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Explore 25+ inspiring corporate volunteering ideas, as well as how to maximize employee engagement, in this comprehensive guide.

25+ Top Corporate Volunteering Ideas to Inspire Employees

Expectations of the modern company have changed. To many people, a successful, noteworthy company is not just one that earns profits or offers enticing employee benefits. To win the support of employees, consumers, and other stakeholders, you must also stand as an advocate for social change. That’s where corporate volunteering comes in. 77% of consumers are […]

This article will explore why recognizing donors is vital and share recognition examples your nonprofit can emulate.

Donor Recognition: When & How to Acknowledge Supporters

What would you do if your organization hit a record number of new donors within a year? Celebrate! But what about after the initial excitement wears off? Discovering that donors share the same passion for your cause is exhilarating. However, many organizations fail to communicate their appreciation adequately, which can have negative retention effects. In […]

This blog post will explore some different types of corporate philanthropy.

14 Types of Corporate Philanthropy You Should Know About

Did you know that corporations give an average of $20-$26 billion to nonprofit causes each year? More than ever before, companies are committed to giving back to their communities and improving the welfare of others—they’re embracing corporate philanthropy. But what exactly does corporate philanthropy look like when it’s put into action? We’ve put together this […]

Explore everything you need to know about hosting phonathons and read advice from phonathon professionals in this guide.

The Ultimate Phonathon Playbook for Nonprofits: 16 Pro Tips

In the world of nonprofit fundraising, few strategies have stood the test of time as effectively as the phonathon. While technology has transformed the fundraising landscape, the power of a well-placed phone call can still work wonders. Phonathons may seem like a relic of the past, but they remain a tried-and-true resource for all sorts […]

This guide will cover the top employee engagement companies and what they’re doing well that your company can emulate.

Top 7 Employee Engagement Companies Leading By Example

Employee engagement has become an increasingly important part of organizational success. After all, businesses with engaged employees are 23% more profitable than companies whose employees are not engaged. However, if you’re just starting to prioritize employee engagement, it can be difficult to determine where to begin. It can be helpful to take a look at what other […]

Learn about the impact of matching gifts on employee engagement in this guide.

The Impact of Matching Gift Programs on Employee Engagement

With a whopping 85% of employees actively disengaged at the workplace, implementing intentional engagement programs is crucial for ensuring your company’s success. By implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs into your company culture you can access benefits on multiple sides—workforce productivity, community impact, and customer satisfaction. One of the top workplace giving program ideas is matching gifts. Starting a […]

Double the Donation's 2023 Year in Review Summary

2023 at a Glance | Double the Donation’s Year in Review

As we near the end of another extraordinary year, the Double the Donation team is thrilled to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve taken in our 2023 Year in Review. Throughout these last twelve months, we’ve seen remarkable growth, exciting developments, and forward-thinking strategies emerge. And we’re thrilled to review some of our most compelling […]

Get Your Team Motivated! 8 Employee Engagement Strategies

What causes your employees to clock into work every day? The obvious answer is their compensation. But what causes them to strive to do their best work, go the extra mile to complete projects, and expand their skills to create more value at your business? The answer is engagement! Today’s savvy business owners are more […]

Learn more about corporate volunteering platforms and how your company can leverage one.

Corporate Volunteering Platforms: Boost Employee Engagement

Companies that serve their communities stand out to customers and employees. With robust corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in place, businesses can engage their employees and prove their commitment to bettering the world around them. With 63 million Americans already volunteering with nonprofits each year, corporate volunteerism is an easy way for companies to get […]