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Make the Most of Matching Gifts for Arts & Culture Groups

Matching gifts are a powerful yet continuously underutilized source of funding for all sorts of nonprofits. If you’re looking to amplify matching gifts for your arts and culture organization, you’ve come to the right place. At Double the Donation, we work with thousands of nonprofits to empower their matching gift strategies⁠—arts and cultural groups included. […]

Engaging Multigenerational Donors [With Workplace Giving]

Tons of companies offer workplace giving programs as a way to incentivize employees to give back to their communities. To make the most of these philanthropic initiatives, qualifying nonprofits are taking increasingly proactive steps to drive supporter participation. But with a need for engaging multigenerational donors in the workforce, promoting the opportunities is not a one-size-fits-all task. […]

Prioritizing Accessibility in Matching Gift Fundraising

Matching gifts can be a powerful tool for nonprofits. Corporate donation matching allows teams to amplify the value of individual donations and maximize their impact on the cause. However, the matching gifts process can often be a complex and overwhelming one for donors⁠—ultimately leading to billions of dollars in available match funding going unclaimed. In light […]

New Matching Gift Academy: Training + Insights for Fundraisers

Double the Donation is excited to announce the launch of our Matching Gift Academy, a new learning platform that will help organizations gain a deeper understanding of matching gift best practices and identify opportunities to maximize their 360MatchPro account usage. The launch of the Matching Gift Academy represents Double the Donation’s continued commitment to helping […]

Donorbox and Double the Donation Elevate Partnership with New 360MatchPro Integration

Double the Donation and Donorbox proudly announce a new integration between Donorbox forms and 360MatchPro, Double the Donation’s most advanced matching gift automation platform. The integration upgrades nonprofits from an integration with Double the Donation’s legacy solution, which was sunsetted to make space for more advanced functionality.  “Matching gifts are a powerful way to boost […]

Smart Resources for Essential Matching Gift Education

Matching gifts are a continuously underutilized funding source for nonprofits, schools, and other fundraising organizations. One of the biggest challenges leading to the underutilization is a significant and widespread knowledge gap. As a result, the solution to such a problem is strategic matching gift education with accessible resources for doing so. And Double the Donation is […]

Overcoming Matching Gift Roadblocks [Helpful Solutions]

In the world of nonprofit fundraising, one valuable⁠—yet often overlooked⁠—resource is that of corporate matching gifts. These programs empower donors to multiply their contributions by requesting matching gifts from their employers. But, like any fundraising strategy, there are a few commonly faced matching gift roadblocks that nonprofits and other organizations must navigate in order to make […]

Advance from Gravyty and Double the Donation Partner with 360MatchPro Matching Gifts Integration

Advance from Gravyty and Double the Donation are proud to announce their new partnership together, servicing higher education institutions as they aim to raise more in revenue from corporate matching gifts.  “Advance from Gravyty focuses on helping educational institutions of all sizes and nonprofit organizations accept donations from their supporters with powerful technology and seamless, […]

22 Employee Recognition Platforms To Recharge Your Workplace

It’s no secret that workplace satisfaction is important. To foster engagement and establish a positive work environment, any organization can (and should) establish employee engagement programs. These types of programs seek to reward hard workers and motivate peers to strive for greatness. However, administrating recognition initiatives can be timely. That’s why we recommend turning to […]