Marketing matching gifts in your donation process

Marketing Matching Gifts In Your Donation Process

Matching gifts empower donors to make a larger impact on a cause that they care about⁠. This is often done by enabling them to contribute greater donation value than they would or could have been able to give on their own. Not to mention, Double the Donation research reports that 84% of donors say they’re more likely to donate if they know a matching gift is being offered.

That’s why marketing matching gifts in your donation process is becoming an increasingly popular choice. In this guide, we’ll cover four of the most impactful ways that nonprofits like yours are choosing to do so, including:

At most companies, submitting a matching gift takes only a few minutes⁠—and marketing matching gifts doesn’t have to be difficult, either. It makes sense to begin with the point at which donors are most highly engaged in the organizations they’re giving to. And because this typically occurs while donors are actively making their donations, marketing matching gifts directly within the giving process is one of the most effective strategies you can incorporate.

Let’s begin!

Marketing Matching Gifts With Donation Pages

To determine matching gift eligibility, you’ll need to know where your donors work. Luckily, one of the most effective ways to collect donor employment data is by including an optional field directly within an organization’s donation page.

Donors are already providing your team with a lot of valuable information⁠—such as their name, email, phone number, and perhaps even mailing address. Many individuals will be inclined to enter their employer’s name when prompted, as well. This is especially true when you provide a bit of context as to why you’re seeking the information in the first place⁠—which is to identify matching gift eligibility to get their donation doubled.

These are some best practices for marketing matching gifts within your donation page:

  • Embed Double the Donation’s autocomplete search tool directly into the online giving forms.
  • Highlight the benefits of participating in matching gift programs, essentially increasing impact on the cause.

Not to mention, the above studies show that 1 in 3 donors are likely to give a larger gift if matching is applied to their donation. This means that incorporating matching gifts in your donation process can even result in significantly increased donation sizes to begin with.

Example Content:

  • “Please enter your employing company’s name to determine your eligibility for a corporate matching gift.”
  • “Does your employer offer a matching gift program? Enter your company name below⁠—if your company does match, you’ll receive specific information on program guidelines and request instructions on the confirmation page after submitting your donation.”

Marketing matching gifts in your donation process on the donation page

Marketing Matching Gifts With Donation Confirmation Screens

Your donors are clearly passionate about your organization⁠—and they’re at a significantly high level of engagement upon completing an online donation. Be sure to highlight just how easy it can be for donors to double their donations by taking a single additional step beyond their initial gifts.

These are some best practices for marketing matching gifts within your confirmation screen:

  • Utilize relevant visuals to grab supporters’ attention.
  • Inform donors that most companies’ matching gift submission processes can be completed in less than five minutes.
  • Embed Double the Donation’s matching gift plugin directly on your donation confirmation screen to provide donors with easy access to company guidelines and forms.

By featuring matching gifts directly on the donation confirmation page, you can aim to leverage donors’ giving momentum while your organization and its cause are still fresh on their minds. It’s effective and simple, and many supporters will be happy to take this next step⁠—perhaps even immediately!

Example Content:

  • “Thanks for giving to support your local Cat Rescue Club. Your donation of $200 was successful. See if your employer will double that amount with a matching gift!”
  • “Donation complete! Search our matching gift database to find out if your contribution is eligible for a corporate match.”

Marketing matching gifts in your donation process on the donation confirmation page

Marketing Matching Gifts With Donation Confirmation Emails

When your nonprofit receives a gift, you should always be sure to thank the giver⁠—which is often done through donation follow-up (confirmation, acknowledgment, etc.) emails. This email is also a great opportunity to promote matching gifts to your donors. Their donations likely remain fresh on donors’ minds, and a little nudge saying that they can double their donations⁠—without shelling out another cent⁠—can go a long way.

These are some best practices for marketing matching gifts within your acknowledgment emails:

  • Incorporate links to your dedicated matching gift fundraising page where donors can easily locate additional information.
  • Use graphics or text links to catch your reader’s eye and quickly engage with them on the topic.
  • Automate your follow-up emails to ensure every donor receives your message in a timely manner and without worrying about any gifts slipping through the cracks.
  • Provide links to recipients’ company guidelines and forms, or encourage donors to conduct a quick search of your easy-to-use online company search tool.

An individual who has already made a donation to your organization has demonstrated that they’re clearly passionate about your cause. Make sure to highlight matching gifts in the acknowledgment letters and emails that get sent out, emphasizing the increased impact that matching gifts can have on your mission.

Example Content:

  • “Thank you for your generous donation to Atlanta University. Please click the button below to determine whether your gift is eligible for a corporate match from your employer!”
  • “Your donation of $100 likely qualifies for a matching gift from the Walt Disney Company. Submit a matching gift request to your employer by completing the following steps. Then, let us know when you’ve submitted your match by clicking the link below!”
  • “Did you know that many corporations offer employee giving programs where they match donations to the Cat Rescue Club? The tax-deductible component of your membership is normally eligible to be matched as well!”

Download a full-length sample matching gift acknowledgment email for nonprofits.

Marketing matching gifts in your donation process on the confirmation email

Marketing Matching Gifts With Matching Gift Recognition

At this point in the process, you’ve likely already thanked your donors for their initial contributions to your cause⁠—probably even within the first 24 hours or so. But for your matching gift donors, the appreciation shouldn’t stop there!

Recognizing your matching gift all-stars after you receive their corporate match is a great way to continue promoting matching gifts to your supporters. At the same time, you can increase the likelihood that donors will participate in the matching gift process for the years and donations to come.

These are some best practices for marketing matching gifts with matching gift recognition:

  • Request that donors keep you in the loop throughout their match request process, which enables you to better track incoming company matches with the associated donor.
  • Thank your matching gift donors privately to express your gratitude on behalf of the organization and its beneficiaries.
  • Consider recognizing completed matching gifts publicly as well⁠—such as within a newsletter or social media post⁠—to thank donors and inspire others to participate.
  • Acknowledge that matching gift donors went above and beyond their typical donation to request a corporate match on behalf of your nonprofit.

It can also be a great idea at this point to reiterate the doubled impact made possible by corporate matching gifts.

In many scenarios, your matching gift recognition efforts will be the last touchpoint you have with a supporter regarding a particular donation. You’ll want to leave donors with a positive impression of your engagements to ensure they’ll continue in the relationship they have with your cause!

Example Content:

  • “Thank you for your generous support of the Cat Rescue Club. We are happy to inform you that we just received a corporate match as a result of your recent donation, and we greatly appreciate the time and effort you took to request the match on behalf of our organization.”
  • “Did you know that thousands of companies match donations made by employees? Our donor, Jennifer, just secured a 2:1 match on her most recent gift, enabling her generous $500 contribution to bring $1,500 worth of impact on our mission. Find out if your gift may be eligible, too!”

Marketing matching gifts in your donation process on the matching gift recognition

When promoted effectively, requesting a matching gift can be seen as the next logical step that a donor takes upon submitting their initial gift. Thus, when you incorporate matching gift marketing efforts into your overall donation process, you can help guide donors seamlessly from one task to the other.

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