115+ Top Fundraising Resources from Nonprofit Experts

115+ Top Fundraising Resources from Nonprofit Experts
Learn more with our favorite fundraising resources from Double the Donation parnters.
Double the Donation is proud to partner with providers who put the needs of nonprofits first. Learn how our partners are supporting and empowering nonprofits with these smart fundraising resources.

115+ Top Fundraising Resources from Nonprofit Experts

Double the Donation is proud to partner with providers who put the needs of nonprofits first. Learn how our partners are supporting and empowering nonprofits with these smart fundraising resources.

Learn more with our favorite fundraising resources from Double the Donation parnters.


Who is Allegiance?

The Allegiance Group is a top provider of nonprofit fundraising, marketing, and technology solutions. This comprehensive team works offers a wide range of products and services to nonprofit partners, which includes direct mail, online giving, web and app development, and more.

Allegiance has shared a few of their favorite blog posts as well as an available webinar replay to nonprofit fundraisers.


Who is Almabase?

Almabase offers a powerful alumni management software that enables schools, universities, and other educational institutions to better engage with their alumni through strategic, alumni-centric advancement.

The team at Almabase has shared a few of their favorite fundraising resources to include here. Be sure to explore their insightful blog posts and repository of recorded webinars available to learn more about alumni fundraising!


Who is BetterUnite?

BetterUnite’s unified fundraising solution enables organizations to tackle common fundraising obstacles and raise more for their various missions and causes. BetterUnite helps manage virtual and in-person events, online fundraising, and donor engagement along with smart solutions for volunteers, members, grants, and pledges.

Here are a few of BetterUnite’s favorite webinar replays along with a research-backed blog post on giving trends.


Who is Boosterthon?

Boosterthon by Booster is an elementary school fundraising platform designed for schools that are looking to elevate their fundraising with fun, engaging experiences for students, families, and supporters. Boosterthon’s fundraisers enable students to collect donations from loved ones to participate in an experience they won’t forget.

Check out a range of top blog posts provided by the Boosterthon blog with top tips for school fundraising⁠—including how to maximize profits and boost participation!


Who is CharityEngine?

CharityEngine is a comprehensive fundraising platform for nonprofits that helps build strategy, manage fundraising, and automate efforts. This solution equips organizations with a powerful CRM and donor management tools alongside online giving capabilities, multichannel marketing, and more.

They’ve shared their compilation of free downloadable resources as well as on-demand fundraising training webinars.


Who is Classy?

Classy is an all-in-one nonprofit technology company with an innovative online donation platform, peer-to-peer fundraising tools, and donor management system. The team at Classy is all about empowering its nonprofit clients with top resources to collect the funds they need to further their missions.

Here, they’ve shared a number of their favorite fundraising resources for nonprofit professionals, including insightful research reports, blog posts, and webinar recordings. Plus, they’re hosting a nonprofit conference in June 2022 that will be sure to inform and inspire nonprofit fundraisers.


Who is ClickBid?

ClickBid is a top mobile bidding and complete event fundraising solution with tools for in-person, hybrid, and virtual donor experiences. This includes innovative resources that drive ticket sales, auction fundraising, event promotion, video broadcasting, and data integrations to set its users up for continual success.

Check out a few of ClickBid’s favorite downloadable resources, including templates, guides, tips, and more.


Who is DonorDock?

DonorDock is a fantastic fundraising solution for nonprofits looking to simplify and amplify their donation experiences, consolidate fundraising and marketing in a single platform, and track every aspect of their fundraising strategy.

DonorDock has provided a few of their favorite free downloads, cheat sheets, templates, and ebooks along with a host of additional resources in their online library.


Who is DonorDrive?

DonorDrive is a top fundraising solution for nonprofits, complete with a charity fundraising app, virtual and peer-to-peer fundraising tools, and impactful donation tools.

This enterprise-level fundraising solution enables nonprofit fundraisers to help elevate their giving and donor engagement strategies to raise more for their missions. And they do it all while providing organizations and donors with an easy-to-use interface!

DonorDrive has shared their ongoing webinar series where they discuss upcoming fundraising trends, elevated goal tracking, and more.

Double the Donation

Who is Double the Donation?

Double the Donation is the industry-leading provider of matching gift software to nonprofit organizations of all shapes, sizes, and mission types. 360MatchPro by Double the Donation enables nonprofits to enlist matching gift automation and effectively double (or triple!) their fundraising revenue.

Here are a few of the Double the Donation team’s favorite fundraising resources, including educational blog posts as well as collections of fundraising webinars, downloadable resources, and more.

Engaging Networks

Who is Engaging Networks?

Engaging Networks is a fundraising technology company that is devoted to elevating both nonprofit fundraising and impact. This platform offers powerful donation, advocacy, communication, eCommerce, membership tools, and more.

The team at Engaging Networks has shared some of their favorite nonprofit fundraising resources such as their educational blog posts and resource centers and their unique, free, and interactive online tools.

Fundraise Up

Who is Fundraise Up?

Fundraise Up is known as an innovative fundraising solution powered by artificial intelligence for enterprise-level nonprofit organizations.

The Fundraise Up team has provided several free downloadable resources that highlight up-and-coming fundraising trends and opportunities as well as inspirational case studies to learn from.


Who is Funraise?

Funraise is a powerful fundraising software provider for growing nonprofits with a top-of-the-line solution that is both intuitive and scalable.

Here are a few favorite fundraising resources from our friends at Funraise⁠—including some free downloads as well as a regularly recurring nonprofit fundraising podcast.


Who is Givebutter?

Givebutter is a top free fundraising platform that offers a CRM, online donation tools, donor communications, and more. Their solution equips organizations with effective technology used to raise more for their causes, engage with their supporters, and track their fundraising success.

Givebutter’s favorite fundraising resources include several detailed, informational blog posts as well as both upcoming and recorded webinars for nonprofit professionals.

Explore these tips and guides to prepare for your own upcoming fundraising efforts!


Who is Giveffect?

Giveffect is a 10-in-1 nonprofit software solution with innovative tools designed to grow nonprofit revenue through strategic giving and automation.

The Giveffect team emphasizes the importance of leveraging creative fundraising and thinking outside the box to stand out amongst the crowd⁠—and they’ve shared their favorite resources that highlight these ideas.


Who is GiveForms?

GiveForms is a top digital fundraising platform for nonprofits looking to raise more for their missions with a seamlessly branded giving experience, embedded donation forms, mobile-optimized fundraising efforts, and suggested, impactful donation amounts.

Explore some of GiveForms’ favorite fundraising ideas and resources, along with informational guides and tried-and-true giving tips.


Who is GivingFuel?

GivingFuel is a top fundraising and donor management solution for nonprofits aiming to drastically scale up their fundraising efforts and raise more for their missions. This software offers a powerful donation page builder, CRM, peer-to-peer platform, text-to-give, and event management system.

The GivingFuel team has shared their top resources for nonprofit fundraisers which include several on-demand videos chockfull of fundraising tips.


Who is Hopsie?

Hopsie is an online fundraising solution that is designed to create intelligent fundraising experiences for all sorts of nonprofit organizations. The Hopsie team aids fundraisers with online donation pages, P2P fundraisers, email and landing pages, and more.

Check out their favorite blog post, along with a compilation of additional smart fundraising resources!


Who is Humanitru?

Humanitru is an innovative donor management software for nonprofits, referring to itself as a 6-in-1 supporter engagement platform. This solution offers organizations intuitive tools for crafting and maintaining long-term relationships with constituents, donors, members, and volunteers.

They’ve shared their favorite fundraising resource containing top tips on fundraising better with donor data.


Who is iDonate?

iDonate is a modern digital giving platform designed to provide today’s nonprofits with essential tools and resources. This solution aims to transform donors’ online giving experiences and increase nonprofit fundraising abilities.

iDonate offers new fundraising materials on a regular basis through their online magazine and webinars.

Neon One

Who is Neon One?

Neon One is a provider of multiple nonprofit technology solutions, including Neon Fundraise and Neon CRM. The team at Neon One caters to small and mid-sized nonprofits with innovative tools for fundraising, donor communications, event and volunteer management, and more.

Check out Neon One’s suggested resources to explore their fundraising research and event-focused webinar replay.


Who is OneCause?

OneCause is a provider of powerful online fundraising solutions with a focus on virtual and in-person event management as well as DIY and peer-to-peer fundraising. This team offers online giving forms, virtual streaming tools, mobile and online bidding abilities, text-to-give, and more.

OneCause offers a host of online fundraising resources which includes detailed blog posts and educational guides, impactful case studies, research insights, and webinars, to name just a few.


Who is Qgiv?

Qgiv is an online donation and fundraising tool designed to assist nonprofits with accepting and processing donations online, on-site, and via text message. This team describes their software as “made for fundraisers, designed for donors,” meaning it provides intuitive tools for both ends of users.

Check out Qgiv’s favorite fundraising resources below, which include a number of free downloads to kickstart effective fundraising efforts along with insightful webinars (upcoming and recorded) to share top tips and strategies.

RKD Group

Who is RKD Group?

RKD Group is a nonprofit marketing and fundraising agency that specializes in direct response multichannel fundraising. This team has also developed its own online fundraising solution, Donor Marketing Cloud (or DMC Fundraising), with digital donation forms, data analytics, and targeted marketing for nonprofit clients.

Here, they’ve shared their favorite free ebooks along with their continuously updated online webinar hub.


Who is Simply Fundraising CRM?

SimplyFundraisingCRM is an easy-to-use fundraising and donor management solution designed to assist nonprofits with saving more time and raising more money.

Check out their favorite ebook as well as their YouTube channel to find out their top tips and strategies for growing nonprofits in regards to fundraising revenue!

Soapbox Engage

Who is Soapbox Engage?

Soapbox Engage is a top fundraising platform for nonprofits, providing all sorts of organizations with the tools they need for effective donations, events, advocacy, and eCommerce. This solution integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and other innovative tools to ensure a comprehensive nonprofit solution.

Check out a fundraising guide from Soapbox or subscribe to their regular email newsletter to learn more about raising more.


Who is Virtuous?

Virtuous is a powerful nonprofit CRM with excellent fundraising and donor management abilities. This solution also offers frictionless and personalized giving experiences with optimal donation tools that drive online generosity.

Their favorite fundraising resource is their weekly newsletter and virtual discussion hub where nonprofit leaders debate, discuss, and brainstorm new topics each Thursday at 12 PM ET. via Zoom. And be sure to download their new eBook as well!

Wilson-Bennett Technology

Who is Wilson-Bennett Technology?

Wilson-Bennett Technology is a leading fundraising company that offers a range of telephone fundraising, online giving, SAAS, annual fund consulting, and engagement management programs and services. This team works primarily with schools and universities as well as hospitals, religious groups, and other nonprofits.

They’ve provided an overview of one program here!


Who is Windfall?

Windfall Data is a modern wealth intelligence solution that provides nonprofits and fundraising organizations with accurate and impactful wealth screening information about affluent donors and prospects.

This nonprofit technology team has provided their favorite fundraising resource with unique insights into wealth screening in fundraising.

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