Top 15 Online Donation Tools


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Online Donation Tools and Services

1. Fundly Pro

Fundly offers online donation forms as well as crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising services.


Fundly Pro is the leading crowdfunding platform for nonprofits. Not only can it be used as your primary donation tool, but you can easily launch crowdfunding campaigns or encourage donors to set up their own fundraising campaigns as well.

In addition to a donation service, Fundly also offers a suite of services, including a CRM, volunteer management platform, and more. When you start with Fundly’s donation tools, you’ll have easy integration options as your organization continues to grow.

Why We Love It

Fundly offers an extremely effective and easy-to-use donation process, and as the leading crowdfunding platform, Fundly Pro’s campaigns are designed to be shared by your donors!


With no setup fees, no monthly fees, and no contracts, there is no easier way to accept donations. Fundly charges a platform fee of 4.9%, which covers all of Fundly Pro’s features and functionality!

Fundly Online Donation Tool

2. Qgiv

QGiv enables nonprofits to create simple but powerful online donation forms.


Qgiv empowers nonprofit, faith-based, and political organizations to easily engage, attract, and retain donors.

Their donation pages are simple but create a meaningful online giving experience for your supporters.

Additionally, Qgiv offers a whole suite of other fundraising products, like peer-to-peer fundraising tools, mobile giving, and fundraising kiosks.

Why We Love It

Qgiv’s donation system integrates with your webpage to match its look and feel. There is no knowledge of HTML, CSS or programming required.


Qgiv’s pricing is simple and straightforward. They charge $49 per month with a 3.95%  + $.30 fee per transaction. Merchant fees are included in this pricing model. You can also get additional options, like mobile card readers, for an additional fee.

Qgiv Online Donation Tool

3. @Pay

@Pay enables nonprofits to collect donations online and via mobile devices.


@Pay is an online giving platform focused on churches and faith-based organizations. Their technology enables organizations to accept donations via text, email, and web with as few as two clicks for the donor.

By reducing the number of steps needed to make a donation, their software simplifies the process for donors and reduces donation form abandonment.

Why We Love It

After a donor has completed the donation process once, they can make any future donations in only 2 clicks.


@Pay’s starter pack is $50 a month and includes text-to-give, online giving portals, recurring giving capabilities, and email support.

Check out @Pay's software.

4. Salsa Labs

Salsa Labs gives users free donation forms with the use of Salsa's CRM.


Salsa Labs offers easy-to-use fundraising tools that fully integrate with their CRM. You’ll be able to create branded donation pages that are built to look great on any device, and you’ll have access to other useful features such as automated acknowledgements and event registration tools.

Salsa also offers a host of additional tools to meet your organization’s specific needs. You can include online advocacy tools or purchase peer-to-peer fundraising software—whatever your nonprofit needs, Salsa has a solution for you!

Why We Love It

Keeping online donations in the same system as a donor database is a major bonus of using Salsa’s services. The interconnectedness of all the additional features of their CRM is largely beneficial for subscribers.


Salsa Labs donation forms start at a monthly fee of $49 per month + 5% of donations processed.

Salsa Online Donation Tool

5. DonorPerfect

DonorPerfect provides user with customizable donation forms and easy-to-use templates.


Through Weblink, nonprofits that subscribe to DonorPerfect’s services can generate and manage online donation forms that integrate with DonorPerfect.

There are templates to use and the option to have DonorPerfect create or customize a form for an additional fee.

Why We Love It

DonorPerfect has an online marketplace, DPConnect, that houses a collection of independent software vendor services that can expand the scope of DonorPerfect’s capabilities for subscribers.


DonorPerfect has three tiers of service subscription, all of which provide online donation services. Prices range from $59 to $264 per month.

DonorPerfect Online Donation Tool

6. iATS Payments

iATS is a dedicated payment processor specializing in nonprofits.


iATS Payments allows their nonprofit clients to manage online and offline donations. They help organizations minimize costs, increase capacity, and improve efficiency.

iATS provides credit card and direct debit payment processing services that are specifically designed for nonprofits. Because the iATS team is dedicated to serving organizations just like yours, you can be sure that their support will always be spot-on. They understand nonprofits and tailor their products and services to fit your needs!

Why We Love It

iATS has a whole suite of fraud protection features that include IP blocking, minimum transaction limits, bank ID number checking, and name and card number tumbling.


You’ll need to contact iATS directly for a quote, but they boast no account setup fees, gateway fees, cross-border processing fees, or monthly statement fees.

iATS Payments Online Donation Tool

7. NeonCRM

Neon membership management software


NeonCRM users can generate secure online pages that match the user’s own website. Pages can be tailored to include specific donation campaigns, surveys, or membership-focused actions. You can customize every aspect of your donation page, from style to content.

Plus, all data gathered through the pages goes directly into the user’s NeonCRM database, so you’ll never have to worry about manual data entry again!

Why We Love It

NeonCRM-hosted pages can truly carry the look and feel of your organization’s own website. This similarity makes the online donation experience highly user-friendly for the donor.


Neon has software packages for organizations of every size! Their prices range from $50 per month for their most basic package to $200 per month for their all-inclusive Empower level.

Neon Online Donation Tool

8. DonationForce

DonationForce provides online donation forms for nonprofits.


DonationForce provides custom online donation pages and user-friendly fundraising tools to streamline the donation process for your donors and your staff.

DonationForce’s entire approach has been to make the setup process as smooth as possible to help nonprofits get up and running quickly, so you’ll have more time to spend engaging with donors! Plus, their donation forms have some of the highest conversion rates and include donation tracking and reporting.

Integrates with Double the Donation

Why We Love It

DonationForce provides exceptional support but have made it so easy to get set up that they’re able to pass along the savings in the form of very low fees.


DonationForce offers multiple plans with low monthly minimums and donation fees that are some of the lowest in the industry.

9. 4AGoodCause

4AGoodCause gives fundraisers user-friendly donation pages for any device.


Because 4AGoodCause understands the need for mobile optimization, they’ve tapped into the mobile market in a big way. Their donation pages are just as functional (and beautiful) on a smartphone or tablet as they are on a laptop.

Their services also include donation tracking and reporting. In addition to the 4AGoodCause suite of services, users can take advantage of valuable integrations, like the one with Double the Donation’s matching gift tool.

Integrates with Double the Donation

Why We Love It

If you’re a large nonprofit looking to forge your own online fundraising path, 4AGoodCause is a great campaign companion. Their services are easy to tailor to your specific needs, so you won’t have to sacrifice customization for convenience!


With no annual contracts, monthly minimums, set up or early termination fees, the Essentials option costs $99 per month, plus 0.3% + $0.69 above interchange.

4aGoodCause Online Donation Tool

10. Click & Pledge

Click & Pledge offers a suite of affordable online donation tools.


Known for its payment platform, Click & Pledge offers a suite of online giving services including online donation forms, event promotion, establishing recurring transactions, and selling merchandise and/or memberships.

Why We Love It

Click & Pledge is an affordable option that spans the whole scope of online fundraising.


Click & Pledge offers its services for a $20 monthly fee, and 3.50% + $.0.35 per transaction for credit cards or 1.85% + $.0.25 for eChecks.

Click and Pledge Online Donation Tool

11. DonorBox

DonorBox - Double the Donation Partner


Donorbox helps your organization quickly embed an optimized recurring donation form in your website. It’s highly customizable so you can ask custom questions, allow donors to designate their donations to a specific cause, turn their one-time donation into a recurring gift, and much more.

Donorbox also offers advanced features such as customizable receipts and integrations with other major nonprofit software providers. If you use Salesforce, Mailchimp, or (of course) Double the Donation, Donorbox’s solutions can meet you where you already are.

Why We Love It

It’s so simple to use. From set up to the donation process, you and your donors will benefit from the streamlined nature of DonorBox’s software.


DonorBox’s fees are .89% of donations + the credit card processing fees charged by Stripe. There is no monthly fee and DonorBox waives its fees if you raise less than $1,000 in a month.

DonorBox Online Donation Tool

12. myPledger

myPledger offers a variety of text-to-give options for nonprofits.


MyPledger takes text-to-give and text-to-pledge to the next level.

Through automated follow-ups and outreach, MyPledger helps organizations collect on as many gifts and pledges as possible, all with minimal staff time.

Integrates with Double the Donation

Why We Love It

MyPledger offers a range of text-to-give and text-to-pledge options, all with a focus on helping organizations excel in their fundraising efforts with minimal staff time.


MyPledger charges minimal setup fees and instead prices its services based on your organization’s performance.

13. Blackbaud

Blackbaud's NetCommunity is a fundraising tool for nonprofits.


Does your nonprofit already use fundraising tools from Blackbaud? Then consider using NetCommunity for your donation platform.

The better your various software is able to communicate and share information, the better life will be for your donors and your staff.

Why We Love It

Blackbaud is a major name in nonprofit fundraising, and Raiser’s Edge is a very popular donor database for large nonprofits. NetCommunity gives Raiser’s Edge users the tools to grow with the changing online community.


Blackbaud offers two pricing levels for nonprofits to choose from. You can select Grow, the more extensive and comprehensive option, or Spark, which allows for additions without altering the current site.

Blackbaud NetCommunity Online Donation Tool

14. ProcessDonation

Process Donation equips nonprofits and fundraisers with online donation solutions.


ProcessDonation provides nonprofit organizations with fundraising solutions such as event management software, mobile giving tools, peer-to-peer platforms, and more! If you’re looking to extend your fundraising efforts and want to try out a number of new online options, ProcessDonation can help you meet your goals.

ProcessDonation’s tools will complement your ability to raise donations, making your fundraising efforts easier and more effective, so you can spend more time serving your constituents.

Why We Love It

ProcessDonation offers a full suite of fundraising options including donation forms, peer-to-peer fundraising, social media campaigning, mobile apps, donor and membership management features, event registration, and reporting, all at affordable prices.


ProcessDonation has pricing options for nonprofits of all sizes, ranging from $0-$40 in monthly fees and a low donation processing fee.

ProcessDonation Online Donation Tool

15. Philantro

Philantro allows users to collect donations online while recording and tracking donor data.


Philantro users can accept online donations on their websites for numerous campaigns, receive deposits quickly, and rely on the service to manage recurring donations.

After a supporter has made a donation, Philantro automates the donor’s records and offers analytics and reporting features for the newly acquired data.

Why We Love It

Philantro is a great option for a nonprofit in its early growth phase. The flat rate is especially appealing for nonprofits that do not have a steady and predictable rate of donations.


Philantro retains a fee of 4% + $0.50 per donation.

Philantro Online Donation Tool

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