Top 10 Nonprofits (Rated and Reviewed!)

NonprofitType of Organization
Global Village Champions Foundation, IncDisaster Relief
Veteran Tickets FoundationMilitary/Veterans
Center for Biological Diversity, IncEnvironment/Animals
Civil War TrustArts and Culture

The Project on Government Oversight, Inc

Top nonprofit organizations - The Project on Government Oversight


The Project on Government Oversight (POGO, for short) is based in Washington, D.C., and is an independent and nonpartisan watchdog group. Their investigations primarily deal with corruption, political misconduct, and conflicts of interest.

POGO’s goal is to move toward a more effective and accountable federal government.

In the past, the Project on Government Oversight has worked to help veterans and uncover the mismanagement and deception within the Department of Veterans Affairs.

POGO recently won the Dateline Award for investigative reporting for a project on the lenient security at U.S. embassies.

How to Get Involved

Because the Project on Government Oversight is non-partisan, they work hard to expose criminal or unethical activity on both sides of the political aisle. POGO has no party affiliations and works independent of the legislative, executive, or judicial branches.

Individuals who want to get involved can show their support by making a donation or by signing one of the many petitions on POGO’s site.

In fact, the “Do Something” tab on the Project on Government Oversight’s website offers supporters a wide variety of ways that they can get involved and describes exactly how donations help accomplish POGO’s mission.


When you give to POGO, you get more bang for your buck than with almost any other public interest group in the country. POGO is a lean, mean, exposing machine, respected by democrats and republicans alike for its objectivity and effectiveness.

Timothy S.

POGO is an excellent source of information. The people who investigate and write the columns are excellent. Keep up this important work!

Julie G.

POGO continues to bring issues and unknown issues to the public while protecting those who have brought them to POGO.

Simon R.

I know I can count on POGO whether the economy is good or bad, whether the President is Republican or Democrat, and no matter how Congress is split. They just want to get to the truth of how our money is spent and shine a light on on obvious excesses.

John C.

Project Vote Smart

Top nonprofit organizations - Project Vote Smart


Project Vote Smart is a nonprofit that seeks to educate voters about the political process and their candidates.

The organization seeks to provide non-biased and accurate information about current government officials, candidates that are running for office, and legislative issues.

Project Vote Smart’s website allows supporters to look at a candidate’s voting record, the special interest groups that support them, and their positions on crucial issues.

How to Get Involved

One of the coolest things about Project Vote Smart are the three ways that supporters can get involved.

Obviously, supporters can donate and volunteer, but Project Vote Smart also offers internships as well as comprehensive resources for teachers and schools.

Additionally, the nonprofit’s Political Galaxy allows supporters to look up any official’s voting record, position, speeches, and associated funding with a particular issue.


I no longer have to search through difficult websites via the government. I can see votes by all members of congress and legislature while also effectively sizing up my own local candidates. I don’t know of any other means to have this sort of information so readily at my fingertips.

Marilyn M.

I decided to work for Vote Smart because of its mission. There are Conservatives and Liberals everywhere that believe in us and believe that the facts ARE important. It keeps me from feeling defeated by the current political climate and is a constant reminder of why I choose to contribute to the organization.

Ashley M.

Project Vote Smart is great cause and a fun place to work. The staff and interns work hard to make sure the voting public stays informed and up to date.

Curran C.

Project VoteSmart has always been a reliable source of information for me on candidates and issues, bills in Congress….so much easier to track than any other resource!

Joyce R.

Big Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

Top nonprofit organizations - Big Cat Rescue


The Big Cat Rescue’s “narrow mission” is to give abused, abandoned, and retired big cats the best permanent home that they can. They also hope to end the big cat trade by increasing awareness.

Big Cat Rescue has built enclosures in a natural habitat on 45 acres in Tampa, Florida, and opens their doors to visitors with educational guided tours.

They also host educational programs for young people and try to educate people about the plight of big cats that are in the wild and in captivity.

How to Get Involved

The Big Cat Rescue’s website offers a few ways for supporters to get involved including, volunteering, becoming an intern, signing petitions, and making regular donations to the cause.

Additionally, Big Cat Rescue is partnered with Green and Evolve Recycling and collects supporters’ discarded ink cartridges and laser toners for donations.

There is also a section on their website where supporters can sign legislative petitions for specific states to advocate for big cats.


I took my 18-year-old niece on the feeding tour and the sanctuary tour. We had an incredible visit and learned so much. What a great organization! Very impressive and very caring staff. Thank you for all you do!

Kelly P.

What an amazing non-profit. The work and education being done is so well done. I went on my first tour of their non-contact facility and was amazed by the care that these beautiful animals were getting.

Wendy D.

Big Cat Rescue provides an awesome service for big cats that, sadly, is more necessary now than ever. Big cats deserve to live in the wild, but there are so many in the hands of private citizens that are abused and neglected. BCR helps these animals and gives them a home for the rest of their lives, complete with plenty of food, enrichment, vet care, and love.

Chris M.

They are not only saving lives, they are educating and helping to pass legislation. Their volunteers are dedicated and humble individuals, and you could tell the tour guide lives, breathes, and sleeps advocacy and conservation.

Catherine W.

Sankara Eye Foundation

Best nonprofit - Sankara eye Foundation


The Sankara Eye Foundation was started in India in 1977 and was then known as the Sankara Eye Society.

Since its inception, the Sankara Eye Foundation has performed 1.5 million free eye surgeries on individuals who were previously blind. They directly work with nearly 100,000 people each and every year.

The foundation has a state-of-the-art hospital that is located in Coimbatore, India. They also host “eye camps” and medical workshops across India and around the world in order to educate people about visual impairments and how they can be treated.

How to Get Involved

The Sankara Eye Foundation gladly accepts online and offline donations and also encourages supporters to volunteer.

Additionally, the nonprofit hosts events such as banquets, concerts, and dance performances to raise money for their cause. They also offer internship and observation opportunities to medical students.

To apply for an internship, a supporter needs to fill out an application and provide proof of immunization and medical insurance, a resume, a cover letter, and a personal photograph.


Sankara Eye Foundation is one of the renowned and well known eye care hospital in India. They provide excellent service and very good treatment to patients with advanced technology. The infrastructure of the hospital is good. The hospital is well maintained and hygienic.

William F.

It is rare to find a more dedicated group of folks who are really working for the betterment of our organization. Give generously, knowing that all funds are stretched to the max.

Anil L.

SEF USA has advanced the cause of curable blindness all over India through creative fundraising efforts in the US, and raising awareness through programs around the world. In little over 10 years they have really made a name for the organization and the cause.

Ramesh P.

This is a very good eye foundation for the benefit of society and mankind. It dispels the darkness and brings light and hope into the lives of families. It motivates the future upcoming of other such non profit organizations.

Katherine G.

The Fistula Foundation

Top nonprofit organizations - The Fistula Foundation


The Fistula Foundation works in 28 countries to treat women who suffer from obstetric fistula. They fund treatments, surgeon training, and the medical equipment that is necessary to treat the ailment.

Over one million women worldwide suffer from obstetric fistula, but every year, the Fistula Foundation enables over 4,500 women to receive free and safe fistula repair surgeries.

The Fistula Foundation primarily works with female populations in Africa and Asia, and since their inception in 2009, they have raised $26 million to treat fistula.

How to Get Involved

The Fistula Foundation offers a few ways for individuals to get involved with their organization just beyond donating. Supporters can join the “Circle of Friends” or start their own online fundraiser.

The “Circle of Friends” is a volunteer ambassador group that encourages people to be champions of obstetric fistula. The goal is to educate people about the condition and raise awareness.

Acceptance into the “Circle of Friends” includes access to the Fistula Foundation’s Ambassador’s Toolkit, which contains materials and resources for event fundraising and volunteer opportunities.


That anyone would even want to take up this cause is amazing, but furthermore, the organization spends 82% of its donations on the actual cause, while only 7% goes to overhead and 11% to fundraising. I was in San Jose recently and stopped by their headquarters to give them a cheer. They are a dedicated, passionate and lean machine and so worthy of your contribution.

Erin B.

Amazing organization! I’m very happy with the work they do to provide life-changing treatments to those in need!

Alissa R.

I have donated to The Fistula Foundation over the years, and they have done a remarkable job of sharing with me where the dollars go, how it is used, and the how it changes the lives of the women they help. It is pleasure to know that my money goes directly to improving the quality of life for women in need of obstetric care.

Leah C.

This is a brilliant and loving group of people, who save thousands of lives and help many more thousands get back to actually have a life. And they do it almost undercover. They’re not high profile, but they make every cent count and multiply its value with love. Love The Fistula Foundation’s work.

Isabel R.

Global Village Champions Foundation, Inc

Top nonprofit organizations - Global Village Champions Foundation


In the past two decades, the Global Village Champions Foundation (GVCF) has given over 900,000,000 meals to people in need. They provide humanitarian relief and nutrition delivery to underserved communities all around the world.

GVCF also encourages people to turn back to their own communities and volunteer at a local food bank or shelter.

Presently, the Global Village Champions Foundation runs entirely on volunteer power and has no staff on payroll. GVCF also partners with other nonprofits such as The Red Cross, C.A.R.E., the UN, Doctors Without Border, and the International Medical Corps.

How to Get Involved

The Global Village Champions Foundation accepts donations from supporters, but the main way that people can get involved is through GVCF’s volunteer efforts and “Villager” program.

Supporters simply need to input their information to become a “Villager” and start volunteering with the organization.

Of course, the Global Village Champions Foundation also wants to encourage individuals to feed the hungry in their own communities. As such, they want their supporters to volunteer at local food banks and shelters and start events of their own to inform people about humanitarian crises.


GVCF is a known charity for many years now. They have made multiple food, clothing, medical and water contributions where disasters have occurred around the world. Keep doing this, Global Villagers!

Steve H.

I believe that the Global Village Champions Foundation created a huge spark in the media with their help in saving Middle East refugees from ISAL since 2013. God Speed to this foundation.

Cris A.

I have witnessed a long history with this foundation, and there’s no doubt that in times of trouble whether there’s a need for emergency disaster relief, and as of recent, the rescue of refugees fleeing their unsafe countries, GVF is there to help.

Gibson H.

It was an honor and privileged to lend my support for Christmas in January in Orlando on behalf of Global Village. Yank Barry and all the other members of the team were so kind and appreciative. What a fun day!

Sharon P.

Veteran Tickets Foundation


The Veteran Tickets Foundation, more commonly known as VetTix, has a very simple mission: they want to help veterans create memories and get back out into society by “giving something to those who gave.”

The Veteran Tickets Foundation offers free tickets to veterans and their families to attend sports events, concerts, family activities, and more.

Since they started, they have distributed over 2 million tickets to servicemen and women who have served in the armed forces. Veterans and active military can also create a “Hero’s Wish” that donors and supporters can fulfill by donating an amount or donating specific tickets.

How to Get Involved

Because of the nature of the nonprofit, there are many ways for donors to support VetTix. Of course, monetary donations are always welcomed, but there are a few other ways for people to get involved.

For instance, VetTix encourages corporate giving programs like matching gifts. They also have an online store where supporters can buy t-shirts, jerseys, hats, pins, and more!

Supporters can also donate an old or extra vehicle to V-Dac, an organization that converts a donated car, truck, or RV into a tax-deductible donation to the Veteran Tickets Foundation.


I’ve only had one Vet Tix experience so far and it was very nice! The organization provided free tickets for The Nutcracker so that my family of 4 could experience a festive theater event during the holidays. As military Veterans we really appreciated the blessing and look forward to our next event!

Princess S.

The fact that there remains organizations such as this is refreshing and warms my heart. They provide a great service and I am proud that there are people out there that are still proud of the job veterans did and the sacrifices that were made.

William B.

I have been serving in the Air Force for 12 years with one tour in the desert. Thankful for the Veterans Tickets Foundation! They make it possible to attend events that my family and I otherwise might not be able to! Thanks VetTix!

Tyler T.

Awesome patriotic support! They have great dedication and a wonderful staff.

Kevin H.


Top Nonprofits - RedRover


RedRover helps nearly 2,000 animals each year undergo necessary surgeries and find good homes. They also help pets and animals that are displaced or injured by natural disasters.

They have three programs that serve pets and their families.

The RedRover Responders cares for animals who are displaced or injured by natural disasters. RedRover Readers is a literacy program that helps children bond with animals through stories and discussion. RedRover Relief offers financial help to pet guardians who can’t afford to pay for surgery or emergency care.

How to Get Involved

RedRover’s website has a great page on how to get involved if you have ten minutes, an hour or two, or want to get involved in a longer term volunteer position.

Supporters can browse the option that works best for them and act accordingly.

If a supporter has 10 minutes, RedRover suggests that they make a short video about their experience with the nonprofit. If a donor has an hour or two, RedRover asks them to help out with administrative tasks in their office. For a long-term volunteer role, the nonprofit suggests becoming a RedRover Responder or RedRover Reader.


Thank you Red Rover for helping with finances for my Charli Angel and her dental surgery! She is so much happier and now eats everything now that her gums and teeth do not hurt!

Sonya Z.

Thank You so much RedRover for making surgery happen for my little Yogi. I have hit a financial hardship in life and thanks to RedRover and a few others I was able to get Yogi the surgery he needed to get out of constant pain.

Heather L.

While I have never needed help from Red Rover, we have been donating to help others through this organization for several years. It is one of my “go to first” charities.

Geoff W.

I cannot thank Red Rover enough. Professor is going to be okay now. I have never felt such immense gratitude. You not only saved my cat; you saved my best friend and work buddy. You saved one of the most valuable things in my life.

Randall W.

Center for Biological Diversity, Inc

Top nonprofit organizations - Center for Biological Diversity


The Center for Biological Diversity is a nonprofit that focuses on the welfare of animals that are on the brink of endangerment or extinction. Through science, law, and creative media, they strive to protect animals and the environments they live in.

The Center for Biological Diversity emphasizes biological diversity, including “the overarching global problems of unsustainable human population and climate change [and] intensifying domestic sources of species endangerment.”

They have been around for over two decades and have no intention of slowing down their efforts to protect animals and the environment.

How to Get Involved

If you want to get involved with the Center for Biological Diversity, they offer a few different options. Obviously, supporters can make a donation, but there are other ways to help beyond giving monetary assistance.

Individuals can also sign up for volunteer opportunities including organization events, meeting representatives, making phone calls, doing field work, lending their artistic or professional skills, and doing outreach and education.

Supporters can also choose to supervise and/or train other volunteers to take on even more responsibility.


I so appreciate finding this non-profit! Because their efforts are targeted at everything wild, its efforts affect every life form on this planet.

Duke B.

Thank you to all the amazing people at the Center for Biological Diversity, for all that you do to ensure a better tomorrow for everyone and everything without a voice.

Lisa T.

I am very encouraged by the Center for Biological Diversity’s passionate involvement in learning about challenges to species’ survival, in publicizing what they’ve learned, and in finding ways for themselves and allied activists to take action in the face of those challenges.

Mark C.

I’m not sure if anything more can be said about the stellar work the Center for Biological Diversity is engaged in. There are a lot of groups out there who collect a lot of money for online petitions or advertising, with opaque management and questionable results. I see the Center on the ground taking legal action, bringing gains for our collective future that we can be proud of. I chose to become a quarterly donor so that they can continue their amazing work.

David L.

Civil War Trust

Top nonprofit organizations - Civil War Trust


The Civil War Trust is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that actively preserves America’s historic battlefields. They also educate the populace about the importance of those battles.

Since their inception, the Civil War Trust has saved over 43,000 acres of land.

Their website serves as an educational hub for teachers and students who want to learn more about the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War.

How to Get Involved

The Civil War Trust encourages citizens to get involved by making donations, spreading the word about battlefield preservation, and by becoming members of the nonprofit itself.

Supporters can also purchase merchandise from the nonprofit’s online storefront.

Donors can choose to give to a general fund, but they can also opt to give to specific battlefield preservation efforts or areas.


We give to several charitable organizations and the Civil War Trust is the one we hold in highest esteem. If only all other charities were operated with such integrity and professionalism!

Todd B.

I am very confident that the Civil War Trust spends money wisely. I have been impressed with the programs it supports and appreciate its openness with its finances.

Tommy J.

The Civil War Trust is an organization that epitomizes what a charity should be. In the 20 some years it has been my pleasure to support them I have never known them to waste a dime of funds. They are the best in my book!

William Y.

I have found their leadership and tireless efforts to save such memorable locations inspiring. Their efforts, combined with their highest rating for integrity and amount of funds used in restoration and saving lands will be forever remembered.

Richard L.

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