GiveGab chooses Double the Donation for matching gifts integration.

GiveGab Chooses Double the Donation for Matching Gifts Integration

Atlanta, GA (September 9, 2019) — In an exciting move, Double the Donation is proud to announce that GiveGab has released a new integration with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation, the leading provider of matching gifts and volunteer grant software to nonprofits and educational institutions.

The integration connects 360MatchPro to GiveGab Enterprise, GiveGab’s year-round giving solution. GiveGab users can easily integrate 360MatchPro’s automated matching gift identification and follow-up tools into their GiveGab Enterprise online donation forms.

“GiveGab places a high importance on flexible and seamless solutions for busy nonprofits,” said Charlie Mulligan, CEO of GiveGab. “360MatchPro delivers on both. Double the Donation is able to identify more matching gift opportunities and actively follow up on them with personalized outreach to donors, all without disrupting the donation process.”

As donors progress through an GiveGab Enterprise online donation form integrated with 360MatchPro, the system goes to work matching donors with the corporate matching gift and volunteer grant programs they’re eligible for. 360MatchPro then guides donors through the matching gift submission process.

The 360MatchPro by Double the Donation integration with GiveGab Enterprise guides donors through the matching gift process.

Setup takes minutes, and once the integration is established, nonprofits will immediately begin automatically identifying more matching gift-eligible donors who give.

“Nonprofits are leaving $4-7 million in matching gift revenue on the table every year,” said Adam Weinger, President of Double the Donation. “360MatchPro and GiveGab Enterprise are able to help nonprofits close that gap by addressing donor awareness surrounding these matching gift programs.”

The integration doesn’t just boost nonprofits’ matching gift revenue. The joint solution also opens up other fundraising avenues by delivering actionable statistics and reports back to nonprofits. 360MatchPro will help nonprofits identify their strongest corporate supporters, filterable by characteristics of their matching gift programs and by their percentage representation within the donor base.

With this information and step-by-step reporting of each individual donor’s journey through the matching gift process, 360MatchPro and GiveGab Enterprise greatly enhance nonprofits’ overall fundraising strategy.

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