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Are you a corporation looking for information on FrontStream or a nonprofit looking to see which companies use FrontStream?

Good news, while Double the Donation is a completely separate and non-related company, we can share valuable information you may be looking for on what FrontStream is all about.


FrontStream Donors


About FrontStream:

FrontStream’s Workplace Philanthropy platform provides a web-based corporate philanthropy platform that assists in increasing companies’ funding, matching, and volunteerism programs. Their cutting edge reporting and analytics techniques assist with moving more donor dollars to your nonprofit.

FrontStream provides volunteer tools for nonprofits of any size,  its campaign management program engages donors and helps increase the likelihood of larger donations, and their strategies reduce the costs needed to achieve your philanthropic goals.

Some of the services FrontStream provides include:

  • Funds processing and distributions
  • Campaign management
  • Volunteer solutions
  • International campaign expansion
  • Corporate matching
  • Click and give forms for disaster response
  • And many more

Some companies FrontStream works with include:


TRUiST Acquisition:

Seven months after FrontStream acquired two more companies to bring their presence into the United States, FrontStream announced the acquisition of TRUiST, a company focused on corporate donations and employee to company gift matching. About the acquisition, FrontStream said it will “continue to maintain and grow the strength of the brand.” After taking on TRUiST, FrontStream has gained more than 350 new corporate clients. The acquisition of TRUiST has allowed FrontStream to diversify its brand and work with more clients in the sector of philanthropic solutions.


How Do I Contact FrontStream?

If you’re a corporation looking to learn more about FrontStream’s workplace philanthropy services, you can contact the company in one of three ways:

  1. By email – Unfortunately there is not a specific email address to which you can send inquires
  2. By phone – (202) 903-2565
  3. By mail – FrontStream Headquarters- 11480 Commerce Park Drive, Suite 300- Reston, VA 20191

Double the Donation’s Relationship with FrontStream:

Double the Donation is a completely different company from FrontStream.

While EasyMatch manages matching gift programs for corporations, Double the Donation works with nonprofits to help them raise more money from the matching gift programs offered by companies across the world.

Our database of matching gift companies includes matching gift programs managed either internally at companies or outsourced to a vendor. In addition to tracking companies which use the JK Group as their matching gift administrator, we also track programs managed by many corporate vendors.

Some of these vendors include:

Click here for more information on these matching vendors.

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