Top 5 GoFundMe Alternatives

5 Sites Like GoFundMe (But Better!)

GoFundMe AlternativesDesigned ForRating (Out of 5)
#1: FundlyFundraising for all causes5/5
#2: BonfireFundraising for all causes4.8/5
#3: IndieGogoCreative projects where you’ll manufacture a product4.7/5
#4: GiveForwardFundraising for all causes4.5/5
#5: PursuitOlympic athlete fundraising4.4/5

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The Top 5 GoFundMe Alternatives

1. Fundly

Platform Overview

Fundly’s crowdfunding platforms is one of the best. It’s easy to get started, the fees are low, and you get to keep whatever funds you raise (regardless of whether or not you meet your goal!).

This “keep it all” (KiA) model allows fundraisers to focus on spreading awareness for their campaigns and recruiting more donors, instead of worrying about a deadline or a looming goal.

Like GoFundMe, Fundly’s platform enables fundraisers to upload media, post updates, tell their stories, and share their campaigns via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

What We Love

Fundly allows you to customize your campaign by adding logos, a background image, custom colors, and more to make your campaign truly unique.

Additionally, Fundly has some of the best customer service in the industry. If you run into a fundraising problem, Fundly’s support team will help you fix it in no time.


Fundly charges a 4.9% platform fee as well as a 2.9% credit card processing fee and $.30 per transaction.

2. Bonfire

Bonfire is a T-shirt crowdfunding platform and an alternative to GoFundMe.

Platform Overview

If you’re looking for a way for your supporters to support your cause even after your current campaign is over, offering T-shirts from Bonfire is a great way to do it!

The process is simple: You design your shirts and spread the word about the sale via a crowdfunding campaign. Once orders are printed and shipped to supporters, you receive all the profits.

Campaigns can last up to three weeks, and if you don’t make your minimum number of T-shirts sold, you can start your campaign again.

What We Love

Bonfire has concluded a long list of successful campaigns for recognizable organizations such as the Jane Goodall Institute, the Women’s March on Washington, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation of Greater New York City.


You receive 100% of the profits from your campaign, though Bonfire charges a 3.5% processing fee and a 4.5% platform fee for fundraising campaigns.

Bonfire, a T-shirt-based GoFundMe alternative, has evolved to become more nonprofit-oriented over its history.

3. Indiegogo

GoFundMe Alternatives: Indiegogo

Platform Overview

Indiegogo is the go-to crowdfunding website for creative projects or entrepreneurial endeavors. If fundraisers meet their goal, they can then choose to sell their product in Indiegogo’s marketplace.

Indiegogo is an “all or nothing” (AoN) crowdfunding platform, which means that fundraisers will only receive funds if they meet their financial goal within the specified deadline.

Like GoFundMe, this platform also equips fundraisers with social sharing tools that make promotion simple. You can advertise your campaign across social media directly from your campaign page!

What We Love

Indiegogo has made it easy for individuals to raise money and promote their products, services, and projects. Their interface is easy to use, and every crowdfunding campaign looks professional and thoughtfully-made.

Indiegogo also offers a mobile app for fundraisers who need to keep up with their crowdfunding campaigns on the go!


Indiegogo charges a 5% platform fee. Depending on donors’ payment methods, the transaction fees can range from 3-5%.

4. GiveForward

GoFundMe Alternatives: GiveFoward

Platform Overview

Although individuals can use GiveForward to raise money for any cause or project, the platform is best suited for people who are looking to raise funds for medical expenses or hospital bills.

And fundraisers can raise much more than just money! With GiveForward, fundraisers can create “Wishlists” of items, such as diapers, clothing, or supplies that will help them or the person they’re raising money for.

Donors can also opt to send “Thinking of You” messages or coordinate meal deliveries to help families and individuals who need assistance during a medical emergency.

What We Love

The social interaction tools available on GiveForward make this platform stand out from the rest. Donors can post inspirational messages and upload photos and videos on campaign pages.

Through GiveForward, donors have a myriad of ways to truly show the fundraiser that they care! 


GiveForward is designed to be free to use for the fundraiser. Most donors choose to cover any transaction fees so that the recipient receives 100% of funds raised.

5. Pursuit

GoFundMe Alternatives: Pursuit

Platform Overview

Pursuit is a crowdfunding website that’s specifically geared toward amateur athletes looking to raise money for equipment costs, tournament fees, and other sports-related expenses.

Pursuit’s online “Playbook” guides fundraisers through the process of setting up crowdfunding pages and asking their networks for donations. This feature also provides helpful tips for executing an effective campaign! 

This platform is a great option for athletes looking to go even further in their athletic careers but need a little extra help realizing their dreams.

What We Love

Pursuit will contribute to a fundraiser’s crowdfunding campaign each time he or she reaches a fundraising milestone!

These rewards go all the way up to $100 and give fundraisers extra incentive to promote their campaigns!


Pursuit is free to set up, but there are fees associated with running a campaign. These fees don’t apply to any rewards received for hitting milestones.

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