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Support Question: How Can We Add a Matching Gift Image Across Our Website

Do you need help adding a matching gift image to your nonprofit’s website? In this article we outline how internet images work, show you were you can get premade graphics, and outline how to incorporate a matching gift button into your own website.

How Internet Buttons Work:

Anyone who has browsed the internet has come across buttons which when clicked perform some sort of action. But did you know that buttons are comprised of two different components?

  1. An image
  2. A hyperlink that takes donors to a separate page

So that means when a webmaster adds a button to a website what he or she is really doing is uploading a graphic, picture, or image and then saying “when an individual clicks on this graphic, picture, or image then take him or her to a new webpage.”

Sample Matching Gift Buttons:

At Double the Donation we’ve created graphics and images which our nonprofit clients can use on their websites.

They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, all designed to integrate into your broader fundraising strategy. For example, here is one set of graphics which come in seven different color schemes.

Matching Gift Button

Feel free to incorporate one of these graphics into your website or email campaigns.

View all of Double the Donation’s predesigned buttons or download the complete set


Adding a Double the Donation Button to Your Website:

Adding a matching gift button on your own website is as easy as uploading a graphic and then linking it to the desired location.

Here are the steps:

  1. View Double the Donation’s premade matching gift images.
  2. Download our collection of matching gift images.
  3. Upload on of the images which is now saved on your computer to the desired location on your own website. You can also add the graphic to an email(s).
  4. Link the image to your organization’s matching gift page on Double the Donation’s servers or to the dedicated matching gift page on your own website.

We encourage organizations to incorporate matching gift information or buttons into the following locations:

Hope the above information helps you more effectively market matching gifts to your donors!

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