Top 12 Prospect Research Tools for Clever Fundraisers

Top 12 Prospect Research Tools
Gain valuable insights into your donors’ giving habits with these excellent tools for prospect research.
These are our top prospect research tools for nonprofit organizations.

The Top Prospect Research Tools for Nonprofits

These are our top prospect research tools for nonprofit organizations.


Best for All Nonprofits

DonorSearch's nonprofit software is best for prospect research.

DonorSearch offers prospect research and wealth screening to nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to learn more about your donors and incorporate that information into your fundraising strategy, then DonorSearch can help you gain deeper insights into your supporters. Plus, the information can easily be transferred to your nonprofit CRM.


Best for Overall Strategy

Donorly is a top prospect research firm for overall strategy.

Donorly is a top research-based fundraising consulting firm that creates custom solutions to overcome the fundraising barriers confronting small to medium nonprofits. With president Sandra Davis at the helm and a full roster of experienced consultants on the team, Donorly clients have the benefits of an in-house consulting team when working with this firm.

Double the Donation

Best for Business Affiliations

Double the Donation offers the best prospect research tool for matching gifts and business affiliations.

Double the Donation can help your organization raise more money through matching gifts. By integrating our easy-to-use matching gift tool into your online donation forms and website, you can learn valuable information on your donors’ employers, which will help tailor your matching gift outreach to provide information on specific philanthropic programs.


Best for AI-Driven Predictions

Dataro is a leading prospect research tool for AI-driven fundraising predictions.

Dataro is an innovative artificial intelligence platform designed to help nonprofits make the most of their data and conduct more effective campaigns. AI-driven fundraising has become a buzzword in recent years, but Dataro’s ground-up machine learning process finally puts these advanced predictive tools within reach for organizations of all sizes.


Best for Visual Mapping

We recommend using IntellectSpace for visual mapping prospect research.

IntellectSpace has been in the prospect research industry for over a decade and has helped organizations map out donor relationships. Whether you’re looking to find connections through your board of directors, alumni, or major donors, the nonprofit-focused tools at IntellectSpace can help your organization reach new potential donors and raise more funds.


Best for Wealth Intelligence

Windfall is a leading wealth intelligence data provider.

Windfall is a data science company with a focus on the affluent, empowering nonprofits with precise and up-to-date net worth data. Windfall serves nonprofits big and small to help them harness consumer insights. Their deterministic technology can help your organization better understand which donors have the highest giving potential and engage with them effectively.

Favorite Prospect Research Tools: Our Reviews

DonorSearch — Best Prospect Research Tool for All Nonprofits

Prospect Research Tool Overview

DonorSearch’s wealth screening and prospect research services help nonprofits learn more about their donors and round out their donor profiles. Their Integrated Search feature generates reports and outlines information like income, real estate holdings, philanthropic connections, stock ownership, and more. This means you’ll be able to take a comprehensive approach to prospect research and get to know more about your donors than just their wealth information.

Additionally, DonorSearch can help you learn which organizations a donor gives to. This can help you analyze giving patterns and determine the right amount to ask for.

Their services also help with grateful patient and planned giving candidate identification and can be integrated with nearly any CRM or donor management software.

Learn more about the prospect research services available at DonorSearch.

Why We Love This Prospect Research Provider

DonorSearch analyzes philanthropy first, enabling them to find 30% more qualified donors for your nonprofit.

In addition, the prospect researchers at DonorSearch can create a tailored plan specifically for your organization. So if you’re looking to promote your planned giving program, they can identify donors most likely to support your mission long term.

Prospect Research Software Price

You’ll need to request a demo and a quote from DonorSearch, but their training and support services are free! You also get unlimited searches and users included in your subscription fee.

Learn more about the prospect research services available at DonorSearch.

Donorly – Best Prospect Research Firm For Overall Fundraising Strategy

Prospect Research Tool Overview

The Donorly team, led by Sandra Davis, isn’t a prospect research tool per se, but rather a team of data experts and fundraising consultants ready to power your strategy to success. While Donorly now takes a holistic approach to full-service fundraising consulting, donor research is at the heart of all of this firm’s efforts.

With Donorly, your team gains access to the donor research tools and databases used by the largest fundraising offices and the data experts within the firm itself. Donorly’s in-house research team is dedicated to finding creative, data-driven solutions to meet your organization’s unique needs. They’ll turn data into insight about your donors—whether assets, giving habits, or affinity to give—and empower your team to fundraise beyond its size.

The Donorly team believes that fundraising and the twists and turns that come along with it, is a unique experience for each and every nonprofit. Their team will create a bespoke strategy to meet your team’s unique needs with effective donor research that backs all of their efforts. Since the team has empowered nonprofits to raise $150 million+ to date, it’s easy to trust the success of their methods!

Visit Donorly's website today.

Why We Love This Prospect Research Provider

Donorly recognizes that the needs of small to medium nonprofits go beyond prospect research. Because of this, their team can outline a custom donor research plan for your team as well as other comprehensive consulting services.

Whether you need assistance with capital campaign direction or embedded staffing, Donorly is invested in helping your team meet its goals however necessary (and they’ll supply the data to help you do so!).

Prospect Research Software Price

Donorly’s solutions are fully customized to fit the needs of your nonprofit. Contact their team today to learn more about pricing.

Visit Donorly's website today.

Double the Donation — Best Prospect Research Tool for Business Affiliations

Prospect Research Tool Overview

Double the Donation’s service helps your nonprofit receive more money from corporate matching gift programs.

When donors give online, they will be prompted to enter their employer’s name into Double the Donation’s matching gift search tool. If their employer has a matching gift program, the donor will then be directed to the correct forms and guidelines needed to submit a match request.

Having this information (i.e. whether a donor works for a company with a matching gift company) will help your nonprofit tailor matching-gift specific communications to donors who are eligible to double their donations.

Learn more about prospect research for matching gifts on Double the Donation's website.

Why We Love This Prospect Research Provider

We’re a little biased, but we think matching gifts are great! Gaining valuable information on your donors matching gift eligibility will help you raise double the funds for your organization.

The information you obtain from the matching gift tool will help you send personalized reminders about a donor’s specific matching gift program.

Prospect Research Software Price

Double the Donation’s services range from $299 to $499 a year. Access to the API starts at $1,999 per year.

Learn more about prospect research for matching gifts on Double the Donation's website.

Dataro – Best Prospect Research Tool for AI-Driven Fundraising

Prospect Research Tool Overview

Dataro’s artificial intelligence and machine learning platform can be a game-changer for nonprofits’ prospect research and other everyday fundraising efforts. It regularly analyzes the donation and engagement data in your CRM, running it through advanced machine learning algorithms to generate propensity scores and rankings for each of your donors.

Dataro uses these scores and rankings to make pinpointed predictions delivered straight to your CRM. For instance, Dataro can help you immediately identify the donors who are most likely to give again or set up recurring donations. These are invaluable insights to have on hand when planning your next fundraising campaign or appeal.

Over time, these smarter predictions and more targeted appeals help you continue generating valuable data to strengthen all of your engagement strategies, including your broader stewardship and major gift fundraising efforts.

Dataro's prospect research software puts AI technology within reach for all nonprofits.

Why We Love This Prospect Research Provider

Dataro stands out for its ground-up approach to fundraising AI. Many nonprofit software providers offer piecemeal, AI-style prospect scoring systems these days, but Dataro takes a proven and comprehensive approach. For instance, Greenpeace retained 64 at-risk donors in a single month after using Dataro to predict who would be the most likely to lapse, resulting in an extra $23,040 for their mission.

Plus, Dataro is an accessible choice for organizations of all sizes. As more nonprofits come to understand the value of their data, AI-driven tools can play a critical role in bridging the gap between generating that data and actually putting it to use for your mission.

Dataro's AI prospect research software is a game changer for nonprofits of all sizes.

IntellectSpace — Best Prospect Research Tool for Visual Mapping

Prospect Research Software Overview

Since 2003, IntellectSpace has been helping nonprofits, universities, and even businesses map out relationships between donors, alumni, and customers, respectively.

Their “Prospect Visual” software is targeted specifically for nonprofits and helps fundraisers map out the connections between existing donors and targeted prospects.

IntellectSpace can help researchers, fundraisers, constituent relations managers, database managers, and event coordinators find prospective donors and discover new relationships in their existing database.

Learn more about the prospect research tools available from IntellectSpace.

Why We Love This Prospect Research Provider

IntellectSpace has mapped over 64 billion different relationships and tracks them in their proprietary database.

Plus their visualization tools provide nonprofits with the best relationship mapping visuals so that your staff can easily spot important connections.

Prospect Research Software Price

You’ll need to schedule a call with IntellectSpace to get started and to obtain a quote for their services.

Learn more about the prospect research tools available from IntellectSpace.

Windfall — Best Prospect Research Tool for Modern Wealth Intelligence

Prospect Research Software Overview

Windfall is on a mission to help data-driven organizations effectively identify, understand, and engage affluent consumers with financial data. They provide nonprofits with up-to-date actionable insights into their affluent constituents.

Their technology uses deterministic inputs and proprietary algorithms to deliver a net worth figure at the household level to help nonprofits prioritize, segment, and engage their donors with the greatest giving potential.

Windfall identifies donors’ propensity to give so nonprofits can prioritize their leads, discover previously overlooked donors, and maximize the impact of their outreach. Plus, Windfall integrates with the industry leading matching gift tool!

Why We Love This Prospect Research Provider

Windfall rebuilds their dataset on a weekly basis to keep all of your data up-to-date. Since wealth and net worth are highly dynamic, these updates make sure that your organization is being guided by reliable information.

Beyond net worth, Windfall also provides your organization with a range of personal and household attributes that give you a deeper understanding of your constituents. By providing wealth insights in conjunction with 360MatchPro, Windfall helps organizations drive high-value matching gift opportunities.

Prospect Research Software Price

Request a demo to learn more about Windfall’s pricing structure. You can also check some of their valuable web resources free of charge!

Other Donor Prospect Research Tools for Nonprofits


Medium to large nonprofits can use the prospect research tools at TouchPoints.

Prospect Research Tool Overview

TouchPoints helps medium and large nonprofits increase donation and memberships and build stronger relationships with their donors.

Their technology enables nonprofits to update their old databases with correct information such as current name, address, and telephone number, as well as email address, social media handles, birthday, and interests.

TouchPoints seeks to help nonprofits have the most up-to-date data possible to ensure that they stay in touch with their current donors and reconnect with those who have lapsed.

Why We Love This Prospect Research Provider

TouchPoints has been used by several big-name nonprofits, making it a trusted solution.

In addition to helping keep your donor data up-to-date, TouchPoints offers valuable information that can help your organization’s Marketing Officer, Database Manager, and Development Officer handle their day-to-day tasks.

Prospect Research Software Price

You’ll need to call TouchPoints or request a demo online for a price point or quote.


WeDidIt uses prospect research to help nonprofits find high-earning prospects.

Prospect Research Tool Overview

WeDidIt helps you discover diamond in the rough in your database.

Through the WeDidIt Insights platformm, you can identify the high-earning donors within your database who are good leads for major gift officers. Insights will even tell you if they’re currently under-giving, giving on par, or over-giving.

WeDidIt has robust features such as the ability to find donors whose employers offer matching gifts, identify your social media influencers, and see the health of your overall database at a glance.

Why We Love This Prospect Research Provider

WeDidIt makes life easier for your whole development department. Save time for your development associates, directors, and major gift officers so they can focus on what they do best: raising funds!

Prospect Research Software Price

You’ll need to contact WeDidIt to request a demo online for a price point or quote.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a free prospect research tool that lets nonprofits search for donors with high giving potential.

Prospect Research Tool Overview

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a great online resource for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. They have an interactive tool that allows users to investigate giving by location. You can look at giving at the state, city, county, and ZIP code levels.

Some of the data does require a subscription, but a lot of their data is also publicly available.

For instance, they just released data that looks at donors who have given $1 million or more to charities in the recent past. This data includes donors’ names, hometowns, and sources of wealth, as well as the recipient, cause, gift type, and gift value of the donation.

Why We Love This Prospect Research Provider

The Chronicle of Philanthropy offers a wealth of prospect research and donor wealth information.

Whether you want to read up on giving trends or take a peek at some big data, the Chronicle of Philanthropy has solutions for you!

Prospect Research Software Price

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is free to use. If your organization wants access to all the data available, you will need to subsribe. Subscriptions run $84 per year or $146 for two years.

FEC Fillings

The FEC is a free prospect research tool that allows organizations to search donations made to political campaigns.

Prospect Research Tool Overview

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) can provide your nonprofit with information about a donor’s political giving.

All you have to do is insert a prospect’s name and any other identification details you might have.

If that prospect has given to a political committee or campaign, your nonprofit will be able to see which candidate or party they contributed to and how much they gave.

Why We Love This Prospect Research Provider

Political giving can help determine a prospect’s willingness and ability to give a major gift. Plus, if you can detect connections between a political candidate’s positions on issues and your nonprofit’s work, you can more easily reach out to donors to give to that candidate.

Prospect Research Software Price

The FEC is completly free to use!

The Foundation Center

The Foundation Center has prospect research and management tools for nonprofits.

Prospect Research Tool Overview

The Foundation Center takes a look at philanthropic trends around the world. They have a comprehensive database that contains information about grants and the people and organizations who make them.

Like the Chronicle of Philanthropy, most of the Foundation Center’s resources are free, but they do offer a subscription service for nonprofits who want to dive deeper into the data.

In addition to its comprehensive online presence, the Foundation Center also has libraries across the country that fundraisers and nonprofit professionals can visit. Their locations are in Atlanta, Cleveland, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.

Why We Love This Prospect Research Provider

The Foundation Center has accurate, up-to-date grantmaker data as well as prospect assessment and management tools. Their information also comes from around the world, making it extremely comprehensive.

Prospect Research Software Price

Most of the resources at the Foundation Center are free. However, to access some resources, your organization will need to sign up for their subscription service. For more information, check out the website.


LinkedIn is a great prospect research tool to help organizations search donors' employers and connections.

Prospect Research Tool Overview

If you need to round out your donor profiles with some business information, LinkedIn is one of the most ideal (and free!) options to use.

Depending on how much of their profile is completed, a donor’s LinkedIn page can tell you their previous educational and business connections.

This information can help you map out more connections between your existing donors and your potential prospects.

Why We Love This Prospect Research Provider

Most business professionals have a LinkedIn profile (in varied stages of completion). Because it’s a near universal resource for people in any career, it makes it an easy tool for your nonprofit to use to flesh out your donor profiles.

Prospect Research Software Price

Organizations can use LinkedIn for free!

The Million Dollar List

The Million Dollar list for prospect research comprises all of the donors that made a contribution of a million dollars or more.

Prospect Research Tool Overview

If you need to look for potential major gift prospects, the Million Dollar List is a great resource.

The information on the Million Dollar List is a collection of publicly announced contributions that are at least a million dollars.

The available data goes all the way back to 2000 and can be filtered by donor, recipient, or location. They also have charts, graphs, and lists that can be used to search and analyze data.

Why We Love This Prospect Research Provider

Your nonprofit can download all of the Million Dollar List’s data to have it on hand for your major gift prospect research.

Prospect Research Software Price

The information in the Million Dollar List is completely free for organiztions!

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