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Our Top Fundraising Idea — Crowdfunding

  • What is crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is a method of fundraising that lets individuals and organizations raise money for projects, expenses, events, and more by asking their online network for donations. Crowdfunding platforms let you set up an online donation page that is easily shared and lets you explain your cause.

  • Why is crowdfunding our favorite?

    Crowdfunding is modern, efficient, and effective. Thanks to the speed of the internet, a good crowdfunding campaign can raise money quickly. Plus, campaigns both spread awareness of your cause and bring a community together to rally around your fundraising goal.

  • How do you get started?

    To launch your crowdfunding campaign, you’ll need a compelling description, engaging photos, and a reasonable goal. Once you have those 3 core components, you’ll then need to select a crowdfunding platform to work with.

    We highly recommend Fundly, one of the leading crowdfunding platforms. All you have to do is sign up. There’s no upfront fee or cost.

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Use our most popular fundraising idea to raise money right now.

Our 33 Favorite Fundraising Ideas

#1: Fundraising Matches

Raise double the money with fundraising matches.

Corporations often reward employees who participate in walkathons, marathons, and other fundraisers.

The company will match a portion or all the funds an employee raises for the event. All your nonprofit has to do is let your supporters know that this is an option for donors.

#2: Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Raise money with a peer-to-peer fundraising idea.

Instead of raising funds on your own, with peer-to-peer fundraising, your supporters are fundraisers! They will create their own fundraising pages, set goals, and solicit donations from their peers.

You’ll be engaging your existing donors and gaining new donors in the process!

#3: Charity Auctions

50/50 Raffles are the perfect fundraising idea.

A charity auction is the perfect fundraising event because you can interact with your donors while you raise funds.

By using mobile bidding tools, your donors will be able to spend less time running around and checking on bids and more time learning about your cause.

#4: T-Shirts

T-shirt fundraisers are successful on two levels: first, everyone loves t-shirts, and ordering customized batches of t-shirts is easier than ever before!

Second, t-shirts are fundraising products your supporters can (and will want to) wear even after your campaign ends, so the word about your cause will continue to spread.

#5: Funds2Orgs

If your organization is planning on hosting a shoe drive fundraiser, you should try Funds2Orgs! Funds2Org handles all the hard work so your organization can focus on helping people.

They will help you plan your fundraiser, pick up the shoes that you’ve collected, and then send you a check based on the pounds of shoes you sent in!

#6: Blackbaud Customization

For nonprofits using Blackbaud software to manage donor relationships and fundraising campaigns, custom development by a trusted Blackbaud partner can help you fine-tune your technology strategy.

From creating custom Luminate forms to designing a totally unique TeamRaiser experience, the right partner can build a technology system that’s perfect for you.

#7: Text-To-Give

More and more supporters are gravitating towards their phones to interact with nonprofits and make contributions. Text-to-give offers your donors a convenient option. All they need to do is send a text containing their donation amount and presto! You have a new donor. 

The best part: you just need to find a provider who will do the hard work for you!

#8: Classroom Fundraising

Edco’s goal is to make fundraising less of a hassle for educators by decreasing the time they invest organizing a fundraiser and increasing money raised.

On average, an online fundraising platform raises four times as much per student compared to traditional fundraisers and is a hassle-free experience for all involved.

#9: Product Fundraising

Product fundraising is a traditional and effective fundraising idea.

Product fundraising is one of the more traditional forms of raising money, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t effective!

Selling products is so successful because you can promote your cause and engage supporters at the same time! Plus merchandise makes a great marketing tool when it’s customized for your brand.

#10: Advocacy Campaigns

Advocacy campaigns are a great fundraising idea for social causes.

While advocacy is not technically a fundraising idea, raising awareness and funds go hand-in-hand.

No matter how you’re raising funds, it’s important to share your cause if you want to raise money. Plus, by creating advocacy opportunities, you’re providing your donors with other ways to support your nonprofit.

#11: Walkathons

Host a walkathon as one of your fundraising ideas.

Walkathons are long distance walking fundraisers that are well-suited for hospitals and other health-related organizations. However, walkathons can work for any cause.

You can raise money by charging a registration fee and selling products during the event. Have walkers raise money by securing pledges based on miles walked.

#12: Custom Websites

Custom websites are a great fundraising idea for any organization.

Custom websites are the perfect marketing opportunity for your fundraising campaigns. Plus, when you use a website builder designed for nonprofits, it’s easy to create a donation page directly on your site.

Customize your site for your nonprofit’s brand and place a “Donate Here” button on the homepage for easy reference!

#13: Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands is top-notch fundraising idea.

A well-planned battle of the bands fundraising event is bound to be a smash hit. Charge bands an entry fee and attendees a ticket fee.

Make sure to recruit some esteemed judges, and sell concessions to kick your fundraising up to the next level. Remember, promotion and venue will be critical!

#14: 50/50 Raffle

Host a fifty-fifty raffle to raise money.

A 50/50 raffle is the perfect fundraiser because it doesn’t require any upfront costs. The winner of this raffle receives half of the funds raised, and your cause keeps the rest.

Not only is it inexpensive, but donors will get a kick out of contributing and watching the prize money get higher and higher with every donation.

#15: Angel Festival

Angel Festivals are fun fundraising ideas for churches.

An angel festival is the perfect fundraising event for churches, but other organizations can host them too. Have your supporters create angels using whatever materials they wish.

At the event, supporters can view all the angels, as well as enjoy hot chocolate and Christmas-themed carnival games.

#16: Carnival

Host carnivals as fun family-friendly fundraising ideas.

Who doesn’t enjoy a day of fun games and prizes? Hosting a community carnival is a great way to engage with supporters and raise funds.

You don’t even need to invest in expensive rides! Games like bobbing for apples, ring toss, and balloon pop are all fun and inexpensive. To take the event to the next level, see what activities and food you can get donated as a gift-in-kind.

#17: Marathon

Fundraising ideas like marathons requires a lot of planning.

Since marathons can take months to plan, this fundraising idea is best for larger nonprofits with a budget and team to help run the event. In fact, many major nonprofit organizations actually host annual road race fundraisers.

To make your marathon even more successful, you can set up an online registration page and sell products (like t-shirts!).

#18: Interactive Video Fundraiser

Raise money by starting an interactive fundraiser.

If you’re looking for a way to engage your supporters and raise funds online, try creating an interactive video fundraiser.

For this fundraiser, you should choose an activity, record a few staff members completing the challenge, and then encourage supporters to do the same!

#19: Trivia Night

Host a trivia night event as a fundraising idea for your organization.

Put your supporters to the test with a trivia night! You can partner with a local restaurant or coffee shop.

Not only will it be a great venue to host your event, but the restaurant might be willing to contribute a percentage of the night’s funds to your nonprofit.

#20: Gala

Run a gala to raise money for your nonprofit.

Even though galas require a lot of planning and prospect research, your nonprofit has the opportunity to raise a lot of funds with this formal event.

Plus, it will give you the chance to interact with major gift donors and thank them for all their contributions to your organization so far.

#21: Golf Tournament

Host a golf tournament to raise funds for your organization.

A golf tournament can be formal or informal, making it a great option for many nonprofits. It is an active event that gets your supporters out on a beautiful day, all for a good cause.

With a golf tournament, you will have the opportunity to get to know your donors better and vice versa.

#22: Themed Party

Create a theme party as one of your fundraising ideas.

A themed party is a versatile way to raise funds. You have so many options — from an 80s-themed party to an event where guests can bring their dogs.

Charge an entrance fee (with a discount for those in costume) and make sure your guests have fun!

#23: Best Seat in the House

Host a best seat in the house fundraiser as one of your fundraising ideas.

The best seat in the house fundraiser is essentially a raffle fundraiser; the only difference is that the prize is two great seats to a sports game, concert, or another performance.

Schools often use the fundraiser, but other organizations can use this fundraiser too. Just get prime seats to a popular event for your prize.

#24: Partner with a Restaurant

Partner with a restaurant to raise funds for your cause.

Many restaurants — Panera, Zaxby’s and Moe’s — will host fundraising events where a % of the money raised will go towards your nonprofit.

Since your supporters are already going to these restaurants, your nonprofit doesn’t have to spend much time planning an event. Just let supporters know about it in advance.

#25: Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun fundraising idea.

A scavenger hunt is a unique and creative fundraising idea that’s fun for supporters of all ages.

Teams or individuals can participate for a chance to win an awesome prize. You can pick a theme for your event to help you decide on what items participants need to collect.

#26: Date Auction

Date Auctions are fun fundraising ideas for organizations.

The date auction is a fun twist on a traditional charity auction. You can auction off fun dates, like a picnic in the park or tickets to the movies, along with eligible men and women.

Since this auction has a more informal atmosphere, have fun with your event by creating a theme.

#27: Karaoke Night

Host a karoke night to raise funds for your organization.

You can partner with a local bar or restaurant and have a karaoke night to raise funds for your nonprofit. Your supporters can come and enjoy a night of fun and singing.

Make sure to promote your event on social media or by posting flyers around the community to get people excited.

#28: Chain of Hearts

The chain of hearts fundraiser is a quick and easy way to raise funds.

The chain of hearts fundraisers is a simple way to raise money. Plus, it allows you and your community see how many people support your cause.

You just need to ask donors to purchase a paper heart. You can also partner with local businesses to see if they’d be willing to sell hearts.

#29: Basket Raffle Bingo

Basket bingo raffle is a fund way for you to raise funds

Basket raffle bingo — a combination of both a raffle and a bingo game — is a fundraiser that can be used by many nonprofits.

Your guests can play a game of bingo while participating in raffles for a chance to win different themed baskets. It’s a fun and exciting event for everyone!

#30: Cook-Off

A cook-off is a great fundraising idea to raise money.

Bring your supporters together for good and fundraising with a cook-off. Ask your supporters to contribute a dish (it can be part of a theme or something completely random!).

At your event, people can taste all the different food and vote for their favorites with contributions.

#31: Penny Drive

Raise money and awareness for your organization with a penny drive.

Penny drives, when done effectively, can raise money and awareness for your cause. Plus, there are so many variations of this fundraiser that you can try!

All you need to do is set a large container in a well-trafficked area and let people know why you’re fundraising. Supporters can give their spare change—it doesn’t have to be just pennies!

#32: Museum Dinner Party

Host a museum dinner party as one of your fundraising ideas.

Museums are the perfect venue for a charitable dinner party. Guests can discuss the various exhibits and have a delicious meal all while supporting a good cause.

To raise money, you can charge admission and have corporations sponsor tables at your event. Additionally, you can pair your event with an auction or raffle.

#33: Checkout Charity

Partner with local retailers to organize a checkout charity fundraising idea.

Checkout charities are a type of cause marketing between organizations and retail businesses for mutual benefit. When you partner with a local retailer, their cashiers will ask for donations when customers make a purchase.

Make sure you have effective messaging and a method to collect both cash and credit card donations.

Use our most popular fundraising idea to raise money right now.

Fundraising Ideas for Events

#1: Silent Auction

Silent auctions are an easy way to raise a lot of money.

Silent auctions — a type of charity auction — don’t require an auctioneer. In fact, all the bids are made on bid sheets or via mobile phones.

Silent auctions can be the most ideal type of auction for nonprofits because there are no overt displays of wealth. Donors can place their bids at their own discretion.

#2: Talent Show

Hosting a talent show is a great way for your community to get together and applaud local individuals and their special talents.

Charge a small entrance fee for participants and an admission fee for audience members. You can also sell concessions and ask audience members to pick their favorite act by voting with their dollars.

#3: Trivia Night

Host a trivia night event as a fundraising idea for your organization.

Trivia is a great way to bring your community together at a local bar or restaurant and unite them to help you raise more money for your cause or a specific project.

Additionally, a trivia night can be the perfect setting to inform others about your nonprofit and your cause. You can have a category of questions that relate to the cause you champion or the problem you’re trying to solve.

#4: Battle of the Bands

A community Battle of the Bands allows these local bands to get some exposure while your nonprofit raises money. Plus, your audience gets to listen to a cool concert.

You can charge a cover for the audience to come watch or a fee for the bands to come play, ask for a cut of the money made from band merch, and sell concessions to the audience. Bands will love getting exposure for such a respectable cause!

#5: Comedy Night

Everyone loves having a good laugh. Use a comedy night to bring some laughs to your community and some funds to your organization! You can charge comedians a small fee to participate or charge admission at the door.

You’ll need to screen the comedians beforehand, especially if you’re inviting children and families to the event. You wouldn’t want to drive donors away with inappropriate joke material.

#6: Karaoke Night

Hosting a karaoke night is a top fundraising idea.

Karaoke nights aren’t just for Friday nights at your favorite local establishment. They’re also a great way for your organization to raise some serious cash!

Charge admission for attendees and allow them to request certain songs for a few bucks. Make sure you have a concession stand (with or without alcohol depending on the venue and the situation) as well as a functioning karaoke machine with all of the latest hits.

#7: Museum Dinner Party

Museums are great venues to host dinner parties. The various pieces and exhibits are great conversation pieces and supporters (especially major prospective donors) get to socialize and mingle in a classy atmosphere.

Additionally, you can host a silent auction during the dinner party so that attendees can bid on donated items or experiences like a free painting class or a weekend trip to the beach.

#8: Gala

A gala is a top fundraising idea.

A gala can be a great opportunity to connect with your donors on a more personal level (and a great chance to host a silent auction!). Because they’re busy mingling with each other, your staff and volunteers have the chance to talk about your organization and your upcoming projects.

Galas are perfect events if your organization is looking to secure large donations from major gift supporters. You can sell tables to groups of donors for a set price and offer discounts for purchases of two or more tables. 

#9: Marathon

Hosting a marathon is a top fundraising idea.

A marathon is a great way to get supporters of all ages running or jogging for a good cause. Not only are your supporters getting some great cardio, you’re also raising money through their admission fees! Set up an online donation page to collect these fees then encourage everyone to start training.

Additionally, hosting a marathon is a great way to put your organization’s cause front and center. You can sell t-shirts, water bottles, wrist bands, and other merch that highlight your nonprofit’s mission.

#10: Walkathon

walkathon is an event typically hosted by a community, school, or large nonprofit where participants raise funds for their cause by collecting money or pledges for walking a predetermined distance.

Collect sponsorships or pledges to help your organization raise money. But don’t forget about other revenue sources. You can also sell merchandise like t-shirts or water bottles and set up a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for an extra boost!

#11: Basket Raffle Bingo

Hosting a basket raffle bingo event is a top fundraising idea.

Basket Raffle Bingo combines the elements of a game of bingo with a raffle, with the prizes being different themed baskets!The baskets that are up for grabs can be donated by members of the community or by local businesses. Just make sure that you have enough prizes!

Charge players a standard admission fee that gives them a set number of bingo cards. If they want to buy more during the event, sell them for an extra fee.

#12: Date Auction

A date auction is a top fundraising idea.

A date auction will not only help you raise money for your organization, but you might also help two people find the love of their life! Auction off fun dates like a lake trip or lunch in the park with guys and gals in the community.

Date auctions are a less-serious take on a normal auction. Dates can have silly or ridiculous themes to increase the chances of bidding. In addition to the dates, sell concessions at the event to give your organization an extra fundraising edge.

#13: Art Auction

An art auction is a top fundraising idea.

Art auctions are great for two reasons. First of all, they allow local artists to advertise their artwork and place their pieces in homes in their local community.

Essentially, you’ll need to accept artistic submissions from local artists and sell them to the highest bidder either at a live, silent, or online auction.

Each type of auction has their benefits. The format you choose will likely impact the amount of money you raise, so make sure that you plan accordingly!

#14: Sip and Paint

Sip n paint is a top fundraising idea.

A Sip and Paint fundraiser is a great way for your supporters to get together and have a great time supporting your organization. They get to flex their creative muscles, enjoy some wine, and give something back!

You’ll need to decide whether or not you’ll supply materials and wine or if participants will be responsible for bringing their own supplies and libations. Once you’ve determined that, start signing people up for the class.

#15: Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a top fundraising idea.

A scavenger hunt can be a fun and educational experience for supporters of all ages, but it can also help your organization raise a little extra money for a project or campaign.

You can ask each participant to donate $5, place them into groups of five, and then provide a prize for the winning team. At each spot, you can include information about your organization, your mission, or the general types of change that you support.

#16: Dodgeball Tournament

A dodgeball tournament is a top fundraising idea.

Dodgeball can be an entertaining and active way for your supporters to raise money for your cause. Spectators will get a kick out of watching adults and kids alike go to war with dodgeballs, and participants will get to compete for fame and glory (and maybe even a small trophy!).

Charge teams an entrance fee to compete and charge admission at the door for spectators. You can also sell concessions to make more money.

#17: Golf Tournament

A golf tournament is a top fundraising idea.

Like galas, golf tournaments require lots of planning, but a carefully-executed golf tournament on a beautiful day will help encourage your supporters to give their best game and their best donations.

Your golf tournament can be as informal or formal as you want. Just make sure that donors have a good time and, that by the 18th hole, they want to donate to your organization!

#18: Lip Sync Competition

A lip sync competition is a top fundraising idea.

This is a perfect fundraiser for schools and churches. It’s easy, fun, and has the potential to raise a lot of revenue! During a lip sync fundraiser, teams of individuals come up with a 5-10 minute lip sync routine that features songs that everyone knows and loves.

Charge teams a fee to enter the competition and sell tickets to audience members at the door. The audience can then vote on their favorite act by donating a dollar or two once the routine is over. Sell concessions to bring in even more money!

#19: Carnival

A carnival is a top fundraising idea.

Carnivals are fun for the whole family. Old or young, no one can resist the atmosphere of an exciting carnival. Your nonprofit can also use a carnival fundraiser to educate the community about your cause.

Plus, when executed correctly, a carnival can be a great way to raise funds for your organization. By selling concessions and admissions and setting up a general donation table, you can bring in a lot of money.

#20: Themed Party

A themed party is a top fundraising idea.

You can choose whatever theme you want for this incredible party, just make sure that it’s family-friendly if you plan on inviting families with kids to your big bash.

Charge two different admission fees for people who show up in costume and those who don’t. For example, you could charge $3 for someone who shows up in a themed costume, but you can charge $5 for a person who doesn’t dress up.

#21: Field Day

Hosting a field day is a top fundraising idea.

Field day encourages your community to get out and engage in some friendly competition. Plus, your organization will raise money and awareness for your cause in the process.

You can charge a standard entrance fee or sell tickets for a certain price that people can subsequently exchange to play a game. You can also sell concessions and other merchandise. Everyone will have fun getting outdoors for some incredible games!

#22: Film Screening

Film screening is a fundraising idea that will excite film-lovers everywhere.

Everyone loves a good movie. And when there’s a philanthropic cause involved, a movie night becomes even more enjoyable. Your community will have a great time watching a classic flick to support your organization.

Spread the word of your event on social media, via email, and with physical advertisements. You might also want to sell concessions to raise more money. Popcorn and soda, anyone?

#23: Pictures with Santa

To save people the hassle of standing in the long line in the mall to have a 30-second photo op with Santa Claus, you can host your own Pictures with Santa fundraiser!

Charge parents a few dollars to have their children sit on Santa’s knee and tell him what they want for Christmas. You can also sell hot cocoa and snacks to families. Just make sure Santa gets his milk and cookies!

#24: Angel Festival

Angel Festivals put everyone in a great holiday mood and they generate revenue for your nonprofit. Using whatever materials they want, invite individuals or teams construct life-size angels!

During the Angel Festival, assemble all of the completed angels and display them in a central location. You can charge a small entrance fee for people who want to see the angels; additionally, you can implement a donation system with a bucket under each angel.

#25: Cook-Off

A cookoff is a great fundraising idea that brings your community together!

Do you know a few talented chefs or even have some in your organization? Use their skills to raise money for your nonprofit!

Charge a small entrance fee for your culinary masters to join the competition. Then, set up different tables or booths for them to present their tasty creations. Invite the community to vote for their favorites by donating money to their chef of choice.

#26: Car Smash Fundraiser

A car smash fundraiser is a great (and unique!) activity for young adults who need a place to expend some extra energy. With supervision, let them beat up a junker car with hammers and bats!

First, get the car from a local junk yard. Ask your local mechanic to donate time removing any dangerous liquids or materials from the car. Then, charge a dollar per swing.

#27: Car Wash

If the car smash isn’t your style, try a classic car wash event. Gather soap, sponges, and some of your best volunteers to wash the cars in your community.

Charge a fixed rate per car that’s washed. For some extra fun, give your car wash a theme! For example, play retro music and encourage your volunteers to dress up in their favorite 70’s gear. Your attendees will love the blast from the past while their cars get squeaky clean.

Use our most popular fundraising idea to raise money right now.

Quick and Easy Fundraising Ideas

#1: Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a top fundraising idea.

Crowdfunding is our top choice for quick and easy fundraising ideas because creating a fundraising page is simple. All you have to do is choose your platform, set a goal, share your story, and start fundraising.

Plus, crowdfunding doesn’t cost much to get started. You’ll only pay a platform and payment processing fee.

#2: T-Shirts

A t-shirt fundraiser is a quick and simple way to raise funds for any cause. Plus, when supporters wear your shirt they are effectively promoting your cause to everyone who sees them!

All you need to do is find a wholesale provider and create your design. Once you have your shirts, you can sell them online or during your other fundraising events.

#3: Envelope Fundraiser

An envelope fundraiser is a top fundraising idea.

If you are looking for an easy fundraising idea, the envelope fundraiser is a great option! All you need are a couple hundred envelopes and to number each one.

Donors will contribute the amount that is in front of the envelope they choose. You will be surprised by how much you can raise with this simple fundraiser.

#4: GoodSearch

If you want to turn all of your supporters’ internet searches into additional funds, then consider using GoodSearch. They’re powered by Yahoo, so they still see the same search results. The only difference is that with GoodSearch you make money just for searching!

Your organization can use GoodSearch’s toolbar extension or you can use their coupon-finding app, GoodShop, to find the best deals on the internet. Your best option is to use a combination of both!

#5: Text-to-Give

Text-to-give is a top fundraising idea.

Most people always have their phones handy, which makes text-to-give one of the most convenient options available. Plus, text-to-give technology has improved, making it easy for donors to contribute any amount they wish.

To accept donations via text message, you’ll need to find a software provider to set up your text-to-give number and connect your bank account. Sound good to you? Snowball Fundraising’s guide is a great place to continue your research on text-to-give.

#6: Product Fundraiser

From branded t-shirts to water bottles to coffee and cookie dough, your nonprofit has a plethora of product fundraising ideas to choose from. You can sell products that you purchase or that you create. The choice is up to you!

Determine how you plan to sell your items and recruit a few volunteers to help you reach your goal. You and a couple of volunteers can sell items in your community or during fundraising events. Plus, you can sell items online to reach even more supporters.

#7: Online Bake Sale

Why not put a new twist on an old classic and host an online bake sale as a quick and easy fundraising idea? Traditional bake sales are fun, but they can often fall flat if you don’t plan correctly.

Set up your online bake sale and post pictures and prices of the baked goods for all to see. When an item is sold, the baker will be notified and will pack up and ship the goodies. You raise money for your organization, and your donors get something to satisfy their sweet cravings.

#8: Lollipops

A lollipop fundraiser is a top fundraising idea.

If you want to offer your donors or passersby a sweet treat, try selling lollipops. While they’re buying, you can even tell them about your nonprofit’s cause!

To get started, your nonprofit will need to find a wholesale lollipop vendor that has suckers for a fair price. You should buy multiple flavors and sizes to appeal to more donors and buyers. You can promote your lollipop sale on social media, with emails, and with traditional efforts like fliers and banners.

#9: Hike Day

If you are an organization that is located in an area near mountains, national parks, or rivers, it would be crazy not to take advantage of this fundraiser.

Hire a guide at one of these outdoorsy locations, and make a day of it! You’ll be surprised by how many people want to take part in a hike for a good cause. By asking for a donation from participants, you can promote healthy activities while collecting revenue for your nonprofit.

#10: Flower Bulbs

Everyone loves having beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers in their home or office. And if those flowers were grown in an environmentally conscious way and benefit a charitable cause, then everyone wins!

Visit the website for the provider EcoFlower and determine which fundraising option works for you. Donors have the option of ordering bulbs through EcoFlowers directly, or your nonprofit can also cut the flowers yourself and sell them to donors. Either way, your organization keeps 50% of the sales.

#11: Used Book Sale

A used book sale is a top fundraising idea.

If you have some bookworms in your community, try hosting a used book sale as your next quick and easy fundraiser! All you’ll need is a “bookstore” for the day. This can be a common space like a gymnasium, community center, church, or school.

Advertise well in advance for individuals to bring their gently used books to the sale. People will feel like they’re getting really great deals for some of their favorite books. Instead of paying full price at a bookstore, they can pay a little less and help your nonprofit’s cause.

#12: Chain of Hearts

A chain of hearts is a top fundraising idea.

The best thing about a Chain of Hearts fundraiser is that it allows your nonprofit to raise money for the cost of a ream of paper! For a certain amount of time, sell paper hearts (or any shape made out of paper, for that matter!) to members of the community.

As the hearts are purchased, tape them on the walls of your hallways or on the doorways of a lobby. That way, people can see how much their community supports and loves them.

#13: Balloon Raffle

A balloon raffle is a top fundraising idea.

This kind of raffle works best in conjunction with another fundraising event. The only materials you’ll need to buy for a balloon raffle are balloons and raffle tickets.

It works just like a regular raffle, except all of the raffle tickets are placed inside different-colored balloons. Kids and adults alike will enjoy getting to pop a balloon to get to their raffle ticket, and they’ll be even more excited if they win a prize!

#14: Holiday Candygrams

Holiday candygrams are a top fundraising idea.

The idea behind a candygram fundraiser isn’t just to make sure people have a reason to visit the dentist in January. It’s also a great way to help people let their friends and loved ones know that they care about them during the holidays.

You simply sell candy canes or other delicious candies to people who then write a message on a slip of paper attached to the candy. Then, you deliver the candy and the cheerful message to the lucky recipient!

#15: Coffee Beans

Coffee bean fundraisers are a top fundraising idea.

Coffee is a nearly universally loved beverage. And whether people want coffee beans, pre-ground coffee, or a hot cup o’ joe in the morning, a coffee fundraiser can give them what they want! 

You’ll need to work with a coffee shop or roaster to get discounted bags of coffee grounds or beans to sell. Or, you could also just sell pre-made cups of coffee. Either set up an online store or sell the coffee in a central location. It’ll be a great pick-me-up for your supporters’ morning commute.

#16: Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme's fundraising efforts are a top fundraising idea.

Krispy Kreme offers to work with nonprofits to help fun campaigns from one day to two weeks. They offer 50%-60% profit margins,  free sales materials, and affordable pricing.

Aside from doughnuts, you can fundraise by offering certificates, cards, and coffee. You’ll have more options to bring in more fundraising dollars, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood doughnut shop.

#17: Moe’s

Moe's fundraising efforts are a top fundraising idea.

If your community and supporters love burritos, then you can raise some extra money! Host a fundraiser at Moe’s to get your community together to enjoy some burritos while your organization raises money for your cause.

Moe’s will host fundraiser nights for local nonprofits and donate up to 20% of the pre-tax sale receipts for food and beverages. Whether or not your nonprofit is eligible to host a Moe’s fundraising night is up to the discretion of each Moe’s location.

#18: Cookie Dough

Cookie dough fundraisers are a top fundraising idea.

Holding a cookie dough fundraiser can satisfy any cookie craving that your supporters might have. You simply order the dough from a cookie dough fundraising company and sell it to individuals in your local community.

Shipping costs are often lower if you buy in bulk, and some companies offer incentives for teachers and students. While this type of fundraiser can work at any time of year, it’s especially effective toward the end of the year when the holidays require lots of baking for friends and family members.

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Free or Cheap Fundraising Ideas

#1: Matching Gifts

Matching gifts are a top free fundraising idea.

If your donors work for companies that have matching gift programs, their contributions to your organization might be eligible to be doubled or sometimes even tripled thanks to the generosity of their employers.  

After a supporter makes a donation, they can fill out and submit a matching gift request to their employer. If it’s approved, the company will give additional money to your organization. The best way to encourage donors to submit matching gift requests is to let them know that such programs exist because many are unaware!

#2: Volunteer Grants

Volunteer grants are a top free or cheap fundraising idea.

Volunteer grants are another example of how corporate giving programs can benefit your nonprofit. Many corporate philanthropy programs will donate to an organization in support of a certain number of employee volunteer hours with the nonprofit. 

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of these programs available from their employer. Tell them about it! Soon you’ll have both volunteers and extra donations flowing into your organization.

#3: Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Funds2Orgs helps nonprofits raise money by collecting unwanted, gently used, or even new shoes. Funds2Orgs will pick up the shoes that you collect and will pay your nonprofit a certain amount per pound of shoes within 48 hours of processing.

It’s incredibly easy and virtually free for your nonprofit! Plus with this fundraiser, you’re not only raising money, but helping your donors declutter their closets!

#4: Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a top cheap fundraising idea.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is another way for your loyal donors to support your cause, and for your nonprofit to gain new donors. 

Essentially, peer-to-peer fundraising is when supporters set up fundraising pages on behalf of your organization. They then reach out to their personal network of peers and ask for donations. Be ready to receive the flux of new donors from supporters’ networks and properly add the to your donor database.

#5: CommunityGrants

Community grants are a top cheap fundraising idea.

Whether your organization is in a busy city or in a rural town, you probably have local businesses and companies that enjoy improving the community. Some of these companies might offer community grants! Community grants are sums of money that corporations and businesses offer to nonprofit organizations, usually annually.

Sometimes, a company will pre-select an organization whose mission aligns with their own philanthropic interests. In other instances, the grant application is open to any nonprofit organization (with a few restrictions).

#6: Teachers in Jail

Teacher in jail is a top cheap fundraising idea.

Hosting a Teachers in Jail fundraiser is one of the easiest ways to raise money for your school while giving kids a small break.

The concept is simple: classes pay a certain amount to throw their teacher in “jail.” In reality, the students  just get a free class period and the teacher gets an extra planning period to catch up on grading and other assignments.

The only cost of running a Teachers in Jail fundraiser is promotion of the event. Other than that, it’s pretty much a free fundraiser.

#7: Baby Photo Contest

A baby photo contest is a top cheap fundraising idea.

A Cutest Baby Photo Contest is sure to get more than a few laughs and raise more than a few bucks. It gives everyone a chance to look at one another’s adorable (or embarrassing!) baby photos.

Employees or members bring in pictures of themselves when they were kids and other people vote with their dollars for who they think is the most adorable baby. You can also have individuals pay to guess which member is in each picture.

#8: Box Tops

General Mills offers a fantastic fundraising program that requires nothing more than registering your nonprofit and encouraging your supporters to either send in their box tops to you or drop them off in a designated drop box.

Tell your supporters about the fundraiser over social media, word of mouth, your website, email, and other platforms. They’ll send in their box tops from products they’re buying anyway and your organization may earn up to $20,000 cash per year from the program.

#9: Yard Sale

A yard sale is a top cheap fundraising idea.

Indoor or outdoor and at any time of year, a yard sale will be a huge hit with your local community. People love to find great items that they can repurpose or breathe new life into.

Your organization simply takes all or a portion of the sales made during your yard sale, and individuals have a fun time bartering for other people’s used lamps, furniture, clothing, and anything in between!

#10: Penny Drive

A penny drive is a top cheap fundraising idea.

A penny drive is one of the most popular and virtually free fundraisers out there. The only cost to your nonprofit is the buckets or containers that donors must put their spare change in.

Set up teams to compete against one another in the penny drive and assign each team a jar. Teams put their spare change in their jar; each cent from a coin counts as a point. For example, a nickle is 5 points. However, they can also place a dollar in competitors’ jars to count as 100 points against them!

#11: 50/50 Raffle

A successful 50/50 raffle generates revenue for your nonprofit and gives donors the chance to win some serious cash. It’s a perfect fundraising opportunity to use in conjunction with another fundraising event.

During an event, volunteers will go around and sell raffle tickets. The winning pot is then split in two, with half of the money raised going to your nonprofit and the other half going toward a lucky donor.

#12: Carol Singing

Carol singing is a top cheap fundraising idea.

Carol singing puts everyone in a cheery mood during the holidays. But your nonprofit can use carols and other songs to put people in the giving mood, too!

If you have a group of Christmas elves that can belt out a great rendition of “Jingle Bells,” go door-to-door or stand on a well-trafficked corner and ask for donations while you sing. Include a pamphlet of information about your cause so that you can raise money and awareness.

#13: Rockathon

A rockathon is a top cheap fundraising idea.

A Rockathon is probably the least active fundraiser in this category, but it’s still a ton of fun for supporters! Designated “rockers” obtain pledges from members of the community for however long they think they could rock in a rocking chair and compete against each other.

Invite your supporters who have already shown interest in your organization then extend the invitation to other members of the community who may enjoy the event. Then, ask your rockers to obtain pledges from their friends, family members, and coworkers. They can even use peer-to-peer fundraising software to raise donations.

#14: Kickball Tournament

A kickball tournament is a top cheap fundraising idea.

This kind of fundraiser gets everyone outside and involved in a cause that matters. Kickball games are events that people voluntarily participate in anyway, so making one a fundraising event is a given in the nonprofit world!

Each team pays a small entrance fee and obtains sponsorships from local businesses and individuals. When the big day arrives, sell tickets to attendees and offer concessions and merch to everyone who shows up.

#15: Dog Walking

Dog walking is a top cheap fundraising idea.

Dog walking is a fundraiser that can be used by nearly every type of organization, but the event itself tends to work best for nonprofits that have a focus on animals. If you have a large population of dog owners in your local community, send out advertisements marketing your dog walking service. 

You can charge per hour or day that you walk individuals’ dogs. Of course, the more dogs you walk, the more people you will need to help out. Recruit local volunteers to lend a hand.

Use our most popular fundraising idea to raise money right now.

Creative and Unique Fundraisers

#1: In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations are products or services that companies and individuals give to nonprofits. If your nonprofit doesn’t have the funds to purchase a piece of equipment or rent a venue for an event, a company or individual can step in and offer their products or services.

In-kind donations can come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t overlook them as a viable fundraising source for your nonprofit!

#2: Wrapping Paper

Before the holiday season gets into full swing, have members of your organization sell wrapping paper to their friends, parents, grandparents, neighbors, and anyone else who needs or wants it.

For each roll of wrapping paper sold, a portion of the profits goes directly to your organization. For more fun, host a gift wrapping event at the end of the fundraiser where everyone can get together for holiday cookies and wrapping fun!

#3: Water Bottles

Water bottles are an effective creative and unique fundraising idea.

A water bottle sale is an ideal addition to your active fundraising events. All you need to do is find a wholesale water bottle company and sell the bottles at a profit. Lots of wholesale companies will do product fundraisers like water bottles and tons of other ideas.

Alternatively, you could buy water bottles and then obtain a corporate sponsor that is willing to pay for ad space on the water bottles. Then, your donors wouldn’t have to pay as much for a bottle!

#4: Recipe Books

Recipe books are a top unique and creative fundraising idea.

A community cookbook is a great way to bring people together as well as raise some serious money for your organization. 

Ask volunteers in the community to contribute their recipe to a cookbook. Your organization takes care of binding all the recipes together into a tangible item. Then, sell it back to the community! Everyone will love learning the recipes their neighbors enjoy on a regular basis.

#5: Engraved Bricks

Engraved bricks are a top creative fundraising idea.

If you’re raising funds to build a new facility or renovate an existing building, you can sell engraved bricks to help fund your project. The bricks with your supporters’ names can become a permanent fixture in the project. For instance, you can stack the engraved bricks to create wall, walkway or a custom art installation.

You can also offer bricks of different sizes and colors depending on the donation size.

#6: Buck-a-Pound

If you’re an office trying to raise money for your nonprofit of your choice, consider starting a Buck-a-Pound fundraiser. For each pound participants lose, they donate one dollar. For each pound they gain, they donate two dollars.

Buck-a-Pound fundraisers encourage participants to be accountable for their weight loss and bring in charitable funds no matter what the result.

#7: Gardening for Green

Gardening for Green allows the members of your organization and any other volunteers to clean up your community and ask for donations per pound of trash or piece of trash collected.

Have your volunteers ask their peers and neighbors for pledges. They may ask for 5¢ per soda can or $10 per pound of trash picked up. Then, start cleaning and raising money!

#8: Give It Up

Give-it-up is a top creative fundraising idea.

We all love our morning latte from a local coffee shop or that extra soda from the vending machine. But imagine how much money you could save by giving these things up!

Encourage your supporters to give up one of these small habits and instead donate the money that would’ve been spent on it. You’ll raise money and maybe even help some people kick a bad habit!

#9: Best Seat in the House

Best Seat in the House is a great fundraiser for college organizations. If your university is really into your sports teams, try this unique raffle to raise some extra money!

The Best Seat in the House is a couch or comfy chairs that offer the best view of a football, basketball, or soccer game. Members of your organization sell raffle tickets leading up to and at the sports game or event. The winner gets to sit on the couch for the rest of the game!

#10: Potluck Raffle

A potluck raffle can be a great way to raise money and introduce people to new foods. Volunteers make different dishes that attendees then vote for with pre-purchased raffle tickets. This is a great opportunity to share those homemade comfort foods with some worthy community members!

At the end of the night, each dish goes home with whomever had the winning raffle ticket for that particular item. You can also encourage volunteers to sweeten the pot by including the recipe for their delicious dish.

#11: Ornament Auction

Ask students from local schools to make handmade ornaments using whatever materials they want. While macaroni decorations and hand-cut snowflakes can be standard creations, encourage students to be even more creative.

Once you’ve collected all of the completed ornaments, hold an auction to sell them off! Although the decorations may not be exceptionally well-made, parents and other family members will have a ball bidding for them. This ultimate guide to charity auctions will help get you started!

#12: Christmas Tree Delivery

People are often super stressed during the holidays. A Christmas tree delivery service takes some of the pressure off of families to get the perfect tree home. Why not help people out during the holiday rush and earn a little extra money for your organization with a Christmas tree delivery service?

You’ll need to decide whether you’re going to sell and deliver trees or if you’re just going to deliver the ones that people buy from other vendors. You can also offer a tree removal service once the holidays are over for more donations down the line. 

#13: Panera

Panera fundraising efforts are a top creative fundraising idea.

Encourage people to support your organization by simply enjoying a delicious soup or sandwich from Panera!

After registering for one of Panera’s fundraising nights, an organization receives a customized flyer.

When supporters go to Panera, they must present the flyer upon ordering. Panera then donates a percentage of their night’s profits depending on how many flyers were brought in.

#14: Zaxby’s

Zaxby's fundraising efforts are a top creative fundraising idea.

Zaxby’s doesn’t just have delicious chicken fingers; they also have great fundraising nights!

All your organization or school has to do is plan a fundraising night on a Monday or Tuesday between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Ten percent of that night’s sales go directly to your organization.

You simply promote the fundraising night to bring as many people as you can. You get great chicken, and the organization gets the funds it needs. It’s a win-win!

#15: Chipotle

Chipotle fundraising efforts are a top creative fundraising idea.

Your organization or school can enjoy some of the best burritos around while making some serious cash for your cause. 

When you hold a fundraising night at Chipotle, your organization will receive 50% of the sales from the evening.

Chipotle supports fundraising nights for K-12 schools, youth community groups, university groups, community gardens, and food and sustainable agriculture groups.

#16: Breakfast in Bed

What’s better than eating a tasty meal in bed while wearing pajamas? A Breakfast in Bed fundraiser helps your nonprofit make some extra money while delivering delicious breakfast food to your supporters.

Have people sign up and pay a week or two in advance to have breakfast delivered to their door. When the big day arrives, greet everyone with a smile and a cheery, “Good morning!” along with their delicious food. 

#17: Dance Marathon

A dance marathon is a top creative and unique fundraising idea.

Hopefully you’ve got a variety of dance moves up your sleeve (and pant leg), because dance marathons can last for a long time.

Participants typically dance for free and acquire sponsors. The longer people dance, the more money they can potentially raise.

Invite the community to come watch, and encourage donations from them. They can vote on their favorite dancers. You can also sell refreshments and charge a small fee for song requests.

#18: Grocery Delivery

Many people don’t enjoy the hassle of going to the grocery store, pushing a cart around for an hour, and then loading and unloading the groceries in and out of their car.

Your organization can help alleviate this annoyance for the members of your community by partnering with a local grocery store and offering a grocery delivery service.

Search for a local grocery store that is willing to partner with your organization, then set up flyers to get the word out!

#19: March Madness

March madness fundraising is a top creative and unique fundraising idea.

While basketball fans everywhere cheer on their beloved teams during the month of March, your nonprofit’s supporters can live March Madness during your March Madness fundraiser!

Form teams of two, three, or five. Instead of hosting a fundraiser during the whole month, have the entire tournament during a day or weekend. Charge a couple bucks per ticket and make sure you sell concessions and merchandise to bring in more donations.

#20: Polar Plunge

A polar plunge is a top creative fundraising idea.

The ALS Association was the first to pioneer the polar plunge. Since then, it’s become a popular (and viral!) way to raise money. Instead of just donating to a nonprofit, supporters can spread awareness about an organization’s cause by dumping ice-cold water on themselves and filming the act.

Plus, the ridiculous nature of the challenge means that people will be interested in watching the videos and invested in learning more (and perhaps make their own video).

#21: Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is a top creative fundraising idea.

AmazonSmile is a program in which Amazon will donate 0.5% of a purchases made of eligible products to a charity of your choice.

This program makes it easy for donors to support your organization simply by making purchases they would’ve made anyways through Amazon. How easy is that? And they don’t even have to pay any extra for the donation!

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Corporate Fundraising Ideas

#1: 10,000 Step Challenge

The 10,000 step challenge is a top corporate fundraising idea.

Supporters can pledge to walk 10,000 steps a day for an extended period of time (a month, for instance) and have their friends and family members sponsor their effort. Have participants use pedometer apps to keep track of their steps.

#2: Can and Bottle Return

Corporate offices can host a can and bottle drive to raise money with the help of their employees. Tell participants to save all their recyclable cans and bottles and have a place for them to drop off the items.

#3: Book Swap

To promote reading and raise funds you can host a book swap. Invite your supporters to attend your event (for a small fee) and and bring books they no longer want. Guests can then trade books while they mix and mingle with other supporters.

#4: Water Balloon Fight

A water balloon fight is a top corporate fundraising idea.

Bring your community together for a water balloon fight. For this simple and inexpensive idea, you just need a fill a couple hundred balloons with water. You can charge guests an entry fee to the event or per balloon.

Try setting up the competition within the office. Set different departments against one another on the field and offer a small prize for the winning department.

#5: Pool Party

If you’re looking for a fun and simple fundraising idea for the summer, why not host a pool party? This family-friendly event is guaranteed to bring in supporters.

See if you can rent your community pool and don’t forget to have plenty of food and refreshments. Charge admission for your attendees and enjoy some fun in the sun!

#6: Cooking Class

A cooking class is a top corporate fundraising idea.

Do you have some skill around the kitchen? You can host a cooking class. Not only can you raise money by charging a fee, but you’ll also be bringing people together to learn more about your cause and how to make a delicious meal.

You can make the event as casual or fancy as you’d like. Try planning out a full 5 course meal if you really want to impress your guests!

#7: Pet Grooming

Pet grooming can be a great way to raise money for pet-related causes (or any cause!). Pet owners will jump at the chance to support your cause in return for a well-groomed dog.

Promote your services around the community by putting up flyers and posting about it on your social media pages. Gather volunteers and some pet shampoo and get to work!

#8: Food Truck Fundraiser

Food trucks are becoming more and more popular in today’s world. Partner with a local food truck to sponsor a night by contributing a percentage of the night’s sales to your cause.

Host your food truck fundraiser as a separate event or invite the truck to one of your other events to raise even more. From tacos to burgers, ice cream to cannolis, your supporters will love getting their favorite foods from your office parking lot.

#9: Charity Concert

Who doesn’t love a good concert? Your donors will jump at the opportunity to dance along with their favorite singer or band. Charge an admission fee and sell concessions during the event to raise money.

You can also use this as an opportunity to help your local bands gain some attention in the community. They may be more than willing to volunteer to play for free for your supporters.

#10: Obstacle Course

A popular fundraiser is the Mud Run, and you can create a similar obstacle course fundraiser. You can host your event at a park (with the right permissions) and use parking cones, slip n’ slides, and rope to create your course.

#11: Ice Cream Social

On hot summer days, hosting an ice cream social is the perfect way to raise funds for your cause. Recruit volunteers to help you serve the ice cream and make sure there’s plenty of options. Plan a short speech to explain to guests why you’re raising funds.

#12: Wine Tasting Event

Host an event where everyone can enjoy some great wine while interacting with other supporters. You can charge an admission fee to participate in your event. Don’t forget to have snacks and other refreshments.

#13: Dunk Tank

The dunk tank fundraiser is a great idea for schools and churches. You can rent a dunk tank and charge a small fee to participate.

You just need one volunteer (your CEO, president, or another executive) who is willing to get wet!

#14: Calendars

Calendar fundraisers are a top corporate fundraising idea.

Just like recipe books, calendars can be a great way to raise money, especially for different company departments.

Take 12 pictures (one for each month) and compile them into a calendar. You’ll have to find a publisher who can print your calendars in the bulk.

#15: Pumpkin Carving

A pumpkin carving event is a top corporate fundraising idea.

In the fall, you can host a pumpkin carving event. Pumpkin carving is a fun activity for all ages, making this the perfect fundraiser for any cause.

People can donate to your cause in return for a pumpkin and carving tools.

#16: Haunted House

A haunted House is a top corporate fundraising idea.

Halloween is the perfect time for schools to host a haunted house fundraiser. Decorate an old house or school hallway into a scary, haunted setting and charge an admission of fee to everyone brave enough to enter.

Gather volunteers to paint their faces and dress up as scary characters to scare your visitors even more!

#17: Murder Mystery Dinner

A fun and exciting way to raise funds is by hosting a murder mystery dinner. While this event does take some planning, it will be a night your guests will never forget!

You can find murder mystery games online for your event. Or if you’re feeling creative, write your own! Then recruit guests to join the game and get your event started.

#18: Game Night

Game night is a top corporate fundraising idea.

Hosting a game night is a family friendly fundraising event that doesn’t require a huge budget. All you need is a few board games and snacks to keep everyone happy. You can transform your game night into a tournament where guests can compete for a prize.

Just charge a couple dollars for admission to the game night. If you’re looking to make a little extra cash, set up a concession stand to sell soda and snacks to your players.

#19: Family Picture Day

Family picture day is a top corporate fundraising idea.

If you have some skill with a camera, you can raise funds by taking family photos. You’ll need to pick a place for your “studio” and promote your event around the community. You can charge families for digital copies of the photos or charge a little extra for printed (and framed) versions.

Take your picture day to the next level and offer other products like t-shirts and mugs with pictures of the family on them!

#20: Classic Car Show

A classic car show is a top corporate fundraising idea.

If you like to build or refurbish cars, then you can round up your friends’ and other community members’ cars. Try hosting this great fundraiser in your office parking lot! You’ll have plenty of passersby itching to look at the cool cars.

Charge attendees an entrance fee to walk through your event and see all the awesome automobiles.

#21: Office Decorating Contest

An office decorating contest is a top unique and creative fundraising idea.

Coworkers love to bring their own unique touches to their space. Put that creativity to good use by hosting a decorating contest.

Announce the date of the vote so your employees have enough time to bring in their favorite decor. Those not participating in the contest can vote for their favorite dorm or office using their dollars.

#22: Barter or Trade Fair

The barter and trade fair is similar to the book swap. Participants can bring items or services to trade.

You can either charge an admission fee or charge per item or services that attendees bring to trade.

#23: Rubber Duck Race

A rubber duck race is a top corporate fundraising idea.

For this silly fundraiser, you’ll need to buy rubber ducks and write numbers on the bottom.

Donors can pay a small fee to enter the race with their duck. Then, release the ducks into a local river or stream. The owner of the first duck to reach the finish line wins.

#24: Guessing Games

Guessing games are versatile and simple, which makes them a great option for almost every cause.

You’re probably familiar with the jellybeans in a jar guessing game, but you can create multiple variation of this game (like balloons in car!).

#25: Appreciation Grams

Appreciation grams work great for clubs, offices, churches, and schools. Not only can you raise funds, but you can also build camaraderie between your community. Charge people a small fee to send out customized notes that acknowledge someone else.

These appreciation grams can be delivered to people’s offices or homes. Try adding a piece of candy or another treat to make it even more fun!

#26: Geography Bowl

Hosting a geography bowl is a great event for schools because you can put your students to the test and raise funds for your school. You can have the event at your school or partner with a local restaurant.

Charge and admission fee and make sure the winner gets a prize! For extra funds, ask your host restaurant if they’d be willing to share a portion of the profits.

#27: Pie Throwing Contest

All you need for this simple fundraiser is whipped cream pies in tin foil plates. Charge a few dollars for each pie and you, your staff, and/or a few volunteers can line up as targets.

For more fun, you can make this a “pie your boss” fundraiser where the CEO and president of the company (or other top executives) line up as the targets!

#28: Popcorn Fundraiser

Popcorn fundraisers are a top corporate fundraising idea.

Popcorn is a delicious snack that can appeal to all kinds of donors.

You don’t have to sell just plain old buttered popcorn; get creative and sell different varieties to appeal to everyone’s tastes. Sell your popcorn during the holidays to raise even more funds.

#29: Stop the Clock

The stop the clock fundraiser is similar to a raffle but with a twist. You just need a wind up clock that you wind to its full extent.

You can raffle off minutes (1-60), and the winner is the person who buys the minute the clock lands on when it stops.

#30: Flag Subscription Service

Flag subscriptions are a top corporate fundraising idea.

This fundraiser is more of a long-term commitment, but it has the potential to raise a lot of funds.

Ask people to sign up for your service where you will hang up and take down holiday-appropriate flags on their porches. You can charge a small monthly or yearly fee.

Use our most popular fundraising idea to raise money right now.

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