If you're a nonprofit located in Canada, there's a number of companies that offer matching gifts in your area!

Canadian Companies that Have Matching Gift Programs

Corporate giving programs, such as matching gifts, play a large part in nonprofits’ fundraising strategies. However, these opportunities aren’t just limited to the United States.

Nonprofits in Canada and many other countries can benefit from corporate philanthropy, too!

Many matching gift databases for nonprofits are limited to only employers within the United States. Fortunately, Double the Donation tracks both U.S. and Canadian companies that will match employee donations.

As expected, many Fortune 500 companies have a global presence and are found throughout Canada. Many of these large corporations have matching gift programs; however, the policies can vary between countries.

To pinpoint more corporate giving opportunities, brush up on these companies’ matching gift programs and guidelines:

  1. Bank of Montreal
  2. BCE Inc.
  3. Gildan Activewear
  4. Royal Bank of Canada
  5. TC Energy
  6. Additional Companies in Canada

If you’re ready to maximize your nonprofit’s matching gift potential, let’s get started!

There are several Canadian companies that offer matching gifts and volunteer grants to nonprofits.

Canadian Companies that Match Donations

With the 10th largest economy in the world, Canada headquarters many great companies with generous employee giving benefits. Many Canadian corporations have a long history of philanthropy, which is great news for the many renowned nonprofits that call Canada home!

If you’re a Canadian organization trying to increase your fundraising with matching gifts or volunteer grants, be sure to familiarize staff members with the list below. This list is far from exhaustive, so we encourage you to invest in a corporate giving program lookup service to make it easier for donors to access and submit matching gifts.

Bank of Montreal

Bank of Montreal is a Canadian company that has a matching gift and volunteer grant program.Bank of Montreal (also known as BMO Financial) matches gifts between $100 and $2,000 per employee or retiree every year. They match to a variety of institutions ranging from K-12 schools to arts and cultural organizations to environmental groups. They even donate to most 501 (c)(3) organizations, which many companies don’t do.

BMO also provides grants when employees volunteer regularly, so instead of just looking at your donors, turn to your volunteers, too!

Read more about the BMO Financial Group’s matching gift program.

BCE Inc.

BCE is a Canadian company that offers a volunteer grant program.BCE Inc., formerly known as Bell Canada Enterprises, does not offer a matching gift program, but they do offer individual and team volunteer grants. Employees or retirees who volunteer throughout the year can earn substantial grants for their favorite nonprofits.

Specifically, individuals must volunteer 50 hours within a year to acquire a set grant amount of $500 for your organization, and teams must volunteer a combined 500 hours within a year to acquire a set grant amount of $2,500.

Read more about the BCE volunteer grant program.

Gildan Activewear

Gildan Activewear is a Canadian company that offers a volunteer grant program.Headquartered in Montreal, Gildan will match gifts from both full and part-time employees, and it offers volunteer grants. The match program is open to organizations in Canada, the United States, and Honduras.

In addition to donations, they’ll match selected fundraising campaigns made by employees, too!

Read more about the Gildan Activewear matching gift program.

Royal Bank of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada is a Canadian company that offers matching gifts and volunteer grants.RBC, or The Royal Bank of Canada, will match employee donations from anywhere to $100 to $5,000. A perk of RBC’s matching gift program is that part-time employees and retirees are also eligible to participate and can have their donations matched at the standard 1:1 ratio!

Like many of these other organizations, RBC offers grants for your active volunteers, too! For a minimum of 40 volunteer hours, the company will provide up to a $500 grant.

Read more about RBC’s matching gift program.

TC Energy

TC Energy is a Canadian company that offers a matching gifts program and a Dollars for Doers program.TransCanada offers two main types of employee giving programs.

The first is its matching gift program, where the company will match up to $1,000 annually to most nonprofits. The program is open to all employees and many retirees.

The second program is TransCanada’s Dollars for Doers program. Through this program, the company matches volunteer hours with monetary grants. Once a TransCanada employee volunteers for at least 20 hours in a calendar year, he or she can request a volunteer grant for the organization.

Read more about TransCanada’s employee giving programs.

Additional Companies Which Match Donations by Canadian Employees:

Double the Donation’s database is full of companies that match donations from Canadians to Canadian nonprofits. Here are a few additional companies which match their employees’ donations and volunteer hours:

Double the Donation's matching gift database can help Canadian nonprofits find companies that offer matching gifts and volunteer grants.

Matching Gift Database: Double the Donation

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As the most comprehensive source for all things matching gifts, the database allows corporate employees to quickly check their eligibility, submit matching gift requests, and submit volunteer grant requests to their employers.

Larger nonprofits may benefit even more from 360MatchPro by Double the Donation. This system goes beyond providing users with the necessary information for placing a match or grant request. It recognizes match-eligible donors and contacts them through automated reminder emails that guide them through the process. Your staff will save time and maximize its revenue all at the same time!

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While these are some major companies that offer matching gifts to Canadian nonprofits, they aren’t the only businesses that do. Make sure to constantly research your donors’ employers and stay up-to-date on companies in your area.

Now that you have more insight into major matching gift companies in Canada, start maximizing your revenue!