Learn about 360MatchPro's integration with Classy.

Matching Gift Integrations: Classy Recommends 360MatchPro

Since 2018, Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro, the automated solution from the leading provider of matching gift software to nonprofits and educational institutions, has been able to integrate with Classy, creator of world-class online fundraising software for nonprofits.

The integration activates 360MatchPro in the background of Classy donation forms. This pairing delivers actionable matching gift information post Classy-hosted transaction to capture the maximum number of match-eligible donors.

“We couldn’t be more excited to hear about this employer matching release, which will undoubtedly provide a ton of value to our shared clients,” said Charlie Anderson, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Classy, when the integration was first established. “The 360MatchPro integration maintains our recommended, uninterrupted donation process while delivering increased value to nonprofits.”

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Learn about the details surrounding the Classy x 360MatchPro integration.

Details Regarding the Integration

360MatchPro goes to work after donations have already been submitted, following up with all donors about their match-eligibility.

“The most significant drop-off in matching gift submission is always the donor awareness of their own eligibility and next steps,” said Adam Weinger, President of Double the Donation. “360MatchPro follows up with all donors, not just those who self-identify as match-eligible, ensuring that all opportunities for matching are identified and actively driven to completion.”


Capture employer information from all donors, not just ones who know they're eligible for matching gifts.


All donors who complete transactions through 360MatchPro-integrated Classy forms receive instantaneous matching gift information directly in their inboxes. Those initially identified as eligible receive information about their company’s program, including a link to their company’s online matching gift submission portal or another next step. Other donors are sent a quick and easy way to check their matching gift eligibility.

The donors’ employment information and matching gift statuses then flow into the 360MatchPro portal for nonprofits and educational institutions to view, filter, export, and take action on.

The Classy/360MatchPro integration can be integrated directly within the Classy platform.

Organizations using the 360MatchPro integration with Classy will spend less staff time pursuing matching gifts and more time focusing on top opportunities, thanks to the system’s automation and actionable insights.

Ready to take advantage of the 360MatchPro-Classy integration? It’s easy to turn on directly from the 360MatchPro portal! Check out our integration guide here.

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  • 360MatchPro: A fully automated matching gift tool that handles the discovery and marketing process for your nonprofit.

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