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Guide to gift acceptance policies for nonprofits

Gift Acceptance Policies: Templates and FAQs for Nonprofits

Gift acceptance policies are an essential but easily overlooked part of nonprofit management. You won’t miss them until you need them, and then you’ll wish you’d created them earlier! To avoid touchy (and potentially damaging) donor relations and legal situations, it’s worth taking the time to study up on these policies and how to create […]

Volunteer Time Off The Ultimate VTO Guide For Nonprofits

Volunteer Time Off | The Ultimate VTO Guide For Nonprofits

In today’s developing corporate landscape, businesses are constantly on the lookout for new ways to engage their employees, differentiate their brands, and increase their overall revenue. One powerful tool that’s emerged as a way for companies to reach these objectives is corporate volunteerism⁠—and, specifically, offering paid volunteer time off (or VTO) for their employees. As a nonprofit […]

A man using fundraising software on his computer with the title of the article next to him: How A Corporate Giving Database Unlocks Fundraising Success

How A Corporate Giving Database Unlocks Fundraising Success

Companies gave an impressive $29.48 billion to U.S. charities in 2022. Even with this generosity, nonprofits frequently overlook revenue opportunities. In fact, $4-$7 billion in funds allocated for matching gifts go unclaimed every year. That’s where a corporate giving database comes in. This technology makes it easy for nonprofits to identify companies that offer CSR […]

Handbid and Double the Donation Partner with Integrated Matching Gifts Solution

Handbid and Double the Donation are proud to announce a new integration and partnership to benefit nonprofits and their donors through employer matching gifts. The integration places 360MatchPro tools on Handbid donation forms for donors to discover their eligibility for matching gifts from their employer.  “We know from our experience with mobile bidding and auctions […]

The title of this article, “10+ Higher Education Fundraising Conferences to Attend”, next to an image of a college graduate.

10+ Higher Education Fundraising Conferences to Attend

Higher education fundraising professionals work hard every day to generate the revenue that keeps their schools running. By doing so, they offer a better educational experience to students, provide scholarships and financial aid, fund research projects, and more. Since fundraising is so essential, higher education professionals need to stay up-to-date on new trends and best practices. That’s […]

Explore this ultimate guide to learn how to find the best eCard websites.

10+ Best eCard Websites for Nonprofits to Raise More

Whether someone is celebrating a birthday or needs a pick-me-up, greeting cards show you care. As technology advances, we can bring this joy into the digital space via eCard websites. Nonprofits, in particular, can sell branded charity eCards to raise money, encourage supporters to send personalized cards to spread awareness, or send greeting cards directly […]

Learn how to develop and use a winning fundraising case for support.

The Art of Persuasion: How to Build a Case for Support

Convincing an audience to take any kind of action requires making an effective pitch. Nonprofits know this all too well. When you rely on people’s donated support to push your work forward, you must be able to confidently explain to your donors what you need, why, and what the benefit will be. A nonprofit case […]

Explore the basics and examples of matching gifts for nonprofits.

Nonprofit Basics: Matching Gifts & How They Double Funds

Corporate giving is a big deal for nonprofits. Giving USA’s latest report estimates that companies gave an incredible $29.48 billion to charities in the U.S. in just one year,  showing how generous businesses can be. Matching gifts are a special part of this, and these programs provide the easiest way to tap into that funding. You can […]

The title of the article next to an illustration of a person holding corporate gift-giving laws.

Corporate Gift-Giving Laws: How to Make Policies on Presents

Corporate leaders oversee relationship management on many fronts, including employee engagement and customer satisfaction, and corporate gift-giving is an effective strategy to tackle it. After all, 57% of employees and 52% of consumers are more likely to be loyal to companies that provide gifts. However, companies must give gifts fairly and responsibly for them to […]

Matching Gift Requests - Deadlines, Forms & Auto-Submission

Matching Gift Requests | Deadlines, Forms & Auto-Submission

You likely have a number of matchable donations in your CRM at any given time. If you’re looking to revamp your strategy, you might wonder if gifts made last week, month, or quarter remain eligible for the giving programs. Fear not—many contributions from the past year (give or take) should still qualify for company matching. […]