Consider these matching gift software vendors to maximize the impact of donations to your nonprofit.

Matching Gift Software Vendors: The Comprehensive List

Whether your company is managing a corporate giving program or your nonprofit is seeking matching gift revenue, corporate philanthropy can be tricky to master.

For businesses, creating an effective matching gift program entails substantial hard work that will ultimately pay off. For nonprofits, it takes ongoing research to acquire much-deserved matching gift revenue. Nonetheless, corporate social responsibility is a growing, impactful phenomenon.

Matching gift programs are naturally complex, but fortunately, there are several technology solutions on the market. To kick off your research, let’s go through each of these major areas:

  1. Top software providers for nonprofits
  2. Top software vendors for companies

If you’re not already familiar with these philanthropic programs, take a look at this comprehensive guide on corporate giving. Otherwise, let’s jump straight into the top matching gift software providers!
When constructing your fundraising strategy, consider these matching gift software vendors for nonprofits.

1. Top Matching Gift Software Providers for Nonprofits

Corporate giving represents a major revenue opportunity for nonprofits, but researching your donors’ employers can be fairly difficult and time-consuming. Plus, for nonprofits, this process never ends.

Once you initially gather information on local companies’ programs, your team has to stay up-to-date on the changes made within these programs. This may be doable for very small nonprofits, but as their donor bases grow, staying updated without software is virtually impossible.

Let’s take a look at the two leading matching gift products for nonprofits:

  1. Double the Donation
  2. 360MatchPro by Double the Donation

Remember, any size nonprofit can benefit from a matching gift database—no matter how small. Without a comprehensive, intuitive system, your nonprofit will inevitably overlook these major revenue opportunities.

Double the Donation is the leading matching gift software vendor for nonprofits.

Double the Donation (For Small and Medium-Sized Nonprofits)

Double the Donation specializes in tools that help nonprofits raise more money from corporate philanthropy programs. Within the database, there’s information on more than 20,000 companies, representing 15+ million match-eligible individuals.

Matching gift software like Double the Donation helps nonprofits pinpoint matching gift opportunities.

As the most comprehensive source for all things matching gifts, your nonprofit will boost its matching gift potential. Once your team embeds the search tool across your online fundraising channels, here’s what it does:

  • Allows donors to search for their employers.
  • Presents all available information (e.g. forms, guidelines, etc.) on each company’s match program.
  • Helps you pinpoint your match opportunities.

Within this comprehensive database of companies, programs offered by companies in the US, Canada, and the UK are tracked. Many of these companies are managed by different corporate vendors. Regardless of the differences in the programs, all available guidelines are presented with the tool.

To use the tool, nonprofits can either:

  1. Build and host a custom matching gift page on Double the Donation’s website.
  2. Embed Double the Donation’s matching gift plugin onto any page within their own websites.

Think your nonprofit can benefit?

360MatchPro by Double the Donation is a comprehensive matching gift software provider for larger nonprofits.

360MatchPro (For Large Nonprofits and Higher Education)

Larger nonprofits and higher education institutions may benefit even more from 360MatchPro by Double the Donation. This tool is the complete end-to-end matching gift solution that automates the majority of the process.

Matching gift software like 360MatchPro by Double the Donation helps larger nonprofits and higher education institutions pinpoint more matching gift opportunities.

To simplify corporate giving for nonprofits, here’s what it does:

  • Automatically identifies matching gift opportunities through email domain screening.
  • Follows up with these eligible donors through emails branded to your organization.
  • Enables customizable tracking so you know where your donors are in the match process.
  • Creates an automated, customized plan to boost your match revenue.

Unlike many matching gift platforms for nonprofits, 360MatchPro integrates with a number of systems. In other words, if your organization already leverages integrable database software, you won’t have to worry about transferring your donor data.

Plus, the system has state-of-the-art security that will protect all of your donors’ data and will help your team gain better insight into your revenue opportunities.

360MatchPro is the next evolution of advanced matching gift tools for nonprofits. If your large organization isn’t using dedicated matching gift software, there’s no doubt that you’re missing out on major opportunities. Stop overlooking corporate philanthropy!

There are several major matching gift software vendors for companies.

2. Matching Gift Software Vendors for Companies

If your company doesn’t already have a philanthropic program in place, there’s no time like the present! There are innumerable benefits for having these programs, which you can read about here.

If you already have a match program in place, your company may be considering switching to an electronic matching gift system. Not only does that save your company time, but it ensures there aren’t any gaps in your guidelines.

Let’s go through each of the leading software vendors for companies:

  1. Benevity
  2. Bright Funds
  3. Causecast
  4. CyberGrants
  5. YourCause

These companies deliver everything a company needs to outsource the employee matching gift administration process, volunteer grants, disaster relief, and broader employee giving programs.


Benevity is a leading matching gift software vendor for companies.Originally founded in Canada in 2008, Benevity has rapidly developed a major presence with companies based in the United States as well.

This platform strives to create compelling giving programs that help companies attract, retain, and engage employees. In addition to a matching gift program, the vendor allows businesses to implement other philanthropic programs, such as Dollars for Doers and charitable gift cards to motivate employees to generously give.

A few of Benevity’s clients include:

Through the software, corporations can evaluate their success in making a positive impact on their communities. That way, they can adjust their efforts to create the best possible giving program.

Learn more about Benevity.

Bright Funds

Bright Funds is a matching gift software vendor for companies that enables other corporate giving programs.Bright Funds, a leading CSR technology platform, enables companies to create more effective philanthropic programs. In short, it tackles workplace giving, volunteerism, and grants management.

This software simplifies the donation process so that companies can give to highly effective charities working on the issues that matter most to employees. In order to do this, it uses foundation-level research to impact nonprofits such as the following:

  • Environmental organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Human rights organizations
  • Health-focused nonprofits

When this software is enabled, employees build a portfolio of charitable “investments” by selecting the cause-based funds and individual nonprofits that reflect their passions.

From the company’s perspective, they’ll be able to easily implement their program. When doing this, they can choose to match donations, encourage employee volunteerism through grants, and organize their own volunteer events.

The company provides solutions to corporations interested in making it easy for employees to allocate their philanthropic dollars.


Causecast is a matching gift software vendor for companies that aims to build more generous work environments.Founded in 2007, Causecast is one of the most innovative players in the corporate giving space. Causecast’s Community Impact Platform is designed to automate, and encourage employee engagement through corporate giving and volunteering programs.

The CIP platform both enables employees to participate with approved causes, all while giving administrators tools for campaign creation, and detailed custom reporting.

Like other major CSR companies, this software vendor aims to build better, more generous workplaces through philanthropic giving.

To do this, Causecast offers its services to time-conscious program administrators and employees who want to engage with their companies and community. Also, services are offered to business executives who strive to improve the employee experience and boost employee retention.


CyberGrants, a matching gift software vendor, made several firsts in the philanthropy world.For over 20 years, CyberGrants has been a leader in the online grantmaking space. Over time, the company has recorded many firsts through its initiatives, including:

  • Developing the first online application
  • Providing the first online grants administration tools
  • Creating the first online workplace giving and volunteering systems for corporations

A few years ago, CyberGrants merged with the JK Group, which owned the Consiva and Easymatch platforms. Today, it manages employee giving programs for many global companies including:

As a flexible philanthropy software platform, it provides numerous, innovative ways for companies to develop their programs.

Learn more about CyberGrants.


YourCause is a dedicated matching gift software vendor that enables several ways for employees to participate.Through its dedicated corporate social responsibility platform, YourCause helps corporations of all sizes. This platform, called CSRconnect, is a customizable community tool that centralizes employee engagement.

When businesses invest in the CSRconnect platform, they’ll be able to enable year-round matching gifts, annual pledge campaigns, and more. Plus, the platform also leverages peer-to-peer fundraising. In other words, employees will raise money on behalf of the nonprofits they care about, and you can match those donations.

Recently, YourCause acquired the major CSR platform Amerigives, too. A few of YourCause’s well-known clients include:

Plus, as a business professional, you’ve likely heard of the leading CRM system Blackbaud. YourCause integrates with this major CRM software, meaning you won’t have to spend time transferring your employees’ data.

If that’s not convincing enough, the customizable software allows companies and employees to access 300,000+ global nonprofits from 170 countries, which is astounding!

Learn more about YourCause.

For nonprofits and companies alike, corporate social responsibility is highly influential and catching on rapidly. From the nonprofit perspective, corporate philanthropy means boosting revenue. Not leveraging a matching gift database equates to not fulfilling matching gift potential.

From the business perspective, corporate philanthropy means developing a brand, promoting a generous workplace, and giving back to the community. However, developing and maintaining a giving program is nearly impossible without software.

Now that you know more about specific software solutions, start leveraging this technology in your corporate giving strategy!

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