Here's how you can raise money, donate to, and support Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria relief for its victims.

10 Ways to Donate to and Support Puerto Rico Relief Efforts and Victims

Updated 5:57:33 PM EST on Monday, October 16th.

As the dust settles from Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma, it is important that we buckle down and stay vigilant about assisting the people in the recovering regions. Puerto Rico is going to take years to recover. Many in the U.S. territory are still without power and basic supplies to get by day-to-day. The situation remains dire.

The people in Puerto Rico need our help.

Whether we’re providing aid to victims of Irma or sending money to those harmed by Maria, or likely folks who have been tragically in both storms’ paths, it’s important that we step up as an online community and help those who need us most.

While the damage to many individuals, homes, and business has been devastating, we can help those affected by this great tragedy. If you’re looking to raise money to help the victims in Puerto Rico or you’d like to send money to offer your support, we’ve compiled a list of the best and most effective ways to get involved and support the Puerto Rico relief efforts.

10 Ways to Donate to and Raise Money for Puerto Rico Victims and Relief Efforts

We can start with strategy number 1.

1. Launch your own fundraiser.

While it might sound intimidating, starting your own crowdfunding campaign is actually quite easy.

The steps are as follows:

a. Pick a platform (we recommend Fundly).
b. Create your campaign.
c. Set a goal.
d. Fill out the description and other campaign details.
e. Promote the fundraiser on social media and by email to friends and family members.
f. Collect donations.

We compared the top crowdfunding platforms and recommend Fundly for disaster relief fundraisers!Start Your Hurricane Maria Fundraiser

Click to start your crowdfunding campaign today.

If you really want your campaign to stand out, you’ll need to ensure it has high-quality images, a compelling description, and is shared on social media a lot!

Crowdfunding is an effective fundraising option for Hurricane Maria relief in particular, because it is quick, efficient, and global. With the right campaign, you could raise thousands of dollars from a diverse array of donors, all looking to help support the Hurricane Maria relief effort.

Of course, as an individual fundraiser, you’ll want to be sure to pick out a worthy and qualified nonprofit to transfer the funds to. And you need to communicate your plan to potential donors.

Bonus — You can get more specific advice from this best practices resource, if you’d like to learn more. 

You should be upfront and transparent about how you plan on allocating their donations. That way, your supporters can be confident that giving to your crowdfunding campaign will have the impact that they want it to.

With the right mix of crowdfunding campaign best practices and timing, your campaign could go a long way toward helping the very deserving survivors of this terrible disaster.

Next step: Click to start a campaign right now

You can start a crowdfunding campaign to raise money and collect donations for Hurricane Maria victims and the relief effort.

2. Donate to a company that’s matching all donations.

Companies Matching Hurricane Maria DonationsDuring Hurricane Harvey we saw companies like Apple, Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, and countless others offer to match donations. And now there have been a variety of companies offering to match donations to disaster relief efforts for Puerto Rico.

For example, Philips Lighting Foundation launched a fundraiser where they’re matching donations!

Hurricane Maria / Mexico Earthquake Donation Matching - Help Puerto Rico

We expect Philips Lighting Foundation’s fundraiser to be wildly successful. You can contribute financially by going to and you can also share the fundraiser on Facebook or Twitter directly from the same page.

PacSun’s current crowdfunding campaign is yet another example of a company stepping up and offering to match donations up to a total of $25,000!

Hurricane Relief Efforts for PacSun Associates

The PacSun campaign was set up to provide support to PacSun associates in areas affected by the recent Hurricanes, including Maria, Harvey, and Irma. You can contribute to the fundraiser by visiting, and you can share the campaign on Facebook or Twitter directly from the same page.

There are also a variety of smaller employers who have matching programs right now for relief efforts for Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

For example, check out these campaigns for Harvey Relief:

These fundraisers are an excellent way to make your donation go twice as far. If you see another company with a matching gift program feel free to add it in the comments and we’ll look into the program and update our list.

3. Support a general crowdfunding campaign raising money for all hurricane relief.

We recognize that organizing and running a crowdfunding campaign isn’t for everyone. Some folks don’t have the web presence for it, while others aren’t comfortable asking for donations.

That’s okay! Luckily, if you don’t want to run a campaign but you do want to support one, there are plenty of opportunities for you to contribute to a crowdfunding campaign, such as the one we’re running:Hurricane Maria and Irma Donations

Beyond the campaign pictured above, for this search, you’ll want to visit your main social channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and see if any of your immediate contacts are running a campaign. If so, review their campaign goals and details and decide if you’d like to contribute to their work.

If you don’t find a campaign through your own organic network, visit a crowdfunding platform directly and search for related campaigns on the website. 

For example, when looking for Hurricane Maria relief funds to contribute to, you might want to:

  • See if the crowdfunding website has a disaster relief category.
  • Look for a special category for Hurricane Maria or Puerto Rico relief.
  • Type “hurricane” or “hurricane maria”into the search bar.
  • Search for impacted regions in the search bar, like “Puerto Rico.”

With minimal digging, you should be able to find a number of campaigns to peruse. 

Just be careful to properly vet any crowdfunding campaign that you’re considering. Make sure the campaign is legitimate and the funds are going directly to Hurricane Maria victims and relief efforts.

You can check legitimacy by doing a little digging into the campaign organizer. For instance, did they verify their account with a social media account? Do they have a pre-existing web presence?

Once you’ve properly vetted the campaign and organizer, all that’s left to do is make a donation and support the recovery effort.

Next step: Click to donate to a Hurricane and Puerto Rico Relief crowdfunding campaign started by Adam Weinger, Double the Donation’s President.

4. Donate to a Fundraiser Specific to Puerto Rico

While campaigns like the one above are doing great work, if you’d prefer, you can give to a campaign that is solely dedicated to relief efforts in Puerto Rico. We’re going to be adding to this list as more and more campaigns pop up, but here’s a shortlist of options for you to give to.

HEATONISTS for Puerto Rico – This crowdfunding campaign is off to a great start. Having raised almost $10,000 so far, this fundraiser is donating all funds to the Hispanic Federations UNIDOS Disaster Relief Fund for Puerto Rico hurricane aid. Check it out here — — or by clicking on the campaign page below.

HEATONISTS for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Assistance – This fundraiser was created to cover the cost of purchasing and delivering necessary supplies to the citizens of Puerto Rico. Check it out here — — or by clicking on the campaign page below.

Puerto Rico Assistance

Marla for Maria: A Hurricane Recover Fund for Puerto Rico – This is a recovery fund for the people of Puerto Rico. It aims to raise $10,000 to be donated to organizations working against the growing humanitarian crisis in the region. Check it out here — — or by clicking on the campaign page below.

Marla for Maria: A Hurricane Recovery Fund for Puerto Rico

Rebuild Puerto Rico – This fundraiser is dedicated to coming to the aid of Cidra, Puerto Rico. The campaign is raising money for immediate recovery needs in the region, as well as the future creation of a community garden and bee sanctuary. Check it out here — — or by clicking on the campaign page below.

Rebuild Puerto Rico

NOAA Radios – This creative crowdfunding campaign is raising money to purchase and send NOAA radios to Puerto Rico. The radios are hand-cranked and include AM and FM radio, flashlight, and USB and micro USB for cell phone charging. Check it out here — — or by clicking on the campaign page below.

NOAA Radios for Puerto Rico

Oyola-Rodriguez Hurricane Relief Fund – This is a personal fundraiser run by Cristian Oyola-Rodriguez who is raising money to send to his family in Puerto Rico who are struggling following Hurricane Maria. Check it out here — — or by clicking on the campaign page below.

Oyola-Rodriguez Hurricane Relief Fund

Help Our Friends and Family in Puerto Rico – This campaign is off to a great start. The organizer wants to raise money for general relief efforts in Puerto Rico, in addition to helping her family members and friends who live on the island. Check it out here — — or by clicking on the campaign page below.

Help Our Friends and Family in Puerto Rico

Hope for Puerto Rico – Through the Centro Metropolitano de Servicios Comunitarios Inc., this San-Juan-based fundraiser is dedicated to assisting victims of Hurricane Maria in the region. Check it out here — — or by clicking on the campaign page below.

Hope for Puerto Rico

As you can see by reviewing all these campaigns, there’s an abundance of worthy fundraisers that you can give to in support of the recovery effort in Puerto Rico.

Next step: Pick a campaign and make a donation.

5. Help with the rebuilding effort.

After any hurricane, especially one like Irma that’s a record-breaking Category 5, there’s always heaps and heaps of destruction. From homes to schools to offices to government buildings, not many structures can withstand 185-mph winds.

Puerto Rico has been devastated and needs our help in rebuilding their communities. That’s where organizations like Habitat for Humanity come into the equation.

You can donate to Habitat for Humanity or any Irma-specific or Maria-specific campaigns run by Habitat for Humanity and use your money to help kick-start the rebuilding process. To donate, head over to and explore this page:

Habitat for Humanity Global Village Fundraiser

By donating to Habitat for Humanity, you’ll join the over 76,000 donors who have helped the organization raise $14,074,690 for its global volunteering program so far.

Next step: Donate to Habitat for Humanity’s rebuilding effort.

6. Make sure your gifts are matched.

According to the guide to matching gifts, “Employee matching gifts are donations a company makes to match its employees’ charitable contributions. Employee matching gifts are typically at a dollar-for-dollar rate but some companies go even further by tripling or quadrupling their employees’ donations.”

Essentially, if you work at a company with an employee gift matching program and you’ve donated to a nonprofit in support of Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico relief, you might be able to get that gift doubled. 

At Double the Donation we build and maintain a database of companies that match donations along with the forms, guidelines, and steps you should take to submit your match. Across our database, 15-19 million individuals work for companies with matching gift programs.

And for Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico Relief Efforts we’re making our database available for FREE.

Go ahead and use our matching gift tools below. Just type in your employer (ex. Home Depot, Verizon, Microsoft, etc.) to see if your company offers a matching gift program and to access forms, guidelines, and instructions.

Or if you want to view a list of the top matching gift companies click here.

Additionally, outside the scope of corporate gift matching, during such times of crisis, it is quite common for large donors and/or companies to pledge to match donations made to specific nonprofits.

For instance, a major company might offer to match any donation under $100 made to the Red Cross over a 24-hour period.

Whether its through your own company or a one-time matching opportunity, you owe it to the Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria relief effort to see if you can get your gift matched.

Next step: Search for matching gift companies with the above search tool. Then Link to this page ( from your website or social media to share this matching gift information with other supporters.

7. Donate to a disaster-relief nonprofit.

When you want to help but you’re not sure what the best course of action is, often its best to trust the experts.

In this case, trusting the experts means turning to major nonprofit organizations that have experience and/or a specialization in disaster relief.

In most instances, those organizations are going to ask that you send in financial contributions for them to decide how to allocate. They have staff and volunteers working in the regions affected by Hurricane Maria, and they can best assess to where and to what your funding should go towards.

You should find either large nonprofit organizations with teams already in place in Puerto Rico or local organizations that are also already working in the region.

Nonprofits that fit this categorization include:

You can check out each of the links above and find a nonprofit whose work in Puerto Rico aligns with how you’re looking to help.

For example, Mercy Corps even has a dedicated humanitarian response fund for situations like Maria (pictured below):Here's Mercy Corps' dedicated humanitarian response fund that can be helpful for Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria relief.

Next step: Review your options for donating and pick a nonprofit to support.

You can start a crowdfunding campaign to raise money and collect donations for Hurricane Maria victims and the relief effort.

8. Consider volunteering in the months to come.

Hurricane Irma has caused severe damage to the Caribbean Islands and Florida, both of which will need assistance for years to come to fully recover. It’s yet to be seen how much damage Maria will cause, but we know that Hurricane Maria has the potential to both damage areas that Irma passed by and double down on areas that Irma already collided with.

For those of you who would like to volunteer in the impacted regions we recommend that you do not self-deploy immediately as it can create an additional burden for first responders. We recommend that you consider signing up to volunteer with an established organization in the coming months, after the storms fall out of the media cycle and the long rebuilding phase is underway.

We encourage you to look into National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD) which helps facilitate volunteer engagements with leading aid organizations. They’re currently accepting volunteers for the following regions:

Next step: Learn more about NVOAD and volunteer opportunities available to aid in the Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts and future relief efforts for Hurricane Maria.

9. Receive shelter training and give your time.

The damage from Hurricane Irma has forced many, many people out of their homes and into make-shift shelters. Those living in the shelters desperately need our help. If you have the time and ability to do so, you should consider getting certified in shelter volunteering and registering to help staff one of the pop-up shelters.

Of course, as with our previous advice around volunteering, you need to make sure you’re going where you’re needed and not where you might be an additional responsibility of first-responders. So, begin by getting the proper training and certification, then apply to volunteer through the appropriate channels, and go from there.

If you’re looking to volunteer in Puerto Rico, here’s a great website which can help you figure out the best options.

Puerto Rico Volunteer Opportunities

As you can see, they have dedicated links and information to help those interested in training and proactively joining the volunteer effort.

Next step: Check out the volunteer opportunities for current and future disasters.

You can start a crowdfunding campaign to raise money and collect donations for Hurricane Maria victims and the relief effort.

10. Review the government’s prioritization of needed items.

Puerto Rico needs our help now and is going to continue to need our help for years to come. Fortunately, many people from around the world have risen to the occasion and have been sending money and supplies the island in this time of desperate need.

While the outpouring of support is welcome and inspiring, it is important that we pay attention to what is needed in Puerto Rico and provide the right kind of support. We don’t want to overwhelm the island with items it doesn’t need or doesn’t have the infrastructure in place to handle.

To ensure that the charitable work you’re doing is in line with what is the highest priority for the people of Puerto Rico, we strongly encourage you to adhere to the list of needed emergency supplies that was issued by the Puerto Rican government. 

Click here to review the list.

Outside of listing emergency items the island is in need of, this document helpfully details what to send, how to help online, where to send aid to neighboring islands, what federal employees can do, how to volunteer, and more.

Next step: Review the government’s list and make aid plans accordingly.

There you have it. Ten ways you can get involved in raising money for the Puerto Rico relief effort.

This hurricane season has already been absolutely devastating, but it is always inspiring to see communities come together in times of such great tragedy to help those in need.

The funds raised for Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma were truly awe-inducing, and the victims in Puerto Rico need that kind of support as well. It is encouraging to see the philanthropic efforts in full force, and your contribution can make donations go even further.

Raise money for Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria with crowdfunding or donate to a campaign.


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