top event fundraising consultant services.

7. Gail Perry Group

Fundraising Consultant Overview

The Gail Perry Group is a fundraising consulting firm with extensive experience in capital campaigns and major gift programs. These consultants will equip your nonprofit with a step-by-step plan to steer you toward campaign success.

Gail Perry and her team have helped nonprofits of all sizes, from grassroots organizations to large universities, achieve their most ambitious fundraising goals.

Fundraising Services

Specifically, the Gail Perry Group can assist your nonprofit by:

  • Conducting in-depth prospect research and feasibility studies
  • Crafting customized campaign plans for your nonprofit
  • Leading your board through fundraising workshops
  • Preparing your internal fundraising team for effective campaigns

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

As a boutique fundraising consulting firm, the Gail Perry Group focuses on providing personalized planning and advice to its nonprofit clients. You can even hire the team for a half- or full-day fundraising workshop as a way to dip your team’s toes into fundraising best practices before a campaign.

A screenshot of the Gail Perry Group’s fundraising consulting page.

Fundraising Agencies for Specific Sectors & Specialties

1. Pennington & Company – Best for Fraternity and Sorority Fundraising

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Pennington & Company provides fundraising consulting for fraternities and sororities in the U.S. Since its formation, the firm has helped over 950 chapters engage their alumni and run successful fundraising campaigns.

Pennington’s consultants have supported more than 300 capital campaigns for fraternities and sororities using their honed methodologies and emphasis on campaign results. Some notable clients include Delta Tau Delta at MIT and Sigma Chi at Stanford University.

Fundraising Services

Pennington’s main services include:

  • Capital campaign feasibility studies and planning
  • Prospect research and data mining
  • Annual campaign planning and execution
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

Pennington’s website platform makes it easy for chapters to stay connected with their alumni, with features such as an event calendar and alumni directory. This means that you’ll be able to nurture key relationships for future fundraising campaigns.

A screenshot of Pennington & Company’s website, which discusses the fundraising consulting firm’s main services.

2. Accordant – Best for Healthcare Organization Fundraising

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Accordant’s fundraising consultants work with healthcare organizations to help them tap into philanthropic opportunities. Each team member has over 20 years of experience in fundraising and healthcare leadership that they leverage to set their clients’ fundraising efforts up for success.

Beyond philanthropy and grants, Accordant’s consultants can improve your organization’s board governance, health equity, leadership team, and communication strategy.

Fundraising Services

Accordant’s consulting expertise covers the following areas:

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

The consulting firm has a dedicated team for children’s hospitals and care centers, which adapts their expert approach to help these organizations spread awareness and raise more funds. Accordant is not only focused on generating revenue for its clients but also on converting generosity into a meaningful impact for healthcare patients around the world.

A screenshot of Accordant’s website, which explains how these fundraising consultants can help their healthcare clients.

3. Greater Mission – Best for Faith-Based Organization Fundraising

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Greater Mission is a strategic fund-development consulting firm that’s dedicated to serving the Catholic Church and other faith-based ministries. Its team of experienced consultants offers exceptional firsthand experience paired with a strong compassion for the Church’s mission.

With Greater Mission’s support, you can better prioritize fund development in your strategic plan to foster both discipleship and generosity in your community.

Fundraising Services

Some of Greater Mission’s fundraising consulting services include:

  • Conducting capital campaign feasibility studies
  • Planning and executing capital campaigns
  • Increasing offertory income
  • Creating effective annual appeals

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

Greater Mission has a proven track record of success. By implementing the firm’s annual Amen Generosity model, parishes can unlock substantial income streams by combining spiritual inspiration with a clear case for support.

A screenshot from Greater Mission’s website, which provides an overview of the fundraising consultant’s services.

4. Laridae – Best Consultants for Canadian Nonprofits

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Laridae is a leading consulting and training firm for Canadian nonprofits looking to build capacity and lay a strong foundation for long-term success. These expert consultants have collaborated with over 250 nonprofits to evaluate and improve their existing strategies.

Laridae’s team is made of up professionals who have considerable experience working in the nonprofit sector, so they have a thorough understanding of the priorities and challenges that social purpose professionals face daily.

Fundraising Services

The firm’s primary services cover these areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Management and leadership training
  • Governance training
  • One-on-one coaching

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

Laridae places a heavy emphasis on learning for everyone on your nonprofit’s team, offering several training programs led by experienced consultants. Managers and leaders can enroll in live, cohort-based courses that provide opportunities to connect with peers and learn the latest best practices for success in the sector.

A screenshot of Laridae’s consulting page, which describes the firm’s services.

5. Swaim Strategies – Best for Fundraising Event Planning

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Swaim Strategies focuses on supporting nonprofit fundraising through engaging hybrid, virtual, and in-person event planning. These fundraising consultants utilize a combination of storytelling techniques and data to help you create unforgettable experiences for your attendees.

Whether you need assistance with planning an annual fundraising gala or a crafting program script that resonates with your audience, the experts at Swaim Strategies will help you meet your event goals.

Fundraising Services

The Swaim Strategies team can boost your event strategy by helping you:

  • Decide on the best event format
  • Solicit event sponsorships
  • Connect with donors through speakers and videos
  • Train your board, staff, and event committee on the latest fundraising event best practices

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

By partnering with Swaim Strategies, your nonprofit can learn how to evaluate its fundraising event performance and improve its results in the future. These consultants can walk you through how to use event software to track sponsorships, attendance, auction items, and more.

A screenshot of the Swaim Strategies website, which summarizes the event fundraising consulting firm’s services.

6. Grants Plus – Best Fundraising Consultants for Grants

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Grants Plus is the national leader in nonprofit grant consulting. The Grants Plus team serves 501(c)(3) nonprofits with an organizational budget of $1 million or more, helping clients earn over $300 million in grant funding since the firm’s inception.

If your nonprofit is looking to secure grant funding and diversify its revenue streams, reach out to the experts at Grant Plus to learn how to increase your likelihood of winning a grant.

Fundraising Services

Grant Plus supports its nonprofit partners by:

  • Finding promising grant prospects
  • Producing competitive grant applications on your behalf
  • Providing short-term staffing for your grant team
  • Helping you develop meaningful relationships with grant funders

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

Grants Plus is a reliable asset for securing significant additional funding through grants. Plus, these fundraising consultants provide comprehensive training to ensure your staff is armed with practical skills and best practices for securing more grants down the road.

A screenshot of the Grants Plus consulting services page.

7. Kwala – Best for Fundraising Graphic Design

Fundraising Consultant Overview

Kwala is a graphic design agency that focuses on creating stunning fundraising letters, event materials, logos, and flyers for nonprofits. For a fixed monthly price, you can request unlimited designs and revisions from a top designer to support your fundraising activities.

Whether you need eye-catching designs for a t-shirt fundraiser or visually appealing social media graphics, Kwala’s graphic designers have the skills to deliver.

Fundraising Services

Reach out to Kwala to create engaging campaign materials such as:

Why We Love This Fundraising Consulting Firm

Since Kwala specializes in mission-driven marketing, you can rest assured that their graphic designers understand how to infuse the importance of your cause throughout your visual materials. Plus, their monthly subscriptions come with no hidden fees or long-term commitments.

A screenshot from Kwala’s website, which features the various fundraising materials their graphic designers can create for your nonprofit.

Bonus: How to Hire a Fundraising Consultant

When you choose the right fundraising consultant for your nonprofit’s needs and budget, you unlock a long-lasting partnership to support your campaigns now and in the future. Follow these steps to find your match:

Five steps for hiring a fundraising consultant, explained in more detail below.

  1. Identify your goals and needs. First, determine what your nonprofit is hoping to accomplish with a fundraising consultant’s expertise. Are you trying to raise more funds through online advertising, such as Google Ads? Or are you about to launch a capital campaign? Use your goals and budget to guide your search for consultants with the specialties you need.
  2. Evaluate potential fundraising consulting firms. Make a list of all the potential consultants that meet the criteria you’ve set. Explore their websites to learn more about their consulting approach and knowledge. Furthermore, consider reaching out to peers in your sector who may be able to recommend exceptional firms they’ve worked with in the past.
  3. Meet with your top candidates and request a proposal. After you’ve conducted thorough research, reach out to your top choices through an introductory email or a brief phone call. Use this opportunity to discuss your goals and learn more about the consultant’s experience. Then, send them your request for proposal (RFP) and ask them for references that you can contact.
  4. Assess proposals and make your choice. Once you’ve received the proposals, evaluate each document with your team and get in touch with the fundraising consultant’s references. Narrow your choices down based on how well their recommendations and approach align with your mission, values, and priorities.
  5. Sign a contract with the fundraising consultant. Notify the consultant whose proposal you accepted and meet up with them to nail down the specifics of your partnership. For instance, you’ll confirm goals, timelines, responsibilities, communication expectations, payment schedules, and KPIs with your consultant before signing a contract with them.

Maintain open communication with your fundraising consultant throughout your collaboration to ensure that you get the most out of their support. This includes providing them with details about your nonprofit’s mission, finances, and previous campaigns as needed. Then, you’ll be well on your way to a productive and fruitful partnership.

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