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Good news, while Double the Donation is a completely independent and non-related company which specializes in helping nonprofits raise more money from employee matching gift programs, we can share much of the information on Bright Funds you’re looking for.


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What Does Bright Funds Do?

Bright Funds is an online charitable giving platform for individuals and companies that makes it easy to donate to highly effective charities working on the issues that matter most to you. Bright Funds uses foundation-level research to develop funds of high-impact nonprofits working in areas like: the environment, education, water, poverty, health, and human rights. Through a sleek and intuitive interface, Bright Funds donors build a portfolio of charitable “investments” by selecting the cause-based funds and individual nonprofits that reflect their passions.

Bright Funds is built on the model of a mutual fund: when you make a contribution to a fund, you are supporting a diverse group of highly effective nonprofits. Through Bright Funds’ Workplace Giving program, donors may also select their own favorite nonprofits and add to their charity portfolio. Bright Funds empowers people to promote holistic solutions to some of the most pressing problems in today’s world—from environmental protection to access to clean water, from poverty alleviation to basic education. Brights Funds also simplifies tax reporting by enabling users to get a single tax report for all of their charitable donations.


Bright Funds’ Workplace Giving Platform

Companies give employees the opportunity to select from among the highest-performing 401(k)s. Shouldn’t they also be given the opportunity to select from among the most effective nonprofits? Bright Funds helps companies engage employees in workplace giving programs by offering an innovative charitable giving experience. Bright Funds provides a visually, emotionally and intellectually appealing giving experience, and it enables employees to invest for impact, track progress, and share results with their colleagues. Bright Funds also partners with companies to build company-specific “funds” that contain local nonprofits the company is closely connected to.

Bright Funds is like an outsourcing a CSR strategy for HR departments. Administration of Bright Funds is hands-off for people in HR or benefits. Bright Funds’ workplace giving platform is cloud-based, which means it does not require lengthy IT integration. It is scalable and can support companies with 10 or 1000 employees. Bright Funds uses bank-level security to protect company and employee data. And payroll integration means it is easy for employees to deduct monthly contributions from their paychecks just like a 401(k). Bright Funds gathers hard data about employee giving to make it easy for companies to gain insight into what their employees care about and easily track which causes they support.


How Do I Contact Bright Funds?

For more information about Bright Funds’ individual and workplace giving platforms, or to sign up for your free Bright Funds account, visit There you can learn what nonprofit organizations are in each fund, find out how Bright Funds builds its funds, read answers to frequently asked questions, and more. If you’re a corporation interested in bringing Bright Funds’ workplace giving platform to your company, e-mail


Double the Donation’s Relationship with Bright Funds:

Double the Donation is a completely different company from Bright Funds.

While Bright Funds provides a platform for individual and workplace charitable giving, Double the Donation works with nonprofits to help them raise more money from companies with matching gift and volunteer grant programs. We sell an easy-to-use tool to nonprofits which helps an organization’s donors submit match requests

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Double the Donation’s database of companies which match employee donations includes those managed either internally at companies or outsourced to one of the many corporate vendors such as:

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