Top 5 Blackbaud Software Products You Need to Know

Top 5 Blackbaud Software Products

ProductPurposeIdeal ForDouble the Donation Integration
1. Raiser’s EdgeFundraising and Donor ManagementAll NonprofitsYES
2. Blackbaud CRMConstituent Relationship ManagementLarge to Enterprise-Level NonprofitsYES
3. TeamRaiserPeer-to-Peer FundraisingAll NonprofitsYES
4. Blackbaud NetCommunityMultichannel MarketingRaiser’s Edge UsersYES
5. eTapestryFundraising Campaign ManagementSmall to Midsize NonprofitsLIMITED

Top Blackbaud Products to Enhance Your Nonprofit Strategy

1. Raiser’s Edge

Blackbaud Product Overview

Raiser’s Edge is Blackbaud’s most intuitive, expansive fundraising solution, complete with tools to help your nonprofit boost revenue, improve donor retention rates, and connect to your supporters in the most effective ways ever.

Designed to help nonprofits see better results in less time, Raiser’s Edge enables your organization to take a streamlined approach to all of your fundraising and donor management efforts. 

Standout Features

  • Cloud-based web view for on-the-go access.
  • Multi-channel marketing through email, social media, direct mail, and more.
  • Donor retention reporting for long-term supporter engagement success.
  • Online and mobile gift processing through Blackbaud Merchant Services.

2. Blackbaud CRM

Blackbaud Product Overview

A comprehensive constituent relationship management (CRM) software designed for large to enterprise-level nonprofits, Blackbaud CRM can give you the all-in-one database your organization needs.

Not only does Blackbaud CRM make it easier to manage constituent data; it makes it easier to develop stronger relationships with your donors, volunteers, members, and more!

And with Blackbaud CRM, you can almost guarantee long-term growth thanks to their intuitive, dynamic reports and analytics tools.

Standout Features

  • Completely customizable interface to match the complex needs of established nonprofits.
  • Multi-channel marketing and communication tools using advanced segmentation strategies.
  • Alumni, volunteer, member, and donor relationship management tools.
  • Built-in prospect research and wealth screening capabilities.

3. TeamRaiser

Blackbaud Product Overview

Blackbaud’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform, TeamRaiser, can be implemented as part of the Luminate Online Marketing suite or on its own.

Either way, TeamRaiser gives your nonprofit the power to mobilize your supporters and maximize your fundraising potential through peer-to-peer fundraising.

Best of all? With the right development knowledge (or the help of a nonprofit consultant), you can customize TeamRaiser to power completely one-of-a-kind campaigns.

Standout Features

  • User-friendly participant centers and personalized fundraising pages.
  • Email communication tools to inspire fundraisers to reach their full potential.
  • Social media integration for easy sharing across Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, and Gmail.
  • Gamification features such as milestones, badges, and leaderboards.

4. Blackbaud NetCommunity

Blackbaud Product Overview

Built to work with Raiser’s Edge, Blackbaud NetCommunity is a versatile solution designed to enhance your nonprofit’s online and offline marketing efforts.

With NetCommunity, you can strengthen your online fundraising by promoting your mission across your website, online donation pages, email communications and more.

And if you use NetCommunity to power your online donation forms and website, you can seamlessly integrate matching gifts into the donation process by adding Double the Donation’s easy plugin! 

Standout Features

  • Personalized email marketing tools built with nonprofits in mind.
  • Responsive webpage builder and content management tools.
  • Custom donation forms that send donor data directly to your Raiser’s Edge platform.
  • Alumni, member, or supporter directories to connect your constituents.

5. eTapestry

Blackbaud Product Overview

Online fundraising software created with small and growing nonprofits in mind, eTapestry might be one of Blackbaud’s most lightweight platforms, but it definitely shouldn’t be overlooked!

eTapestry is an affordable solution that enables organizations to manage online fundraising, communicate with supporters, and track the most important donor data—all in one system!

Blackbaud’s eTapestry gives your nonprofit access to the most important online fundraising tools in a user-friendly platform that both novices and veterans will love.

Standout Features

  • Built-in email and social media communication tools to stay in touch with supporters.
  • Event registration form builder, attendance tracker, and sponsorship management tools.
  • Dedicated membership management tools.
  • Integrated payment processing through Blackbaud Merchant Services.

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