Legacy Plan vs. 360MatchPro [Why Your Team Should Upgrade]

Legacy Plan vs. 360MatchPro [Why Your Team Should Upgrade]

Note: This guide contains an analysis of Double the Donation’s Legacy Plan vs. 360MatchPro intended for existing users of Double the Donation’s Legacy Plan.

If you’re interested in getting started with 360MatchPro and do not already have an account, click here to get a demo of our best-in-class matching gift automation platform.

Our Legacy Plan users are some of Double the Donation’s most loyal and dedicated customers. At one point, our embedded plugin tool was considered groundbreaking technology. Over the years, we’ve worked to develop and finetune our software, and 360MatchPro was born.

As our focus continues to move exclusively toward developing the best automation solution we can within 360MatchPro, however, we don’t want our existing Legacy Plan accounts to get left behind.

That’s why we recommend that all Legacy Plan users make the switch to 360MatchPro.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the transition as we go through the following topics:

Ready to learn more about the widespread advantages of Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro⁠—and how your team can benefit from a subscription upgrade?

Let’s dive in with the basics.

Does Double the Donation still offer the Legacy Plan?

Previously known as the “Premium Plan,” Double the Donation’s Legacy Plan was discontinued in October 2021. Though no new subscriptions were sold after this date, organizations already using the tool are still able to leverage the plugin in their fundraising efforts for the time being.

A lot went into the decision to sunset the Legacy Plan offering. Key reasonings included a widening gap between the results produced by the Legacy Plan and 360MatchPro, as well as a desire to shift our focus to innovative automation through the latter platform.

This brings us to the next question…

What is 360MatchPro?

360MatchPro is Double the Donation’s flagship product⁠—a complete matching gift automation solution. This platform incorporates the matching gift plugin tool commonly associated with the Legacy Plan but goes several steps further to identify and pursue matching gifts.

Specifically, 360MatchPro incorporates:

  • A multi-faceted approach to uncovering match-eligible donors;
  • Timely and personalized follow-up email cadences;
  • Complete branding and personalization options;
  • Optimized data reporting and synchronization.

Legacy Plan vs. 360MatchPro software overview

With 360MatchPro, more matching gifts are driven to completion, resulting in substantial corporate and overall fundraising revenue growth for its users. And the entire process is automated for nonprofits and their donors, producing an optimized matching gift experience for everyone involved⁠.

This provides organizations with more time to devote to the most lucrative opportunities without worrying about potential matches slipping through the cracks.

Key Differences | Legacy Plan vs. 360MatchPro

360MatchPro includes everything offered by Double the Donation’s Legacy Plan, plus innovative new features that bring nonprofit and educational fundraising to new heights.

Key FeatureLegacy Plan360MatchPro
Hosted Matching Gift Page
Matching Gift Plugin
High-Level Summary Statistics
Fundraising Platform Integrations
Automated Email Streams
Detailed Analytics Dashboard
CSV Data Import
Company Exclusions
Advanced Customization Settings

Additional differences between the two subscription plans include…

Matching Gifts Within the Donation Process

Instead of taking a passive approach to matching gift promotions, such as with the Legacy Plan, 360MatchPro integrates gift-matching directly within the donation experience itself.

Specifically, the automation system empowers fundraisers to ⁠—

1. Collect donor employment information within the donation form with an embedded company search tool.

Bonus: Donors who know their gifts will be matched are more likely to increase the size of their contribution—resulting in a 51% increase in average gift amount when matching gifts are mentioned.

360MatchPro sample donation page

2. Provide employer-specific matching gift guidelines and forms from our comprehensive matching gift database directly on the donation thank-you screen.

This catches donors at their highest level of engagement where they’re most likely to pursue actionable next steps outlined on the page.

360MatchPro sample confirmation screen

This strategy makes the most of donor engagement at its highest level⁠—while individuals are actively giving to support your cause⁠—essentially incorporating matching gifts as a direct extension of the initial donation experience.

Automated and Customized Follow-Up Emails

Based on the information collected during the giving process, 360MatchPro automatically triages donors based on likely match eligibility and triggers targeted follow-ups accordingly.

These post-transaction email communications provide personalized program details and next steps⁠. This often includes minimum and maximum donation amounts, qualifying nonprofits and employees, submission deadlines, direct links to online request forms, and more.

Here’s an example of what an organization’s match emails might look like:

360MatchPro sample matching gift email

Automated matching gift outreach is a great way to remind donors of their match eligibility, encourage them to take the next steps, and guide them through the process. Not to mention, it provides an easy way for donors to update their request status so your team can better track matches to completion and more accurately forecast incoming revenue.

70+ Fundraising Software Integrations

Another fundamental advantage of 360MatchPro is that it integrates directly with nearly all of the most popular donation tools, CRMs, and peer-to-peer fundraising platforms out there. This makes it easier than ever for nonprofits and educational institutions to incorporate matching gifts in every phase of the fundraising process.

Legacy Plan vs. 360MatchPro - the latter integrates with 70+ fundraising platforms

And if we don’t already integrate with your favorite giving solution? Don’t worry⁠—we’re developing new partnerships every day. Not to mention, there’s still a lot you can do with 360MatchPro, even without a native integration with your fundraising software.

Elevated Matching Gift Conversion Rates

More corporate matches are submitted and received by donors and organizations utilizing 360MatchPro than any other matching gift solution—including Double the Donation’s Legacy Plan.

As supporters walk through the initial donation and subsequent matching gift processes, 360MatchPro is known for driving individuals further down the respective funnels. All in all, users see more individual donation revenue in addition to elevated matching gift success.

Check out the detailed findings below in a visual depiction of Double the Donation’s Legacy Plan vs. 360MatchPro:

Legacy Plan vs. 360MatchPro Conversion Funnel Comparison

More In-Depth Data Reporting

Though the Legacy Plan provides access to birds-eye view statistics, such as the top companies searched in an organization’s matching gift plugin, 360MatchPro brings the scope of matching gift data reporting to a new, comprehensive level.

Pictured in a sample dashboard below, 360MatchPro empowers fundraisers with smart insights into their current matching gift efforts as well as lucrative opportunities for expanding initiatives.

Legacy Plan vs. 360MatchPro in terms of data reporting

This 360-degree view includes analytics such as:

  • Total revenue, number, and percentage of donations marked as match-eligible
  • Total revenue, number, and percentage of matching gifts submitted
  • Total revenue, number, and percentage of verified matches received
  • Email delivery, open, and click rates

Plus, you can sync your data—donation records, employing companies, match statuses, etc.—back to your donor management system to get the most out of the information you’ve uncovered.

Insights From Orgs That Upgraded From Legacy Plan to 360MatchPro

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out these findings from a recent analysis of fundraising organizations that made the switch:

  • Over 26 million individuals work for companies with matching gift programs⁠—and 5-15% of individual contributions are marked as match-eligible.
  • Without automation, more than 78% of donors are unaware if their company offers a matching gift program. An additional 16% know their company has a program but lack knowledge regarding eligibility criteria and submission processes.
  • Moving from the Legacy Plan to 360MatchPro allows users to proactively promote matching gifts, resulting in nearly 10% of an organization’s gifts being matched annually.
  • Clients that upgrade from the Legacy Plan to 360MatchPro identify 4-5x more match-eligible donors by streamlining matching gifts into the donation flow.
  • Upgrading to 360MatchPro from the Legacy Plan results in an average of 35-50% growth in match revenue in the first year.
  • 360MatchPro’s automated matching gift emails boast a 51% open rate, which is approximately 2x the average nonprofit email open rate.
  • Email domain screening, which is one component of 360MatchPro’s identification process for match-eligible donations, can result in a 1% increase in total revenue for nonprofits.

360MatchPro brings matching gift opportunities directly to your donors, funneling in corporate revenue that had previously been slipping through your fingertips. And more than 70% of the largest nonprofits are already employing the solution!

How to Upgrade Your Account to 360MatchPro

Ready to upgrade your account? It’s easy!

To upgrade your subscription from the Legacy Plan to 360MatchPro, please submit a support ticket. You’ll want to include the following information to streamline the process:

  • The username or primary email address on file. (If you don’t have this information, please provide the name of your organization so we can locate your account)
  • A request stating, “Please upgrade my account from the Legacy Plan to 360MatchPro.”
  • An indication that you understand there will be a prorated charge to upgrade.

From there, we’ll process the request, following up via email and connecting you with an Account Executive. Our team will work to fit your organization with the right plan for your needs. Then, we’ll get you up and running with 360MatchPro as soon as possible.

You’ll be matching more gifts than ever in no time. And you can sit back and watch it happen⁠—while attending to more pressing mission matters⁠. That’s thanks to the magic of automation!

Upgrade from the Legacy Plan to 360MatchPro today.