18 Fundraising Event Software and Tools for Nonprofit Fundraising

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Event Management Software


Check out Salsa's event management software solution.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

Salsa’s fundraising software solutions marry digital marketing with online fundraising and donor management tools so that your organization’s fundraising efforts can be taken to new heights.

Salsa’s comprehensive suite of nonprofit management tools are invaluable resources for supporting fundraising events, whether it’s through customized marketing plans that help keep your constituents informed of upcoming events or through adding peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities to your planned fundraisers.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

One of the best things about Salsa’s software solutions is that they are easily scalable, meaning that you won’t have to shop for a new vendor or pay to build integrations with other systems as your needs evolve. Whether your nonprofit is just starting out or whether it’s been around for years, Salsa’s programs are able to be tailored to suit your organization’s needs.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

Contact Salsa for a quote on pricing!


Fundraising Event Software Overview

With solutions built on the revolutionary cloud-based platform Salesforce, Fonteva offers comprehensive software and programs catered specifically to nonprofits. Fonteva has experience working on over 4,000 projects with more than 500 different nonprofits, so your organization will be in capable hands.

Fonteva’s powerful event management tool connects to the Salesforce Cloud CRM to help you manage every aspect of your nonprofit fundraisers within a single environment that you can access from anywhere.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

Fonteva’s fundraising event management software allows you to manage all of your events — large or small, paid or free — for just one annual fee. Additionally, since the program is cloud-based, there is no software to install, and you get three free upgrades per year.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

Contact Fonteva directly to explore pricing options.


OneCause offers comprehensive fundraising event tools for every kind of fundraising event.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

OneCause’s platform houses a number of useful fundraising software solutions, one of which is a suite of stellar fundraising event management tools.

OneCause’s software is designed to help ease the burden of planning and executing events, and aims to simplify the key components of fundraising events. Not only is OneCause capable of managing event registration, ticketing, and checkout, but it is also able to accept and process guest payments.

Even better, OneCause’s software can generate in-depth reporting and analytics to help you get a full picture of your event’s impact.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

OneCause’s team understands the importance of a detailed donor database, so their software is easily integrated with the leading donor databases. Plus, if your organization uses Salesforce, OneCause offers a specialized app that allows you to move your data over with just a few clicks!

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

OneCause offers multiple options to fit any event or campaign.

Learn about all OneCause has to offer, including their church giving tools.

Giving Kiosk Hardware


Check out DipJar's giving kiosk fundraising software.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

DipJar’s unique one-step donation technology is as simple as dipping your credit card!

With units that can be closely tailored to your particular organization, DipJar’s fundraising hardware technology makes a great addition to your fundraising event.

It is especially useful for larger nonprofits and corporate customers who require lots of in-person donation tools and special software to manage them.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

DipJar’s standout advantage is the level of customization your organization has. You can brand your DipJars with your nonprofit’s logo and color scheme, choose the dollar amount(s) your DipJars are set to accept, and even receive customized performance tracking tools.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

Each DipJar unit costs $399, and accessories can be purchased for an additional small fee.

DipJar has an all-inclusive processing fee of 3% + 17¢ per transaction.


Doubleknot offers fundraising hardware for in-person donations at fundraising events.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

With Doubleknot’s mobile Sales Station tool, your organization will be able to accept donations and payments virtually anywhere. The giving process is simple: pick the donation amount or items the supporter wants to purchase, swipe their credit card, and send a receipt to the donor’s email.

Doubleknot will keep track of all your transactions, so you can focus on what’s most important: developing relationships with supporters and raising money.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

In addition to their in-person donation options, Doubleknot has several other fundraising solutions to help your organization. From event registration to membership management, there’s something for every nonprofit.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

Contact Doubleknot to learn more about pricing for their giving kiosk solutions.

Use Doubleknot's sales stations to help your raise money during fundraising events.


Take a look at Square's giving kiosk hardware for your next fundraising event.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

Square offers a variety of different hardware options to help you accept donations and other payments wherever you are.

With options ranging from a magstripe reader that attaches to your mobile phone to a stationary tablet kiosk, your organization will be set up to process payments quickly and efficiently.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

Square’s platform isn’t just limited to payment processing. Square also offers email marketing capabilities, contact management functions, and even supporter analytics.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

Square charges a payment processing fee of 2.75% for swiped, dipped, or tapped payments, and charges 3.5% + 15¢ for all keyed-in card payments.

Charity Auction Bidding Software


OneCause offers comprehensive fundraising event tools for every kind of fundraising event.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

OneCause is one of the pioneers of mobile bidding software. With nearly a decade of industry knowledge and a team of more than 250 fundraising professionals, OneCause is perfectly positioned to help your nonprofit plan your next charity auction.

Additionally, they integrate with several leading CRM systems, allowing the info your organization collects during a charity auction to flow seamlessly into your database.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

OneCause has a social engagement feature that allows nonprofits to increase their presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

OneCause offers a variety of software and support packages varying from a Do-It-Yourself to a full service option that includes on site staffing. Contact OneCause today for a quote.

Try one of OneCause's fundraising event solutions for your nonprofit's next fundraising event.


See how GoCharity can make your auction event convenient.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

GoCharity offers organizations a one-stop, consignment-based vendor for all your auction needs. They have a lengthy list of goods, services, and experiences among which your organization can choose to put up for auction.

Even better, GoCharity offers on-site auction management assistance, which includes help with item management and distribution as well as mobile bidding support. And, after your fundraising event is over, GoCharity’s team makes sure to provide post-event recap services and coordinate item delivery to the winning bidders.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

GoCharity’s team members have a combined experience of over 40 years in the charity auction world, meaning they are perfectly positioned to help run the smoothest and most successful fundraising event possible.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

GoCharity offers multiple levels of support that can work for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. Contact them directly for a personalized quote.

If you're looking for charity auction support, check out GoCharity's fundraising event software solution.


Take a look at GreaterGiving's charity auction bidding software.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

Nonprofits who use GreaterGiving’s mobile bidding software have reported increases of up to 30% for their charity auctions.

Additionally, their software works just as well on tablets and desktops as it does on mobile devices, making it easy for everyone to bid during your charity auction event.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

GreaterGiving has a text message feature that allows nonprofits to send text messages to their guests to keep them engaged during a fundraising event.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

GreaterGiving has three packages: Event, Express, and Enhanced. Contact them directly for a price quote.

Text-to-Give Software


Check out @Pay's text-to-give software to make the donation process easier for donors.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

@Pay is a mobile giving solution that your nonprofit can use during an event or for your everyday fundraising.

Their simple text-to-give software makes it easy for donors to give to their favorite nonprofit with only two clicks. The technology is also secure, so your organization doesn’t have to worry about your donors’ data being compromised.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

@Pay has some of the most easy-to-use text-to-give software on the market. They make collecting donations a hassle-free process.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

@Pay’s starter pack is free. They also have a $99 a year option as well as a $149 a month option depending on your nonprofit’s needs.

@Pay's mobile giving solutions are a great addition to your nonprofit's fundraising events.


OneCause offers comprehensive fundraising event tools for every kind of fundraising event.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

OneCause doesn’t just offer charity auction software. They have text-to-give software, too!

Their “Text2Give” package helps nonprofits effectively and personally communicate with donors and raise more money during fundraising events like cycling races, galas, and auctions.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

OneCause has some of the most comprehensive support in the business. If you ever run into problems, you can rest assured that their customer support team has your back.

BidPal offers powerful text-to-give software to support your organization's fundraising events.


Check out myPledger's text-to-give software.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

myPledger is technically a text-to-pledge tool which means that donors can make a mobile pledge during a fundraising event. myPledger then follows up with donors via text and email to remind them to make their donation.

myPledger also helps nonprofits use social media to get the word out about their event and the advantages of mobile pledging.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

myPledger has no restrictions on waiting periods, devices, pledge amount, or carrier.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

Contact myPledger for a quote that works for your organization.

myPledger's fundraising event software allows donors to easily pledge funds for your cause.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Software


Event fundraising software like Giveffect's peer-to-peer tools make it easy for you to organize your campaign.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

Giveffect’s all-in-one fundraising software offers a peer-to-peer fundraising tool that allows organizations to create custom fundraising pages and track their fundraising goals.

Additionally, features like event registration, outreach to recruit fundraisers, and automated features, make Giveffect a well-rounded peer-to-peer fundraising tool for large organizations looking to consolidate their nonprofit software.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

Giveffect’s peer-to-peer fundraising tool is a cut above the rest because it isn’t just a standalone product. Giveffect’s software comes with even more tools to help organizations raise money and manage constituents.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

At just $899 per month, the basic plan at Giveffect includes a peer-to-peer fundraising platform, online donation pages, event management tools, and so much more.

Organizations looking for all-in-one fundraising software with event fundraising tools, should consider Giveffect as an option.


MobileCause offers peer-to-peer solutions that meet your nonprofit's fundraising event needs.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

MobileCause has a peer-to-peer fundraising component designed with your nonprofit in mind.

With MobileCause, your organization can engage donors through beautifully crafted online donation forms. Plus, each of your fundraisers can create unique fundraising pages with photos, compelling descriptions, and their goal!

You’ll be able to reach your donors through multiple channels like text message, email, and social media, so your donors can interact with your organization on their favorite platforms.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

MobileCause’s platform is completely mobile-responsive. Donors can give on smartphones, tablets, and computers with ease!

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

Contact MobileCause for a price on their peer-to-peer fundraising software solution.

Check out all of MobileCause's fundraising event tools on their site.


Qgiv's peer-to-peer fundraising software makes it easy for supporters to fundraise for your next big fundraising event.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

With Qgiv’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform, it’s never been easier to empower supporters to launch campaigns and fundraise on behalf of your cause.

Turn fans into fundraisers using Qgiv’s easy-to-navigate form builder tools. 

Your team can leverage Qgiv’s powerful social sharing tools to help spread your message far and wide so you can grow your online community.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

Qgiv stands out from the crowd by offering dynamic gamification tools (like leaderboards, badges, and thermometers) to make fundraising fun for your supporters.


Qgiv offers their peer-to-peer fundraising platform in their Engage package. This starts at $199/month with a 4.95% + $0.30 fee per transaction.

For your next fundraising event, empower supporters to fundraise on your behalf with Qgiv's peer-to-peer fundraising software.

Crowdfunding Websites


Fundly offers a stellar crowdfunding platform for nonprofits.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

Fundly’s crowdfunding software highlights the importance of visual storytelling, videos, and images. Users can create interactive slideshows on the front page of their fundraising page for donors to flip through.

Fundly also offers its fundraisers a mobile app that allows them to post updates, photos, or videos on-the-go.

There is no minimum amount to raise in order to receive the funds. Plus, it only takes 2-4 days to receive these funds.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

Fundly allows fundraisers to raise money for practically anything. It’s an extremely diverse and easy-to-use platform that anyone can customize for their own personal fundraiser!

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

Fundly charges a 4.9% platform fee plus a credit card processing fee of 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.


Bonfire is a T-shirt product fundraising event software for nonprofits.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

Bonfire is a crowdfunding platform with a twist: for contributing to your fundraising campaign, your supporters receive a custom-designed t-shirt.

As a fundraising event organizer, you can design a t-shirt that highlights your organization and your cause. And even if you’ve never designed a shirt before, Bonfire’s web-based design builder makes it easy.

Whether it’s a specific campaign or your annual fund, put it on a t-shirt and watch awareness spread every time your donors leave the house wearing it!

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

Because you pay nothing to launch a campaign and receive 100% of the profits at the end of your scheduled time, even small nonprofits and individuals can benefit from a Bonfire campaign.

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

You pay nothing in inventory or startup cost, though Bonfire charges a 3.5% processing fee and a 4.5% platform fee to accept donations.

With Bonfire, a t-shirt-based fundraising event software, you pay nothing upfront to manufacture t-shirts!


Donately offers nonprofits an intuitive fundraising event solution.


Donately’s crowdfunding platform offers nonprofits and faith institutions a streamlined, intuitive way to fundraise for events.

Organizations can crowdfund online using the service’s scalable donation form builder and even embed forms directly on their website.

At fundraising events, gifts can be accepted on-site using their on-site giving forms or via mobile donation.

Why We Love It

Donately has a crowdfunding solution for whatever kind of fundraiser your nonprofit wants to hold. Whether your fundraiser is large or small, long-term or short-term, your organization can easily set up a compelling giving page and start accepting gifts in no time.


Donately charges users a fee of 3% for your first $100k in proceeds, with their rate decreasing once you hit big fundraising milestones.

Discover Donately's easy-to-navigate fundraising event solution.

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Text-to-give guide for nonprofits

Text-to-give is a great standalone fundraising method, but it works really well in conjunction with fundraising events!

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Phenomenal Fundraising Event Ideas

Take a look at these phenomenal fundraising event ideas.

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