Top 12 Text-to-Give Services for Nonprofits

1. @Pay

Best for All Nonprofits

From small to large nonprofits to faith-based organizations to schools and universities, all nonprofits can benefit from @Pay’s services. @Pay offers simple solutions to make giving quick and easy no matter what device supporters use.

2. BidPal

Best for Fundraising Events

BidPal has a whole suite of mobile giving tools to help organizations during fundraising events. With their mobile giving software, nonprofits can host hassle-free charity auctions with an easy way to track bids. Event attendees can also make text-to-give pledges.

3. Qgiv

Best for Nonprofits on a Budget

With Qgiv’s text-to-give service, donors can start the donation process by simply texting a shortcode to the nonprofit’s text-to-give number. With plans starting for free (plus payment processing), Qgiv is one of the most affordable tools available.

4. Mobile Cause

Best for Mobile Pledging

The text-to-give tool at MobileCause is a giving method for donors and a communication tool organizations. Nonprofits can send out event invitations, fundraising updates, and more via text message.


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Our Favorite Text-to-Give Tools

1. @Pay — Best for All Nonprofits

@Pay offers quick and convenient text-to-give software for nonprofits.


@Pay is a mobile fundraising provider that specializes in text-to-give software (that doesn’t place caps on donation amounts!), email donation buttons, fundraising thermometers, and branded online and mobile donation pages.

Their platform is perfect for nonprofits and churches and features benefits such as PCI-compliant donation processing, tax-ready digital receipts, and full integration with all of the leading payment processors.

Why We Love It

@Pay’s patented 2-click technology makes it incredibly easy for donors to give any time and from anywhere.


@Pay’s starter package is free (with the exception of a 2.9% + $.30 processing fee per donation). If you want text-to-give tools, you’ll have to upgrade to their premium package, which is only $399/year.

2. BidPal — Best for Fundraising Events

Along with auction software, Bidpal offers text-to-give services.


BidPal has created text-to-give software designed specifically for nonprofits looking to increase proceeds at their fundraising events. Their software even supports mobile pledging, just in case one of your supporters leaves their credit card at home!

The company also offers a larger suite of fundraising software, which includes mobile bidding (an auction-specialized form of mobile giving) and end-to-end auction and event planning software that supports an unlimited number of events annually.

Why We Love It

BidPal is a pioneer of auction and event technology and thus has a deep understanding of the challenges nonprofits face. Their text-to-give product is perfectly suited for nonprofits that run events regularly.


BidPal offers multiple options to fit any event or campaign.

3. Qgiv — Best for Nonprofits on a Budget

Learn more about Qgiv's text-to-give services.


Qgiv is a mobile and online fundraising software provider that specializes in various major mobile giving avenues.

While they mainly focus on their mobile and online donation pages, they also offer a dedicated text giving service.

Their text-to-give service requires your organization to create a unique shortcode, like “KINGSCHURCH” or “LOCALANIMAL.”

Why We Love It

Qgiv’s platform is affordable, which makes it accessible for nonprofits of all sizes.


Qgiv’s “Grow” plan, which includes text-to-give and many other features, starts at $49 per month plus nominal transaction fees.

Qgiv provides text-to-give services and mobile-friendly donation pages at an affordable price.

4. MobileCause — Best for Mobile Pledging

Use MobileCause for your text-to-give services.


MobileCause helps organizations reach their goals through various mobile fundraising solutions.

Their text-to-give tool not only enables donors to give to their favorite organization, but it also allows your nonprofit to send out event invitations, reminders, and more.

MobileCause also sells online giving software, crowdfunding software, and online advocacy tools.

Why We Love It

MobileCause’s various services, including their text-to-give tool, are simple and effective for nonprofits of all sizes.


The cost of each plan varies. Those interested in purchasing software should reach out to a MobileCause representative for an individualized price quote.

Additional Text-to-Give Services for Nonprofits and Churches

5. MyPledger

myPledger offers a variety of text-to-give options for nonprofits.


MyPledger is a mobile pledging platform provider that eliminates the need for mobile carrier partnership. Donors can pledge and give straight from their phones, regardless of their service provider or phone model.

This service was developed specifically for college and university fundraising, but can be used to support all sorts of causes!

Why We Love It

MyPledger’s platform is scalable and cloud-based so it can easily grow with you, wherever you may go!


If you’re interested in MyPledger, your nonprofit, school, or organization must reach out for an individualized quote.

6. AccelEvents

Discover more information about Accelevents' text-to-give software on their website.


A twist on classic silent auction and raffle fundraisers, AccelEvent’s mobile bidding technology allows donors to bid straight from their phones—without needing to download an app!

They also provide a feature called Live Event Display, which gives your nonprofit the ability to showcase all of the proceeds you’re raising, as you raise them.

Why We Love It

AccelEvents is livening up the way nonprofits host silent auctions, while also simplifying the process.


AccelEvents charges $99 for account activation + $1 per donor (up to an unlimited amount of donors!).

7. Mobile Commons

Learn about Mobile Common's text-to-give software


Mobile Commons provides text-to-give software for organizations of all kinds. Their main client demographic is nonprofits, but they’ve also partnered with consumer brands, commercial companies, and political candidates.

Mobile Commons is a text-to-give provider linked with The Mobile Giving Foundation, meaning they adhere to restrictions such as a $5-10 cap on donations.

Why We Love It

Mobile Commons’ platform allows you to personalize every aspect of your outreach.


To have access to Mobile Commons’ self-service platform and features, your nonprofit must pay a monthly license fee. Reach out for specific pricing information.

8. SecureGive

SecureGive is a text-to-give tool made by churches for churches.


SecureGive was founded by the leader of a large church, who saw the need for alternative ways to give during Sunday services.

Their text-to-give software allows churchgoers to tithe in just a few short steps, straight from their phones’ native texting application.

Why We Love It

SecureGive is simple and affordable for churches and nonprofits of all sizes.


SecureGive’s most basic plan starts at just $29 per month.

9. Activistic

With Activistic, can create mobile giving apps that make it quick and easy for donors to give.


Activistic creates custom mobile apps for nonprofits that let donors give from wherever they are.

Because they’re partnered with The Mobile Giving Foundation, Activistic runs on microdonations (small donations typically capped at $5 or $10) that are tacked onto a donor’s mobile phone bill.

Why We Love It

Taking credit cards out of the equation makes donating easy and secure for all involved.


Activistic’s promises that a minimum of 85% of all proceeds will go to your organization.

10. Give by Cell

Donors can add text-to-give donations to their cell phone bills with Give by Cell.


Give by Cell gives donors the option to text-to-give by adding microdonations to their phone bills, as well as by filling out a quick form to donate on the spot.

In addition to these two services, Give by Cell also offers mobile pledging technology, fundraising thermometers, and mobile-responsive website design.

Why We Love It

Give by Cell provides nonprofits with just about every option there is for mobile giving.


Depending on the options you choose, your organization may end up paying $500 in Mobile Giving Foundation fees, plus service and transaction fees.

11. mGive

mGive was one of the first mobile giving platforms to hit the market.


mGive is a mobile giving platform that has been around since 2005. They were one of the first mobile fundraising providers on the market.

mGive offers different product tiers for varying nonprofit needs. However, at each level your nonprofit must adhere to Mobile Giving Foundation standards.

Why We Love It

mGive is one of the pioneers of text giving, making them a trusted name.


mGive offers different rates. Get a quote from their website if you’re interested in their services.

mGive is one of the originators of text-to-give, with their services beginning in 2005.

12. Connect2Give

Connect2Give is a partner of the mobile giving foundation.


Connect2Give is a partner of the Mobile Giving Foundation that offers a variety of services, including text-to-give, text-to-pledge, and text-to-alert.

With these services, your organization can collect mobile donations and pledges and send out pertinent and up-to-date information to all of your supporters.

Just remember that you’ll be restricted by the limits of the Mobile Giving Foundation.

Why We Love It

Connect2Give provides 24/7 technical support to quickly address questions or concerns.


Your nonprofit can choose between a prepaid plan, where you incur no transaction fees and pay upfront or a pay-as-you go plan, which allows you to pay a small transaction fee every time a donor gives.

Check out the Connect2Give website to learn more information on text-to-give services.

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