Matching Gifts: A Closer Look at the Process

Matching gifts provide an easy way for your organization to double your donations. As one of the most popular forms of corporate philanthropy, matching gifts are on the rise. However, many organizations are not taking full advantage of matching gifts because of a lack of understanding among donors (and staff) about the simple matching gift process.

Use this guide to build confidence in your understanding of the process of matching gifts. Once you’ve learned the ins and outs, you be able to help educate your donors about the matching gift process.


Step 1: Donor makes a gift

Your organization has already done the work of driving your donor to contribute, and the matching gift process starts here. After all, you can’t match a gift without a gift to match!

Step 2: Donor submits their matching gift request

The onus to submit a matching gift request does fall on the donors. Each matching gift is the result of a matching gift request from the donor to their employer. Double the Donation’s tools provide your donors with access to their employers’ matching gift guidelines as well as links to company-specific match request forms.

It is very helpful to provide your donors with your organization’s contact information, tax information and/or EIN so they have all the information they need to submit their matching gift requests.

Step 3: Verification of the original donation

Your team is responsible for verifying that the original donation was made as reported for the donor’s employer. Some companies use paper forms while some use online portals. You’ll need to verify the original donation through one of these means in order for the company to issue their matching donation.

At this point, if you run into an issue, reach out to the matching gift company or online portal vendor directly for assistance.

Step 4: Matching gift disbursement

Once the original donation is verified, the companies will issue their matching funds. Keep in mind that companies have varying disbursement schedules, so it may take a while for companies to process the verification and issue the check.

At this point, if you run into an issue, reach out to the matching gift company directly.

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