The Top 13 Nonprofit Websites

Blues FoundationArts & Culture#1
Women in ToysMembership-Based Organizations & Associations#2
Memphis ZooAnimals#3
Rhode Island School of DesignUniversities#4
We Heart TreesEnvironmental#5
The Malala FundInternational#6
To Write Love On Her ArmsSocial#7
I Had CancerHealthcare & Medical#8
Abundant Living Faith CenterReligious & Faith-Based Organizations#9
Team RubiconDisaster Relief#10
Alex’s Lemonade Stand FoundationKids & Youth#11
Human Rights WatchPolitics & Advocacy#12
PeacePlayers InternationalSports & Fitness#13


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Top Nonprofit Websites

1. Blues Foundation

See why the Blues Foundation makes our list of top nonprofit websites.

The Organization

The Blues Foundation is most notable for opening the Blues Hall of Fame, a museum that recognizes notable blues musicians for their contributions to the genre and encompasses a wide variety of interactive exhibits on blues culture.

More generally, the organization is dedicated to celebrating blues as an art form and raising more awareness of the significant impact the genre has had on human culture.

Why Their Website Made the List

The Blues Foundation’s website does an excellent job of balancing an attractive look with robust functionality.

The website presents visitors with so many different ways to interact with the organization and get involved; along with the more traditional making a donation and buying tickets to an event, the museum provides a range of out-of-the-box engagement opportunities.

Our favorite is the Blues Hall of Fame Singles playlist on their homepage. Press play, and you have the perfect soundtrack for checking out all of the other amazing features the site has to offer!

2. Women In Toys

See how Women in Toys' website provides a captivating experience for users.

The Organization

Women In Toys is an association that brings together women in the toys, licensing, and entertainment industries.

The organization seeks to empower its members both personally and professionally. They do so through hosting a range of networking and learning opportunities meant to connect like-minded professionals and help them develop critical career skills.

The Designer

Women In Toys’ website was also designed by NeonCRM.

Why Their Website Made the List

Women In Toys’ website places a huge emphasis on their constituents. They have a whole drop-down menu included in their navigation that links out to pages specifically for their members!

Their site is not only educational; it’s also functional. WIT includes the link to a portal where members can go to view their membership status, connect with other members, and more.

Taking a supporter-centric approach makes WIT’s website more effective, because visitors can better envision how they can get involved and how the association’s program can benefit them.

3. Memphis Zoo

Discover why we think Memphis Zoo is a wonderfully designed nonprofit website.

The Organization

Along with being a home for animals, The Memphis Zoo is committed to all sorts of animal-related pursuits, from protecting endangered species to conducting research to improve zoo conditions and more.

They also host plenty of events and exhibits to bring their community together and to teach people more about animals and what they can do to protect them.

The Designer

The Memphis Zoo’s website was made by Speak, a full-service digital agency that’s specializes in designing with movement.

Why Their Website Made the List

When you land on the Memphis Zoo’s site, you’re immediately drawn in by full-screen footage of their animals and exhibits.

The only other elements on their homepage are their logo, a call-to-action urging you to “Discover Your Memphis Zoo,” and a button that visitors can click to scroll down and learn more. This minimalism creates visual impact and makes their site easy to navigate.

They also have a bunch of unique and graphically interesting features, like a gallery you can click through to get to know their animals a little better (pictured above!).

4. Rhode Island School of Design

Check out the RISD website to learn more.

The Organization

Located in Providence, Rhode Island School of Design is one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious design schools.

They offer hands-on, studio-based education programs in 19 art-related majors to around 2,300 undergrad and graduate students annually.

The Designer

Considering that they specialize in all things design, it’s no surprise that the Rhode Island School of Design created their website themselves!

Why Their Website Made the List

Leave it to a design school to create an amazing website design!

By using full-screen photos of their students and staff accomplishing amazing feats, Rhode Island School of Design has made their website both personal and visually impactful. Visitors know the university’s identity from the moment they land on the page.

Not to mention, their homepage is very user-friendly. All they’ve included are minimal navigation structures that highlight their key pages, enabling visitors to quickly locate the information they’re looking for.

5. We Heart Trees

With a cute and engaging design We Heart Trees has a successful nonprofit website.

The Organization

We Heart Trees‘ name says it all.

A philanthropic project of Knock (the web design company who created the site), the organization advocates for planting more trees, saving and recycling paper, and any other action people can take to be kinder to trees!

The Designer

Both We Heart Trees’ website and the organization itself are a brainchild of KnockInc, a full service digital marketing agency with a passion for philanthropy.

Why Their Website Made the List

The sheer creativity and interactivity of We Heart Trees’ website makes it one of the most attention-grabbing and memorable nonprofit websites out there.

Just take their homepage; instead of going for a traditional design and content strategy, the organization features an Arbor Day quiz visitors can take to find out which celebrity tree they are.

Each celebrity tree’s clever and quirky bio illustrates the characteristics of a certain type of real-life tree, so along with being fun, the experience is 100% educational!

6. The Malala Fund

The Malala Fund has created a striking and informative website that captures the essence of their cause and work.

The Organization

The Malala Fund, inspired by a brave Pakistani activist named Malala Yousafzai, is on a mission to help girls reach their full potential through higher education.

The organization seeks to secure the right to 12 years of safe, affordable, and quality schooling for girls all over the world by advocating for policy changes and by raising money to send them to school.

The Designer

The Malala Fund’s website was designed internally at the organization.

Why Their Website Made the List

First off, The Malala Fund’s website is aesthetically beautiful. Its crisp, modern design and feminine but empowered color scheme make it quite the sight (or should we say “site”?).

From a user experience standpoint, the website does an excellent job of engaging visitors through the use of multimedia. There are videos, images, and other digital testaments to the women they’ve served throughout.

This personal touch really brings their cause to life and portrays their work in an emotionally-charged and impactful way.

7. To Write Love On Her Arms

See why To Write Love on Her Arms made our list of top nonprofit websites.

The Organization

To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) began when one ordinary man posted a MySpace article telling the story of a friend who was struggling with addiction, depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts.

Now a registered nonprofit, TWLOHA provides those struggling with their mental health a forum for telling their stories, resources for overcoming their conditions, and a community that shows them they’re not alone.

The Designer

To Write Love On Her Arms’ website was built internally at the organization.

Why Their Website Made the List

To Write Love On Her Arms began with a story and continues to thrive through storytelling.

Their “Learn” page lays out the organization’s whole conception and evolution in an easy-to-follow timeline format, bringing the story to the forefront to inspire donors and service recipients alike with their mission.

Not to mention, TWLOHA has an excellent, multivocal blog that features stories about experiences with mental health from people all over the world. The structure and content strategy of their site perfectly embodies the community mindset that’s essential to their mission.

8. I Had Cancer

I Had Cancer has a striking nonprofit website.

The Organization

I Had Cancer is an online, peer-to-peer support system for the fighters and survivors of cancer, as well as the allies who support them.

The organization brings people together from all over the world, providing them with a forum for telling their stories, enabling them to connect with others who have shared a similar experience, and overall reminding them that they don’t have to fight alone.

The Designer

I Had Cancer’s website was designed by Squeaky Wheel Media, who won a Webby for their work.

Why Their Website Made the List

I Have Cancer’s website was built to foster community, and thus, successfully furthers their mission.

The site revolves around the people it serves; for example, the homepage features popular forum threads and snippets from fighters’ and survivors’ personal letters to cancer. These openings for discussion prompt visitors to get involved from the moment they land on the site.

Not to mention, the site provides users with quick, targeted access to support. You can search for peers to connect with by cancer type, so you’re instantaneously matched with an empathetic support system.

9. Abundant Living Faith Center

The Abundant Living Faith Center has created a user-friendly website that provides their visitors with all of the resources they need to get involved with the church.

The Organization

Abundant Living Faith Center (ALFC) is a nondenominational church located in El Paso, Texas.

Their mission is to provide an all-inclusive place for worship that brings people in all stages of their spiritual journey closer to God. They also strive to make a positive difference in their greater community.

The Designer

The Abundant Living Faith Center’s website was created by an in-house web designer.

Why Their Website Made the List

Abundant Living Faith Center’s website is extremely thorough. They include every piece of information that visitors could possibly find of interest.

For example, they have a page that walks visitors step-by-step through everything they need to know when attending their first service, helping them feel more comfortable taking the leap to become one of the congregation.

Another notable feature is their sermons, which they live stream weekly and then archive on their website. You can attend services past and present without even leaving your house!

10. Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon USA has created an accessible, mobile friendly website that their supporters can easily use from any device.

The Organization

Team Rubicon has a dual mission: to reinvigorate veterans with a sense of purpose and self-worth, while simultaneously administering immediate disaster relief to those in dire need.

The organization, going even where others fear to tread, combines the skills of veterans, first responders, and medical professionals with the power of technology to go above and beyond in providing aid.

The Designer

Team Rubicon’s website was designed and built in-house.

Why Their Website Made the List

Team Rubicon’s website looks excellent on a computer, but even more impressive is all of the thought that they put into their mobile site.

When viewed on a smartphone or tablet, their website transforms into a dashboard that users can consult for quick reference on disaster relief efforts. Current operations are scrolled through as an alert at the very top of the page, and strategic icon placement and color coding make it easy for the reader to scan all of the information on their site.

Given that expediency is so crucial to the organization’s mission, this thoughtful touch makes their website all the more powerful.

11. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation has created a site with airtight branding that perfectly reflects their mission.

The Organization

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) began in 2000, when a courageous 4-year-old cancer fighter named Alexandra Scott decided to open a lemonade stand to raise money to help other kids fighting cancer.

Her compassion inspired a nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to funding research on cures and treatments for childhood cancer by encouraging their supporters to open their own lemonade stands.

The Designer

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s website was designed in-house.

Why Their Website Made the List

The branding on Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is vivid and consistent, reinforcing to users that they’re interacting with a website they can trust.

The look and feel of the website is incredibly thoughtful. Since they serve kids, ALSF opted to use bright colors, whimsical fonts, and friendly icons, some of which look like they could have even been drawn by the kids themselves!

Their branding not only captures the attention of even the youngest visitors (after all, Alex teaches us that anyone, regardless of age, can make an impact), but also conveys who they are as an organization from the minute a visitor lands on the page.

12. Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch has created an informative website centered on a cohesive content strategy.

The Organization

Human Rights Watch‘s mission is to raise more awareness of human rights issues and injustices and to take measures to combat them.

They enact their mission by publishing over 100 informative, nonpartisan reports from human rights experts yearly and by mobilizing targeted advocacy actions on a local, national, and international level.

The Designer

Human Rights Watch built their website internally, at the organization.

Why Their Website Made the List

Since they’re in part a news source, The Human Rights Watch’s website is jam-packed with quality information.

While this could be overwhelming to the end user if left unstructured, HRW has developed a clear-cut content strategy that makes their website content both cohesive and easy to navigate for their visitors.

Not to mention, they’ve utilized multimedia to portray their content in various ways, catering their website to supporters with different engagement preferences. For example, visitors could read full news articles, watch videos, scan through Tweets, or skim a quick daily brief to receive their information.

13. PeacePlayers International

Learn more about PeacePlayers and why we think their nonprofit website is suburb.

The Organization

Sports know no cultural or linguistic boundaries, and that’s exactly the premise that PeacePlayers International was founded on.

The nonprofit engages children in communities on opposite sides of ideological divides in basketball games. The hope is to foster respect and understanding of different cultures and to show that, with a little common ground, everyone can coexist.

The Designer

PeacePlayer International’s website was created at the organization.

Why Their Website Made the List

PeacePlayers International’s website brings the most important aspects of their organization to the forefront: the people they serve and the opportunity for supporters to further the cause.

When you land on the homepage, the first thing you see is real footage of the children they serve playing basketball, overlaid with their mission statement and a donation button.

This homepage design leaves no uncertainty around who the organization is, what they do, and where visitors can go to start supporting them, likely resulting in deeper online engagement and more donations!

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