Top Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Fundraising is essential for schools to financially support sports teams, clubs, events, class trips, and building repairs and expansions. School fundraising has been around for decades, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any new ideas or any classics that can’t be revamped into fresh new projects!

Almost all schools are in need of a little monetary assistance, and below we’ve provided a list of several fundraising ideas for schools that work for elementary, middle, and high schoolers who want to fund anything from field trips to football games.

Check out our list of 40 fundraising ideas for schools of all sizes!

Product Fundraising Ideas

Amazon Fundraising

Vroom! Vroom! Drive traffic, not cars. Did you know that most major online retailers offer affiliate programs through which they provide commissions to businesses, websites, and nonprofits that help to drive both traffic and sales? — the internet jungle where you can find anything and everything that your nonprofit could ever wish to promote — runs Amazon Associates, a program that provides a share of all sales generated from links to Amazon’s website to the nonprofits who share those links on their pages.

Sharing is caring, and Amazon turns that caring into cold hard cash.

How much cash? For each purchase made through these links, your nonprofit earns up to 10% in advertising fees from Amazon’s affiliate program. 10% might sound like you’re getting the short end of the stick, but millions of internet users buy from Amazon, so you’re getting the beneficial end of a potentially long stick.

Book Sale

Whether you’re a student, parent, teacher, or administrator, you certainly have a book or two at home that has been gathering dust for months or year.

Those books can be more useful than acting as temporary coasters. If you set up a used book sale one Friday afternoon, all the books that have been laying around can turn into cold, hard, fundraising cash for your school.

Put drop boxes around your school or local businesses who are willing to participate. Announce the book drive with:

  • Fliers
  • Posters
  • Emails
  • Word-of-mouth

If you have leftover books that did not get sold at the book sale, you can always donate them to local charities, shelters, or even add the ones in good condition to your school’s library.

Car Decal Fundraiser

Car Decals

Car decals might not necessarily be the first thing you think of when coming up with fundraising products to sell at your school, but they have the potential to raise a lot of money.

Students and parents alike want to represent their school, and an easy way to do this is by placing a decal on their car.

You can create decals with your:

  • School name
  • School mascot
  • School sports teams
  • School clubs

Selling car decals can be an especially relevant fundraiser at high schools, because students in 10th and 11th grade are just getting their driver’s licenses and first cars. These are the perfect customers for car decals!

Car decal fundraisers can promote school spirit and bring in some much-needed funds for your school!


Cookbook fundraisers are very common at schools, and they can be a lot of fun for parents. Almost every mom, dad, grandpa, and grandma has a family recipe, and many of them would love to share the recipe with other families of children that go to their child’s school.

School cookbooks often sell for more than twice their cost, so your school has the potential for a lot of fundraising revenue. Schools can either:

  • Use their own printers and tools to make the cookbook.
  • Use a cookbook making service to put together the recipes in a more professional manner.

By getting parents and family members involved through the asking for contributions of recipes, you are much more likely to get them to buy a copy of the book that they are included in.

Engraved Bricks

Parents and students alike want to leave their mark on their school. Provide them with this opportunity by selling spots on bricks that will be used in a walkway or a courtyard at your school! You can partner with a company to make sure your brick engravings are of high quality, and then place names and small blurbs about each donor/buyer on each brick.

This type of fundraiser brings a great opportunity to reach out to alumni, so make sure you are contacting them through email and direct mail.

Also, reach out specifically to students and parents of students who are about to graduate from your school:

  • Fifth graders at elementary schools
  • Eighth graders at middle schools
  • Seniors at high schools

These are the students who are more likely to be motivated to want to leave their mark, as they are moving onto the next steps in their lives in the coming months.

Flower Bulb Fundraiser

For a great eco-friendly fundraiser, try selling flower bulbs to the green thumbs in your local community!

You can buy bulbs at wholesale prices through a company that specializes in flower bulb fundraising and sell them during the spring or fall growing season.

Students can sell the different types of bulbs to their neighbors and family members.

Not only is this a great way for your school to raise money, but you’re also helping beautify the community. When your school sells flower bulbs, it’s a win for everyone involved!

Popcorn Sales

Popcorn can be enjoyed all year long, whether it’s hot or cold outside, at a sporting event or in your very own home. There are several different companies your school can partner with in order to buy gourmet popcorn in bulk so that you can provide tasty treats to your students and their families while also bringing in support for your school.

Selling something as delicious as popcorn isn’t difficult, and by organizing sales once a semester, you can bring in revenue for fall and spring.

Students of all ages love popcorn, and you could even turn it into a competition. Whichever grade sells the most popcorn gets a party or an extra hour of recess for a week.

School Calendar Fundraiser

School Calendar

A school calendar can be a huge fundraiser, and it can do especially well if directed specifically towards parents and family members of students at your school.

Calendars can include:

  • Student artwork
  • Class photos
  • Pictures of school events

There are several options when it comes to how to create your calendar:

  1. Keep the price low by using school equipment and volunteers (yearbook or newspaper staff would be a great resource!)
  2. You can spend a little extra and use a professional printing service.

Calendars make great Christmas presents, so selling them around that time is definitely a strategy you’ll want to consider. But remember, preparing for and creating calendars can take a bit of time, so plan ahead to make sure you have everything done well before you start selling them!

Trash Bag Sale

Think about it. Every household with children, regardless of their age, uses trash bags on a daily basis.

Why not tap into that need and raise some money for your school? Buy some bags at wholesale price and have students sell them in different quantities to their:

  • Family members
  • Neighbors
  • Friends
  • Other members of the community

While this fundraiser admittedly isn’t as glamorous as others, it is still a great way for your school to raise some money and provide families in the community with a product that they use all the time. Consider this fundraising idea in the bag!

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

If your school is hesitant to sell candy or other sweet treats, try selling candles!

Yankee Candle fundraisers allow your school to collect 40% of the profits made from selling the sweet smelling candles that everyone knows and loves.

Yankee will individually package all of the sales so that you and your students don’t have to worry about breaking any of the jars during delivery.

With seasonal options as well, Yankee Candles provides your school with a great fundraiser that makes people’s homes smell delightful.

Event Fundraising Ideas

Art Auction Fundraiser

Art Auction

Perfect for students of all ages, an art auction is an exciting way to get your kids excited about art, and it has the potential to bring in substantial amounts of money for your school’s needs.

During one month of the year in art class, have your school’s art teachers create a project for your students to create a masterpiece of their own to auction off during an event. There is also the opportunity to ask for donations from local art-centered businesses or galleries.

An art auction is a low cost, high-reward fundraising option for your school. Regardless of what amount of funding is brought in through this fundraiser, anything that fosters children’s creativity is going to produce a positive result.

Bottle Can Fundraiser

Bottle and Can Drive

Bottle and can drives can be held once a month or once a semester. Let the community know by:

  • Posting fliers at local restaurants
  • Putting an ad in the paper
  • Making announcements on local radio stations.

People have to throw away their bottles and cans, and if they’re aware of a bottle and can drive that can support their local school, they’ll be more willing to take their bottles and cans to a drop-off.

Having multiple drop-off spots can be beneficial, as this will make it easier for people to participate.

Make sure to ask your local recycling plant what the best way is to drop off these products, whether it be in plastic bags or bins, and how they prefer the items be sorted.

The amount of cash your school could potentially receive for returning bottles and cans may seem small, but if you have enough people participate, this simple fundraiser could bring in hundreds of dollars. Plus, you are encouraging your students and community to participate in recycling.

There are multiple benefits to this type of fundraiser, and the organization is easy as can be. Bottle and can drives have been around for so long for a reason. 

Hat Day Fundraiser

Hat Day

Hat day is a simple fundraiser to put together, and it’s really fun, too!

Since hats generally aren’t allowed in schools, designate a day where students and faculty get to wear one for a small donation.

Charge $1 for hat-wearing privilege, and you’ll create an exciting day for the kids and bring in money for your school. Hat day is extremely easy to organize and lets students express themselves and oftentimes represent their favorite sports teams or club.

This type of fundraiser is usually the most successful with middle schoolers, but can appeal to high school students, as well. Give a dollar; wear a hat! It’s that easy.

No Uniform Day

If your school is a private school in which students wear uniforms, this fundraiser is for you!

Kids love wearing their own clothes to school, and by organizing a few no uniform days per year, you can fundraise while getting the kids excited about showing their own style!

By requiring each student who wants to dress down to bring $1 to school, you are potentially fundraising a few hundred dollars each time you announce a no uniform day, depending on the size of your school.

Whether you have a no uniform day once a month or once a semester, this fundraiser is a simple one to organize and gets kids excited to come to school.

Online Auction Fundraising

Online Auction

This is a great fundraising activity that doesn’t require hosting an actual event. A school charity auction can easily be hosted online using charity auction software.

Online charity auctions usually go down like this:

  1. Images, descriptions, and values of all items are uploaded to the website.
  2. Parents and members of the community can go online to create an account.
  3. They bid on items and can even select “buy now” pricing.
  4. All bidding, payments, and promotion are done through the website, and it doesn’t require the up-front costs of producing a full-scale event.

One great way to get auction items together for a school fundraiser is to task each class with donating an auction item. Some people may have special items they can donate such as:

  • Offering their seats if they are season tickets holders for a sporting event.
  • Gift certificates to restaurants.
  • Spa certificates.

Your school may also consider adding a few high ticket items that can add excitement and be very lucrative for your school. These items include prizes like a vacation get-away or exclusive VIP package at no risk to your school. If the bid minimum is not met, you are not obligated to purchase the prize.

Parents’ Party

School fundraising can often focus on the students, but an effective way to raise funds is to instead focus on parents.

A Party for Parents is a great way to get parents and local businesses involved at the same time.

Team up with a local restaurant to host your event. Many businesses are more than happy to host your fundraiser, and chain restaurants often have special programs just for fundraising. If your students are young, include child care as an added incentive to get parents to come.

This is an excellent opportunity for a corporate match campaign where a local business pledges to match each donation up to a certain amount. It gives the business more publicity, and increases participation in your event, as parents know that every dollar they donate will be doubled.

Read-a-thon Fundraiser


A read-a-thon is the ideal fundraising idea for schools, particularly because the kids participating in the fundraiser get to spend their time reading and learning instead of selling the same old fundraising items every year over and over again.

Similar to a walk-a-thon, a read-a-thon can bring in lots of fundraising revenue without requiring parents to donate truckloads of their own money.

You can structure your read-a-thon like this:

  1. Whether it is five or ten or twenty-eight, encourage or assign students a goal number of sponsors to support them in their fundraising efforts.
  2. Give students a tracking sheet with a place for parent or teacher initials next to each spot for minutes or pages read.
  3. Offer students incentives to read, such as offering fun prizes to the top three who read the most.

A read-a-thon has the potential to bring in thousands of dollars for your school, and no matter how much money it raises, your students are still reading more than ever.

It’s a win for the kids no matter what!

School Dance Fundraiser

School Dance

Hosting a school dance as a fundraiser is an idea that can often be overlooked, yet can be incredibly effective. Dances are loved by all ages of students, from younger kids to teenagers.

It also gives you a great venue to combine other fundraising tactics to raise more money for your cause such as:

  • Fundraising raffles
  • Silent auction
  • Selling food, drinks, photos, and other items.

By hosting a school dance, it encourages teachers, parents, students and members of the community to all get involved. Be sure to make it fun by creating a theme that will be popular with your student body.

The primary source of money raised at a dance or similar fundraising event will come from your ticket sales. So be sure to price your tickets realistically to cover your costs. You may also want to consider getting local businesses to sponsor the event via corporate giving.

They can make a financial contribution in exchange for:

  • Recognition at the event.
  • Access to event registrations.
  • Ability to distribute coupons.

Not all sponsorships have to be financial contributions. Some companies may choose to participate by helping to cover other costs by volunteering at the event or via in-kind donations such as:

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Prizes for raffles
Serve-a-thon Fundraiser

Student Serve-a-thon

Similar to a walk-a-thon, a serve-a-thon engages students to raise money for your school. Each classroom or grade chooses an activity to help the community such as

  • Raking leaves for the elderly.
  • Cleaning up a local park.
  • Painting a mural.

Supporters pledge money to students in support of this work. This fundraising method is effective in a few different ways:

  1. All the money raised goes towards your goal.
  2. It helps students get involved in the community, while simultaneously helping their school’s cause.

Using crowdfunding software extends the reach of your fundraiser and allows students to engage with friends and family through their personal fundraising pages. Top fundraisers and top fundraising classes receive awards – like a pizza party, movie time, or extra recess.

Talent Show Fundraiser

Talent Show

A talent show is a great way to include kids from elementary school all the way up to high school in your fundraising efforts.

The first step is to create a flyer which includes the time, place, and cost to enter the talent show. Charging individuals or groups a reasonable amount of money to enter will generate more entries, and you will be able to gain more revenue from more parents and guests who attend the talent show.

Be sure to create different categories based on age if your school includes several age groups. A group for elementary school children, middle school children, and high schoolers usually covers it!

Talent show rehearsals are necessary in order to make sure time flows appropriately, so have your talent show committee set aside time each week leading up to the talent show for students to rehearse before all of the parents show up to watch their kids on stage.

At the talent show, have a brief intermission for snacks and refreshments. This will encourage parents to go to a concession stand in between acts, which allows for even more fundraising to take place at the show.

Don’t forget to buy medals or trophies for the top three winners in each category. Something tangible to hold is even more motivation for kids to put in their best efforts.

A school talent show is a fun and entertaining event, and has the potential to bring in a ton of fundraising cash for your school.

Seasonal Fundraising Ideas


Candygram fundraisers are simple to organize, very profitable for schools, and especially effective if they are done around the winter holidays or Valentine’s Day.

Advertise with fliers and school announcements one to two weeks prior to the actual Candygram event. Have students set up a booth in a common area such as the lunchroom.

Choose candy that is easy to buy in bulk. For an event held around the winter holidays, candy canes are a great idea. For Valentine’s Day, Hershey’s kisses work perfectly! Buy stock cards and ribbons for attaching the cards to the candy so that students can write notes to go along with their candygrams.

Set your price to a reasonable amount; just make sure the amount is high enough to make a profit on each piece of candy sold.

And it’s as easy as that!

Have a few students from the fundraising team deliver the candy on a designated day, maybe the last day of school before winter break or on Valentine’s Day.

A candygram is a creative way for students to get small gifts for one another, and it’s a low cost and easy fundraiser for any school to organize.

Chili Cook-Off

A chili cook-off is a perfect fall-time fundraising idea for schools. It gets parents and kids cooking together for a good cause.

Attendees of the cook-off try different samples and vote on which ones they like the best, and then the top chefs get prizes! You can also have parents choose judges within the community, if that’s the method you prefer. Make the prizes creative; maybe the overall winner gets top of the line cooking supplies! The attendees pay $5 to $10 dollars each, and they get to try some awesome chilis!

Tip: have a batch or two of extra chili on hand just in case one of the contestants doesn’t show up or if you have more attendees than chili.

Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Everyone loves love, right? Let your students and faculty express their appreciation for one another and throw a Flower’s for Valentine’s Day fundraiser.

This fundraiser will require a little bit of preparation on your part, but with the right students and faculty members helping you, you can pull it off and spread a little love on February 14th.

In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, have students and faculty members set up tables in heavily trafficked areas and advertise that they’ll be selling flowers for Valentine’s Day.

When someone wants to buy a flower in advance, simply have them write the following information on a small slip of paper:

  • The name of the recipient
  • A short message
  • Their own name (if they don’t want to be known as a secret admirer!)

The slips of paper should be creatively designed and have hearts or Cupids on them to go with the theme.

Buy bouquets of carnations or other inexpensive flowers and hand out individual ones to the lucky recipients!

Gift Wrapping Service

Anyone who’s ever tried to wrap a birthday or holiday present knows that it can be tricky. It’s definitely a team effort, and what better team to wrap presents next holiday season than a school’s sports team or club?

High school sports teams and clubs can make a little extra money during the winter months by offering a gift wrapping service to:

  • Other students
  • Faculty members
  • People in the community

Make sure that there is a good amount of advertising for the gift wrapping service.

  • Make morning and afternoon announcements.
  • Make eye-catching flyers.
  • Let local businesses know and ask if you can place the flyers at the counter or on the door.
  • Let people know by word of mouth.

Pretty soon, you will have raised money for your team or club and the members of your community will have beautifully wrapped presents for their friends and family.

Gingerbread House Competition

Gingerbread houses are a great way for young and older students alike to express their creativity and engage in some friendly competition.

Right before classes let out for the holidays, have each class design and build their own gingerbread house. You’ll probably want to provide some basic guidelines that help students with:

  • Size
  • Materials they can use
  • Theme
  • Other factors

Once each class has built their own delicious structure, have them display their creations on a table outside of their classrooms. You can also bring all of the houses together in one place like your gymnasium or lunch room.

Then, have your students and members of the community come in to vote (with their dollars and cents!) on which gingerbread house they like the best.

The class with the most money at the end can win a prize like extra recess or a party, and your school benefits by raising some extra dough!

Handmade Christmas Cards

If you have a creative bunch of students at your school, try a Christmas card fundraiser!

Families send Christmas cards to friends and family members, but they usually end up being the same generic, store-bought kind. You can help people personalize their Christmas cards by selling handmade ones created by artists, I mean, students, at your school.

Have students make different types of holiday greeting cards and sell them individually or as bundles. This fundraiser is a great way for people in your community save money on expensive Christmas cards and simultaneously raise some Christmas cash for your school.

Haunted House Fundraiser

Haunted House

BOO! Don’t worry, it’s just fundraising money dressed up for Halloween.

A haunted house is another great fall-themed (and specifically Halloween themed) fundraiser.

Make a haunted house out of your school’s gymnasium or cafeteria. A mixture of spooky and goofy is always a good combination, and the ratio here depends on the age-group of students who plan to attend. You could even have two separate sections, one for younger kids and one for high schoolers depending on how much space you have to work with.

Have teachers work the haunted house in order to add some entertainment. The students are sure to get a kick out of seeing their teachers dressed up!

Charge $5 ahead of time and $7 at the door, then show your haunted house guests a scary (or silly) time!

Holiday Wreath Fundraiser

Holiday Wreaths

The holidays are a time of year when people are feeling the most giving, and they are not likely to pass up contributing to a fundraiser for their local school. Whether they are parents of children at the school, or just members of the community where the school is located, people are always willing to give a few extra bucks around the holiday season.

Advertise holiday wreaths starting in early November in order to give parents and your local community the opportunity to buy a wreath for upcoming holidays. There are several companies your school can use to buy wreaths for fundraising purposes, and preparing early in the fall semester will get you a jump start on the holiday season.

Selling holiday wreaths is one of the most common ways schools make the best use out of the most charitable season of the year, so get in on this opportunity and decorate some doors with the holiday spirit!

Lemonade Stand Fundraiser for Schools

LemonAID Stand

Ah, springtime. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and it’s really starting to get warm.

April is the perfect time to have a lemonade stand set up by your students. Best for students in middle school or high school, all that’s needed is

  • A table
  • Cups
  • A lemonade stand sign
  • And lemonade of course!

Buy a large lemonade mix or make some homemade lemonade and set up a stand outside where students will feel the most springtime warmth! You can have students run the stand outside where students are waiting for their parents to pick them up in the parking lot or in outdoor hallways if your school has more of an open layout.

This type of fundraiser will do best if there is a specific cause the lemonade stand is raising money for. Students are more likely to spend their own money if they know what cause they are supporting.

By simply charging a dollar per cup of lemonade, you can make a profit by supplying students with a refreshing beverage!

Pumpkin Fundraiser

Pumpkin Sales

Students and their families are going to buy pumpkins for Halloween, so why not take advantage of this seasonal fundraising opportunity?

How do you get pumpkins? Start by calling a local pumpkin patch or farm and see if they are willing to sell pumpkins in bulk in order to give your school a good deal. Many local farms want to support their community, so finding one that will be willing to help out your school shouldn’t be too challenging.

Where do you sell the pumpkins? Your school’s parking lot is an easy answer for the question of location. It’s free to you, and usually empty on the weekends.

You can either do a pumpkin sale on one weekend of the month, or you can do a sale for several weekends leading up to Halloween. It might even be beneficial to do a sale the night before Halloween, even if it’s on a weekday, because some students and their parents will wait until the last minute to get their pumpkins.

Have a few teachers and parents who are willing to volunteer their time work the pumpkin sales. This, combined with the low cost of setting up the sale, will result in lots of fundraising revenue!

Fundraising Games

Bingo Fundraiser


Despite popular belief, bingo nights aren’t just for old folks’ homes. Bring a classic game to your school and money to your fundraising pockets with a good old-fashioned night of bingo.

It’s a game that’s simple to understand, so the youngest students can take part, too. This type of fundraiser is best suited for elementary school students, but can work for middle schoolers, too.

Bingo is a simple event to set up, and parents are often willing to provide refreshments and snacks to get the party going. Offering small trinkets can be a great incentive to win for the younger kids, and edible treats or gift certificates can be ideal prizes for grades 5-8.

You can charge $5 to get into the event, or charge per game. Everyone loves bingo, so why not get your kids and parents involved in a night of fun that will produce a night of funds?

carnival fundraiser


What better place to play games than at a carnival? While your school might not be able to get a Ferris wheel and fancy rides, you can still offer all of the same games that kids love to play at carnivals and state fairs.

Students can play games like:

  • Ring toss
  • Bobbing for apples
  • Toilet paper toss
  • Cake walk
  • Football toss
  • And many more!

You can charge per game or you can use a ticket system that allows students to buy a certain amount of tickets for a particular price.

Either way you go, your school is sure to win the fundraising game when you host a carnival.

Hula Hoop Contest

If you’re looking for a way to get your students to be more active and raise more money for your school, look no further than a hula hoop contest!

Students can pay a certain fee to enter the contest, and they can also obtain pledges from family members and friends who want to sponsor their hip-swinging hula-hooping!

Gather all the hoopers in the gym or outside if it’s a beautiful day and start the clock. Whoever can hula for the longest amount of time is the winner.

Because not many people can hula hoop for hours on end, you can have several rounds or even have a bracket system with students going head to head against each other.

Guess the Number of Jellybeans in a Jar Fundraiser

Jellybean Count

Everyone’s heard of a jellybean count, and most people have participated in one at least once in their lives. There’s a reason so many schools (and businesses) have jellybean counts — they work.

Have students pay $1 to guess how many jellybeans are in the jar, and at the end of a week of guessing, make an announcement over the school’s intercom of the winner, which will be the person who guessed the number closest to the amount of jellybeans in the jar.

The winner gets to keep the jar of jellybeans, and you have just raised money in a snap!

Make a Money Snake

A Make a Snake fundraiser is a great way for students to compete with each other in a friendly way while they raise a little bit of money for their school.

Each class outlines a squiggly line on the floor outside their classroom. This will be the foundation of their “snake.” Each day, students bring in whatever loose change or bills they can find in their couch cushions or on the floor of their parents’ mini van. They place the change along the squiggly line to fill out the “snake.”

Give students a week or two to complete their legless reptilian. Whichever class or grade has the most money at the end of the time period, wins!

Penny Wars

Penny wars is one of the most fun fundraising games there is, and it is applicable for elementary school students all the way up to high school students. This is an awesome fundraiser for many reasons, but the best is that setting it up is almost no cost to your school at all.

How it works:

  • Each class/grade gets a large glass jar.
  • Each jar is clearly labeled and placed in a central location at your school.
  • The goal for each class is to fill the jar up with as many pennies as possible over a week’s time.

THE TWIST- the goal here (and the part that’s going to raise the most money) is to sabotage the rival class jars. The students do this by putting coins and bills other than pennies in the jars.

So, 10 pennies would be cancelled out by a dime, 100 pennies would be cancelled out by a dollar, etc. The team with the best total is the winner!

Pick an Egg

A Pick an Egg fundraiser usually works best with younger students. It can be played during any time of the year, but works best around Easter and springtime.

Basically, you’ll fill plastic eggs with small prizes. If you’re appealing to younger students, you can include things like yo-yos or other small toys.

Then, charge students and faculty who want to “pick an egg” to, well, pick an egg!

You can set up multiple tables with baskets of eggs throughout the hallways and near school entrances. Students will like getting a prize before or during the school day, and you’ll generate a little extra money for your school.

Scratch Card Fundraisers

Scratch card fundraisers are one of the simplest ways to raise money for your school. Each student gets one scratch card with the potential to raise $100 on each. The cards have bubbles on them, and students find supporters who scratch off one or more of the bubbles, with each bubble revealing how much they will donate. The bubbles range from 50 cents to a few dollars.

Each supporter that scratches off is provided with a coupon sheet that the students are provided with when they received their scratch off card.

Even if students only get half of the card’s worth scratched off, the profit is great. With twenty students in a class raising fifty dollars each, each class could raise $1,000!

Spelling Bee

A spelling bee fundraiser is similar to a read-a-thon in that students get sponsors, but instead of receiving money for how many minutes or pages are read, the fundraising comes from how many words are spelled correctly! Schools can have different categories for each grade to keep things fair, and there can even be an exhibition category for teachers.

Keep things fresh with different themed spelling bees, like:

  • Music
  • History
  • Sports
  • Literature
  • Science

A spelling bee is an event that is educational and fun, so why not use this idea to raise some money for your school?

teachers in jail fundraising ideas

Teachers in Jail

While putting teachers in “jail” may not sound like a game, students of all ages will definitely get a kick out of it.

Basically, kids collect a certain amount of money to throw their teacher in “jail” for a class period. They then take the money to the faculty or staff member in charge of the fundraiser and then get the rest of the class period to themselves.

In reality, the teachers just stay in the classroom and grade papers or take a nap while the students get a free class period to hang out in the gym or on the playground!

The rates can differ for each class, or you can charge each student a set amount, and if your school has multiple class periods in a day, you can make a lot of money off of this fundraiser.

This fundraiser is especially effective at the end of the school year or semester when teachers and students are tired and just want a day off.

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