Corporate Philanthropy Examples: 15 Companies Doing It Right

Corporate Philanthropy Examples: 15 Companies Doing It Right
Learn about the top corporate philanthropy examples.

Corporate Philanthropy Examples: 15 Companies Doing It Right

Learn about the top corporate philanthropy examples.

Top 15 Corporate Philanthropy Companies

Corporate Philanthropy Companies: Top 3 Examples

ExxonMobil is a top corporate philanthropy example.
Johnson & Johnson is a top corporate philanthropy example.
Microsoft is a top corporate philanthropy example.

Corporate Philanthropy Examples: Navigation

1. ExxonMobil$22,500 match max (educational institutions) / $2,000 match max (cultural organizations)1:1ExxonMobil’s corporate philanthropy example
2. Johnson & Johnson$20,000 maximum matchUp to 2:1Johnson & Johnson’s corporate philanthropy example
3. Microsoft$15,000 maximum match1:1Microsoft’s corporate philanthropy example
4. Google$12,000 maximum match1:1Google’s corporate philanthropy example
5. Apple$10,000 maximum match1:1Apple’s corporate philanthropy example
6. ConocoPhillips$10,000 maximum match1:1Conoco Phillips’ corporate philanthropy example
7. Dell$10,000 maximum match1:1Dell’s corporate philanthropy example
8. Aetna$5,000 maximum match.63:1Aetna’s corporate philanthropy example
9. General Electric$5,000 maximum match1:1General Electric’s corporate philanthropy example
10. Expedia$4,000 maximum match1:1Expedia’s corporate philanthropy example
11. Verizon$750 volunteer grant for 50-hour minimum1:1Verizon’s corporate philanthropy example
12. RealNetworks$15 per volunteer hour (max $900)1:1RealNetworks’ corporate philanthropy example
13. Walmart$250 for 25 volunteer hours or $500 for 50 hoursN/AWalmart’s corporate philanthropy example
14. Allstate$500 or $1,000 volunteer grant depending on role1:1Allstate’s corporate philanthropy example
15. Time Warner and Subsidiaries$500 for 30 volunteer hours1:1Time Warner’s corporate philanthropy example

Why is Philanthropy Important for Corporations?

Corporate philanthropy is important for nonprofits because it allows companies to show that they also care about the causes that their employees are passionate about. By implementing corporate philanthropy programs and keeping employees in the loop about those programs, companies can increase their positive impact on the world by supporting various charities as decided by their employees, benefiting both nonprofits and the greater social good.

According to Double the Donation’s research, corporations gave more than $20 billion to nonprofit organizations last year.

The two most common types of corporate philanthropy examples are Matching Gifts and Volunteer Grants.

Matching Gifts

Matching gifts are when employees of a company donate money to a nonprofit organization and their company matches their donation with money. Employees submit forms to their employers requesting that their donation be matched by the company.

Matching gifts are one of the top corporate philanthropy examples.

Volunteer Grants

Volunteer grants are when employees of a company donate time (volunteer) and their company matches their time with money. Employees can submit a volunteer grant application to their company once they’ve reached the threshold of volunteer hours required by their company.

Volunteer grants are one of the top corporate philanthropy examples.


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Corporate Philanthropy Examples

ExxonMobil is a top corporate philanthropy example.

1. ExxonMobil’s Corporate Philanthropy Program

According to ExxonMobil’s wordwide giving report, $43 million was donated by their employees and retirees through ExxonMobil’s matching gift and employee giving programs. Employes, retirees, and their families also volunteered more than 483,000 hours in recent years.

ExxonMobil will match the first $2,000 donated per employee at a 1:1 ratio to arts and cultural organizations, and provides a 3:1 match on the first $7,500 donated to educational institutions (max $22,500 company contribution). They also offer a $500 grant after 20 hours of volunteering (up to 4 grants per employee per year).

Learn more about ExxonMobil’s corporate philanthropy program.

Johnson & Johnson is a top corporate philanthropy example.

2. Johnson & Johnson’s Corporate Philanthropy Program

Johnson & Johnson prioritizes women’s and children’s health, strengthens the healthcare workforce, and ensures access to essential surgery. The company also offers innovative solutions to address global disease challenges, and provides disaster relief and product donation. They take a global and local approach to their giving through partnerships, collaboration, technology, and innovative programming.

The company will donate $2 for every $1 current employees donate ($20,000 maximum company contribution) and $1 for every $1 retirees donate ($10,000 maximum company contribution).

Learn more about Johnson & Johnson’s corporate philanthropy program.

Microsoft is a top corporate philanthropy example.

3. Microsoft’s Corporate Philanthropy Program

According to Microsoft’s corporate social responsibility report, the company donated $1.4 billion in software and services to nonprofits worldwide last year. They work to empower people, strengthen communities, and protect the planet.

Microsoft will match $15,000 maximum at a 1:1 ratio, while their volunteer grants have no minimum required hours and provide $25 per volunteered hour.

Learn more about Microsoft’s corporate philanthropy program.

Google is a top corporate philanthropy example.

4. Google’s Corporate Philanthropy Program

Google recently announced a 5-year goal to award $1 billion in grants and contribute 1 million employee volunteer hours. They bring the best of Google to nonprofits that are committed to improving education, economic opportunity, inclusion, and more.

Google matches up to $6,000 annually per employee in donations to nonprofits, and $6,000 annually per employee to disaster relief. Their volunteer grants require a minimum of 1 hour, with $10 donated per hour of volunteering.

Learn more about Google’s corporate philanthropy program.

Apple is a top corporate philanthropy example.

5. Apple’s Corporate Philanthropy Program

Last year, Apple’s total employee charitable giving program exceeded $125 million and their employees volunteered more than 250,000 hours.

The company matches employee donations to most nonprofits at a 1:1 ratio with a maximum of $10,000, while their volunteer grant program has no minimum hour requirement and donates $25 per hour that an employee volunteers.

Learn more about Apple’s corporate philanthropy program.

ConocoPhillips is a top corporate philanthropy example.

6. ConocoPhillips’ Corporate Philanthropy Program

ConocoPhillips believes in and works toward the well-being of the communities in which they function through charitable giving, employee volunteerism, and civic leadership. Last year, they participated in 8 United Way campaigns and raised over $5.6 million in employee, retiree, and company donations. They also logged over 44,500 volunteer hours globally.

The company will match employee donations up to $10,000. It also offers two types of volunteer grants for current employees and retirees, as well as team volunteer grants.

Learn more about ConocoPhillips’ corporate philanthropy program.

Dell is a top corporate philanthropy example.

7. Dell’s Corporate Philanthropy Program

Dell has recently set a goal to volunteer 5 million cumulative hours of service over the course of several years and has committed itself to sustainability by recovering 2 billion pounds of used electronics and using sustainable materials in their products.

The company will match nonprofit donations up to $10,000 at a 1:1 ratio and, for every quarter in which their employees volunteer more than 10 hours, the employee can allocate a $150 donation toward a 501(c)3 organization.

Learn more about Dell’s corporate philanthropy program.

Aetna is a top corporate philanthropy example.

8. Aetna’s Corporate Philanthropy Program

The Aetna Foundation has worked for years and has awarded more than $445 million to promote wellness, health, and access to high-quality healthcare. The company believes in using its resources to make the communities and world we live in better places.

Aetna matches a maximum of $5,000 for all employee types (full-time, part-time, retired) and will donate $300 to a nonprofit after an employee volunteers 20 hours with the organization.

Learn more about Aetna’s corporate philanthropy program.

General Electric is a top corporate philanthropy example.

9. General Electric’s Corporate Philanthropy Program

General Electric strives to connect their employees with their surrounding communities and offers a matching gift program. Last year, General Electric gave $129 million in total, with $30 million in matching gifts.

General Electric will match a maximum of $5,000 at a 1:1 ratio for all employee types.

Learn more about General Electric’s corporate philanthropy program.

Expedia is a top corporate philanthropy program.

10. Expedia’s Corporate Philanthropy Program

Expedia takes pride in its team’s passion for individual giving and volunteering. They choose to honor that commitment by matching donations and providing volunteer grants to reinforce these efforts and support the organizations they care about.

Expedia will match up to $4,000 in donations for full-time and part-time employees, and offers $15 per hour volunteered at a 5-hour minimum.

Learn more about Expedia’s corporate philanthropy program.

Verizon is a top corporate philanthropy program.

11. Verizon’s Corporate Philanthropy Program

Last year, Verizon donated more than $4.6 million to disaster recovery projects throughout the United States. In total, $8,109,604 was donated by Verizon employees to nonprofits and $9,175,405 was donated through their matching gifts program.

Verizon matches individual employee donations up to $5,000 for higher education or up to $1,000 for any other nonprofit. Once employees volunteer 50 hours with an organization in a given year, Verizon will provide a volunteer grant of $750.

Learn more about Verizon’s corporate philanthropy program.

RealNetworks is a top corporate philanthropy example.

12. RealNetworks’ Corporate Philanthropy Program

RealNetworks has pledged to donate 5% of its after-tax profits to charitable causes, which has led to the creation of the RealNetworks Foundation. The Foundation makes grants to charitable organizations and matches employee donations, as well as volunteer time.

The company will match up to $10,000 in donations for all employee types and offers $15 per hour that employees volunteer with a 10-hour minimum (4 hours if part of a team event).

Learn more about RealNetworks’ corporate philanthropy program.

Walmart is a top corporate philanthropy example.

13. Walmart’s Corporate Philanthropy Program

Walmart is committed to increasing economic opportunity, strengthening local communities, and enhancing sustainability. In recent years, Walmart has provided $1.4 billion in total global giving.

Walmart’s volunteer grant program requires a minimum of 25 hours and will donate $250 for 25 hours or $500 for 50 hours of commitment by its employees.

Learn more about Walmart’s corporate philanthropy program.

Allstate is a top corporate philanthropy example.

14. Allstate’s Corporate Philanthropy Program

Through Allstate’s Giving Campaign, employees can give year-round to the causes and charities they care about. In recent years, $6.48 million was donated by agents and employees, including the company match.

Allstate offers a Good Hands matching grant program for higher education, as well as The Giving Campaign for all other nonprofits. Agency owners who volunteer are eligible for $1,000 grants and employees are eligible for $500 grants after volunteering 16 hours in a calendar year.

Learn more about Allstate’s corporate philanthropy program.

Time Warner is a top corporate philanthropy example.

15. Time Warner’s Corporate Philanthropy Program

Time Warner is committed to giving employees the ability to broaden their own experience through volunteerism. The company also matches U.S.-based employee contributions to nonprofit organizations.

The company’s maximum match is $1,000 at a 1:1 ratio for full-time and part-time employees. Time Warner also awards volunteer grants of $500 for employees who volunteer for at least 30 hours in a year.

Learn more about Time Warner’s corporate philanthropy program.

Tap into Corporate Philanthropy:

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Automate outreach, as well as analyze and forecast your corporate philanthropy revenue all in one place.

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Additional Examples of Corporate Philanthropy

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Corporate Matching Gift Programs

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Corporate Philanthropy: The Ultimate Guide

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