18+ Top Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Tools to Rally Your Donors

18+ Top Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Tools
Find the perfect peer-to-peer platform.
Grow your network and increase donations.
Find the best peer-to-peer fundraising software for your nonprofit.

The 18+ Top Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Tools

Find the best peer-to-peer fundraising software for your nonprofit.
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Top Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platforms

Salsa Labs

P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

Salsa’s peer-to-peer platform allows you to inspire and empower your supporters to fundraise for your cause.

Individuals and teams can create personalized donation pages branded to your organization. Then, you can track real-time progress with custom dashboards and send targeted coaching emails to encourage fundraising success.

Why We Love It

As part of Salsa’s comprehensive SmartEngagement suite, this tool works seamlessly with Salsa’s donor management and engagement solutions to help you maximize the massive potential of peer-to-peer fundraising.

Plus, the Salsa team goes above and beyond to make your campaigns successful. Their system walks you through campaign creation step by step and provides helpful follow-up and support. With world-class technology and detailed instructions, your fundraisers will be well-equipped to drive your mission forward.

Integrates with Double the Donation

With the Salsa Labs and 360MatchPro integration, your organization can utilize the power of corporate gift matching. 360MatchPro is Double the Donation’s leading gift matching automation platform that helps your organization raise more money, better engage donors, and save staff time.

360MatchPro helps you identify matching gifts opportunities and drive those matches to completion to increase revenue for your organization. The 360MatchPro autocomplete search tools allows donors to identify their employer as they complete the donation process. With automated outreach and follow-ups, 360MatchPro and Salsa Labs supply your donors with valuable matching gift program insights to ensure no matching gift opportunity falls through the cracks.

Salsa Labs’ top fundraising tools are equipped to help you make the most of your peer-to-peer giving, and adding 360MatchPro to the repertoire makes incorporating matching gifts into your fundraising strategy a breeze.

You can get started with 360MatchPro and Salsa Labs in just a few clicks by following this integration guide.

Salsa's peer-to-peer fundraising tool integrates with DTD's matching gift tools.


P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

OneCause offers an excellent peer-to-peer fundraising platform that helps your nonprofit acquire, motivate, and empower supporters during your campaign. Make it fun and easy for people to get involved and give them a compelling reason to stay involved, too.

Increase participation and fundraising with gamification and allow your supporters to fundraise their own way by hosting events, creating challenges, and more.

Why We Love It

Along with gamification tools, OneCause incorporates social listening, feeds, and multiple pre-built integrations into their platform. Put supporter engagement on display and make it easy for your participants to grow their teams.


The pricing packages for peer-to-peer fundraising software by OneCause include the Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise plans. Contact OneCause today to schedule a consultation.

Learn more about OneCause's peer-to-peer fundraising tools.

Integrates with Double the Donation

With the OneCause and 360MatchPro integration, your organization can take advantage of corporate gift matching to drive more revenue! 360MatchPro is the industry leading gift matching automation platform and can help your organization better engage your donors while saving you time.

The streamlined search tool appears on the donation page to simplify the matching gifts process for both you and your donors. Providing the donor with the necessary information as they complete the donation encourages them to complete the match and drives revenue for your organization! All of this extra revenue lets you focus on your mission! 

You can activate your OneCause and 360MatchPro integration in just a few clicks by following this integration guide.

Search for your employer name with ease using 360MatchPro


P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

Qgiv’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform makes it easy for supporters to give back to your cause.

Your nonprofit can share branded giving pages with supporters to put their own spin on your next fundraiser.

Why We Love It

Qgiv offers top fundraising tools that boost giving momentum through gamification such as leaderboards, badges, and thermometers.


Qgiv’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform is part of their Engage package, which starts at $199/month with a 4.95% + $0.30 transaction fee.

Qgiv is a top peer-to-peer fundraising platform for nonprofits.

Integrates with Double the Donation

Qgiv integrates with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation, the industry-leading gift matching automation platform. Through this seamless integration, your organization can take full advantage of corporate giving programs.

The 360MatchPro search tool will appear on your Qgiv donation forms to allow donors to check their matching gift eligibility as they complete the donation process. Donors will be met with applicable matching gift information once they submit their donation so they can get started with the matching gifts process while they are still in the giving mindset! With the power of 360MatchPro, Qgiv users can easily incorporate matching gifts into their existing fundraising strategy to drive more revenue.

Qgiv provides nonprofits with the top fundraising tools they need to help make a difference and by integrating with 360MatchPro your organization has the opportunity to make the most of gift matching programs.

You can easily activate your Qgiv and 360MatchPro integration with this integration guide.

By delivering matching gift information to donors as they’re making a gift on a Qgiv form, 360MatchPro helps nonprofits close the gap and claim matching gift revenue.


P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

Classy’s Peer-to-Peer fundraising solutions empowers your supporters to fundraise on your behalf. They can easily create branded campaigns to recognize an awareness month, fund a project or garner support for a new mission.

With its navigable interface, supporters can create individual and team fundraising pages in seconds – with no coding required.

Why We Love It

Classy’s P2P pages are built for engagement. Its navigable features make it easy for supporters to visualize their fundraising success and propel their mission forward. This leads to very high page conversion rates on P2P campaigns.

Learn more about Classy, one of the top peer-to-peer fundraising platforms for nonprofits.

Integrates with Double the Donation

Classy and 360MatchPro by Double the Donation can enhance your peer-to-peer fundraising experience with corporate gift matching. Classy seamlessly integrates with 360MatchPro, the industry leading gift matching automation platform, to help organizations save time and raise more money.

During the donation process, donors can select their company name from the 360MatchPro easy-to-navigate autocomplete search box. This search functionality allows donors to move confidently through the Classy donation form and be met with immediate next steps in their inbox once their donation is complete.

With 360MatchPro you can identify more match eligible donors and drive those matches to completion with automated outreach and donor analytics. Classy already provides donation pages that engage your supporters and make it easy to give — with 360MatchPro, donors can stretch the reach of those donations even further.

If you are interested in learning more about our Classy integration, let us know!

360MatchPro makes it easy for your donors to search for their company name on your Classy form.


P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

Arreva is a top social fundraising provider with a powerful and comprehensive all-in-one, digital fundraising, donor relationship management, healthcare hospitality, and auction solution, ExceedFurther, with robust fully integrated applications for peer-to-peer and team fundraising

ExceedFurther software enables nonprofits to raise more for their cause and better equip their supporters with resources for board member fundraisers, birthday and anniversary fundraisers, capital or annual campaigns, and memorial tribute fundraisers.

Not to mention, ExceedFurther also helps motivate giving with easy-to-build personal fundraising pages, visual progress tracking meters, social sharing tools, automated notifications, and a wide array of partner integrations!

Additionally, the ExceedFurther Team Fundraising application allows organizations to take their peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns even further by leveraging the power of competition to engage team captains, team members, and fundraisers to drive even more success.

Why We Love It

ExceedFurther peer-to-peer fundraising solution is part of Arreva’s evolutionary and innovative, fully integrated all-in-one digital fundraising platform, complete with tools for team fundraising, text-based donations, mobile bidding, auction and event management, donor relationship management, and tons more. It offers all the resources you need for successful social fundraising all in one place for streamlined giving and easy 360-degree management.


Arreva’s ExceedFurther is available at different levels to meet nonprofits where they are at. Their “Fundamentals” offering begins at $189/month. Arreva provides complimentary fundraising and software consultations and demos to nonprofits looking to take their fundraising, donor relationship management, and auctions further.

Check out Arreva's peer-to-peer fundraising software.

Integrates with Double the Donation

Looking to increase your peer-to-peer fundraising with matching gifts? Arreva’s ExceedFurther provides its clients with innovative matching gift functionality, thanks to a seamless integration with Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro!

With these two platforms working in conjunction, nonprofit fundraisers can easily raise awareness of matching gifts among donors who may otherwise lack knowledge of the opportunities.

This partnership allows Arreva’s ExceedFurther users to collect donor employment information and automatically populate company-specific matching gift program guidelines for their donors. As a result, the matching process is simplified and more gift matches are likely to be completed.

Here's how Arreva's peer to peer tools with with matching gift software.


P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

Bonfire adds a new and intriguing twist to peer-to-peer fundraising with their t-shirt peer-to-peer fundraising platform. Use Bonfire’s design tool to create a unique t-shirt for your campaign (or allow your fundraisers to create their own!) and encourage participants to raise funds by selling apparel.

Create a centralized campaign profile with your story, logo, images, and links for your fundraisers to easily share online. Then, ask your supporters to personalize their own campaign pages where they can share their heartfelt connection to your organization.

Why We Love It

Bonfire’s platform is designed with engagement and trust in mind. A Verified Heart badge will show donors that the contributions they make will all go directly to your organization. Plus, you can express your appreciation while engaging supporters further by highlighting their campaigns on your organization’s profile page.


Bonfire’s platform is free and easy to use. The only fee for any campaign linked to your Verified Nonprofit is a 3.5% processing fee on any additional donations buyers add to their purchase on top of shirt sales. 

Peer-to-peer fundraise with Bonfire's platform.

Grassroots Unwired

P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

Grassroots Unwired’s app 4EventDay is a comprehensive solution for the day of your peer-to-peer fundraising event. Their mobile platform allows for seamless participant check-in, secure donations and merchandise sales, real-time connection to your CRM, and integration with popular P2P APIs. 

4EventDay was custom-built to serve the specific needs of peer-to-peer event organizers. With this mobile, offline-enabled solution, you can eliminate the headaches of entering data from paper forms and reconciling money. 

Why We Love It

Many peer-to-peer fundraising platforms have powerful tools for generating support and revenue in the lead-up to the event—but often, those tools can’t handle your on-the-ground needs once the day arrives. Grassroots Unwired’s 4EventDay is an integrated mobile solution for getting the most out of participants and spectators on the day of your event.


Contact the Grassroots Unwired team for a demo of 4EventDay and to receive pricing information.

Visit Grassroots Unwired’s website for more information about their nonprofit software.


P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

Handbid’s top fundraising tools make successful peer-to-peer campaigns possible for any organization. The software’s interactivity allows you to engage donors on a deeper level and boost your revenue potential!

The easy-to-navigate interface allows you to quickly set up, organize, and run your fundraiser. That way, you can spend more time raising awareness and securing donations rather than dealing with a clunky system that inhibits your workflow.

Best of all, their social fundraising tools integrate with their online auction software, so you can manage all your online fundraisers within one intuitive platform!

Why We Love It

Take your social fundraiser to the next level with gamification! Challenge your volunteer fundraisers with Handbid’s unique features. From leaderboards showcasing top participants to thermometers showing overall campaign progress, your donors are much more likely to stay engaged with some extra incentives.


Handbid offers a simple pricing package for their social fundraising tools. With helpful add-on products like ticketing and promotion, you can customize it to fit your team’s unique needs. Explore their pricing page for up-to-date costs.


P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

Donately’s giving forms make creating peer-to-peer pages easy for both your organization and its supporters alike. The styling of the platform’s attractive giving forms is carried over to its peer-to-peer offerings, and just as easily branded to your organization’s cause.

From there, donors can share their personal pages via social networks, email, and the like. Then, once a supporter gives through these pages they have the option to tell their peers about their generosity, putting the page in front of even more givers.

Why We Love It

Donately’s forms allow your organization to share its overall story, and for peer-to-peer supporters to add their personal interest in your cause. Then, when supporters share their personal peer-to-peer pages, their friends and family are moved to give thanks to this connection.

Donately’s P2P pages carry a 14% donor conversion rate, significantly higher than the 1-2% associated with general donation pages. It’s not hard to see why!


Donately’s peer-to-peer functionality is available across all three of its pricing tiers. This runs from the Startup tier ($0/month with a 4% processing fee) to the Team tier ($49/69/month with a 2% processing fee.) Larger nonprofits can request a customized quote for the software’s Enterprise tier.

Use Donately to optimize your church giving!

Integrates with Double the Donation

Donately integrates with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation to offer matching gift automation functionality. 360MatchPro is the industry leading matching gift automation platform that can help your organization raise more money and better engage your donors. 

360MatchPro automates the gift matching process through the use of an autocomplete streamlined search tool that allows donors to identify their employer as they are going through the donation process. Once the donation is complete, the donor will be connected to the gift matching process on the confirmation screen. This simplifies the gift matching process for the donor and increases the likelihood of a completed match –which means more revenue for your organization without any more work!

Donately provides peer-to-peer pages that allow your fundraisers to tell your story while adding their own personal touches and 360MatchPro can make their effort go even further.

You can get started with Donately and 360MatchPro in just a few clicks with their turnkey integration following this integration guide.

The 360MatchPro autocomplete search tool appears on Donately donation forms.

Soapbox Engage

P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

The Soapbox Engage suite of Salesforce apps allows your organization to fully harness the power of the CRM platform during its peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. With these top fundraising tools, you will be able to create an unlimited number of peer-to-peer fundraising pages. Your supporters can help you achieve your goals by spreading the word about your organization’s mission in personalized posts.

To make peer-to-peer fundraising easier, Soapbox Engage also allows your supports to set their own personal goals and track their progress. This will encourage them to raise more for your organization!

Why We Love It

Soapbox Engage is one of the best peer-to-peer fundraising software platforms for Salesforce users because its direct integration saves all of your donation and campaign data straight to your CRM. Fundraising goals can also be affiliated with individual fundraisers to ensure your reporting is accurate and precise.


You can unlock Soapbox Engage’s peer-to-peer capabilities through their donation app, which is available for as low as $49/month. However, upgrade to their unlimited package and get access to six of the most popular apps from the Soapbox Engage suite of Salesforce apps.

Check out Soapbox Engage as your next peer-to-peer fundraising software!

Integrates with Double the Donation

Soapbox Engage integrates with Double the Donation’s industry leading gift matching automation platform, 360MatchPro to help your organization take full advantage of employer gift matching.

With the 360MatchPro automated search tool embedded on your Soapbox Engage donations page, you can ensure that not a single donor misses out on the opportunity to discover matching gifts. 360MatchPro simplifies the matching gift process by providing clear and actionable next steps for the donor after they have completed the donation.

Soapbox Engage allows your supporters to become fundraisers and with 360MatchPro, your organization has an even greater fundraising capacity with the help of matching gifts.

You can get started quickly with the integration by following along with this integration guide!


P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

CauseVox puts hassle-free fundraising at your nonprofit’s fingertips. They allow nonprofits to keep all of the donations that they raise, even if the fundraising goal isn’t reached.

Nonprofits can create team and personal fundraising pages for participants.

Nonprofits can easily customize their fundraising website and can access real-time reporting to keep tabs on their campaign’s progress.

Why We Love It

CauseVox also provides social media and email sharing integrations to help nonprofits increase their reach.


CauseVox has pay-as-you-go as well as prepaid plans. Each plan takes a transaction fee, but none of them requires a setup fee.

NEON Fundraise

P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

NEON Fundraise’s allows individuals and teams to set up their own fundraising campaigns and track them throughout the entire process.

NEON Fundraise’s fundraising platform offers features such as:

  • Unlimited fundraising campaigns.
  • Ticketing pages.
  • Advanced integrations.
  • Responsive pages.
  • Branded mobile app.

Why We Love It

NEON Fundraise focuses on ensuring that nonprofit professionals have a user-friendly platform on which they can conduct their peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.

Their fundraising pages are customizable for their fundraisers with custom fields, mobile responsiveness, and alternative payments available. From your administration to your donors, NEON Fundraise cares about making their platform an amazing user-experience.


NEON Fundraise’s platform offers scalable solutions starting with their campaign package, a mid-level platform package, and the highest level package: the enterprise tier. Contact their team to see how their price packaging will work with your organization.

Check out Neon Fundraise's peer-to-peer fundraising tools.

Integrates with Double the Donation

With the integration between NEON Fundraise and 360MatchPro by Double the Donation, your organization can take advantage of corporate gift matching on all your Peer to Peer fundraising forms. Corporate gift matching is an extremely valuable but often underutilized tool, so NEON Fundraise and 360MatchPro make it that much easier for your organization to drive revenue!

With 360MatchPro’s streamlined search tool appearing on your NEON Fundraise forms, donors have the ability to identify their employer and check their matching gift eligibility status as they complete the donation process. 360MatchPro can connect your donors with actionable next steps pertaining to their employer’s gift matching program directly in their inbox to increase the likelihood of match completion.

NEON Fundraise offers valuable peer-to-peer  campaign tools and combined with the gift matching power of 360MatchPro, your organization can take your fundraising to the next level.

You can get started with the Neon Fundraise and 360MatchPro integration by following this integration guide!

This image shows the valuable featuresn of 360MatchPro along an increasing line graph, which is meant to signify increasing donation revenue.

Fundly Pro

P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

Fundly Pro is an extremely visual peer-to-peer fundraising platform for nonprofits that features videos and photos front and center on every fundraising page.

Fundly Pro users can easily manage their campaigns on their smartphones and tablets with Fundly Pro’s free app. It also allows an organization’s donors to get involved in the fundraising at a deeper level.

In addition to superb fundraising features, Fundly Pro, offers optional VIP campaigns. Their fundraising experts will help you develop a strategy, craft a strong case for support, and cultivate long-lasting relationships with your supporters.

Why We Love It

Fundly Pro is a great solution for nonprofits looking to bring a social and visual component to their fundraising. Campaigns can be set up in minutes with no initial fees of any kind.


Nonprofits can get started with Fundly Pro for free, and there is no minimum amount to raise in order to keep the funds. Their fees are 4.9% + $.30 per a transaction (and can be even lower!), making Fundly Pro perhaps the most affordable peer-to-peer fundraising tool, especially given all its functionality.

For more information about Fundly Pro and its fundraising services, check out the website.

Integrates with Double the Donation

Fundly and Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro make it that much easier for your organization to identify donors who are eligible for corporate gift matching. Gift matching is a valuable but often overlooked fundraising tool as it allows donors to expand the reach of their donation without expanding their pockets. 360MatchPro is the industry leading gift matching automation platform. With Fundly, you can take full advantage of the power of corporate gift matching.

You can get started with Fundly and Double the Donation with this integration guide.

Double the Donation-Fundly-Integration-image2

Click & Pledge

P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

Click & Pledge uses its “Connect” platform to offer peer-to-peer fundraising solutions for nonprofits.

Donors can:

  • Create personal fundraising pages
  • Post videos and pictures
  • Link to social media
  • Establish teams and campaigns
  • Track and report results
  • Create new networks of donors

Why We Love It

Nonprofits can set up an unlimited number of campaigns and have access to flexible donation and payment forms.


The Connect platform is one of the many free products included with each Click & Pledge account. There is no additional fee for using the product.

Integrates with Double the Donation

Click & Pledge integrates with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation, the industry-leading gift matching automation platform. Gift matching is a great way to drive more revenue for your organization without asking donors for more money. 

360MatchPro and Click & Pledge make it easy by automating the gift matching process for yiu. With the 360MatchPro streamlined search tool placed directly on your Click&Pledge giving forms, donors can discover their gift matching eligibility and receive actionable next steps directly to their inbox. This will enable your organization to identify more match eligible donors and drive more revenue! 

Click & Pledge’s peer-to-peer forms are customizable and help you maximize your networks of supporters. By adding 360MatchPro, you can take your fundraising above and beyond.

You can easily activate your Click & Pledge and 360MatchPro integration with this integration guide.

Here's an example of automated outreach for end-of-year fundraising and matching gifts.


P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

nSpire is a Social Donations and Donor Portal Engine. nSpire provides a robust donor portal that personalizes relationships with your donors while promoting donor advocacy.

It provides payment management and ACH for donors, matching corporate donations and grants for volunteer hours, and it enables donors to print receipts, export their giving history and opt-in for eNewsletters, fundraiser alerts, notifications, and more.

Why We Love It

nSpire helps you tell a great story to translate your passion and story into a donor relationship which will reap great dividends. It “nSpires” your donors to give generously and share their passion about your organization with everyone in their network.


Pricing varies based on the exact functionality a nonprofit is looking for.

Here's how nSpire's peer-to-peer fundraising tools integrate with Double the Donation's matching gift software.


P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

Nonprofits who enlist DonorDrive’s services for peer-to-peer fundraising can raise money for almost any kind of event.

Their software is scalable and can help organizations grow their fundraising efforts. DonorDrive makes fundraising easy for donors, participants, and organizational staff.

DonorDrive also integrates with Double the Donation, Raiser’s Edge, and Salesforce.

Why We Love It

DonorDrive’s scalable model means that your nonprofit can use peer-to-peer fundraising, no matter how much you grow!


DonorDrive charges a modest setup fee to create, configure, and design the peer-to-peer site. Training and support are free, but they charge an annual fee and take a small percentage of online donations raised.

Integrates with Double the Donation

DonorDrive and 360MatchPro by Double the Donation equip your organization with the power of corporate gift matching. Corporate gift matching is a great way for your organization to generate more revenue with no added effort.

With this innovative integration, the 360MatchPro streamlined search tool will appear on your DonorDrive standard donation pages. The autocomplete search tool allows donors to select their company from the search bar as they fill out the donation form and provides them with applicable matching gift information on the confirmation page. This means donors can be connected to the matching gift process in just one click to drive more revenue for your organization.

DonorDrive provides impactful solutions to help you make the most of your fundraising campaigns and with the 360MatchPro integration, their platform is that much more powerful.

You can get started with the DonorDrive and 360MatchPro integration with the steps outlined in this integration guide.

The 360MatchPro streamlined company name search field on your DonorDrive donation form presents an easy-to-navigate drop-down list of matching gift companies for your donor to select from.


P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

CharityEngine’s peer-to-peer software seamlessly integrates with your contact records, event registrations, payment processing, and so on to make it easy to set and achieve your campaign goals.

Whether you are taking advantage of their fundraiser microsites, team pages, or personal pages, there is something for everyone to get involved in your campaigns.

Why We Love It

CharityEngine allows your nonprofit to make your own microsite to run your peer-to-peer campaigns! Plus, the easy to use system makes it easy to configure and launch your peer-to-peer campaigns quickly.

Learn more about CharityEngine's event management software on their website.

Integrates with Double the Donation

With the 360MatchPro and CharityEngine integration, your organization can take your fundraising to the next level with corporate gift matching. Corporate gift matching can help your organization raise more revenue without ever asking donors for money.

With 360MatchPro’s streamlined search tool showing up directly on your CharityEngine confirmation page, donors can check their match eligibility status directly on the confirmation page. Donors will then be provided with actionable next steps to complete the matching gift process while they are still in the giving mindset. This means more completed matches and more revenue for your organization!

CharityEngine offers a versatile fundraising platform to make it easier to plan and execute your fundraising strategy. Combined with the power of 360MatchPro, CharityEngine can help you drive more revenue for your organization with no added effort.

The CharityEngine and 360MatchPro integration can be easily activated by following this step by step integration guide or watching and following along with this video integration guide.

This image shows the 360MatchPro tool on a CharityEngine donation page.


P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

iDonate knows that your supporters are your best advocates and helps you equip them with necessary tools to help you increase awareness, find new donors, and raise more funds.

With their easy-to-navigate campaign management, you can know exactly how each campaign is performing with dynamic, real time metrics.

Why We Love It

iDonate empowers your supporters to become fundraising partners with their purpose-built tools. iDonate provides your donors the ability to build out their campaign, make edits, thank supporters, and keep track of their progress.


iDonate offers flexible pricing for nonprofits. Submit a contact form on their website to get a personalized quote for your organization!

Integrates with Double the Donation

iDonate seamlessly integrates with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation. 360MatchPro is the industry leading gift matching automation platform and can help your organization increase revenue through corporate giving.

The 360MatchPro tool can be placed on your iDonate donation pages so donors can check their match eligibility as they complete their donation. The integration provides  a direct link to their employer’s gift matching application form after the donation is complete to increase the likelihood of a match!

iDonate provides nonprofits with powerful tools to transform their online giving experience –by incorporating matching gifts into that experience your organization can exponentially grow your matching gift revenue.

You can integrate 360MatchPro onto your iDonate donation forms in just a few steps by following this integration guide!

Search for your company in the iDonate donation form


P2P Fundraising Tool Overview

GiveWP has expanded its offerings into the peer-to-peer fundraising space, equipping its users with the tools they need for successful social fundraising⁠—all through a WordPress website!

This GiveWP add-on functionality allows organizations to equip their supporters with individual or team fundraising pages to raise money from their networks on behalf of their mission. Then, raise more and engage your audiences better with customizable campaigns, social sharing, and goal tracking.

Why We Love It

GiveWP is an online fundraising platform dedicated to providing low-cost, easy-to-use, and impactful tools for all sorts of groups raising funds for social good. Through their online software, GiveWP works to simplify giving on both ends⁠, including for fundraisers fundraising, and donors donating.

Since its inception in 2015, the GiveWP platform has helped raise more than $250 million for its users with a mission in democratizing generosity and giving back to their community.


GiveWP offers affordable options for all sizes of organizations. Choose whether to purchase the peer-to-peer fundraising addition on its own, starting at $199, or bundled with GiveWP’s other add-on tools for $499.

GiveWP offers top peer-to-peer fundraising tools

Integrates with Double the Donation

Looking to make the most of matching gifts in your next peer-to-peer campaign? GiveWP integrates with the industry-leading matching gift software 360MatchPro by Double the Donation to optimize and automate the process from start to finish.

Thanks to this partnership, GiveWP users can quickly and easily incorporate a searchable company database into their donation forms as well as employ automated, customizable donor outreach after the fact.

This allows your team to significantly increase your corporate matching gift revenue without having to dedicate a ton of your limited time and resources to improving the matching gift process. You’ll never have to worry about a match-eligible donor slipping through the cracks again!

Learn more about our partnership and how to get started with GiveWP in this detailed integration guide!

Here's a look at GiveWP's peer-to-peer fundraising tools.

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