DonorPerfect and Double the Donation - Matching Gift Integration

DonorPerfect Matching Gift Integration Guide

Does your nonprofit use DonorPerfect for your donor management software and to accept / process donations? Are you looking to incorporate matching gift information into both your DonorPerfect donation pages as well as across your organization’s broader fundraising?

If so then this guide is for you.

Double the Donation’s Relationship with DonorPerfect:

DonorPerfect is a leading provider of donor management software which helps nonprofits cultivate donor relationships and achieve fantastic fundraising results.

Double the Donation is a leading provider of employee matching gift data and tools to nonprofits.

This guide was put together to help organizations who use DonorPerfect’s fundraising platform incorporate Double the Donation’s employee matching gift plugin into their fundraising pages and into their primary websites.

Please note that DonorPerfect and Double the Donation are two separate companies which have a strong partnership.

Steps to Integrate Double the Donation’s Matching Gift Lookup Tool with DonorPerfect:

At risk of stating the obvious, the below steps and screenshots are applicable to organizations that already have an account with Double the Donation (Premium Plan) and DonorPerfect.

If you don’t have an account with Double the Donation you can learn more about our serviceview the different integration options, or view our annual service fees and start a risk-free trial.

In terms of integrating Double the Donation’s matching gift search tools into your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy there are three primary options.

  1. In the Donation Process – (Use DonorPerfect’s system)
  2. Across Your Other Fundraising Channels – (Use your other systems)
  3. In Donation Confirmation Emails – (Use DonorPerfect’s system)

Let’s start by looking at how to incorporate Double the Donation’s plugin into DonorPerfect’s donation process

DonorPerfect Matching Gifts in Donation Process


Step #1: Log into your organization’s DonorPerfect account. Then select “Weblink” under the “App Links” drop down.

DonorPerfect Matching Gifts - Select Weblink


Step #2: Choose the donation form you’d like to add Double the Donation’s matching gift plugin to and click on the edit pencil.

DonorPerfect Select Form to Add Matching Gift Search Tool


Step #3: If you use the Single Page donation form, we recommend including matching gifts on the “Receipt Page”. You can find the dropdown by clicking “Edit Header / Footer” and then choosing the “Receipt Page”.

DonorPerfect - Add Matching Gifts to Receipt Page

If you’re not using the Single Page form, we recommend that you:

  1. Switch your donation form to a Single Page form and add the plugin on the Receipt Page
  2. Put a link in the Confirmation Email as outlined in the integration guide
  3. Put the plugin alongside the Click to Donate button on the giving page on your website

Step #4: Switch to the HTML editing option by clicking on the “< >” button

DonorPerfect Switch to HTML Editing Option


Step #5: Add Double the Donation’s iFrame code.

DonorPerfect Add Matching Gift iFrame Code to Receipt Page


  • Access your nonprofit’s matching gift iFrame code by logging into your Double the Donation account at
  • Copy the iFrame code from your Double the Donation account and paste it into the weblink receipt page.
  • The code will look similar to the following:
    <iframe src=“” width=“100%” height=“300”></iframe>
    (Don’t forget to that you need to copy the iframe code from your Double the Donation account)
  • Feel free to add an additional sentence or two saying “Thanks for donating” and describing matching gifts before you add our plugin.


Step #6: Switch back to the “Normal” view by clicking on the pencil to ensure the iframe is showing up. Then click “Save” to finalize the setup. You can also click the “Preview” button if you’d like.

DonorPerfect - Switch to Normal Editing View


And voila!

Your donation receipt confirmation page now incorporates Double the Donation’s searchable matching gift database so donors can easily access company specific matching gift forms, guidelines, and instructions.

We recommend going through the donation process once on your website to confirm everything is working correctly.

Matching Gift Search Appears



Next let’s look at how to incorporate Double the Donation’s matching gift plugin across your broader fundraising

Incorporate Matching Gifts Across Your Other Fundraising Channels


Step #1: Create a dedicated matching gift page on your main website.

Create a dedicated matching gift page on your own website

This is all done by using Double the Donation’s primary matching gift plugin which can be found in your organization’s Double the Donation account management pages. You’ll want to use the following steps:

  1. Log into your Double the Donation account
  2. Access the embed code
  3. Copy the embed code to the dedicated matching gift page on your own site
  4. Our searchable plugin will automatically load

Add Our Matching Gift Search Directly to Your Own Website

Step #2: Direct donors to your dedicated matching gift page across your broader fundraising efforts.

Create a dedicated matching gift page on your own website

This includes in locations such as:

For our complete marketing toolkit which includes suggested marketing locations, downloadable graphics, sample wording, and examples visit


Next let’s look at how to modify the donation confirmation email that gets sent out using DonorPerfect to promote matching gifts

Include Matching Gifts in Your DonorPerfect Confirmation Emails


Step #1: Select “Set Email Options” from the left hand navigation and then click “Email Header”

DonorPerfect - Navigate to Email Options to Feature Matching Gifts


Step #2: Highlight matching gifts in the email that gets sent out to donors after donating

DonorPerfect - Feature Matching Gifts in Emails

Suggested Text:

“Make Your Donation Go Twice as Far:

Did you know that many companies match donations made by employees to our organization? It only takes five minutes and we’ve made it easy for you to access the forms, guidelines, and instructions you need.

Click here to see if your company matches donation >

Then insert a matching gift graphic to call attention to matching gifts.

Don’t forget to link both the sentence about matching gifts and the image to your matching gift page.

Choose a Graphic:

You can design your own graphic or use one of Double the Donation’s pre-made graphics from


And Voila!

Your confirmation emails will now feature a graphic and a clickable link which will take donors to your organization’s dedicated matching gift page where they can learn more about matching gifts.

DonorPerfect - Test That Emails Include Matching Gifts


Have Questions?

Use one of the following ways to learn more about Double the Donation’s service:

Donor Awareness Matching Gifts

Nonprofits: How to Increase Donor Awareness about Matching Gift Programs

Modify your DonorPerfect donation confirmation emails to include matching gifts

Here at Double the Donation, we often write about the benefits of corporate giving programs, but we also touch upon marketing these programs to your donors. Informing individuals about the possibility of literally doubling donations via matching gift opportunities is step one to extra financial support, but step two is ensuring that these marketing efforts are working!

We’ll touch upon some common marketing efforts to get your donors ramped up to submit that matching gift request form to their employer, but also how to tell if your strategy is working.


Marketing Matching Gift Programs

Getting your donors aware about matching gift opportunities is the biggest obstacle your organization will have to overcome in order to receive more funds through these programs. There are billions (yes, billions!) of unclaimed dollars from corporate giving programs because donors are just simply not aware that they can ask their employers to match donations to eligible nonprofit organizations.

Here are three easy and effective marketing strategies to raise donor awareness about matching gift programs.

Include Matching Gift Information in Acknowledgement Letters

If your nonprofit organization is not already including information about matching gift opportunities in donor acknowledgement letters, then it’s a super easy way to start your marketing campaign. When an individual donates money to your organization, the hard part is done. Now you just need to get them to submit a matching gift request form to their employer – but how do you get them to do that?

Include a blurb about matching gifts in your acknowledgement letter. You’ve already got a committed audience, and since the acknowledgement letter doubles as a tax receipt, you can almost guarantee that the donor will read the letter to skim over key points. Make sure you emphasize that requesting a matching gift from their employer is easy and effective. Direct them to your Double the Donation webpage to allow them to check in just a couple of quick steps if their employer offers a matching gift program, and the steps they need to follow to do so.

It can be as simple as this: “Did you know that many corporations offer employee giving programs where they match donations to [your organization’s name]? The tax deductible component of your membership is normally eligible to be matched as well. Check with your employer today to see if they provide matching gifts!”

Make sure to mention that many companies now offer the opportunity to submit these forms online, so that makes the request that much easier. Your odds that a donor requests a matching gift from their employer are so much better if they’ve made a gift recently, so make sure your acknowledgement letters are timely!


Strategically Place Matching Gift Information on Donation Web Pages 

As with the above method, you want to make sure to include matching gift information in places that your donors (actual and potential) can see and process quickly. If an individual is on your organization’s donation page, then chances are that they didn’t end up there by accident. This is a great place to let them know that once they commit to the donation, then asking for a match from their employer will only take a few extra minutes. Donors are more likely to pull the trigger when they know it won’t be a long and arduous process, especially once they’ve already made a gift.

Put blurbs about matching gift opportunities on your donation pages, including on the “Donate Now” pages, and especially on the “Thank you for donating!” pages. It would be great as a “Next Steps” option.


Engage Your Donors on Social Media

Does your organization have a Facebook page? Twitter? YouTube? All of these are great places to let your donors know how grateful you are for their commitment to your organization’s mission, and a great place to let them know that they can literally double their donation by simply requesting a matching gift from employers. First and foremost, say thank you! This is a crucial part to ensure that they keep reading and engaging with your organization.

Post stories about how the money raised for your organization is helping grow your mission. Include asides about how matching gifts can doubly impact the cause! Facebook is a great place for short posts about matching gifts; Twitter is great for quick and succinct blurbs with links; and YouTube is a great place to submit a video thanking your donors for their contributions and extra efforts in matching gifts!

With social media, the marketing possibilities are endless.


Measuring the Impact of Marketing Efforts

The best advice we have on measuring your marketing impact is to create a chart. Create a graph of some kind (whatever your boss prefers, whether it’s a bar graph, a pie chart, or a nifty line chart in Excel) with the total amount of matching gifts received last year versus this year. Or last month versus this month. Use any time span that can really show you a difference between your pre- and post-marketing efforts. Can you see a discernible difference in the number of matching gifts being sent in?

Of course you can download our free Microsoft Excel Matching Gift Tracker and Dashboard >

You can also create a survey (there are many free online software tools) that allow you to send a thank you email to a donor who had submitted a matching gift request. Ask them how they learned about matching gifts, and include all of your marketing efforts, as well as an “Other” box with a free response option. This will help you realize which efforts are worth investing more time in (or at least focusing more on in the future), and which may be fruitless.

Your organization will also be able to identify if a majority of matching gifts are coming from one company in particular, or from a wide array of employers. This is notable because if your matching gifts seem to be coming from one employer, then it’d be a good idea to publicly recognize it as a valuable donor and partner to your organization.

There are a variety of ways to market matching gifts to your donors, and several other ways to measure the impact of these marketing efforts. Too much money goes unclaimed by nonprofit organizations due to a lack of awareness on the part of the donors about corporate giving programs. This shouldn’t be the case! Make sure you’re educating your constituents on a consistent and appropriate basis, and you could be well on your way to a high increase in the number of matching gift requests submit.