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3 Ways to Incorporate Matching Gifts into the Donor Acquisition Process

Getting new donors to contribute to your cause can be a costly and laborious process. But what if you could get new donors and receive twice as many donations?

You can! Couple donor acquisition and matching gifts! Putting the two together is almost a no-brainer. Not only does your nonprofit benefit by forming a relationship with a new donor, but you also receive a matched donation from their employer.

Donors give for many different reasons. But when they know that their donations can go twice as far, they’re more likely to make a first-time donation. Matching gifts double the generous feeling that donors get when they make a contribution.

Here are a few ways your nonprofit can incorporate matching gifts into the donor acquisition process.

1. Use match incentives to encourage first-time givers

Donors sometimes need a little encouragement to make their first contribution.

While your nonprofit is probably already educating donors through newsletters, on social media, and through direct mail, you can also use matching gifts to help donors take the leap.

Donors like knowing that their donations can potentially go twice as far with the help of employee giving programs. Incorporate matching gift information in your communications to potential donors to assure them that their donations can have maximum impact with little effort on their part.

Additionally, when you let potential donors know about matching gift programs, you not only gain new supporters, but you can also possibly form new corporate partnerships.

2. Utilize your existing corporate partnerships to find new donors

If your nonprofit already has positive corporate partnerships and you know that those companies offer matching gift programs to their employees, make the most of those existing connections!

When you reach out to the employees of a corporate partner, you not only demonstrate your commitment to the company, but you also acquire new donors who you know have the ability to have their gifts matched.

These corporate partnerships can be valuable for receiving more donations through matching gifts as well as for acquiring new donors.

Make the most of the employee giving programs that companies offer!

3. Use prospect research to find donors who could potentially have their donations matched

Prospect research can help nonprofits discover a wealth of information about their potential and existing donors. One of the benefits of performing a prospect screening is that your organization can determine where your potential donors work or where they retired from.

While prospect research won’t tell you whether or not an employee works for a company that matches gifts, Double the Donation’s matching gift tool can! Once you know where potential donors work and whether or not their employers offer matching gift programs, you can reach out to them and encourage them to give to your organization.


Donor acquisition takes patience and persistence. It’s not the easiest task in the world. However, with the help of matching gift programs, corporate partnerships, and a healthy dose of prospect research, your nonprofit can benefit from bringing new donors into the fold.

Although donor retention is considered to be less expensive and time consuming than acquisition, your nonprofit should still be focusing on acquiring donors. You can’t retain them if you don’t have them!

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