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Learn the basics of non-personal donations and why they're likely not eligible for matching gifts.

Matching Gifts: Requests for Non-Personal Donations

Corporate philanthropy is a tricky topic for most nonprofit professionals, because there are so many guidelines and restrictions that come with them. However, that does not mean your nonprofit should give up on developing a corporate giving strategy.

Oftentimes, both potential donors and nonprofits run into the issue of non-personal donations. From the donor perspective, some employers don’t offer matching gift donations. Because of this, they may consider giving their money to a friend whose employer does offer matching gifts to donate for them.

From the nonprofit perspective, some donors work at companies with fewer matching gift limits, so they wonder if they can funnel donations through these individuals to make sure all donations are matched.

To fully understand situations pertaining to non-personal donations, let’s look into a few key questions:

  1. Are non-personal donations eligible for matching gift programs?
  2. Why shouldn’t donors give non-personal donations?
  3. How can a matching gift database identify other revenue opportunities?

If you’re ready to learn more about match-eligibility for non-personal donations, let’s get started.
Find out why non-personal donations aren't eligible for matching gift programs.

1. Are Non-Personal Donations Eligible for Matching Gift Programs?

Nonprofits often have a strong desire to maximize donations from matching gift programs, and rightfully so! However, we strongly recommend that donors only take advantage of their own employers’ match programs.

Typically, company guidelines specifically state something like the following: “Gifts must be personal contributions paid either in cash or securities.” Oftentimes, matching gift programs are designed for personal contributions from employees only.

Thus, from a corporate standpoint, passing donations through a supporter who works for a matching gift company is at least frowned upon. The actual reprimands for doing this aren’t always clear, but the next section goes into a few possible consequences.

Hopefully, the nonprofit community recognizes that corporate philanthropy programs are intended to democratize the corporate giving process. In other words, companies want their employees to direct how the giving budget gets spent. Businesses want to give to causes that employees care about, not employees’ friends. These programs are completely optional, so hopefully, everyone utilizes them in the spirit for which they were designed.
Donors and nonprofits should avoid requesting matching gifts for non-personal donations.

2. Why Shouldn’t Donors Give Non-Personal Donations?

In addition to going against the spirit of corporate philanthropy, there are a few other reasons to avoid matching gift requests for non-personal donations. For more context, let’s go into a few of those reasons.

Potential Fraud

Whenever a matching gift request is submitted, the employee has to sign the form, indicating that the donation adheres to the company’s guidelines. Additionally, whenever a nonprofit verifies a donation, the nonprofit confirming the donation is also signing that it agrees the donation meets the company’s guidelines.

In other words, if someone donates a friend’s money and claims that it’s theirs, that’s a non-personal donation. Therefore, it goes against most company guidelines. By signing the form, both the nonprofit and the donor are agreeing that it adheres to the guidelines, which is not the case.

While we certainly aren’t legal experts, there’s a strong chance that both the employee and the nonprofit would be committing fraud by submitting or verifying match requests for non-personal donations. Doing so could put the employee’s job at risk while also jeopardizing the nonprofit’s eligibility for future matches and grants.

Tax Implications

By submitting a matching gift request for a non-personal donation, there are certainly tax implications. For instance, who gets to claim the charitable tax deduction on the original donation? Should it be the individual who gave his money to a friend to donate, or the friend who donated the money and submitted the match request?

Even if you don’t get into legal trouble for submitting a matching gift request, you’ll certainly run into issues when tax season comes around.

Takeaway: While these obstacles are difficult to overcome, they can be avoided altogether. Simply don’t submit or verify matching gift requests for non-personal donations.
Even though non-personal donations might not be eligible for matching gift programs, learn how a matching gift database can help find other revenue opportunities.

3. How Can a Matching Gift Database Identify Other Revenue Opportunities?

While it may not be wise to submit a matching gift request for non-personal donations, you can pinpoint other corporate philanthropy opportunities. This is done with a matching gift database like Double the Donation.

By adding Double the Donation’s services to your tech toolkit, your nonprofit won’t miss out on important revenue opportunities. For instance, the tool:

  • Enables donors to search over 20,000 companies.
  • Can be embedded across your online fundraising channels.
  • Provides users with all available info on companies (e.g. forms, guidelines, etc.).
  • And more!

Larger organizations may benefit more from 360MatchPro by Double the Donation. This tool automatically identifies match-eligible donors, follows up with them, drives matches to completion, and even puts an automated match plan in place!

Plus, with either tool, your donors, who thought they couldn’t receive matching gifts, might turn out to be eligible!

Think your nonprofit can benefit from Double the Donation?

We always encourage organizations to stick to the spirit of the match programs. In other words, these programs are designed for personal donations, so employees should use them for personal donations. This answer might not be what most individuals and nonprofits want to hear, but it’s best to steer clear of these situations.

Even if your nonprofit doesn’t have many matching gift opportunities, using a database can enhance your corporate fundraising strategy. Plus, there might be more match opportunities than you thought!

Learn more about companies that match the nonprofit fundraising efforts of employees.

Orlando Matching Gifts

Double Donations Magically: Companies in Orlando, Florida with Matching Gift Programs

Double the Donation and Nonprofits

Double the Donation partners with nonprofits to help them increase their fundraising revenue from employee matching gifts and volunteer grant awards. We’ve created a short list of some of the top nonprofits in major metropolitan areas to further help nonprofits identify these unique fundraising sources.

Orlando, Fl Matching Gifts

Orlando is a city with plenty of large corporations offering matching gifts. Don’t leave money on the table by not reaching out to your donors about these programs. Familiarize yourself with this list of companies and remind your donors to check and see if their company will match their donations.


The Hospital Corporation of America will match donations between $25 and $2,500. They also have a generous volunteer grant program.

Read more about the HCA matching gift and volunteer grant program.

JPMorgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase will match donations made by employees between $25 and $1,000. JPMorgan will match donations with most nonprofit organizations.

Read more about the JPMorgan Chase matching gift and volunteer grant program.


McDonald’s matches employee gifts between $50 and $5,000. Both full and part-time employees can take advantage of this program.

Read more about the McDonald’s matching gift program.

The Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney is one of the most visible companies in Orlando. The Disney company will match up to $15,000 per employee each year. The company also offers a generous employee volunteer program.

Read more about the Walt Disney Company’s matching gift program.

Companies in Boston, Massachusetts with Matching Gift Programs

Maximizing employee matching gifts from a nonprofit’s donors is a critical element of fundraising for any organization.

Double the Donation often receives requests from Boston-based nonprofits asking if there are companies in their city offering employee matching gift or volunteer grant programs.

To clear up some of the confusion, we’ve highlighted a few of the top companies in Boston that offer to match donations from their employees. We’re going to examine the following companies:

  • Fidelity
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Raytheon
  • Thomson Reuters
  • State Street Corporation

Follow along for a look at Boston’s corporate philanthropy and the tools that can help you discover these opportunities.

Learn the basics of matching gift programs in Boston.

Boston and Corporate Philanthropy

Boston is the largest city in Massachusetts and, in turn, has a diverse local economy consisting of companies in the financial services, publishing, media, and nearly every other industry.

If you’re a nonprofit with a large Boston donor base, you should be asking yourself one question: “Are we taking full advantage of philanthropic giving from corporations in Boston?”

There’s a decent chance you’re not. Boston has the 6th largest economy in the country, with many companies building headquarters in the city. Therefore, there is a major opportunity for matching gift programs in Boston.

If you’re not familiar, matching gift programs occur when companies pledge to make donations matching those their employees made to a nonprofit organization. Nonprofits that prioritize matching gift solicitation effectively receive two donations for the price of one.

Learn how to discover matching gift programs in Boston.

The Best Way to Solicit Matching Gifts

When it comes to collecting matching gifts, the biggest obstacle for nonprofits is a lack of education around the subject–many donors are entirely unaware of the potential impact of their donation! This is true in many large cities, including Boston.

The most important thing your organization can do to secure matching gifts is to educate donors whenever possible about these corporate philanthropy programs. As each company with a matching gift program has different parameters, this may seem like a difficult task. However, with a matching gift software solution, educating donors is actually easier than you may think.

For example, 360MatchPro allows organizations to automatically discover match-eligible donors and send them information regarding the gift request process. This solution also equips users to embed an industry-leading matching gifts database into their websites and donation forms so donors can search their own eligibility.

Check out the top companies with matching gift programs in Boston.

List of Boston’s Top Matching Gift Programs

FidelityFidelity is a top company in Boston with a matching gift program.

Responsible in part for Boston’s status as a top financial center, Fidelity Investments matches employee donations between $50 and $4,000.

While the program company’s program is generous, only donations made to educational institutions (ex. colleges, universities, and educational organizations) are eligible.

Read more about the Fidelity Investment matching gift program.


Houghton Mifflin HarcourtHoughton Mifflin is a top company in Boston with a matching gift program.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is a major publishing firm headquartered in Boston. It matches gifts up to $500 to a wide variety of nonprofits including:

  • Educational institutions (K-12 included)
  • Health and human services
  • Arts and cultural organizations
  • Civic and community organizations
  • Environmental organizations

Both full and part-time employees are eligible for this program.

Read more about the Houghton Mifflin matching gift program.


Raytheon Corporation

Raytheon will match any gift greater than $25, up to $10,000 made to an educational institution. This includes both public and private higher education institutions, as well as K-12 programs.

In addition to Boston, Raytheon has a large presence in multiple states across the U.S. That means that the company holds a huge opportunity for increasing donations to your nonprofit through matching gift programs.

Read more about the Raytheon Corporation’s matching gift program.


Thomson ReutersThomson Reuters is a top company in Boston with a matching gift program.

Thomson Reuters will match employee donations up to $1,000 each year to nearly all educational institutions and 501(c)(3) organizations. A unique aspect of this company’s program is that it is open to all global employees (ex. Canada, UK, USA, India, etc.)

Thomson Reuters also offers a very generous volunteer grants program! An organization is eligible for a $500 grant from Thomson Reuters after an employee volunteers 20 hours in a year.

Read more about the Thomson Reuters gift matching program and volunteer grants.


State Street CorporationState Street Corporation is a top company in Boston with a matching gift program.

The State Street Corporation has one of the most generous employee giving programs in the game. It consists of an individual matching gift program, a fundraising match program, and a volunteer grant program.

In terms of the matching gift program, State Street will match any employee’s donation up to $5,000 to nearly all nonprofit organizations. And depending upon the seniority of the employee, he or she could be eligible for a match of as much as $35,000 per year.

Read more about State Street Corporation’s employee giving programs.