How to Add Matching Gifts to Your Peer-to-Peer Event Forms to Boost Results

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to extend your fundraising reach. So is a matching gift program. Marry the two, and you’ve really got something big for your nonprofit.

Adding a corporate matching tool to your peer-to-peer fundraising registration forms helps your peer-to-peer event participants maximize their fundraising and their impact. This, in turn, means more dollars for your mission. Everyone wins.

As you look to add a matching gift tool to your peer-to-peer event forms, consider these two important tips:

Use dedicated matching gift software.
Each company’s matching gift program is unique. They all have different requirements and guidelines. To make matching gifts practical for your peer-to-peer fundraising participants and donors, implement software that is dedicated to making the matching gifts process easier.

For example, 360MatchPro by Double the Donation provides:

  • Identification tools to help you locate all match-eligible donors
  • A donor-friendly search tool for donors to research their eligibility
  • Automation capabilities to streamline your outreach to these donors
  • Security features to protect private donor and organization data
  • A dashboard that gives you a full picture of your organization’s matching gift efforts

360MatchPro integrates with the Blackbaud TeamRaiser peer-to-peer fundraising platform, making it an ideal tool for your peer-to-peer events.

Remember that peer-to-peer registrations are different.
Implementing a matching gift tool for your peer-to-peer fundraising events is not the same as using it for your general donation form. Here’s why: The registration fee for your peer-to-peer events is typically not tax deductible. That means only the non-registration fee portion is eligible for matching. Your peer-to-peer event form must take this into account.

For example, Cathexis Partners helped Chase Brexton, a nonprofit health services provider, implement a peer-to-peer event registration process built on the TeamRaiser platform, with 360MatchPro embedded in the registration form. As part of the implementation, the Cathexis team helped them identify and build in the Fair Market Value for each of their event registration options so that each company match could be calculated based on the true tax deductible (match-eligible) amount versus the full transaction amount.

Matching gifts can take your peer-to-peer fundraising events to the next level. Just be sure to use the right tools and approaches to get the most out of them for your organization.

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Written in collaboration with Jon Reich, Partner, Cathexis Partners

Jon comes from a diverse media background, having worked for interactive gaming, motion graphics, and 3D animation studios. These projects included high profile brands such as Netflix, Barney & Friends, Jim Henson, McDonalds, VeggieTales and more. Before Cathexis Partners, Jon worked for three nonprofit organizations in online services and web development.