Data Enhancement

Data Enhancement

Email Updates and Appends

Email is the most cost-efficient method to promote matching gifts to a large number of donors. Of course, in order to do so, you need to have the email addresses of your supporters.

With Double the Donation’s email append service, we can help you fill in the gaps in your database.

How Email Appends Work:

  1. Your organization provides us with a list of constituents with phone numbers, mailing addresses, etc.
  2. We identify the constituents’ email addresses
  3. We send an opt-in or opt-out message to each individual constituent
  4. Once a response is received, we append the email address to the donor’s record

Pricing: Ranges from $.15 to $.30 per record, depending upon the size of the file.

Phone Number Updates and Appends

Are you looking to call your major donors but don’t have accurate and up-to-date phone numbers? Does your organization use constituent phone numbers in your phonathon campaigns? If so, you know the importance of having accurate and up-to-date phone numbers.

Our phone number append service provides you with both cellphone and landline numbers. Use this information for both your regular donation solicitations as well as matching gift reminders.


  • Cell phone number appends – $.20 per append (minimum of $750)
  • Home phone number appends – $.07 per append (minimum of $750)

Date of Birth / Age Appends

Date of birth is rarely a field collected by nonprofits. Yet, knowing the age or date of birth of your supporters can be used to improve your nonprofit’s marketing efforts.

  • Are you looking to target, segment, and market to donors who fall into different age brackets?
  • Would you like to profile or segment your database by age?
  • Are you planning a birthday mailing?

Our Date of Birth (DoB) append service helps you add age information to your database.

With average match rates of 40-70%, our date of birth appending can provide you with the month and year that individuals were born.

Pricing: $750 for up to 10,000 records + $400 per every additional 10,000 records

Address Updates and Appends

Did you know that more than 40 million Americans move each year? With about 10% of the mailing addresses becoming outdated every year, organizations are wasting dollars on printing and mailing costs.

Double the Donation offers National Change of Address screenings to ensure your organization has up-to-date mailing addresses. Through the USPS’s National Change of Address process we can screen your database to find any change of addresses that have been registered with the USPS in the past 48 months. We also provide you with standardized addresses that meet the USPS’s requirements for bulk mailing rates.

When you add the missed donations from not being able to deliver your annual fund letters or other solicitations, the cost of a NCOA screening quickly pays for itself.

Pricing: $500 flat fee for files with up to 50,000 records + $2.80 per each 1,000 additional records

Double the Donation provides a full suite of data enhancement services. Let us help ensure your nonprofit has all of the personal details you need to contact donors and promote matching gifts across multiple channels.